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nk2IsHereit seems to stay longer until reboot, so i'll get here once i grab my old laptop to see dmesg00:11
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Thaodan_is the current sensorfw compatible with the latest sfos?05:13
T4<Harsh18262> i am getting some errors i think it is due to kernel but what is it exactly
Thaodan_no idea try to compare the file to the file from the sony tree05:45
Thaodan_that works05:45
wdehoogmal: when I use the non stripped init: still no idea what change could have caused this to happen09:31
T4<elros34> anybody have problem with invoker in 3.0.3?: "mapplauncherd[1406]: Daemon: dlopening single-instance failed: /usr/bin/single-instance: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"10:11
malwdehoog: not sure why it happens now but based on that backtrace it fails here
malwdehoog: so the only reason that can fail is if variable pi is null11:24
malbut in system_core there is null check for that11:26
maland backtrace also says it's not null11:26
wdehoogmal: the serial field seems defined 'volatile'. maybe serial is causing the segfault?11:37
wdehoogdo you know when/how the bionic source get compiled?11:38
malbionic is built when hybris-hal is built11:38
sensefusion Hi guys, I can't build the rpm packages via running rpm/dhd/helpers/ according to guide: 'make[1]: "*** No rule to make target `mkbootimg.o', needed by `mkbootimg'.  Stop."'. Any ideas why is mkbootimg.o missing?11:57
Nebrassy[m]mal: so when I'm making fixup-mountpoints for an a/b device, I need to select a slot and point to only partitions on that slot or will slotselect flasg still work?16:44
malNebrassy[m]: yes, you need use one slot, usually a17:14
malor basically you can use whatever partitions you want but usually it's nicer to use those from same slot17:15
malsailfish doesn't handle slotselect17:15
Nebrassy[m]cool, I get this while building, should I keep it boot_a instead?17:15
Nebrassy[m]warning: ********************* /boot appears to live on /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/boot17:15
malyou use that block/bootdevice/by-name/boot in fixup and just replace it with the real boot_a partition (e.g. mmcblk0pX)17:16
Nebrassy[m]yeah that's what I did17:17
malsame for other partitions in your fstab17:17
Nebrassy[m]yup, done that,I forgot how to solve this, how do i get image magick?17:18
malquite often people add all partitions to fixup17:18
Nebrassy[m]yeah I added all except _b partitions17:18
* Nebrassy[m] sent a long message: < >17:19
malmaybe sudo apt-get install imagemagick17:20
malin HABUILD_SDK17:20
malit's a ubuntu chroot so use normal way there to install if something is missing17:21
Nebrassy[m]oh forgot it's in the lists17:21
Nebrassy[m]is it possbile to build without sudo access?17:22
malafaik sudo should work in that environment, or was it even needed, try17:26
Nebrassy[m]I mean to get the environment and ubuntu chroot working17:26
Nebrassy[m]it needs to access /asrv/mer17:27
malbut you are in there already if you are building hybris-hal17:27
Nebrassy[m]I'm using another server17:27
malnot sure if I understand, you have that chroot installed?17:27
malam I missing something17:28
Nebrassy[m]I'm currently using another server that I have sudo access to, this is not the server I usually use, the one I usually use doesn't have sudo access17:28
malbut you run that in chroot17:30
malif you look at chapter 5.1 you see you already used sudo in that environment17:31
Nebrassy[m]sudo mkdir -p $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/sfossdk ;17:34
Nebrassy[m]sudo tar --numeric-owner -p -xjf Jolla-latest-SailfishOS_Platform_SDK_Chroot-i486.tar.bz2 -C $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/sfossdk  ;17:34
Nebrassy[m]this is what I stopped at on the other server17:34
malwell nothing really forces you to extract that to that folder, you can extract it to somewhere under your home folder, you just need to give the correct path when entering ubu chroot17:37
Nebrassy[m]doesn't chroot itself need sudo?17:37
malnot sure really17:38
Nebrassy[m]I'll try later17:38
malcheck what the ubu-chroot command does17:38
Nebrassy[m]ninja: error: 'libsf_compat_layer', needed by 'hybris-hal', missing and no known rule to make it17:42
Nebrassy[m]can't seem to find that17:42
malgo to $ANDROID_ROOT/external/ and run git clone --recurse-submodules
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sensefusionmal: Could you help me with my issue?18:08
malnot sure what is causing that, but I need to get some food now so maybe later18:14
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T4<DSstill01> @sensefusion [mal: Could you help me with my issue?], I can help you18:27
T4<DSstill01> What issue?18:27
T4<DSstill01> Did you verify that mkbootimg dir exists?18:32
T4<DSstill01> And it contains mkbooimg.c or such18:32
sensefusionno, it was somewhere else18:33
sensefusionthere're 3 files in system/core/mkbootimg:, bootimg.h and a python file mkbootimg withou a .py ending18:35
T4<DSstill01> Hmm, do you have any bootimg location definition in your device tree? I dunno where the rpm takes it from18:37
T4<DSstill01> But lemme see in system/core repo18:38
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T4<DSstill01> What is your android base?18:39
sensefusionwell, there's no repo folder18:39
T4<DSstill01> [Edit] What is your android base version?18:39
sensefusionI'm using lineage 15.118:39
T4<DSstill01> Well, in 15.1 it's a prebuilt executable, so i dunno why it wants to compile some c file :/18:40
sensefusionwhat is this executable like? Might it be this python file?18:54
T4<adampigg> mal, media playback isnt working here, is droidmedia udate needed?18:57
T4<DSstill01> @sensefusion [what is this executable like? Might it be this …], Yes, the one without extension18:57
sensefusionso, i should  disable its building?18:58
sensefusionin rmp/dhd/helpers/ there're 7 options which of them is responsible for mkbootimg?19:01
T4<DSstill01> You just have to check what wants to compile mkbootimg instead of using the already existing one19:04
T4<DSstill01> I saw that mkbootimg.c is present in 13.0 and earlier19:05
sensefusionhaven't found mkbootimg.c in my device tree19:06
T4<DSstill01> Maybe it's in rpm/dhd19:07
sensefusiononly a in rpm/dhd/helpers19:08
T4<DSstill01> Just search lol19:10
T4<DSstill01> Somewhere it's present19:11
sensefusiondid find hadk -name mkbootimg*19:11
sensefusiononly these 2 files19:11
T4<DSstill01> Use grep on suspicious paths19:11
T4<DSstill01> It's in the in nthe dhd19:13
T4<DSstill01> Now find out what calls it19:14
sensefusionthe file:
sensefusionhaven't found anything19:17
mal@adampigg should not be, it works for me19:19
T4<DSstill01> Something must call it19:19
malsensefusion: about how it should be handled
Nebrassy[m]how do I do this19:23
Nebrassy[m]Determine which node is your touchscreen by checking /dev/input/event*19:23
malsensefusion: wondering how it tries to build it for you19:23
malNebrassy[m]: the ugly way is to run cat /dev/input/event0 and same for other ones and then touch the screen and see which one outputs something matching your touch19:24
malor install mce-tools package and use evdev_trace -i19:25
Nebrassy[m]that's what I assumed, but I'm not getting anything on any of them19:25
Nebrassy[m]on android that is19:25
Nebrassy[m]I'll roll with event0 and see19:36
sensefusion<DSstill01>, Cheers for pointing this line out, after commenting the condition everything's fine19:38
T4<adampigg> mal: other odd issue, some emails dont open19:38
mal@adampigg odd19:38
T4<adampigg> just sits with a busy indicator19:38
malcheck logs19:39
T4<adampigg> yeah will do, im just fixing up amazfish19:39
mal@adampigg I still haven't figured out mobile data issue19:40
T4<DSstill01> Sgaang19:46
wdehoogmal: droid-hal-init failed due to opening /dev/__properties__ using flags 'O_CREAT | O_EXCL' (bionic/libc/bionic/system_properties.cpp map_prop_area_rw())19:57
wdehoogmal: this fails when the file already exists. do you know if something has changed in this area?19:57
malwdehoog: what creates the file originally?20:05
wdehoogmal: I have no idea20:05
malwdehoog: you have 12.1 base?20:08
wdehoogmal: yes 12.120:09
malit uses O_RDWR | O_CREAT | O_NOFOLLOW | O_CLOEXEC | O_EXCL20:09
malI see no reason why that would fail with existing file20:09
malnow I understand20:10
malbut no idea why that now started to be a problem20:14
wdehoogmal: the flags remain the same in the other branches so it is not that I should patch bionic20:15
malyep, and it seems to work on other devices20:16
malwdehoog: you also have 3.4 kernel on the device?20:16
wdehoogmal: yes 3.4.6720:16
malwdehoog: so if you mask droid-hal-init does the /dev/__properties__ appear before you run it20:20
wdehoogmal: I'll try20:21
wdehoogmal: when masking droid-hal-init the file does not exists20:25
malwdehoog: and now if you try to run droid-hal-init manually does it work?20:26
* Nebrassy[m] sent a long message: < >20:27
malwdehoog: just wondering, are you sure that failure you noticed didn't come from second attempt of droid-hal-init20:27
Nebrassy[m]followed by more errors20:27
wdehoogmal: I lost my original droid-hal-init, have to rebuild and test, probably some other time, thanks for helping20:28
malwdehoog: how did you manage to lose that?20:28
wdehoogyeah rub it in...20:28
malwdehoog: you don't have the droid-hal rpms on OBS or locl build system20:29
wdehoogI copy init from the out dir20:29
wdehoogscp from remote to home and the scp from home to phone20:29
malso you don't have the original rpms on local repo or OBS?20:30
wdehoogI probably have but I don;t know which package contains which file, aha pkcon should know20:31
wdehoogmal: indeed it seems to work. have UI now, camera crashes though20:36
wdehoogmal: if I unmask droid-hal-init it segfaults at boot, when deleting /dev/__properties__ I can start it manually20:44
malwdehoog: does log show that it only tried to run droid-hal-init once?20:50
maland it segfaulted the first time also?20:50
wdehoogmal: logs show it fails to start and is restarted all the time20:51
wdehoogmal: If I start it with systemctl start droid-hal-init it seems to fail20:51
malvery odd20:53
malwdehoog: I also have some odd issues with 3.0.3, many shell script segfaults in journal20:53
wdehooglibc has changed didn;t it? so stuff might behave different but bionic stuff is not using it I assume20:56
malyes, unless libhybris misbehaves20:57
wdehoogmal: I changed the Type in the service file from notify to simple. seems to help. camera and sensors now work21:16
wdehoogstill using libhybris
wdehoogmal: so maybe systemd starts droid-hal-init and kills it since there is no notify, then I start it and it fails since __properties_ already exists21:19
malwdehoog: hmm, droid-hal-init should notify the service, wondering why it's failing21:21
wdehoogmal: with libhybris it also seems to work but the display is very very choppy21:21
wdehoogmal: how does that notify work? any idea where to look?21:22
malwdehoog: actually the notify goes to
malwdehoog: btw, the first attempt of droid-hal-init to start, does it fail at start or does it try to go further?21:23
malwdehoog: so the android init notifies when it's done, and that droid-init-done tells android init is done21:24
malso other systemd services which depend on android side know that they can now run21:24
malwdehoog: just an idea, in the past there were issues droid-hal-init sending HUP signal which caused failure, but we fixed it with exec nohup, wondering if that still works always
wdehoogmal: I don't understand, who/what calls
malwdehoog: droid-init-done is a separate systemd service, it listens to certain type of notifications from android init (i.e. droid-hal-init)21:31
wdehoogmal: aha. thanks.21:32
wdehoogmal: so if it is not running there will be no notify21:32
malwdehoog: or actually not sure exactly if it was like that21:33
malbut anyway android init has this
malwdehoog: looks like the droid-init-done only monitors the droid-hal-init systemd service21:35
wdehoogmal: I can't find anything calling this script on my phone21:36
malwdehoog: this is the way the informing happen
malwdehoog: sorry for giving incorrect information, I forgot how that works21:36
wdehoogmal: now I see it21:37
malwdehoog: did you try making the droid-hal-init service back to notify and then removing the exec nohup (i.e. leave only /sbin/droid-hal-init to last line of /usr/bin/droid/
wdehoogmal: I'll try, still having difficulties to understand how it is supposed to work21:40
wdehoogmal: reverting to notify and removing exec nohup gives a UI but no sensors, camera etc.21:44
malwdehoog: how is that possible21:49
wdehoogno services21:49
malso droid-hal-init doesn't really run properly?21:50
wdehoogit is killed I think, timeout21:50
wdehoogso no mini thingies etc21:50
malwhy doesn't it get far enough, show dmesg21:51
wdehoogmce sets the clock, could that cause systemd to timeout ?21:52
malno idea21:53
wdehoogdmesg log :
wdehoogjournal droid-hal-init starts at 78 and is killed at 134, mce sets the clock at 9821:55
wdehoogmal: ^21:56
wdehoogmal: I am off to sleep, thanks a lot for helping and explaining21:56

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