Friday, 2019-04-26

T4<m_aurel> Hello again. we have now another offering on the talbe from adifferent ODM. Their devices would use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 or 660 chipset. Do you think the hardware adaption effort would be less than for a Spreadtrum or Mediatek chipset? Their devices have also not the annoying notch. This woud be an advantage.08:38
T4<adampigg> i think qualcom/ is generally easier and better suported than mediatek, but other devs may know better, eg mal, r0kk3rz, abranson08:50
r0kk3rzwe have the most experience with qcom based devices08:52
r0kk3rzno notch is also a great idea08:56
dr_gogeta86good morning09:32
T4<m_aurel> Hej09:32
spiiroinwdehoog: great that it worked, but but but... My assumption would be that you should never need to blacklist "usb" power supply10:13
spiiroinbasically from what I've seen: qc devices should be left with "battery" and "usb"; mtk devices with battery, usb, ac and wireless; plus then there are some odd birds like jolla tablet10:15
T4<Hound77> @elros34 Which system partition are you refering ? One on the android ?15:58
T4<elros34> yeah, sailfish needs that partition mounted. As I understand this hang happen after you added mkfstab_skip_entries /. This define change how system partition is mount. You should examine /lib/systemd/system/system*.mount.16:04
T4<Hound77> @elros34  …
T4<Hound77> Those two are the /lib/systemd/system/system*.mount.16:20
T4<Hound77> And found that system patition is linked to mmcblk0p65, … /lib/systemd/system/system*.mount16:21
T4<Hound77> And system is linked to mmcblk0p65
T4<elros34> this doesn't looks correct for me: What=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system. It should be /dev/mmcblk0p16:22
T4<elros34> Thats why I asked if your fixup for a/b partitions is really correct16:25
T4<elros34> change it to /dev/mmcblk0p65 for test and reboot16:26
T4<Hound77> Here is the lsblk
malyou need to compare your fixup to fstab in your device repo16:30
T4<Hound77> What about the system_root ?16:30
T4<Hound77> .mount16:30
T4<elros34> system_root is good16:30
T4<elros34> sorry system.mount is ok but system_root.mount is wrong16:32
T4<Hound77> Yeah16:32
T4<elros34> mal: this is his fixup:
T4<elros34> if I get it right you should choose one slot:  -e 's block/bootdevice/by-name/system mmcblk0p65 ' \16:35
T4<Hound77> Should I make that change are recompile and try ?16:36
T4<Hound77> *and16:37
T4<elros34> it is but not befor udev starts. Make change in device first.16:41
T4<Hound77> @elros34 Its mounted now.16:48
T4<Hound77> Do I need to fix all the dead ones ?16:49
malwhere is the fstab16:49
malfixup is useless without fstab16:49
T4<Hound77> fstab:
T4<elros34> not that one, out/target/product/payton/vendor/etc/fstab.qcom or from your device repo16:51
mal@Hound77 not that fstab16:51
mal@Hound77 the one in your device repo, how would you even think that fstab would ever be useful, it has none of the partition you have in fixup, how about you start using your brain a little16:52
T4<Hound77> Sorry I thought the one on the sailfish os gives currently mounted partitions.16:55
T4<Hound77> fstab.qcom16:55
malhow many times have told on this channel that sfos doesn't use fstab, so any fstab on the device (maybe some remnant from android build) is never a good reference16:57
T4<meierrom> @m_aurel: I wouldn't worry much about the notch. It has become popular on Sony devices as well. Sooner or later Jolla can't ignore that feature any longer.17:09
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