Sunday, 2019-05-05

kimmolirinigus: at least it booted. bt did show long list of found devices (old stuff). paired with another onyx05:02
riniguskimmoli: that's a great start :)05:38
T4<DSstill01> anyone has successfully implemented a splash logo via kernel dts?11:25
T4<DSstill01> Now im using sailfishos as daily driver :p12:03
T4<nfmakaba> I'm on SailfishOS too, Xperia XA2 Plus H449312:08
T4<DSstill01> It's insaane12:20
T4<nfmakaba> What?12:45
piggzmal: testing the new grid overlay, happy with it now13:23
malpiggz: ok, you can then merge it13:40
*** OhYash1 is now known as ohyash17:41
piggzmal: sooooooooooooooo, how ya fancy working on p-o-v :D18:47

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