Wednesday, 2019-06-12

r0kk3rzi wonder if the platform sdk works in WSL these days02:23
T4<birdzhang> waiting for the WSL 202:25
T4<birdzhang> real kernel02:25
r0kk3rzyeah, which is pretty crazy02:25
Thaodanbirdzhang will stop you from using the sdk at that time thou.06:16
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birdzhangThaodan:  not sure wls2 conflicts with vbox06:20
Thaodanit does because wsl2 is hyperv based.06:21
Thaodanand there can be only one hypervisor06:22
birdzhangthat's so bad :/06:26
r0kk3rzoh it is?06:34
Nebrassy[m]Is it possible to build sfos without any use of lineage?, say for a hybrid tablet from chuwi (which has windows 10)14:30
malNebrassy[m]: you probably could ask piggz who has done a port without any hybris stuff14:46
piggzNebrassy[m]: yes, sortof....our build is for the xiaomi latte (mi pad 2) which is an x86 device that comes with aither android or win 10.....15:00
piggzit doesnt use any *hybris* libs or android runtime15:01
piggzbut does use a modified android kernel15:01
piggzand, we currently use the lineeagos repos to _bootstrap_ the installation process like any other android build15:01
piggzbut, @eugenio_g7 plans to change that15:01
malwe should just make separate adaptation repos for native devices15:02
maland some nice process to package kernel etc15:02
piggzin our case, the soc is cherry trail, so, if yours is the same, you might have some luck copying it15:02
piggzmal: yep, thats a good idea15:03
piggzspeaking of which, i still havnt packages mesa yet!15:03
piggzmore time tonight tho :)15:03
malpiggz: I have been waiting for that so we can finish the native-common15:03
T4<eugenio_g7> Yup indeed, removing the LOS bits would be great15:15
malI have some ideas, I think I even started doing that earlier15:21
malfor mainline kernel purposes15:22
piggz_mal: what is the minimum a -hal- package must include? kernel, modules, mount units ?16:47
malthose are probably the minimum, maybe some udev rules?16:50
piggz_yes, maye16:57
Nebrassy[m]piggz: is it possible to use just uefi?17:13
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T4<NotKit> Nebrassy, as long as you can start kernel20:59
T4<NotKit> does normal Linux work on tablet?21:00
Nebrassy[m]yup, ubuntu works21:15
piggzmal: ive made a start
piggzmal: why does installing a new target not work here?

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