Monday, 2019-05-13

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Nebrassy[m]what do I actually change?02:11
T4<birdzhang> like tihs
Nebrassy[m]missed the 102:17
Nebrassy[m]I never use sfos, I'm really new to all of this02:57
malNebrassy[m]: you need to downgrade config submodule, go to submodule folder (i.e. hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device) and run git reset --hard 746de04dd318127044d163a4f4f69b1867789eb809:56
malNebrassy[m]: then run -c and try to redo what ever you were trying to do before09:57
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T4<Harsh18262> i am getting some kind of error
mal@Harsh18262 check what that /home/harsh/hadk/out/target/product/X00TD/kernel contains15:36
T4<Harsh18262> contains files related to kernel what should i do with them?15:38
malcan you pastebin your local manifest?15:44
malwhy did you use the other kernel?16:34
malwhat is wrong with the kernel from lineageos?16:34
T4<Harsh18262> it did not compile correctly it had some compilation error i asked one of the kernel devloper for my device then he suggested me the other kernel16:37
malwhat exactly did you mean by this "after repo sync i have manually cloned and paste another kernel" paste what and where?16:40
T4<Harsh18262> means at the time of repo sync the kernel mentioned in the manifest was cloned but it did't compile so after that i cloned the other kernel one by kudproject for lineage 15.1 and pasted the files in hadk/kernel/asus folder16:43
malI assume you cleaned up the kernel folder before copying the files?16:45
T4<Harsh18262> by cleaned up you mean deleting all the files in the kernel folder before pasting right16:46
T4<Harsh18262> yes16:47
malstill a bit confused about the different kernel versions, your manifest has one (which didn't work according to you), then you say also lineageos kernel failed and only that third kernel worked?16:48
malanyway try removing that /home/harsh/hadk/out/target/product/X00TD/kernel folder and try building again after that16:50
T4<Harsh18262> @mal [still a bit confused about the different kerne …], the first kernel i tried failed due to compilation error and i cant remember what was the problem with the lineage kernel (i think i should try this one again) and the third kernel from the kudproject worked a bit16:58
T4<Harsh18262> deleting that folder worked the build completed thanks16:58
malI think the folder could have been remnant from one of the previous kernel builds17:05
T4<Harsh18262> yes17:26
piggzjust re-capped the power board in our tv, and it fixed it i think!19:26
wdehoogmal: sorry to bother you again. it looks like the service that calls /usr/bin/droid/ is not started19:49
wdehoogif I call ' exec /usr/bin/droid/' in on ready it works19:50
wdehoogso service droid_init_done itself is not started, not even if I use 'start droid_init_done'19:51
wdehoogand the service is started if I replace '/bin/sh' with '/system/bin/sh' in /init.rc as well as the script20:03
T4<Harsh18262> i am getting this error the HAL devlopment kit says to run the (pg21) from platform sdk but it is not working the terminal says to run through hadk and when i run it from there it cannot find scratchbox and zypper20:05
wdehoogHarsh18262: $DEVICE must have a value20:08
T4<Harsh18262> how should i provide it?20:08
wdehoogwhat is inside ~/.hadk.env ?20:09
wdehoogso you did chapter four of the HADK?20:11
T4<Harsh18262> yes20:12
wdehoogsource the file should work. but it should happen automatically when you enter the platformsdk20:13
wdehooghow do you do that?20:13
T4<Harsh18262> how do i do what ?20:14
wdehoogenter the platformsdk20:14
T4<Harsh18262> using sfossdk command20:15
wdehoogand what is the content of your $HOME/.mersdk.profile. see page 1020:15
malwdehoog: hmm, that sounds like something is freezing init20:21
wdehoogmal: I think /bin/sh is just not working as a service started from init, /system/bin/init is20:22
malwdehoog: do you see any sig 11 in dmesg from sh?20:23
wdehoogHarsh18262: see the top of page 10, you need to add some stuff20:23
wdehoogmal: I don't think so
malwdehoog: based on that there are very few messages from android init20:26
wdehoogmal: it seems #!/system/bin/sh is not needed in the script being used, #!/bin/sh works as well, but in /init.rc I really must use /system/bin/sh20:35
malwdehoog: after the change the .rc how does dmesg look like20:36
wdehoogsorry my dmesg is terrible20:36
wdehoogit quickly loads full of other errors due to missing sim card20:36
maljust interested in the init: messages20:37
malwdehoog: how can missing sim card cause errors?20:38
wdehoogmal: I don't know. but the errors do not show up in the other phone so that is why I think it is due to the missing sim20:40
malwdehoog: so after the change to .rc everything seems to work?20:45
malwdehoog: can you show the changes you made20:45
wdehoogmal: sensors and camera are working20:45
wdehoogmal: my current trial-and-error mess
malwdehoog: so in the end you only need to change the system/bin/sh to bin/sh?20:49
wdehoogmal: yes20:50
malthat is very odd, what if you replace the shell script with some other script that will make some debug file or message20:50
wdehoogI'll try20:51
malusing the system/bin/sh20:52
malwdehoog: so strange21:04
wdehoogmal: maybe bionic or init from 12.1 is old and uses other api to start a service21:09
malbut why would it break now21:10
wdehoognew libc21:11
malso that would mean libhybris is broken21:12
wdehoogI was just suggesting, this is all out of my league21:13
wdehoogbtw I am using libhybris
malwdehoog: I get 56 sig 11 messages in dmesg from some or several shell scripts21:25
wdehoogmal: what scripts?21:27
malwdehoog: no idea21:28
malwdehoog: dmesg only reports: type=1701 audit(1557782549.802:718): auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=16600 comm="sh" reason="memory violation" sig=1121:29
wdehoogand what is working / not working?21:30
wdehoogon 3.0.2 I can do: ldd /system/bin/sh, on 3.0.3 that hangs21:30
wdehoogmal: do you have 15.1? it's init is way different from 12.121:37
wdehooganyway. goodnight.21:38

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