Monday, 2019-04-15

osum4estwell im just going to completely re-do the hadk folder with a new chroot and everything and cross my fingers00:12
T4<Hound77> @austenite [@Hound77], Did I miss anything ?01:11
T4<Hound77> ran repo sync. But this time I got more info on the same error.
T4<austenite> @Hound77 there is space after line 1151 , make clean and rebuild03:07
T4<Hound77> Okay.03:52
osum4estwell i dont know. i re did everything and im still not reaching the init script. tried with the vanilla defconfig, se linux disabled, audit=0 on my kernel params, disabling verity in the config, any ideas? it looks like any change i make in the config makes the bootloop take ~30 seconds, where the vanilla version takes a few seconds04:00
T4<Hound77> @austenite [@Hound77 there is space after line 1151 , make …], I didnt know something as simple as this would make a pain. Thank you. All ended up successfully.05:35
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T4<Hound77> @austenite [@Hound77 there is space after line 1151 , make …], In 5.4.1 Kernel Config. How do I use this ? ```make -C kernel/lge/hammerhead ... cyanogenmod_hammerhead_defconfig```. My TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG = lineageos_payton_defconfig.05:54
T4<Hound77> Do I have to remove lineageos_payton_defconfig from kernel folder and run make -C ?06:03
r0kk3rzwhat on earth are you doing?06:06
r0kk3rzjust run make hybris-hal06:08
T4<Hound77> I did that. I'm talking about 5.4.1  Kernel Configs porting guide.06:13
r0kk3rzwhenever you do kernel changes, redo hybris-hal06:23
T4<Hound77> I didnt get that part. How to make that kernel changes.06:25
r0kk3rzmost of the time you're just changing the config06:26
T4<Hound77> Can you summerize this process ? After I ran ```Mer Config Checker``` I got list of wanings. I didnt get what I should do next ?06:32
r0kk3rzedit the config file with the recommended changes06:33
T4<Hound77> I didnt get this line ```Check the value of TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG under $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfig*.mk … • Examine the output of make bootimage for which defconfig is taken when you’re building kernel, e.g.: … make -C kernel/lge/hammerhead ... cyanogenmod_hammerhead_defconfig```06:34
r0kk3rzignore that06:34
T4<Hound77> So I have to edit the ```lineageos_payton_defconfig``` under ```kernel/motorola/msm8998/arch/arm64/configs/lineageos_payton_defconfig``` with the result from ```Mer Config Checker``` ?06:39
T4<Hound77> And then rerun make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal06:41
Thaodanlbt can you look at my pull request on mer config checker?06:43
r0kk3rzThaodan: link?06:45
r0kk3rzim tempted just to merge it because that would be a useful feature to have06:51
r0kk3rzwhat do you think mal ?06:53
Thaodansome feedback would be nice I'm waiting really long now06:53
Thaodanmaybe next  Fosdem it's merged :D06:53
r0kk3rzit doesnt need to wait that long, its just the kernel checker script06:54
T4<m_aurel> Hello, do you think, the we could lower the efford for hardware adaption, if a Lineage OS port is available for the device or chipset?08:17
erhoofHello! Is there a way to change model name on It is UNKNOWN, from August. Now name is different, but with the same UID. Jolla Store shows a lot of apps, pkcon refresh succesfully update store repo, but i cant download anything, and zypper says, that store repo have no packages. I think this is a reason08:31
T4<Hound77> To what value these variable need to have, … CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS= … CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK_ACCT= … CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_NFACCT= … Allowed values : y, m, ! … The comments says its optional.08:31
r0kk3rz@m_aurel if you want to lower the effort, look at the devices already ported08:36
T4<m_aurel> Most of them are end of life.08:36
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Quick question, is that normal that trying installing sailfish using the .zip makes the recovery to crash or to give errors? Like yeah we are testing it with manual installation but the zip would help08:37
r0kk3rzthere might be some errors, but they are often benign08:42
T4<MarcoDS_bit> We have an error about "can't write to data" (error 7) so yeah it doesn't let us install it08:52
T4<austenite> @MarcoDS_bit twr 3.1.1 succeded in installing zip for me hgher ones didnt08:54
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I see, thank you, I'll try to find an older version08:55
T4<Hound77> I seems to get this error after applying kernel configs to kernel/motorola/msm8998/arch/arm64/configs/lineageos_payton_defconfig  …
r0kk3rzdo another build without the -j parameter and dump the whole log09:47
T4<elros34> you have answer what to do in logs you posted10:03
T4<Hound77> make mrproper ?10:06
T4<Hound77> That would erase the kernel config changes.10:06
r0kk3rzdo a make clean10:08
r0kk3rzthen run the hybris-hal build again10:08
T4<Hound77> Same error.10:11
erhoofWhy store repo can resolve no packages? zypper pa -ir store / No packages found. Ofk after refresh. w4_820 i48610:16
r0kk3rzyou got it enabled?10:21
erhoofjournalctl -fa shows package could not be found, when im trying to install app from jolla store. The same thing10:23
r0kk3rzso the store shows apps?10:24
r0kk3rzthats something at least10:24
erhoofBut i cant download them. Shows a lot of apps, not like 2010:24
erhoofSo its authorized device10:24
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Soo, we can't connect to port 2323, just 23, that's the dmesg, does anyone have suggestions?10:29
r0kk3rzthere should be a diagnostics.log as well10:31
r0kk3rzhalting at first telnet is usually mounts being wrong10:32
T4<linusdan> Folks, is there an android version requirement for android applications be compatible with sailfish?10:40
r0kk3rzdepends on the device10:40
erhoofIs there a way to see repo directory directly?10:40
r0kk3rzbut android 4.4.4 compatibility is best10:41
T4<Hound77> Anybody ?  … <r0kk3rz> I did "make clean" and "make hybris-hal" thrice. … Should I commit to my repo and try ?10:45
pketoerhoof: try now10:45
pketoerhoof: so it works now?10:47
erhoofYes! Thanks a lot10:47
pketook, good. I had forgot one piece of configuration, sorry about that :)10:49
T4<linusdan> r0kk3rz: Thanks for the info! … I'll try porting again to the i9100 this week with cm-10.1 … I was not get to make the initramfs always be used by the recovery partition with 7.1.210:50
T4<linusdan> charlie: make cloober and try again10:50
r0kk3rz@linusdan you wont get the android application compatibility layer on ported devices10:51
T4<elros34> charlie whay cant you just do what log says?10:52
T4<Hound77> @linusdan [charlie: make cloober and try again],
T4<elros34> you are stubborn ..10:55
T4<linusdan> charlie: *clobber … sorry :D10:57
T4<linusdan> r0kk3rz: I'm crying with this news ;D10:57
T4<Hound77> @elros34 [charlie whay cant you just do what log says?], The reference or guide for porting Sailfish OS is only in the port guide or I have to ask here unlike android its every where. I can search them on web but not for sfos. I do feel pathetic about my self on this matter.10:59
T4<austenite> @Hound77 export USE_NINJA=false11:02
T4<elros34> charlie: the best source of informations is here
T4<linusdan> charlie: please do not use the telegram reply because irc people will not see the right message. It's the group rules :)11:05
T4<Hound77> Yeah Sorry.11:06
T4<Hound77> @austenite Same error.11:06
lbtThaodan: I'll add this to my list11:09
T4<Hound77> Does anyone know the cause of my problem ? Its the kernel config.15:58
T4<austenite> @Hound77 typo , see error16:20
T4<Hound77> @austenite Its the result for the make cloober and this for make payton . Still typo ?16:44
T4<Hound77> I made this following changes to kernel. Edited the  …  ```lineageos_payton_defconfig``` …  under  … ```kernel/motorola/msm8998/arch/arm64/configs/lineageos_payton_defconfig``` …  with the result from  … ```Mer Config Checker```. Is the right way ?16:47
T4<Hound77> The changed config :
T4<austenite> @Hound77 remove CONFIG_DEFCONFIG_LIST and try?17:06
T4<Hound77> Same error again.
T4<adampigg> so, i was looking into writing a geoclue plugin / server for sharing the location from phone to tablet...17:48
T4<adampigg> such a feature already exists, and there is an android app for sharing android location to geoclue of the lan17:49
T4<adampigg> but, its in geoclue 2.3 ...... our geoclue is substantially ancient, like, 9 years or so!!17:49
T4<adampigg> its so old, its not in the /releases folder on fdo, which starts with 2.0 pre versions17:50
osum4estim still not reaching the init script... and i can't seem to replicate the one time i did. tried with the vanilla defconfig, se linux disabled, audit=0 on my kernel params, disabling verity in the config, any ideas? it looks like any change i make in the config makes the bootloop take ~30 seconds, where the vanilla version takes a few seconds17:59
T4<elros34> how do you know it's not reaching init script? Did you finally save some logs to sdcard/data partition or you still count seconds?18:20
T4<elros34> did you tried to hold volume up button so it will reboot straight to recovery?18:21
osum4esti was able to turn on my notification light from the init script the one time it was working. the light does not go on anymore, on top of rebooting much faster - also when it was working it did not bootloop, just got stuck18:22
osum4estand no, haven't tried that yet. i can give that a shot though18:22
T4<austenite> @Hound77 no idea18:22
osum4estelros34: holding volume up doesn't boot me straight into recovery. if i hold it down the screen stays black until i let go,  then it reboots back into systme18:30
T4<elros34> I heard some google device have serial console multiplexed with jack, so maybe you can find ready to use jack(serial)/usb adapter or create one19:21
T4<Err0r_extinct> hey there where i can find the fstab in my device(telneted)19:28
malosum4est: maybe have a look at this
malif your device has certain features enabled it might skip initramfs19:29
T4<Err0r_extinct> hey @mal change my data partition to ext4 then the fstab should need to be changed??19:30
osum4estmal: thanks, ill take a look at it. what needs to be correct to get to the init script? it's just the boot image right? it shouldn't matter what is flashed to any of the partitions?19:32
malit's just in kernel19:32
mal@Err0r_extinct depends on what your fstab looks like19:33
T4<Err0r_extinct> wait please19:33
T4<elros34> osum4est: worth to read
T4<Err0r_extinct> found fstab on device (/etc/fstab)
mal@Err0r_extinct maybe change the userdata partition type, although it's mounted in early boot so it might not affect much19:37
T4<Err0r_extinct> ok trying19:38
osum4estelros34: since postmarketos doesn't get to any ui does that mean that sailfish probably won't either?19:38
osum4estor are they pretty unrelated19:39
malnot sure you can compare those, I don't know the internals of postmarket os19:41
osum4estthats good. guess i'll keep going down this wild goose chase haha19:42
malosum4est: it's quite possible that it tries to skip initramfs, some new devices do that19:43
T4<elros34> osum4est: it wasnt hard to find
malthat clearly says it does skip_initramfs so reverting the one commit from kernel as was done in xperia xa2 should be done19:44
malbut it seems that device doesn't have separate recovery which makes life a bit more difficult19:45
osum4estthanks! i will definitely give that a shot. hmm weird. not too big of a deal - if i can't get twrp to work then so be it19:47
malthere is a way to have recovery together with normal initramfs in kernel, not pretty but possible19:48
malI have done in on one device family19:49
piggzmal: how did you create a kernel config for mainline, based on an old 3.x version?19:55
malpiggz: I just added some stuff on top of the qcom example defconfig in mainline tree20:18
malpiggz: I didn't yet try to boot to sfos side, I have been just hacking in init20:18
piggzmal: well, instead of hacking on that, look at my pr :p20:20
malpiggz: forgot about that, and I haven't done any hacking today20:21
T4<Err0r_extinct> hey mal are u there i changed the kernel here are the journalctl logs please see it
r0kk3rz@Err0r_extinct: what was your issue?22:03
T4<Err0r_extinct> not able to boot gui 😞22:04
T4<Err0r_extinct> droid-hal-init service not running22:05
T4<Err0r_extinct> lipstick ui failed22:05
r0kk3rzyes i can see things are generally unhappy22:06
r0kk3rzfocus on the dhi issues first22:06
r0kk3rzwhat was the kernel thing you changed?22:06
T4<Err0r_extinct> i am using this kernel
T4<Err0r_extinct> before that i am usning the boulzordev's kernel 15-1.6422:07
T4<Err0r_extinct> shfting to this optimus kernel fixed some issues22:08
r0kk3rzoh you literally replaced the whole thing22:09
r0kk3rzwhich kernel is your base image using?22:09
T4<Err0r_extinct> yes22:09
T4<Err0r_extinct> optimus_drunk22:09
r0kk3rzdroid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area <-- this is bad22:10
T4<Err0r_extinct> what's the mean of this22:10
T4<Err0r_extinct> i can't able to figure out the meaning of yhis line failed to initialize property area22:12
r0kk3rzheres a hint
T4<Err0r_extinct> and one thing when i am running fdisk -l on my device(telneted) most of the blck types are unknown and just four of them types are microsoft basic data is it ok??22:15
r0kk3rzsounds bad22:27
r0kk3rzwhat device is this?22:28
T4<Err0r_extinct> motorola potter22:28
r0kk3rzand base is like lineage 15?22:30
T4<Err0r_extinct> yes 15.122:30
T4<elros34> unknown  types in fdisk -l is normal, parted can recognize partitions22:46
T4<Err0r_extinct> parted ?22:46
T4<elros34> at least partition names22:46
T4<elros34> app like fdisk22:47
T4<Err0r_extinct> just parted !22:48
r0kk3rzit must be mounting the userdata partition fine anyway22:55
r0kk3rzotherwise it wouldnt be getting anywhere near that far22:55
T4<Err0r_extinct> @r0kk3rz [it must be mounting the userdata partition fin …], i just lokked up that file here is a void fuction22:56
T4<Err0r_extinct> void property_init() { …     mkdir("/dev/properties", S_IRWXU | S_IXGRP | S_IXOTH); …     CreateSerializedPropertyInfo(); …     if (__system_property_area_init()) { …         LOG(FATAL) << "Failed to initialize property area"; …     } …     if (!property_info_area.LoadDefaultPath()) { …         LOG(FATAL) << "Failed to load serializ22:56
T4ed property info file"; …     } … }22:56
T4<Err0r_extinct> in that function                                                                                                                 mkdir("/dev/properties", S_IRWXU | S_IXGRP | S_IXOTH); …     CreateSerializedPropertyInfo(); …     if (__system_property_area_init()) { …         LOG(FATAL) << "Failed to initialize property area"; …     }22:57
T4 here is my problem located i think ,22:57
T4<Err0r_extinct> i think that  is not able to make the directory with the right permission22:58
T4<Err0r_extinct> so can i make it manually22:58

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