Monday, 2019-05-27

spiiroinkimmoli: if the display is off, is woken up by notification, it should be turned off after notification is gone. and if it does not work that way, it is a bug.05:32
kimmolispiiroin: it does not happen all the time. I have --set-demo-mode dim active05:33
spiiroin... 1st thing that comes to mind is something afoul with some combination of devicelock, tklock and interaction_expected signaling causing it look like there is significant enough user interaction to cancel display state restoration05:35
spiiroinkimmoli: do you use device lock code? does it make a difference whether lockscreen was activated before the notification or not? what kind of notification it was?05:36
kimmolitoday seems it is not reproducible easily05:36
kimmolino lock code active05:36
spiiroinkimmoli: what about that lockscreen state? and what was the notification?05:39
kimmoliit was xmpp notification, and no idea of state. last time reproduced i entered the mcetool command and closed screen by powerkey06:00
deathmist_hey! I cannot flash a produced sailfishos zip in TWRP 3.2.1 due to the filesystem extraction failing, it's using up all my phone's (cheeseburger) RAM and presumably OOM killer deals with it. I tried earliest official ver 3.1.1 but that has another issue: compatcheck returns nothing so install won't even start08:50
ghosalmartinis it normal for logcat to fail in charger mode09:19
ghosalmartinmal: have there been any new android services in 15.1 that break telnet? ive commented out all usb references I can find but somehow it still inits as an android device after initial telnet09:41
malghosalmartin: I think 15.1 might need some usb initialization if the device is using configfs09:46
ghosalmartinmal: it has the configfs import, i added the usb-modded fix09:46
ghosalmartinis it the hybris-boot changes?09:46
malhybris-boot has some configfs support already, it usually works but not sure if always09:47
ghosalmartinwell ive disabled droid-hal-init and can access now09:47
ghosalmartini guess I can trace logs09:47
ghosalmartinactually is there a way to start droid-hal-init gracefully without just doing droid-hal-init --second-stagte09:47
malghosalmartin: btw, do you have the selinux_stubs patch, some devices seemed to need it09:48
ghosalmartinthat might be required since it seems to be throwing security exceptions when I manually start it09:48
ghosalmartinbut if it starts with boot no reboots so I assume no?09:49
mallooks like the paste expired, need to add it back09:49
ghosalmartinI think best course now is just to turn on persistent logging then reboot09:50
malapply this patch to $ANDROID_ROOT/external/selinux_stubs and then rebuild hybris-hal and of course repackage it with " -d"09:50
ghosalmartintbh i didnt need this when i was running surfaceflinger to run ui09:53
ghosalmartinwould switching to hwcomposer really require it?09:53
ghosalmartinoo maybe i do need it, after long enough it reboots to bootloader09:55
T4em0lu was added by: em0lu10:43
malghosalmartin: if you see many android side services crashing then you might need that, only on 15.1 or newer10:45
T4<em0lu> How to port to newer oreo or pie devices10:45
T4<em0lu> Attempting pixel 2 xl10:45
r0kk3rzfollow the hadk10:46
r0kk3rzbut i think someone was doing the other pixel device, which could be worth looking at10:46
malcurrently lineage os 15.1 (android 8.1) is the newest supported android base10:47
T4<em0lu> Made attempt with halium but only supports 7.1 and 5.1 devices10:47
T4<em0lu> Thanks r0k10:48
T4<em0lu> Thanks mal10:48
ghosalmartinmal: hmm i dont see them crashing I just randomly lose access, any idea where persistent logs are stored? /var/logs?11:30
malghosalmartin: if you mean journal logs then yes, /var/log/journal I think11:31
Mister_Magistermal: ping did you have time to look at lok maybe? :)13:06
malnot yet13:10
Mister_Magisterbtw if i you don't mind, do you maybe have idea why on my g2 after some uptime vibrations stop working along with notifications sound and some other sounds (like when you select pulldown option u don't get audio and vibration)13:11
maldoes that use which vibrator code? droid or native?13:13
maldo you see anything from ngfd in journal when that happens?13:13
Mister_Magisteroh, i will check13:17
Mister_Magisterjust though it might be common13:17
malI haven't noticed such behavior13:17
T4<elros34> I think I had such a issue once but not sure what was the fix: updating some packages or "#define FF_MEMLESS_EFFECTS     64" in ff-memless.c13:39
mal@elros34 memless is different from native vibrator13:40
T4<elros34> you are right I thought he use ffmemless13:42
masha11Hello. Now I get a bootloop. What do I need to do to make the device (griffin) boot? Dmesg:
ghosalmartinmal: ever seen this from usb-modded, Sailfish usb_moded[800]: EXEC ifconfig rndis0 ; exit code is 25617:08
ghosalmartinseems like the hwservicemanager is failing quite often and forcing the reboot17:09
ghosalmartinmal: and we are at UI, I needed to override hwservicemanager and use the selinux stubs17:25
ghosalmartinthe UI feels laggy though hmm wonder if I need to set some magic flags17:26
malghosalmartin: didn't you have the 15.1 init files mentioned in faq17:30
ghosalmartinmal: some of them, i need to look at the faq tbh17:30
T4<adampigg> Mal, maybe start android 9 port tonight17:30
mal@adampigg ?17:31
T4<adampigg> Giving up on pine touchscreen for now17:31
T4<adampigg> Fxtec pro 117:31
mal@adampigg I think you shouldn't reinvent the wheel since I have the patches for that but those are just not public yet17:31
T4<adampigg> Mal, so, ill need u aroind ;)17:32
ghosalmartinmal: afteri lock the screen and come back its the lineage animation :P17:39
ghosalmartini take it its not an easter egg/17:39
malghosalmartin: are you sure you don't have surfaceflinger running?17:52
ghosalmartinmal: never say never17:53
ghosalmartinI need to fix usb access to take a look now tbf :P17:53

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