Saturday, 2019-04-27

T4<nfmakaba> guys where can I talk about Sailfish OS web browser?07:41
piggzmal: splitting amazfish into daemon/gui is a reasonable sized task18:24
malpiggz: those refactorings usually end up being quite big tasks18:29
piggzmal: i thought it was pretty contained ... and it is really ... all talking to the device goes through a single interface class .. but, there are some outliers which exist in both the UI and backend ... like weather, and database access18:30
rinigus_[repeating a question since looks like matrix bridge is not working]18:37
rinigus_Hi! I am working on onyx update to while building packages (rpm/dhd/helpers/, I end up with an error "missing" while building libhybris. source tree was repo sync'ed today. from logs it sounds like I need to downgrade libhybris with rather violent git commands. is that needed or something else is messed up? [alternative is to wait till 3.0.3.x and then try again]18:37
malrinigus_: are you sure you need to downgrade libhybris, there was a guess that it could be just incorrectly rebuilt packages, so remove hwc plugin sources and maybe also libhybris sources and rebuild18:43
malrinigus_: afaik OBS builds have worked fine18:46
rinigus_mal: no, I am not sure. that's why I'm asking (after reading the logs). what's hwc plugin? and after removing, I'll just repo sync again, right?18:48
malrinigus_: hybris/mw/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin18:48
malrinigus_: nothing to do with repo sync, this is the middleware side18:48
malrinigus_: you just rerun after removing the sources18:49
rinigus_mal: thanks you very much! I will try a bit later and report back18:49
rinigusmal: it helped, thank you! also had to remove old target - started getting conflicts on rpm installs. will continue tomorrow...21:27

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