Sunday, 2019-04-07

T4<adampigg> @notkit seema like most work done already on fx1!09:44
T4<NotKit> just the begginning in the opposite - got to UI09:44
malwhich android base does that have?09:49
T4<NotKit> Android 9, I used phh-treble09:53
malso you ported hybris patches to it?10:01
T4<NotKit> yes11:24
mal@adampigg is it ok if I remove the 3.0.2 target from mido devel repo, it's not needed anymore11:39
T4<austenite> got bluetooth working finally then this happens in the next build
maldid you do any other changes?11:52
T4<austenite> added , 99-qtscenegraph.conf, camera configs and doubletap node11:58
T4<adampigg> Mal sure11:58
mal@adampigg I did some cleanup of devel common and in addition to removing some unneeded packages I removed extra targets12:00
mal@austenite does disabling bt fix help?12:00
T4<austenite> it stays on device splash screen, i.e doesnt boot12:01
maleven after disabling bt fix?12:01
malthe issue is very clear in the log, droid-hal-init fails12:01
T4<austenite> i didnt remove bluetooth fix, but deleted the startup script & changes from respective locations12:02
T4<austenite> @mal i will test without bluetooth, but there is new problem, i had dual sim working when gstreamer wasnt built,after it shows only one sim and ril-subscription conflict b/w ofono and droid-hal when building12:08
T4<DSstill01> Bainite we need the pstore dmesgs16:51
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T4<Err0r_extinct> hey there i am getting an error saying use of undeclared indentifier 'setRequestingSid'19:39
T4<Err0r_extinct> please help19:49
malhow do you expect us to help if you don't even tell when that error happens of where? complete error and some surrounding line are usually helpful, use pastebin or similar service19:50
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok wait19:50
T4<Err0r_extinct> when making hybris-hal got this error(s)
malwhich android base?19:53
mallooks like hybris-15.1?19:54
T4<Err0r_extinct> yes19:54
malit's a bit broken currently, sorry, I haven't had time to verify my rebased repos yet19:54
T4<Err0r_extinct> so can  you give me any clue to  fix this up19:55
malif you can wait a few days then hopefully I have managed to get my test device running hybris-15.1 with new repos and then I can push the changes19:55
T4<Err0r_extinct> ahhhhhhhhh ok19:56
malI'm quite sure the repos should work but I still want to test those, the thing is that my test device has never had hybris-15.1 running before so there might be some issues because of that19:57
T4<Err0r_extinct> i also tried to build the previous version of sailfish os, but then there are no fstab was generated for my device potter, now this error appeared😔19:59
malI will try to check hybris-15.1 soon, today I have other things to do (new release for my main device)20:01
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok,  by the way what's you test device name20:02
T4<Err0r_extinct> your*20:02
malfairphone 220:04
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok20:08
Mister_MagisterBois i got a problem on where after some time 1. pull down menu vibration disappears 2. ringtone doesn't play20:43
Mister_Magisterthere is probably single service managing both and it's failing after some time20:43
kimmolingfd ?20:47
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: ngfd?20:54
Mister_Magisterngfd would break ringtone/20:55
Mister_Magister ngfd didn't change since year so…20:56
abransonMister_Magister: there used to be a problem where the gst-droid audio would deadlock in ngfd, and cause those two symptoms. I think it only happened if you had an mp3 ringtone. we disabled gst-droid mp3 decoding (which is sw based anyway) and it went away.21:07
abransonalso caused a long hang the first time you tried to pull a menu down, at the time when it should to the first click21:08
malabranson: wondering if he has too old gst-droid?21:12
malMister_Magister: which device? at least titan has very very old gst-droid21:15
abransonMister_Magister: gst-droid version that fixed it was 0.20181017.021:16
T4<Err0r_extinct> hey there i succesfully build the hybris-hal, now in the hadk doc in section 5.4.1(Kernel Config) says "Examine the output ofmake bootimagefor which defconfig is taken when you’re building kernel, " i didn't understand this part23:01
malwell you need to somehow find out which defconfig the device uses in kernel, usually in lineageos devices it's quite obvious that it's the one with the codename but not always23:04
T4<Err0r_extinct> you mean this hadk/kernel/motorola/msm8953/arch/arm64/configs/potter_defconfig23:05
malprobably something like that23:06
T4<Err0r_extinct> i checked the device/motorola/potter/ file23:07
T4<Err0r_extinct> there the value is TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG=potter_defconfig23:07
T4<Err0r_extinct> but when i am running make -C ../../../potter_defconfig it's saying unknown option -C23:08
malyou don't do that23:10
malmake hybris-hal will use the correct one23:10
malyou just edit the defconfig to fix error that kernel config checker complains and then run make hybris-hal23:11
r0kk3rzfollow the hadk :P23:11
T4<Err0r_extinct> you mean those flags in potter_defconfig?23:11
r0kk3rzyeah, edit the config and rebuild hybris-hal23:13
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok23:13
T4<Err0r_extinct> one flag CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT it's not found inthe defconf file23:23
r0kk3rzyou can add it23:23
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok and btw should i care about warnings23:24
r0kk3rzbut beware that the kernel config checker spans many different kernel versions23:24
r0kk3rzso not all flags exist for all kernels23:24
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok23:24
r0kk3rzthe warnings are also there for a reason, so you should enable them23:24
r0kk3rzbut they are usually not critical23:24
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok23:25
T4<Err0r_extinct> what's the meaning of this flag values m and ! ?23:29
r0kk3rzm is module, ! and ? are for the script to specify if its warning or error23:45
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok23:46

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