Friday, 2019-05-17

masha11mal: Hello, contents /system/vendor/firmware and /firmware: Do I still have to make symlink?07:11
malmasha11: what does firmware/image have?08:14
pseudodev /home/pseudodev/hadk/kernel/zuk/msm8996/arch/arm64/Makefile:34: *** CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32 not defined or empty, the compat vDSO will not be built.  Stop.08:48
pseudodevAny ideas what is wrong here?08:48
Mister_Magistermal: ping about hybris16?10:25
malmasha11: try adding symlink: ln -s /firmware/image /lib/firmware10:49
malMister_Magister: I'll try to make some time for that10:49
Mister_Magistermeanwhile ill try to use phh sources and TheKit patches10:50
masha11mal: ok10:50
masha11mal: journalctl: dmesg: systemctl status droid-hal-init:
malno need give droid-hal-init status if it's running11:04
T4<elros34> @masha11: you still have the same error: you need to find a530_pm4.fw or figure out why is missing11:08
malsome symlink needs to be added, we just need to figure out what the correct one is11:09
masha11mal: [root@Sailfish nemo]# find / -name a530_pm4.fw find: /sys/kernel/slab/L2TP/IPv6: No such file or directory find: /sys/kernel/slab/L2TP/IP: No such file or directory /system/etc/firmware/a530_pm4.fw11:13
malmasha11: /system/etc/firmware folder or symlink?11:13
masha11mal: /system/etc/firmware this is folder11:15
masha11ls -la /system/etc/firmware:
masha11[root@Sailfish nemo]# ls -la /etc/firmware lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Mar 12 23:26 /etc/firmware -> /system/etc/firmware11:16
malmasha11: remove the previous symlink attempt /lib/firmware and run ln -s /system/etc/firmware /lib/firmware11:17
masha11mal: ok11:17
masha11mal: journalctl:, dmesg:
malyou can easily see what firmware is missing now11:30
malit seems the firmwares a bit of a mess11:30
malreplace /etc/firmware with another symlink: ln -s /firmware/image /etc/firmware11:37
masha11mal: ok, thanks11:38
masha11mal: new journalctl:, dmesg:
malyou can easily see what the issue is11:45
malit's a bit of trial and error to find the correct symlinks11:45
malfor reference
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masha11mal: thanks!11:49
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maldo you have anything firmware related in kernel commandline check /proc/cmdline11:51
masha11mal: no11:52
masha11mal: my /proc/cmdline:
malwhy do you always paste things when I just asked a simple question something is there12:04
mal*if something is theree12:04
masha11mal: sorry12:05
masha11This is my first SailfishOS debugging experience.12:10
pseudodevmal: Any idea why do I get this error?12:38
pseudodev /home/pseudodev/hadk/kernel/zuk/msm8996/arch/arm64/Makefile:34: *** CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32 not defined or empty, the compat vDSO will not be built.  Stop.12:38
pseudodevmal: cloned it to "/home/pseudodev/hadk/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm" and removed the existing folder. Same error15:11
pseudodevsame error15:12
pseudodevCan anyone help?16:13
pseudodevOk. Fixed it. Anyone stubling accross this log in future getting the CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32 error while building the kernel first16:29
pseudodev- clone this:
pseudodev- Then run: export CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32=$(pwd)/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-  #( Note: This command must be run in "$ANDROID_ROOT/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9")16:29
malok, good16:44
merbotpseudodev: Error: "!!!!!!!!!" is not a valid command.16:48
pseudodev   !!!!!!!!!!16:48
pseudodevI recieved a compliment from mal! My day cannot get any better :)16:48
T4<DSstill01> @pseudodev [I recieved a compliment from mal! My day canno …], Impressive18:00
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piggzmal: around?20:03
malpiggz: randomly, why?20:21
piggzmal: you have mesa 19.0.3 on gmo ... it requirs python3-mako ... where does that come from?  do you have a build of mesa on obs?20:22
malpiggz: you can grab it from mer-core and build it yourself20:43
piggzmal: cant see it on
piggzmal: found it
piggzok now20:46
malpiggz: mesa also needs new llvm and some other packages I think (python-markupsafe, meson)20:47
malpiggz: here you can see some stuff I merged
T4<eugenio_g7> omg up-to-date mesa?!21:10
malpiggz: if you check #mer channel you can see llvm had some issues on mer OBS21:16
piggz@eugenio_g7 im aiming for 19.1-rc2 build of lima driver21:19
T4<eugenio_g7> nice21:20

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