Friday, 2019-06-14

nylDid a strace on droid-camres00:01
nylFailed to connect to cam serv00:02
T4<adampigg> Mal, both builds completed.....08:06
T4<adampigg> What history changes are needed later? And i will PR to mer-core?08:06
mal@adampigg maybe you could also fix the qtbase build for x86 and the intel-vaapi-driver dependency08:20
T4<adampigg> K08:21
T4<adampigg> Mal, in sfos fan club chann,.discussion on sleep, youd benefit app! ;)08:22
T4<adampigg> Discussing how according to my graphs, i dont get much deep.sleep, another user get wsy more than me!08:30
T4<adampigg> Me, not much sleep08:31
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 450x800)
T4<adampigg> Other user, much better sleep08:32
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 450x800)
r0kk3rzmaybe you need to stop porting in your sleep then :P08:38
nylr0kk3rz: lol08:45
nyl[03:24]  nyl:
nylBut camera works08:47
T4<adampigg> mal, so qtbase error is a missing file on i586?11:45
mal@adampigg yes, you need to add a conditional to file list11:48
T4<adampigg> yup11:50
mal@adampigg does that intel-vaapi-driver need kernel headers or why does it have droid-hal dependency?12:00
T4<adampigg> @mal [@adampigg does that intel-vaapi-driver need ke …], rings a might12:09
T4<adampigg> mal, i guess that makes it imposible to package in common?12:16
T4<adampigg> mal, includes i915_drm.h12:19
T4<adampigg> from kernel uapi/drm12:19
malok, so that needs to be removed from common then12:25
malI assume the header should match the device header12:25
T4<adampigg> sure .... i wonder what else depends on that...probably just gstreamer stuff12:28
malhmm, I think those should only depend on libva, not on the driver itseld12:29
T4<adampigg> ah,/ great12:30
T4<adampigg> not so bad then12:31
T4<GodcraftLinXkin> Hi. I'm completely new in all of this, so I have some questions... First one, how to port? Is there any guide? … Second one, is it possible to port this OS to any device (if I want), or is it impossible on some?15:09
T4<GodcraftLinXkin> Hi. I'm completely new into all of this, so I have some questions... First one, how to port? Is there any guide? … Second one, is it possible to port this OS to any device (if I want), or is it impossible on some?15:10
vknecht@GodcraftLinXkin : from channel topic ;-) checks in-order: | | | | |
T4<GodcraftLinXkin> Okay, thanks 😊15:53
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piggzmal: i work on qtbase and mesa, you give me a PR for P-O-V ? ;)16:56
piggzmal: i have some cleanup of the qtbase spec to do!18:18
piggzneed to undo hacks by @eugenio_g7 :D18:24
vknechtpiggz, what's coming in this PR, if I may ask ? :-)18:35
vknechtasking because if you just want "a" PR, maybe should make a "WIP" (buggy) one with
vknechtcould use help, blocked with video player not behaving as expected (won't run without a photo/vid mode change, though seeking shows the vid is here)18:44
vknechtalso there's trade with thumbnailer usage : the pics don't show up as good as before, should add an Image{} to foreground once thumbnail is shown for long enough in slideshow18:45
vknecht(I guess)18:46
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz, :D18:56
T4<eugenio_g7> Pretty out of the loop... Does latest (well, later than 13.x at least) mesa work with 3.0.318:57
T4<eugenio_g7> ?18:58
piggz@eugenio_g7 using mesa 19.119:15
T4<eugenio_g7> Wow19:41
mal@eugenio_g7 mer-core has 19.0.3 but piggz went even further19:50
malpiggz: I think you did the ifarch the wrong way, afaik arm has egldevice but x86 doesn't19:51
piggzmal: our latte build, x86 _does_ have egldevice ... so im currently pondering19:53
malpiggz: I'll check a bit19:54
piggzmal: ah, egldevice requires X11 .... in our latte build we had some fake x11 headers ....19:57
piggz@eugenio_g7 do we need them?19:58
malpiggz: wait19:58
piggzlbt: on a related topic, why cant you view the build log files in firefox......only seems to work in chrome19:58
malpiggz: you haven't rebased the qtbase19:59
malpiggz: ah, you just cherry-picked some changes20:00
T4<eugenio_g7> Cool stuff re @ mesa20:00
T4<eugenio_g7> The X11 fake headers were on mer's qtbase too IIRC20:01
malpiggz: fedora qtbase has kms and gbm are only for x8620:02
malhmm, I'm now mixing things20:03
malah, that was the latte spec20:03
malpiggz: qtbase should have the fix for x11 headers20:04
piggzok, im rebasing20:04
malstill odd why it was built for latte20:05
malpiggz: that commit history would like some cleanup, now you have two different versions of the same patch20:18
malthat x11 fix, the one I made to mer-5.6 and the one you added20:18
piggzmal: i know, its terrible ... get it work then cleanup :)20:18
malpiggz: it's easy to get some mistakes in there if you do changes and revert those in next commit and so on20:19
piggzi will get it to build, create a new branch off mer-5.6, and pick stuff20:19
piggzmal: this is what is happeneing in the configure script
piggzmal: on latte we get this
malpiggz: so why is the patch not working in that one branch20:52
malpiggz: it's the same patch20:54
malpiggz: hmm, latte doesn't have the patch at all20:55
malpiggz: ah, found one possible reason, the latte mesa still has the x11 disabling patch but native-common doesn't21:00
malbut the patch to qtbase should have fixed that21:00
malpiggz: maybe just remove the whole egldevice lib, do we even need it on any device21:00
malalso in the current branch
malpiggz: now I get it, the define should also be here if we want to have egldevice
piggzmal: well, what do you think, do we want it or not?21:11
malpiggz: we can add it later if someone needs it21:19
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malpiggz: it seems that egldevice was now created also for arm22:10
piggzmal: i guess thats not terrible ..makes packaging easier22:14
malpiggz: should be fine22:43
malpiggz: now both built without issues22:53

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