Monday, 2019-05-20

rinigusmal: I did repo sync (and updated kernel configuration now), but kept dhd submodule of droid-hal-onyx the same as before. So, i presume that systoem/core is updated04:31
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pseudodevHow can I see if my wlan is loaded as a module?05:39
kimmolirinigus: when ready, i can promote to testing in the evening. already added to testing: meta as disabled target.05:41
pseudodevkimmoli: Can you tell me how do i see if my wifi is loaded as a module?05:44
T4<birdzhang> @pseudodev use "lsmod"05:46
pseudodevlsmod shows only one thing05:46
T4<birdzhang> so wlan module not loaded05:47
pseudodevBut there literaly no modules in there then?05:47
pseudodevI mean, it just returns this:05:48
pseudodevsh-3.2# lsmod05:48
pseudodevModule                  Size  Used by05:48
T4<birdzhang> you can load it via insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/wlan.ko05:48
T4<birdzhang> i know, lsmod returns modules already loaded05:48
spiiroinrinigus: the mtp stuff changed as follows: previously mtp responder = plugin loaded by msyncd process, currently = standalone daemon -> the plugin needs to be removed05:49
spiiroinas those things were/are pulled in via device specific patterns, they too need to be adjusted to avoid conflicts05:49
riniguskimmoli: I'll let you know when devel is tested and ready06:15
kimmolii will be home about 1600 EEST then i have access to HADK06:15
rinigusspiiroin: thank you, I'll check it out tonight06:16
kimmolirinigus: is #45 ready to merge, or do i wait?06:16
riniguskimmoli: i think it is. Please squash it...06:17
pseudodevkrnlyng: I built my wifi as a module. Cna't find it anywhere06:39
riniguskimmoli: thanks!08:13
pseudodevWell, that was a drag08:43
pseudodevBuilt wifi as module08:43
pseudodevA lot of hit an trial08:43
pseudodevmal: do i still need those service files as mentioned in faq for bluetooth?09:02
pseudodevmal: Also, Do i need to use backported Bluetooth drivers meant for 3.4 kernels09:36
maldepends on if you want to use bluetooth LE09:36
malalthough not sure if those are needed if you use binder backend09:37
pseudodevdo i still need those service files as mentioned in faq for bluetooth?09:37
malno idea09:37
malprobably not09:37
pseudodevI built CONFIG_BT_HCIUART as a module09:37
malbut I think for binder backend you might not need the backported drivers but I have never tried it09:37
pseudodevis that OK?09:37
pseudodevmal: I cannot seem to get bluetooth up. I built CONFIG_BT_HCIUART as a module09:38
pseudodevmaybe try to turn that on manually?09:38
malpseudodev: do you finally have bluebinder installed?09:50
pseudodevmal: I always had it installed09:50
malbut is it running?09:50
pseudodev3:08 PM <mal> pseudodev: in 15.1 build and install bluebinder for bluetooth09:51
pseudodevI did exactly as you said. Addd "- bluebinder" in hw_adaptation.yamal, built it wile running build_packages, updated patterns and created a new build09:52
pseudodevmal: No, it is not running09:52
pseudodevzypper if bluebinder returns noting09:52
pseudodevmal: is it running?
pseudodevmal: do i need to enable CONFIG_BT_HCIVHCI.?09:57
malyou need the virtual hci10:11
pseudodevmal: as a module (m) or just enable (y)?10:11
pseudodevmal: Also, my mtp behaves weird. I can delete/copy/cut files from the home folder using mtp to the host PC, but i cannot copy anything from host to home folder.10:19
T4<elros34> fix for noisy udev:
mal@elros34 ok, need to test11:47
mal@elros34 there is something wrong with that, missing some parts of print lines11:49
T4<elros34> right, hope  it's good now
T4<elros34> not sure if executing chmod every time cpu core is online is really needed so I just commented out it11:57
mal@elros34 is the ACTION=="online" really needed for those cpu calls, isn't the test enough?11:58
T4<elros34> probably test is enough but I think it's nice to match action too11:59
T4<elros34> with action add path doesn't exist11:59
malnot sure what that means12:03
rinigusmal & elros34: I don't have those chown messages on onyx 3.0.315:13
riniguskimmoli: I think we can proceed with testing, new kernel seems to be ok. needs longer testing though15:13
kimmoliok, all uploaded to desting?15:14
riniguskimmoli: I will readup on this mtp later tonight - maybe something will be needed for that as well15:14
kimmoliall uploaded to devel? so far? mtp is just configs so they are lured w/o local builds?15:18
riniguskimmoli: yes, all in devel16:04
riniguskimmoli, re mtp: I presume so. so that will be easy to do as we test16:04
masya_Hi to all. While build_packages get this: "Package 'ssu-kickstart-configuration' not found."16:23
masya_pkgconfig(android-headers) is needed by droid-config-wayne-1-1.armv7hl    | repomd-pattern-builder is needed by droid-config-wayne-1-1.armv7hl    |ssu-kickstart-configuration is needed by droid-config-wayne-1-1.armv7hl16:24
Mister_Magistermal: did you look at more log?16:25
malstill at work16:28
kimmolirinigus: i'll do the promotion now17:08
riniguskimmoli: thanks!17:09
Mister_Magistermal: m'kay17:14
kimmolirinigus: building...17:15
riniguskimmoli: let's see if we need anything in addition for mtp. earlier I had to force it be properly installed under devel. after manual install it works, as far as I can see.17:18
riniguskimmoli: its not clear whether ew need to do some config changes to uninstall mtp plugins on upgrade. was that suggested by spiiroin?17:18
kimmolithe mtp stuff changed as follows: previously mtp responder = plugin loaded by msyncd process, currently = standalone daemon -> the plugin needs to be removed as those things were/are pulled in via device specific patterns, they too need to be adjusted to avoid conflicts17:21
kimmoli^thats what spiiroin said to you17:22
Nebrassy[m]mal: tried keeping audit and disabling selinux in cmdline, same thing17:24
riniguskimmoli: yes, that I saw :) . so, and how are we going to do that? cannot see anything relevant in fp2, for example.17:24
riniguskimmoli: Obsoletes?17:25
vknechtjust updated my local pfsdk to using sb2 with these commands
vknechtwhat would be the equivalent commands to upgrade tooling target to ?17:25
vknechtI suspect using sdk-assistant would update to latest, eg. ?17:27
mal Nebrassy[m]: I think the issue is much earlier than selinux, otherwise you would see something in host dmesg17:32
kimmolirinigus: yes that is way to remove packages installed by previous versions17:40
kimmolirinigus: disabled build from testing17:41
riniguskimmoli: I am trying to update without any config changes from 3.0.2. if that will fail, we will disable buteo-mtp-qt5-sync-plugin17:48
T4<DSstill01> Hahahahaa huawai banned from USA hahaha18:40
T4<DSstill01> Good luck huawai users hahahaa18:41
riniguskimmoli: update went smoothly, there seem to be no issues with mtp either. corresponding blocking package is not there and all booted nicely. so, we should be ready for testing from now. let's see if anything will show up18:54
usviI hope USA has solid proof of espionage19:19
nk2IsHerehi, i'm trying to resolve this bootloop on early stage (seems that the kernel is already booted). can you please help me? kmesg device: dmesg host:
malnk2IsHere: do you have correctly disabled selinux? which android base?20:26
nk2IsHereandroid base cm11.0  CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y and in kernel commandline selinux=020:27
malhow soon does it reboot?20:27
nk2IsHerebootlogo stays for around 5 secs then black screen around 10 to 15 or so20:28
nk2IsHere12 seconds, as dmesg show20:29
malhow did you get that kmsg?20:29
nk2IsHereusing recovery and adb20:29
nk2IsHereit lives in /proc/last_kmsg20:30
malthat log talks about selinux being initialized which looks wrong if it would be sailfish20:31
nk2IsHereoof, that is a wrong one20:35
malso there is some issue that some watchdog is causing the reboot, maybe try enabling CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT in your kernel, that is suggested in kernel checker20:44
nk2IsHereCONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT is already enabled20:49
malnk2IsHere: try adding nowatchdog to kernel commandline20:53
nk2IsHeremal: kmsg, dmsg didn't change21:14
T4<elros34> try: touch /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_enter_debug2 to stop booting system. If it's cm11 base then you will probably also need  downgrade libhybris to 20bcd5be21:27
nk2IsHeretouching init_enter_debug2 stops device bootloop21:31
nk2IsHeregoing to downgrade hybris to 20...21:32
T4<elros34> now you can examine journalctl to see what fail21:33
Nebrassy[m]mal: mal our 8.1 kernel/trees are really awful, as they came so close to Pie release, no one used or improved them, i'll wait for 9.0 compatibility21:38
malnk2IsHere: hmm, intestesting21:44

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