Sunday, 2019-05-26

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masya_Repository adaptation0 is invalid.
masya_The same trouble was described on Together Forum.
vknechtmasya_, deathmist said on #sailfishos: "fixed repo issue by cleaning my ~/.repoconfig dir and using repo from :)"07:43
masya_It did not help.08:45
vknechtmasya_, maybe check this too, then:
malmasya_: that repo error is not an issue10:00
T4<KartikGada> Will someone try to port SFOS to Nokia smartphones?10:05
T4<KartikGada> Some of us want to try it on our Nokias10:05
T4<adampigg> Send me a nokia phone that has unlocked loader, and kernel/device tree and you have a deal ;)10:05
T4<KartikGada> @adampigg [Send me a nokia phone that has unlocked loader …], Can't send you the device. But if you have the phone we can provide you bootloader unlock. Device tree were sent her yesterday.10:15
T4<KartikGada> None of you have a Nokia?10:15
T4<KartikGada> To try this10:15
T4<KartikGada> @Akilesh_15 [Here are the sources for sdm660. Nokia 6.1 has …], Here10:16
T4<KartikGada> @adampigg [Send me a nokia phone that has unlocked loader …], [Edit] Can't send you the device. But if you have the phone we can provide you bootloader unlock. Device tree were sent here yesterday.10:17
T4<NotKit> I suppose HMD Nokia is hardly a popular device vendor here due to their unlock policy10:22
T4<KartikGada> @NotKit [I suppose HMD Nokia is hardly a popular device …], Yeah bootloader Unlocking is not available officially. But we have an unofficial method which works but it is a paid method.10:23
T4<KartikGada> The person who provides this service charges 8USD per unlock and downgrade10:23
T4<NotKit> I mean this doesn't motivate to buy their devices or do ports for them, since market is market and there are better options available10:23
T4<KartikGada> @NotKit [I mean this doesn't motivate to buy their devi …], Yeah I agree10:23
T4<KartikGada> We can just hope that someone ports it to Nokia too. 🙂10:53
T4<. (MISSING @USERNAME!> @KartikGada sell those nokias and get a unlockable phone11:14
T4<eugenio_g7> or we could port to lumias! The golden key got leaked some years ago11:20
T4<KartikGada> @. (MISSING @USERNAME! [@KartikGada sell those nokias and get a unlock …], I have an unlocked Nokia11:27
T4<KartikGada> Nokia 2 and Nokia 7 plus11:28
T4<KartikGada> @. (MISSING @USERNAME! [@KartikGada sell those nokias and get a unlock …], [Edit] I have unlocked Nokias11:28
T4<KartikGada> (Sticker, 512x512)
kimmolidoh. Please fix your usernames, do not use replies or edits...11:43
vknechthow am I doing it wrong ? videos only play sometimes :-(
vknechtthumbnails are working tho, but for still images we're loosing much on quality and dunno how to fix that14:47
T4<southern_dust> rpm/dhd/helpers/ always report that:
T4<southern_dust> I found that in target it using busybox-symlinks-findutils does not support -lname frame so the log in sb2 -t TARGET would be that:15:38
T4<southern_dust> looks familar with link above, right? I think that is the reson of the problem.15:38
T4<southern_dust> does anyone using target mei that problem?15:39
vknechtreminds me about
vknechtguess there's some submodule downgrade to do or something16:00
vknecht@southern_dust: did line 684 already ?16:05
T4<southern_dust> sorry, not checked yet. I'm tring.16:11
T4<southern_dust> Build ok. Thanks your answer(16:34
T4<southern_dust> I met quite a few problems with new version SDK or Target(16:35
vknechtgood, you're welcome, thanks to the FAQ :-)16:36
T4<southern_dust> I should carefully check the FAQs and git repos. :p16:38
vknechtfor git repo and submodule version, check these for a good reference16:40
vknechtfor the faq it's a bit anarchic, personally I'd love a version-by-version table/check-list (targets update, submodule versions, version-specific tricks)...16:41
vknechtespecially since it's quite dependent about the point-in-time you do your updates16:41
vknechtalong with your device-dependent HAL repos, also check device-dependent packages/revisions... a good reference again:
vknecht(compare _service files)16:43
T4<southern_dust> should I check these commits, or looking for their version changes?16:45
T4<southern_dust> I still little confused about how to use these(16:45
vknechtin github, compare submodule revisions with yours ; in OBS, check the branch and revision used in _service files for each package16:46
* vknecht still is confused too16:47
T4<southern_dust> :p oh thanks. quite a good advice.16:47
T4<southern_dust> see you.16:48
ghosalmartin!seen osum4est17:13
merbotghosalmartin: osum4est was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 3 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours, 57 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <osum4est> mal, tried setting that as well, didn't seem to help17:13
ghosalmartinmal: any idea if osum4est made it to UI?17:14
malghosalmartin: based on logs he did say that camera and browser work so probably, unless he ports several devices17:26
ghosalmartinmal: hmm okay, i just saw your message about using a really old libhybris on my bullhead OBS, its because I was lazy and forgot to update :P but now ive managed to lose the device17:27
malghosalmartin: how did you lose it?17:27
ghosalmartinI was updating the port, then I cleared out my trusted porting bag because I needed it to go to rome and now its somewhere in the house(probably) but I can't find it17:28
malghosalmartin: at least it's still in the house hopefully17:34
ghosalmartinmal: i hope so, although before I left I had a bootlooping device anyways after attempting the latest hwcomposer work, i was hoping that would of "completed" the device when it worked with bt and all17:35
ghosalmartinfound the bullhead devices and some notes on how to get to my normal state, good day :)19:04
ringosome people with samsung hardware?19:20
deathmistdoing a HA for cheeseburger on 15.1 branch, gotten quite far. during first mic build nothing provides libhybris-tests tho:
malit should be built when you ran, check the droid-local-repo for libhybris19:41
deathmistI ran that (also with the --configs flag) and now it's fetching 711 packages :)20:28
maldeathmist: did you notice the 15.1 porting notes in faq?20:33
deathmistnope, pretty much my first time of hearing that but I noticed too when building and so added it to my device manifest in a kinda hackish way :p20:36
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