Monday, 2019-04-22

r0kk3rzosum4est: you sure thats the reight log?00:03
osum4esti think so, why wouldn't it be?00:04
r0kk3rzbecause its getting to the main boot phase?00:04
osum4esthmm. let me try it again. i'm booting the broken kernel, and letting it reboot into the working one, then grabbing the ramoops00:05
osum4estalright, here's a new one:
osum4estwait no sorry disregard that one... i had a onther config setting flipped that i was testing with00:10
osum4estr0kk3rz, alright this one should be correct:
r0kk3rzare you sure its not getting to the main boot phase?00:24
osum4estwell with VT on the led that i put into my init script never goes on. let me try it again and check dmesg00:32
r0kk3rzthat log is definitely getting to the main boot phase, search for 'droid-hal-init' and you'll see what i mean00:34
osum4esti see. hm it worked for figuring out selinux, not sure whats going on. maybe whatever is causing VT to reboot is also clearning the ramoops before it reboots or something?00:36
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T4<austenite> vknecht , 3.18 , enabled config_overlay_fs=y , repo :birdzhang-anbox … lxc-checkconfig: , enabled CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_MASQUERADE=y but its not showing04:08
birdzhangusage : CONFIG=/path/to/config /usr/bin/lxc-checkconfig04:09
birdzhangcopy /proc/config.gz  and gunzip it04:11
T4<austenite> @birdzhang and
T4<austenite> copied it to /home/nemo04:19
birdzhangwhereis your kernel repo ?04:24
T4<austenite> @birdzhang i havent updated it since a month
T4<austenite> branch : halium-7.104:27
T4<birdzhang> ok04:27
T4<birdzhang> @austenite
T4<birdzhang> kernel/user_namespace.c and ipc/namespace.c04:35
T4<austenite> CONFIG_OVERLAYFS_FS is not by default present in makefile , applied these changes04:39
T4<birdzhang> it is CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS in your kernel04:39
T4<austenite> yes, i have already seen this commit and applied changes04:40
T4<austenite> CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS=y , applied kernel/user_namespace.c and ipc/namespace.c  , CONFIG_OVERLAYFS_FS=y is not present in kconfig or defconfig so didnt touch it04:42
T4<birdzhang> yup04:43
T4<birdzhang> systemctl start anbox-container-manager not starts anbox-container-manager?04:43
T4<austenite> no04:44
T4<austenite> anbox opens half screen and crashes what should see for logs journalctl?04:44
T4<birdzhang> need start anbox-container-manager first, then anbox-session-manager04:46
T4<birdzhang> did /var/lib/anbox/data/ mounted?04:46
T4<austenite> it doesnt seem to be , how can i know if its mounted04:46
T4<birdzhang> df -h04:48
T4<austenite> uh its not there
T4<austenite> here is defconfig file
T4<birdzhang> did you applied the patches for anbox ?04:52
T4<Hound77> How do I install telnet on platform sdk ?04:54
T4<birdzhang> if you just want check ports, you can use other functions, like curl, cat04:55
T4<birdzhang> like curl telnet://
T4<austenite> @birdzhang i have applied these patches, the scond patch was not applying so i split the patch into two and it applied04:57
T4<austenite> and corrected a line as binder.o was not building04:58
T4<birdzhang> the question is your lxc not works well04:59
T4<Hound77> @austenite In 9.2 it mentioned that hybris-boot containded dhcp and telnet are included but I chrooted to sailfish os but none of them were there.04:59
T4<austenite> @Hound77 you dont need to do that you should focus on getting some output with ,  lsusb -v | grep iSerial05:01
T4<austenite> @Hound77 if the devie doesnt show there then there is problem mostly with defconfig( atleast in my case)05:03
T4<Hound77> @austenite  Because in rootfs there was no telnet installed. To get "lsusb ....." result the telnetd must be running right ?05:04
T4<austenite> @Hound77 i think telnet is activated in the hybris-boot not rootfs05:06
T4<Hound77> Okay05:06
T4<austenite> @Hound77  since you are working on a/b device contact someone working on such like marlin..05:08
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r0kk3rz@Hound77 so you got it to flash?05:18
T4<Hound77> <r0kk3rz> Yes. I think the problem is in the defconfig. I had applied the recommended values to the lineage defconfig but the .config on KERNEL_OBJ doesnt contain all the added changes,05:27
r0kk3rzthats ok, i assume it passes the kernel checker?05:28
r0kk3rzeven if it has a few warnings05:28
T4<Hound77> Does it have to be fully resolved ?05:39
r0kk3rznot usually05:46
r0kk3rzvery little needs to be done for the early stages to work05:47
T4<Hound77> Then what would be the cause id the problem ? I can get the result for "lsusb -v ...."07:06
r0kk3rzlots of stuff07:37
T4<DSstill01> I fixed anbox rootfs mounting, ferrite. It doesnt mount because chinese people like to change names as i said yesterday08:53
T4<birdzhang> wait, chinese people like to change names ?09:02
T4<DSstill01> Yes, thats what you did with overlayfs09:12
T4<birdzhang> i did nothing about change names on kernel 3.1809:12
T4<DSstill01> You did in anbox sources09:14
T4<birdzhang> you can fork it and change it. my phone use kernel with 3.18, and it's overlay_fs, not overlayfs_fs, so i change it09:16
T4<DSstill01> Yes, i ve already forked itq09:17
T4<DSstill01> But ive also changed the name in the kernel, so, now it mounts, so, idc yeah yeah09:18
T4<birdzhang> overlayfs_fs changed to overlay_fs after 3.18 afaik09:18
T4<DSstill01> So 3.10 doesnt work anymore with anbox?09:19
T4<birdzhang> sorry, idk. it should works09:20
T4<DSstill01> Ah, good, because upgrading from 3.10 to 3.18 is impossible09:21
vknechtwhat about "workdir" support in overlayfs ? is it really required ? afaik only later patch versions have that09:29
Nokiuso/ Happy Eastern09:32
vknecht\o Happy day :)09:35
r0kk3rzmoo Nokius09:41
Nokiusis there a way to make the creator happy without having a device pattern?09:41
NokiusI wanna have a vanilla rootfs for no09:42
r0kk3rzshould be09:43
Nokiusif I leave the package section empty the creator fails09:45
Nokiusadding the my pattern it fails missing it :-/09:45
Nokiuslet's see if this pattern works :D09:48
r0kk3rzyou need to have some packages09:52
Nokiusr0kk3rz: I think I have to do it like dealing with missed packages for now09:53
NokiusI will do so later when my belly is full again haha09:53
Nokiusr0kk3rz: HADK how to deal with missed packages09:53
Nokiuspattern @jolla-ui-wayland is gone for now09:54
Nokiusgot my issue09:56
T4<DSstill01> Ive just created an anbox obs with old overlay name with revert of chinese guy's 3.18 overlayfs commits if you dont want to modify it in kernel10:31
T4<birdzhang> why are you always call me chinese guy? am i special ?10:34
T4<DSstill01> :D10:34
T4<austenite> Yes, you have working anbox on 3.0.1x10:34
T4<DSstill01> Yes youre the only chinese guy here10:35
T4<austenite> Overlaysfs_fs is missing on my 3.18 kernel but overlayfs is present10:35
T4<austenite> Bainite10:36
T4<DSstill01> Aoh10:36
T4<DSstill01> What?10:36
T4<Henkate> Wrong chat lol, sorry10:36
T4<Henkate> (Photo, 1280x720) Could not save file.10:36
T4<austenite> Joking, yo call me ferrite,10:36
T4<DSstill01> Yes cementite10:37
T4<austenite> No10:37
T4<DSstill01> Ok10:37
T4<DSstill01> Anbox sources are huge cit.10:38
T4<austenite> Its nice to see telegram desktop working on sailfish, is it possible to port Falkon? Do these applications cause flash wear?10:39
T4<DSstill01> Boh10:42
T4<birdzhang> i'm not the only chinese sailfishos porters here, there are about 410:42
T4<DSstill01> Sailfish is popular in china?10:43
T4<birdzhang> No10:44
T4<DSstill01> Ah ambe'10:45
* vknecht votes for using nicknames too11:00
* Nokius solved it hope to have nice rootfs for now12:10
Nokiusis there a way to get a password set during mic run which I could use at the first boot13:33
Nokiusatm I have only a working terminal no telent to the device :(13:34
malNokius: if you somehow manage to change the passwd in post installation part it could work, as long as you set it to anything else than "nemo", it resets the password if it's set to "nemo"13:46
Nokiusmal Thanks!!!13:48
malNokius: maybe in ks in section ### begin 60_ssu13:49
malnot sure if that will work13:49
malI run some chmod there13:49
Nokiusmal: I give it a shot13:54
Nokiusmal: let's see if this works
Nokiuspasswd requires interaction13:59
malok, hopefully that works13:59
Nokiuscross my fingers13:59
Nokius/tmp/ks-script-baw6Kx: line 53: user: command not found14:35
malmayeb try absolute path?14:36
Nokiuslet me try it in the first call14:36
Nokiusmal: thanks for now :)14:40
T4<samyy_010101> (Sticker, 512x362) http://3das7vpgt73yxclb6agz4sz2a2bt7bqqfjucjhhbb5jnndxcd4o4lfid.onion/0zd1Vs0mp7.webp14:52
Nokiusmal: looks like it' not working as we like even in the first call15:20
piggzmal: @eugenio_g7 this is what kernel prints before rebooting, after starting main boot
malpiggz: no last_kmsg or the other similar thing?17:14
T4<adampigg> Mal, no, sys fs pstore is empty18:59
T4<adampigg> Boot.reason =watchdog tho, so it must be related18:59
mal@adampigg wondering what the dsme watchdog support is actually doing19:10
piggzmal: its odd that it reboots shortly after starting systemd ... like seconds19:14
piggzi wonder what woul dhappen if i didnt build the watchdog support19:14
malpiggz: do you have all the needed things in kernel config?19:16
piggzmal: no errors, some warnings
vknechtwondering, to build mainline, do you do some sort of 'make oldconfig' to integrate new settings ?19:28
piggzvknecht: i used the old config, then ran menuconfig which seemed to add all the new options19:31
piggzalso ran a diffconfig, and there is a load of options that no longer exist19:31
vknechtguess so, and you did wise choices ? :-)19:32
vknechttried that from 3.10.49 to 3.10.108 recently, and I've more question than answers now ;-)19:33
piggzwell, just try 3.10 to 5.1!19:33
vknechtbut probably for an intel thing it gets easier than for arm/msm poor things ?19:34
piggzthe following show: 1) things removed from ald config, 2) things changed in new config, 3) things added in new config
vknechtI'll have to try this command, hope you paste won't be as short lived as previous gnome ones19:36
vknecht*your paste19:37
* vknecht saves the command to good old todo text file19:38
T4<linusdan> Should the revision of the custom ROM build for the SailfishOS installation have to be the same as the mer version (in my case, 7.1.2 r29)? Because the most up-to-date version of LineageOS is 7.1.2 r3619:43
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz: have you cherry-picked my watchdog fix?19:46
piggz@eugenio_g7 i havnt, but ithought that was just for when going to sleep?19:46
T4<DSstill01> Impossible and useless19:57
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz: Yeah correct... Do iTCO pings appear among the kernel messages?19:58
piggz@eugenio_g7 well, it reboots seconds after starting systemd, so i dont think so19:59
T4<eugenio_g7> Oh ok20:00
piggzeugenio_g7 thses are the message i got after starting init
piggzso, about 2 seconds!20:01
piggzthere is that magic clse message20:01
piggznot sure what that does20:02
T4<eugenio_g7> Well two seconds is definitely not the standard wathdog timeout, lol20:04
T4<eugenio_g7> Could you try starting dsme manually?20:04
T4<eugenio_g7> Before systemd, I mean20:05
piggz@eugenio_g7 why does it sit waiting fine in the pre-init, without Wd?20:10
T4<eugenio_g7> Dunno... If you execute echo "V" > /dev/watchdog before continuing the boot flow does it reboot?20:17
piggz@eugenio_g7 nope20:23
T4<eugenio_g7> Lol20:25
T4<DSstill01> Since i want to upgrade my kernel to i have to clone 4.9 branches and put device-specific dts, defconfigs and drivers there or it's different the way of upgrading kernel?20:28
piggz@eugenio_g7 what would happen if i dont build the itco driver?20:30
T4<eugenio_g7> I think the watchdog would simply not work, the rest of the system should work just fine20:34
osum4estignore that20:43
osum4estsorry wrong chat...20:43
T4<DSstill01> Ignore what?20:47
osum4estnothing, didn't mean to type that here haha. sorry!20:47
T4<DSstill01> Type what?20:52
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vknecht@DSsill01: if that's all it takes to go to 4.9 you'll be lucky22:44
vknecht(if luck has anything to do with it)22:46
T4<DSstill01> No i was joking, it's impossible, and needs unlimited free time23:12
r0kk3rzyeah, if you want to use hybris and the android blobs, dont bother23:32
T4<DSstill01> I want aaanbax23:49
r0kk3rzyou dont23:49
T4<DSstill01> I do23:51
T4<DSstill01> For the sailfish usability, android apps are needed you know wgat im saying23:52

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