Tuesday, 2019-06-11

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T4<DSstill01> @r0kk3rz [i dont know of anyone getting in trouble for d …], simple af10:29
T4<DSstill01> if you have 64 bit device10:29
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KALUbEWhen I telnet to my device it instantly reboots18:02
KALUbEHuawei p9/LOS 14.118:03
maland it doesn't reboot if you don't telnet?18:04
KALUbEYeah, I've left it for over half an hour and it doesn't reboot automatically18:05
KALUbEI don't think it's mounting /data succesfully, it doesn't produce any log files there18:05
malwhich telnet port?18:24
KALUbEI've tried 23 and 232318:39
KALUbEEven pinging it causes a reboot18:39
vknechtwhich sfos version ? makes me think about connman ipv6fix needed some time ago19:00
malwondering if kernel configs are ok19:01
KALUbEIt should be sf v3.0.3.119:03
KALUbEDo you have any idea what kernel configs could be the cause?19:03
vknechtKALUbE, what if you remove(backup) /etc/connman/firewall* (from twrp then, I guess)19:24
KALUbEWill try that19:24
KALUbEIt doesn't produce an init.log that I can find. Anyone know why this would be?19:36
malthat depends on how far the boot goes19:41
maljust to be sure you looking for it in correct place, in /data/.stowaways/sailfishos19:42
malwhat do you see in host dmesg, some usb messages should tell something19:44
KALUbEYeah, I'm looking there19:45
KALUbEhost dmesg does all the rndis stuff19:45
KALUbElsusub -v | grep iSerial shows the message about telnet being on port 2319:45
KALUbEThe second I ping or telnet to that IP my phone reboots instantly19:46
KALUbEvknecht: I moved the files you mentioned, no change. I'm fairly sure data is not mounting properly, and that's why there is no log19:47
malport 23 tells that it hasn't booted to sailfish yet but instead is still in kernel init19:48
KALUbEyeah, that makes sense19:48
malare you sure you correctly did fixup-mountpoints?19:48
malmany people make mistakes in those, show the changes you made and also provide a link to the fstab in device git repo19:49
KALUbEYes! That's the issue. My device already existed there but it appears the partitions are incorrect. I'll fix and recompile19:52
T4<DSstill01> @mal [many people make mistakes in those, show the c …], Me19:53
malddi you use different android base than the earlier porter19:53
T4<DSstill01> Nah, iwas joking. Merge my pr plz19:54
KALUbEI don't know, I haven't found any other evidence of another port to my device (eva)19:54
malok, which android base are you using now?19:55
KALUbEI'm using LOS-14.1 from OpenKirin (https://github.com/OpenKirin/android_device_huawei_eva)19:56
malok, the problem with fixup-mountpoints is quite clear when looking at that repo20:22
KALUbEHow so?20:22
malhttps://github.com/OpenKirin/android_device_huawei_eva/blob/7.x/rootdir/fstab.hi3650#L9 vs https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot/blob/master/fixup-mountpoints#L37720:23
malyou can see the difference in the path20:23
KALUbEI just came to that realisation haha20:23
KALUbEWill fix that now!20:23
malso replace the middle part20:24
vknechtanything new wrt. chkconfig ?20:57
* vknecht rephrases21:03
vknechtwhat if I tried to build latest bluez 5.5 but bluez5 choked on bluez5-cups choking on missing /sbin/chkconfig not provided anywhere (afaics) ?21:05
vknechtbut, hmm, maybe it's just spec not advertising this new version number yet...21:08
vknechtor should it be automagically solved by using latest dhc and new repo/packages compared to ?21:15
vknechtgrep'ing logs mostly give "cups of tea" or "hiccups" :-P21:18
KALUbEManaged to fix data not being mounted, I believe this is the cause of telnet failing21:57
KALUbERight at the bottom fo the log https://pastebin.com/WU2LRf0L21:58
KALUbEInterestingly the iSerial line on my PC says it's on port 23, and the "Permission denied" errors would suggest that it's failing to set the parameters. So it sets the values in the boot loader but in the OS it fails22:05
T4<elros34> Maybe you didn't disable selinux22:15
r0kk3rzKALUbE: btw you should talk with Mister_Magister, i think he had a similar device22:34
Mister_Magisterwhat device22:34
Mister_Magisterwhatcha want22:34
r0kk3rzhuawei eva22:36
Mister_Magisteri had huawei p8lite22:37
r0kk3rzah, this is p922:37
Mister_Magistererm somebody was doing p922:37
Mister_Magisteru can search in logs lol22:38
r0kk3rzdid you ever get your huawei to work?22:45
KALUbEI have selinux enabled in kernel config but I have selinux=0 audit=0 in BoardConfig.mk23:15
KALUbEHad a look through the logs. It seems ghosalmartin was using hybris-13.023:21

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