Thursday, 2019-05-16

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sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collaboration still @ #mer-meeting in 20mins07:39
pseudodevWhy do we need ImageMagick? Does Sailfish have a bootanimation now?07:42
malpseudodev: no, some devices just want to build the android side boot animation and require it for that08:03
pseudodevOh. Ok. I can see a lot of things have changed now. Do i need to kee anything in mind while porting for LOS 15.1? (I used to port for LOS 13)08:05
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malthere are some things needed for 15.1 which are in the faq linked in topic08:07
pseudodevAlso, should i sync "android8-initial-hwc2" , "android8-initial-update" or "android8-initial-final?"08:08
malno, master branch of libhybris is used now08:09
pseudodevOk then08:09
pseudodevmaster it is08:09
pseudodevAlso, is surfaceflinger hack needed anymore?08:10
malhwcomposer is used now08:11
pseudodevAwesome. I hope the build boots up in one go (Which I know will ever happen)08:12
pseudodevI'm getting this08:18
pseudodevninja: error: 'libsf_compat_layer', needed by 'hybris-hal', missing and no known rule to make it08:18
pseudodevalthough i did clone the master branch from
maldid you clone it correctly with --recurse-submodules08:20
pseudodevI ran " git clone --recurse-submodules -b master"08:22
malwhere did you run that?08:23
pseudodevExited and entered chroot again. It worked.08:23
pseudodevI ran than in $ANDROID_ROOT in ubuchroot08:23
pseudodevbut it works now after I exited and entered08:24
T4<adampigg> amnything of note in mer-meeting?08:27
pseudodevmal: I see this message while building "ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. 08:27:43 ninja failed with: exit status 1"08:35
T4<NotKit> @BusterBg_18 [Hi again guys, is it possible at this time to …], not yet, but there are some experiments for that08:35
pseudodevMy build log:
T4<m_aurel> @meierrom [I'm sure you are talking to Jolla's sales depa …], For the technical questions we talk to the technical department. Jolla confirmed, that Mediatek should be easier than Spreadtrum. So we dropped the second option. I think I have to invest in a PoC to get some figures for the hardware adaption in our busiuess plan. It makes a hu09:00
T4ge difference , if I have to calculate with 10 MM  or 20 MM.09:00
malpseudodev: the error is quite clear in line 244709:21
r0kk3rz@m_aurel many coming to the event?09:36
T4<NotKit> @m_aurel you could just get an Pie MediaTek device with kernel source code available and try PoC port for that09:43
T4<NotKit> the MediaTek devices are very similar across same SoC generation as ODMs don't make that large changes to BSP they get from MTK09:44
r0kk3rzat the very least you would understand the process09:47
T4<DSstill01> Mediatek doesnt even release kernel sources afaik10:57
masha11mal: Hello. I fixed the error "droid-hal-init: failed to initialize property area" by addidng "droid-hal-griffin-detritus" to patterns.13:02
masha11mal: I still don't have GUI. Сan you help me?13:03
malmasha11: new logs13:12
malmasha11: that detritus package was mentioned in hadk pdf so you didn't read it properly13:12
masha11mal: systemctl status droid-hal-init: systemctl: journalctl: dmesg:
masha11mal: device - griffin, cm 14.113:16
maldoes "EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer" work13:20
malfind droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel rpm from $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo and pastebin android-config.h file from it13:25
masha11[root@Sailfish nemo]# EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer:
pseudodevWhat's wrong with sfos code? why are there uninitialized variables? This never happened before13:49
T4<elros34> @masha11: do you have firmware symlink (/etc/firmware)?13:51
malmasha11: check output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat13:56
malfirmware issues are quite probable reason13:56
masha11@elros34: yes13:56
T4<elros34> Do you have that file ? Sailfish kernel: kgsl kgsl-3d0: |_load_firmware| request_firmware(a530_pm4.fw) failed: -213:57
masha11@elros34: I made a symlink:[root@Sailfish nemo]# ls -la /etc/firmware lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Mar 12 23:26 /etc/firmware -> /system/etc/firmware14:04
malthere can be other place for some firmware also14:09
pseudodevmal: Can you tell mw what is wrong now?
malare you using lineage kernel or some custom one?14:13
pseudodevmal: custom one. official lineage 15.1 does not exisit.(
pseudodevShall I try from a different source?14:18
malor fix the issue that error says14:19
pseudodevAnd the error is? Those warnings?14:19
masha11mal: partial output of  logcat What place can be, for example?14:25
masha11find firmware:
malwhat do /system/vendor/firmware and /firmware contain?14:29
T4<adampigg> Mal, fixed emal not displaying in 303...was a qtwebkit install from openrepos15:03
mal@adampigg ok15:05
vknechthmm, I'm trying to use nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer but it says "QML Image: Failed to get image from provider: image://nemothumbnail//home/nemo/Videos/AdvancedCam/VID_20190516_184406.mp4"16:48
vknechtlooks related to this
vknechthowever, journal messages look like16:49
vknechtMay 16 18:44:08 Sailfish tracker-extract[5958]: [mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0xf0b00d20] moov atom not found16:49
malnot sure if thumbnails for video are supposed to work in avd-cam16:50
vknechtcould it be related to this libav/ffmpeg issue ?16:50
vknechtmal, I'm looking at adding this :-)16:50
vknechthere's what I've done so far:
piggzmal: looked at adding to p-o-v again? ;)16:59
malpiggz: sorry, too tired, I haven't done any of my hobby project for a while now17:02
T4<elros34> vknecht: try Thumbnail { mimeType: "video/" }17:15
vknecht@elros34: thanks ! image provider error is gone (still have the moov atom one tho, and it's still all black but that may be due to other causes)17:28
vknechtI replaced the Image block by a Thumbnail one, is that right ? or should I just have added the line you gave ?17:30
T4<elros34> yes, you should use Thumbnail instead Image and just set mimeType and source17:39
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