Monday, 2019-05-06

spiiroin@DStill01 brightness tuning should already happen automatically on bootup. if it does not, then the 1st thing to do would be to check that adjustment attempts are actually made -> add '-lmodules/display.c:mdy_brightness_set_level' to Exec line in mce.service file & reboot & check journal05:28
spiiroinif there are adjustment attempts, then it could be some even more odd bootup special casing than what has already been observed in other devices05:29
spiiroinor possibly timing/interplay with compositor side rendering05:30
spiiroinas you apparently can adjust brightness at some stage, it probably is not a case of not having means to control brightness05:31
spiiroin... btw, can you elaborate on "have to lower it manually?" What does it actually involve? Using settings ui or something else?05:37
T4<DSstill01> If i lower it manually gets darker. Another workaround is to suspend and wake up the device. In that case brightness gets adjusted11:12
piggzyay, my second PR merged into mer-core11:56
malpiggz: :)11:59
ghosalmartinbuild machine finally up and running, what broke it? secure boot + raid = boom14:48
T4<DSstill01> I would be pleased if you were pleased to say "please steeeve!"18:23
*** birdzhang_pc is now known as birdzhang19:39

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