Tuesday, 2019-05-07

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T4<DSstill01> Now im a sailfish expert10:58
T4<adampigg> congrats10:59
T4<DSstill01> 👍10:59
T4<austenite> Yes you are , happy birthday sailfish porter steeve10:59
T4<DSstill01> Its not my birthday10:59
T4<austenite> But I forgot to greet, you asked to greet so..11:00
T4<DSstill01> I didnt ask anything11:00
T4<austenite> Ahh you said in Irc ' that no one said happy birthday sailfish porter steeve'11:01
T4<austenite> I was going through logs11:01
T4<DSstill01> When: one month ago11:01
T4<austenite> XD11:02
T4<DSstill01> 12th march11:02
T4<DSstill01> @DSstill01 [When: one month ago], Almost 211:02
T4<adampigg> Yo12:25
T4<elros34> Is it normal that scripts in init*rc like "exec /system/bin/sh /init.qcom.syspart_fixup.sh" are not executed? At least execve is invoked in do_exec but there is no result.14:14
riniguskimmoli: any progress with the tests?15:14
T4<elros34> so it's not normal, init*sh scripts just segfault: https://pastebin.com/ykf1TKSC16:44
malwhat device?16:46
T4<elros34> photon q (cm11)16:46
malwhat issue are you trying to fix?16:47
T4<elros34> not a big deal but I think it shouldn't segfault anyway16:50
kimmolirinigus: not really. forgotting the phone to home, then to office...17:05
kimmolinow i'm not sure where it is17:05
riniguskimmoli: :)17:15
piggzmal: r0kk3rz: are we on the great sailfishos_latest wait with lbt? :d17:23
T4<DSstill01> Anyone can solve the rubiks cube?17:28
malpiggz: 3.0.3 target has not been added yet17:31
vknechthello... let's say I'm late and have not cared for 3.0.2 yet, should I add a 3.0.2 build target in devel now, or wait after latest is set to 3.0.3 ?18:14
T4<Pristinesnowflake> Hi friends, I'm using lineage is 16.18:16
T4<Pristinesnowflake> Could you help me with a link to download sailfish x18:17
vknechthttps://shop.jolla.com/ ? funilly, seems « unavailable » in .fr while it worked in 2017...18:21
T4<Pristinesnowflake> @vknecht [https://shop.jolla.com/ ? funilly, seems « una …], Thank you.18:27
piggzvknecht: well, 302 would help you prepare for 303, as i think some submodules require to be updated18:51
T4<DSstill01> 303 not found18:59
T4<DSstill01> And why sailfish for xperia costs 20€ more than xa2 one:19:01
T4<DSstill01> [Edit] And why sailfish for xperia costs 20€ more than xa2 one?19:01
T4<nfmakaba> It's Xa2 that cost less because it's not complete19:03
T4<DSstill01> Hmm, seems a scam tho19:03
vknechtpiggz: indeed :-) iirc I've done the submodule updates, just that I spent a month stuffing latest msm-3.10 CAF kernel with device' specifics but it doesn't work nicely yet so I'll probably have to get back to previous one19:05
vknechtalso have to check about libhybris version, I'm on and also maybe clean connman if the ipv6fix is not needed anymore19:06
vknechtgood thing tomorrow is public holiday and day after this I'm on strike, so may have some time :-)19:09
T4<Pristinesnowflake> @vknecht [piggz: indeed :-) iirc I've done the submodule …], Good luck👍19:55
vknechtsadly, like in many thing, luck has nothing to do with this, but thanks for these kind words :-)20:39
piggzmal: \o/ the daemon/ui split for amazfish is roughly working21:16
T4<DSstill01> Why the decision of putting reboot button under dev optiond? I mean, what? It doesnt make sense that only devs could reboot their phone21:19
malpiggz: cool21:21
T4<gischpelino> @DSstill01 [And why sailfish for xperia costs 20€ more tha …], it is not beta (old ad 4.4.), else ask Jolla22:01

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