Saturday, 2019-04-13

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T4<Err0r_extinct> hey there i got stuked now in boot img , my device is up, but no ip for the telnet here is the log of dmesg  please help16:05
T4<Err0r_extinct> btw my data partition is f2fs should i need to change it to ext4?16:08
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T4<elros34> data must be ext416:10
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok16:10
T4<Err0r_extinct> here is my new dmesg log16:26
T4<Err0r_extinct> i changed the data partition to ext4 but now also no gui16:26
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok so my device just renamed from usb0 to enp0s20u3, so i just run dhcpcd on that interface, and after that i just able to do telnet on my device sucessfully16:30
malwhich telnet port? 23 or 2323?16:31
T4<Err0r_extinct> 232316:31
T4<Err0r_extinct> 23 refusing the connection16:31
T4<Err0r_extinct> so next what should i need to do now16:32
mal2323 is the better one (meaning it's later in boot process), now you need to grab logs, output of dmesg, journalctl and if available /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat16:33
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok16:34
malmaybe journalctl -n1000016:34
T4<Err0r_extinct> how can i save that all and give it to you16:35
T4<Err0r_extinct> btw /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat it's exist but the cat utility unable to read that file16:35
T4<Err0r_extinct> and when i am running devel-su it's  asking for passwd but i don't knoiw the pass16:37
T4<elros34> logcat is binary also in telent you are already root16:38
malall those I said are commands, not file you copy16:45
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piggzmal: evening17:32
T4<austenite> is there a way to force 4g only mode on sailfish17:33
malpiggz: evening17:46
T4<Err0r_extinct> setting the storage to automatic (/etc/systemd/journald.conf) is necessary?18:02
malnormally that should not be changed unless you for some reason need persistent logs18:04
malyou still didn't provide logs to us, use pastebin or some similar service for those18:05
T4<Err0r_extinct> if i made chages to that file after reboot i am no more able to telnet on my device18:05
malwhy would you edit that file?18:17
maldon't do things you don't have to do, you should have a very good reason to edit such files18:18
T4<Err0r_extinct> hey there i am facing a problem here after a clean flash i am able to telnet into my device without any problem, but after the first boot, id i did a second rebbot i am not able to telnet , even the dmesg also changed(in host machine) like manufacturer: motorola > Mer Boat Loader Product: G5 Plus  > init-debug in real rootfs … pleas18:18
T4e help18:18
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok18:18
T4<DSstill01> Mal: i see you moretoasted18:21
T4<Err0r_extinct> please wait i am doing the a clean flash18:26
piggzmal: tested that focusChanged code and it seems to work ok ... handles minimising app and closing app18:41
T4<Err0r_extinct> @M1kaela_freenode_relaybot
malpiggz: ok, good18:51
malwhich android base is that18:52
malalso you don't highlight like that18:52
T4<Err0r_extinct> los 15.118:52
maldid you do what faq says, linked in channel topic there are some 15.1 porting things there18:54
malanyway something is causing droid-hal-init to fail, could be those missing things18:54
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok i am doing what the faq say's, after that i will do a clean flash and give you the logs18:55
T4<DSstill01> @mal [?], I mean, nervous19:05
T4<Err0r_extinct> hey mal previously you said that before building hybris-hal i need go to $ANDROID_ROOT/external and clone the libhybris repo(git clone --recurse-submodules but the faq say's  the same thing but clone the repo on another location(hybris/mw), now they are in conflicts, should i remove the e19:07
T4xternal one??19:07
malyou have only of those, either place works19:36
malno idea why you said you cloned it to hybris/mw, that is done automatically and it would detect the external one19:36
T4<Err0r_extinct> cause the faq is telling to do that19:37
malnot anymore19:39
T4<Err0r_extinct> after the clean flash
maldid you need straggler_files define in droid-hal spec? if so what did you add to it?21:23
T4<Err0r_extinct> i don't understand21:24
T4<Err0r_extinct> i did not modify the droid-hal.spec file21:25
T4<linusdan> 8i21:28
T4<Err0r_extinct> btw pleases see ths dmesg logs (on host)
malhost is irrelevant if you can connect via telnet21:43
T4<Err0r_extinct> i am on arch21:44
T4<Err0r_extinct> after the second boot i didn.t able to telnet21:45
malthat makes very little sense21:50
T4<Err0r_extinct> please explain21:51
malcan you pastebin the $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec file21:51
malwhere $DEVICE is your device codename21:51
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok wait21:51
malwell if device boots the first time it should also the second time21:51
malanyway failing droid-hal-init is the problem but not sure why it fails for you, are you sure you correctly disabled selinus? i.e. AUDIT still as =y, then selinux bootparam config to =y and then selinux=0 to kernel boot parameters21:53
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok i am checking my kernel config now21:54
T4<Err0r_extinct> so i need to dset CONFIG_AUDIT=n ?21:57
malno, I said =y21:58
T4<Err0r_extinct> yse that's already y21:59
T4<Err0r_extinct> even the selinux bootparam also in u21:59
T4<Err0r_extinct> y*21:59
malpiggz: looks like you didn't notice the bad commit message formatting in that PR you just merged, netiher did I until now22:12

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