Tuesday, 2019-05-21

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T4<knaldojuan> Hello03:53
T4<knaldojuan> Have port for Whyred?03:53
T4<birdzhang> search Whyred from this group03:57
r0kk3rzpeople have tried, but im not sure an image was ever released04:00
T4<knaldojuan> @birdzhang [search Whyred from this group], Thanks04:01
masya_Can anyone helps me? https://pastebin.com/BZCc7nJv  Mi 6X (wayne), LOS 15.106:48
NeoChapaymasya_: it will help you http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2019-05-10.log.html07:10
r0kk3rzanyone have any issues with media playback after last update?07:10
r0kk3rzabranson: any reason for media to break in 3.0.3?07:41
T4<birdzhang> @r0kk3rz what's the version of pulseaudio-modules-droid ?07:43
r0kk3rzold probably07:43
r0kk3rzlets rebuild that07:44
abransonr0kk3rz: not that I know of07:44
T4<birdzhang> maybe upgrade can solve media problem, on vince, i use 12.2.78, everything is working fine07:44
abransonthere's no gst upgrade in that. got 1.16 ready though07:44
r0kk3rzmight have to try it out07:45
r0kk3rzthat worked, thanks @birdzhang08:05
T4<birdzhang> wow, good news08:05
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T4<birdzhang> i'm sure "droid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area" is caused by no "file_contexts.bin service_contexts property_contexts or selinux_version" files under /10:12
T4<birdzhang> after copy them to / , droid-hal-init successed10:12
T4<birdzhang> and when build hybris-15.1 dhd, those file not exist10:13
mal@birdzhang not even in detritus rpm?10:21
T4<birdzhang> when use "rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh -d", it told me those file not exist10:22
T4<birdzhang> so i need remove them from straggler_files10:24
malthen how did some people get 15.1 working without manually copying those10:24
T4<birdzhang> on hybris 14.1, they exist10:24
malI know10:40
maljust wonderin why not all 15.1 porters had that issue, at least I think there are some successful ones10:40
mal@birdzhang do you have or did you try the selinux_stubs patch?10:41
T4<birdzhang> no, what's selinux_stubs patch?10:42
T4<birdzhang> i find it from merproject log10:43
T4<birdzhang> will try later10:43
malthat fixed some droid-hal-init issues on some devices10:44
T4<birdzhang> okay, i’ll try, time for dinner:P10:49
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Its_Mike_Hey sailors =) does latest version needs any modification? device can't boot into gui :(11:45
maldepends on android base probably11:48
Its_Mike_Currently I'm on hybris 12.111:48
Its_Mike_Same thing happened with last month, the problem was with new version of libhybris. but now even downgrading to a lower version of libhybris didn't helped :D11:50
maldid you rebuild hybris-hal and repackage droid-hal after repo sync system/core and also change droid-config submodule to upgrade-3.0.3 branch11:57
Its_Mike_Not sure about changing the branch of droid-config submodules, let me see.11:59
malwell it's enough if you check the submodule commit I used on fp2 and git reset --hard to that https://github.com/mlehtima/droid-config-fp2-sibon12:01
malin the submodule folder obviously12:02
Its_Mike_Nope I didn't move to that branch,12:02
Its_Mike_OK let me see mal! thanks for helping!12:02
malthe system/core repo sync and hybris-hal rebuild is also important12:05
malnot sure if this is the reason in your case but without those changes some android side stuff fails12:05
Its_Mike_I've done both of them,12:05
malnot on all devices but some devices12:05
Its_Mike_I see12:06
Its_Mike_Last system sync was today, do I have to use any special tags after repo sync command?12:07
malI just did "repo sync system/core" of course just "repo sync" works also12:10
Its_Mike_Seems OK, done the same thing :))12:10
malhopefully those changes help12:11
Its_Mike_:)) I hope too!12:11
malit not then more investigation is needed12:13
Its_Mike_Applied those changes to "droid-hal-startup.sh" manually, but still no luck :D, gonna make a vanila rootfs again12:26
Its_Mike_Whops, guess find out the problem :D12:31
maldid you also apply the other changes manually to /init.environ.rc?12:32
malIts_Mike_: ^12:32
Its_Mike_Nope, I was using the forked system core on my repo :DD12:34
Its_Mike_And all the problems begins with that lol12:34
malbut it's easy to test those changes on device first12:36
Its_Mike_:)) Agreed12:37
Its_Mike_On it12:37
Its_Mike_Is it much hard to move into a new android base system like hybris-14.1? just wondering :D12:43
maldepends on the device12:51
Its_Mike_Thanks :))12:56
Nebrassy[m]qiangong2: sudo mkdir /home/.zypp-cache13:17
Nebrassy[m]sudo chown <your username> /home/.zypp-cache13:17
Its_Mike_Hmm... got notification light and vibration, it's a bit better now, but still no gui :((13:24
Its_Mike_Let me grab them13:26
Its_Mike_https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wXFmcGZ26n/ journalctl13:29
Its_Mike_https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HVKRBJZNyP/ dmesg13:30
Its_Mike_I think it cames from libhybris again.13:31
malwhich libhybris version does that test use?13:33
Its_Mike_latest version13:35
maltry the older .2513:35
malI think some android base had issues with .3113:35
Its_Mike_:( is it gonna make any problems in the future? for next updates I mean13:37
Its_Mike_Just wondering, do you have the same problem with the latest libhybris on fp?13:39
malno, fp2 uses different android base13:39
Its_Mike_Oh didn't know that, sorry :))13:40
malyou have android 5 (12.1) I use android 613:40
Its_Mike_I see13:40
malI think the libhybris issue might only be on android 5 base, not sure though13:40
Its_Mike_This means we have to say bye bye with android 5 :D13:41
Its_Mike_What is the most stable android base for sailfish? wanna try upgrading my base13:42
malIts_Mike_: no, we just need to fix libhybris13:46
Its_Mike_:)) Happy to hear this!13:46
malbut I would have to build some device with that base and hope it has the same issue13:46
Its_Mike_Well you can count on me mal if you need a tester/debugger13:47
Nebrassy[m]mal: do you think any of this could be the problem for me?13:55
Nebrassy[m]BOARD_BUILD_SYSTEM_ROOT_IMAGE := true13:55
Nebrassy[m]BOARD_USES_RECOVERY_AS_BOOT := true13:55
Nebrassy[m]TARGET_NO_RECOVERY := true13:55
malNebrassy[m]: I think it might handle initramfs some strange way and not use it properly13:59
Nebrassy[m]yeah, I think last two might be doing that14:02
Nebrassy[m]nope :/14:05
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malNebrassy[m]: I forgot what your issue was? it doesn't boot at all?14:13
Nebrassy[m]mal: what about14:17
Its_Mike_lol still no gui14:19
Its_Mike_Got black screen this time :DD14:20
malNebrassy[m]: what was the issue you had, I can't remember everything14:20
Nebrassy[m]mal: yeah, no indication of it at all, nothing in usb and nothing in console ramoops14:20
malIts_Mike_: are you sure you correctly built .25 of libhybris?14:20
Nebrassy[m]mal: stuck on android one logo, nothing shows up on pc dmesg with usb, console ramoops is still a log from previous recovery boot14:22
Its_Mike_Vendor logo turns into blackscreen this time. it's a bit odd14:22
malIts_Mike_: verify on device that libhybris version is correct14:25
T4<elros34> Its_Mike_: did you rebuild also qt5-qpa-hwcomposer against .25 libhybris?14:26
Its_Mike_@elros34 nope :( forgot to do that14:27
T4<elros34> Nebrassy[m]: How did you get ramoops? Flash twrp then boot hybris-boot. If it reboots to recovery it should contains ramoops from hybris-boot14:29
Nebrassy[m]elros34: a/b device, boot twrp to flash hybris-boot, reboot, bootloop, force shutdown then fastboot boot twrp, check console ramoops, it's from the first twrp boot and not hybris14:35
mala/b is irrelevant, unless you flash to wrong boot partition14:36
Nebrassy[m]relevant as I need to force shutdown to fastboot to be able to get back to twrp14:37
T4<elros34> you cant shutdown device because you will lost rammops14:37
Nebrassy[m]the one in /sys/fs/pstore stays14:38
T4<elros34> you must boot (not flash) hybris-boot14:39
Nebrassy[m]same thing14:39
T4<elros34> lol, ok14:39
Its_Mike_Finally came to life lol14:48
Its_Mike_Thanks a lot mal and @ellros 34 <314:49
Its_Mike_:)) next challenge would be moving into hybris-14.114:52
malis there something better there?14:55
Its_Mike_Just for fun lol14:55
Its_Mike_But I guess it'll help me with kernel 3.1014:56
Its_Mike_As camera hal and etc are too old on the current base14:56
riniguskimmoli: so far, I have no problems with 3.0.3. let's hope it will hold :)17:35
kimmoliok. i had plans to update my dev phone today, but been way too busy17:47
T4<knaldojuan> Have port to whyred??18:09
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Mister_Magistermal: sooooo did you have time maybe?18:33
malwe'll see18:33

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