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piggzmal: yep, all good, so i'll create some cleaner branches08:26
piggzmal: and you can PR P-O-V :P08:26
T4<jnrwrt> Hi,  … I'm trying to port a device with architecture: krait … I don't know if I have to use krait or ARMv7-A in this export... :  … export PORT_ARCH="armv7hl"09:24
T4<elros34> AFAIK krait is also armv7, also you always use PORT_ARCH="armv7hl" because we don't have 64 bit sailfish09:30
T4<jnrwrt> Thanks09:31
T4<jnrwrt> (Photo, 1280x245)
T4<jnrwrt> Do you know what can be happen here?09:49
vknecht line 691+09:49
T4<elros34> I don't think adaptation0 is critical error just ignore it09:50
T4<jnrwrt> (Photo, 1325x624)
T4<jnrwrt> I tried to change the config, and the repo but still the same issue10:57
T4<elros34> use pastebin, it's irc channel so not everyone have telegram. The url is wrong (mer-hybris not LineageOS) unless you want to build android not sailfish11:04
T4<jnrwrt> Okay, I wil do it. … I tried also with mer-hybris but still the same issue with the the repo.11:06
vknecht@jnrwrt: check the hadk directory is empty before the "repo init"11:27
liuxHi, guys, I'm porting sfos to aries but met with mount issue.  I've mounted internal storage to /media/sdcard/<uuid>, but it can not detected in settings->storage11:33
liuxis it incorrect mount point?11:35
T4<birdzhang> liux's real question is aries(xiaomi 2s) use cm-11.0, it has storage partition and userdata partition. sfos only use userdata partition11:44
T4<birdzhang> mount point
T4<birdzhang> mal: do you have any suggestion?11:44
malwhat are the sizes of those? you can give anything as sfos root partition, doesn't atter really, I have one device with sdcard as sfos userdata partition11:51
liuxuserdata about 3.7g and storage about 9.7g. I just want to mount it for users storage just as android did11:53
T4<jnrwrt> vknecht : I did before, but still the same12:00
T4<jnrwrt> I tried to find the way to bypass the GPG signature, but I didn't found nothing12:07
T4<jnrwrt> with repo init, I have the same problem with the public keys: …
T4<jnrwrt> [Edit] with repo init, I have the same problem with the public keys:12:15
vknechtpwd && ls -al12:18
T4<jnrwrt> I did all again but I'm still having the same problem12:39
T4<jnrwrt> now work with:  --no-repo-verify12:50
T4<xreactx> (Photo, 506x619)
T4<jnrwrt> Do I have to change f2fs to ext4, in the fstab?15:49
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piggzmal:good history?
piggzmal: and mesa
malpiggz: btw, I noticed one thing, libdrm has freedreno and some others disabled18:03
piggzdo we enable or wait for users?18:05
malpiggz: for the ones we want we could enable those here by changing those to %bcond_without18:06
malpiggz: it might be good that those match the ones we have enabled in mesa18:06
malbut not sure how urgent it is18:07
malpiggz: just tiny nitpicking, if you look at mesa spec the packages and files lists were in order: packages, devel packages, the new packages you added now have devel right after non-devel package18:09
malpiggz: sorry, I just like consistent code :)18:10
T4<elros34> only for aarch64? I couldn't configure lima but eglfs_kms partialy worked even on ancient allwinner A13 (armv7) so lima is probably also possible18:10
piggzmal: fixed18:11
T4<elros34> I mean eglfs with mali-blobs instead lima18:11
mal@elros34 what do you mean "only for aarch64"?18:12
T4<elros34> if I understand it right lima is enabled for aarch64:
mal@elros34 that means it's enabled for arm and aarch6418:14
T4<elros34> ah ok, sorry then18:15
piggzmal: i do think the bracketing sed is odd18:15
piggzso, i guess the only test left is to upgrade my latte to the native-common repo and see what happens!18:16
malpiggz: hopefully it will work18:21
T4<jnrwrt> Who know when I want to use "breakfast $DEVICE". Said Device trltexx not found. … And also: … ** Don't have a product spec for: 'lineage_trltexx' … ** Do you have the right repo manifest? …
malwhat do you have in your local manifest?19:53
T4<jnrwrt> I modified a … Because there I found lineage_trltexx, but I have the same problem19:54
malI said manifest xml you created to .repo/local_manifests19:55
maldo you have room service file in local manifests?19:57
malwhy do you have those remove-project lines?19:57
T4<jnrwrt> And this other also some times I tried to change a few things: …
malyou should not have room service file there, if you have just remove it, and remove the remove-project lines from your own local manifest19:59
T4<jnrwrt> @mal [why do you have those remove-project lines?], Because make some conflict some times. … But this other I don't use this: …
T4<jnrwrt> @mal [you should not have room service file there, i …], I will tray right now20:00
T4<PepuAndRoll> What ports are in wip?20:00
T4<jnrwrt> @mal [you should not have room service file there, i …], I did but still the same problem20:02
T4<jnrwrt> It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 420:03
T4<jnrwrt> And I believe that I don't have to change nothing in droid-hal* and droid-config*. … Because there just I have to put the name of the device and vendor20:13
malthose are not relevant for this part of the build20:16
maldid you run the "source build/" before breakfast $DEVICE?20:18
T4<jnrwrt> @mal [did you run the "source build/" bef …], Yes20:19
maland the repo sync was successfully finished and you can see the device repo in device/samsung? and it has correct content?20:19
T4<jnrwrt> Yes, and at the moment I'm doing a repo sync again. Let's see if I get some error20:23
T4<jnrwrt> It's done, I've only received: … device/samsung/trltexx/: discarding 12 commits20:27
T4<jnrwrt> But, when I 'beakfast $DEVICE' … I get: … Device trltexx not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from LineageOS Github ( … And at the end of the line: … ** Don't have a product spec for: 'lineage_trltexx' … ** Do you have the right repo manifest?20:30
mal@jnrwrt could you verify that you have correct main manifest i.e. .repo/manifes.xml, what revisions does it say in the beginning of that20:36
mal@elros34 but he is not using lineage repos20:37
malbut some custom ones20:37
T4<jnrwrt> @elros34 [ …], I did, but I have the same problem20:38
malok, so that is correct20:38
malthat lineage repo is still using cm, not lineage20:39
T4<jnrwrt> This is the '.repo/manifest.xml'20:42
T4<jnrwrt> And this is my trltexx.xml …
malI'm now very confused, you have given many different local manifests, which is the one you really have there20:48
T4<jnrwrt> Sorry, the last one: …
T4<jnrwrt> But, also the .repo/manifest.xml by default20:49
malI just used this (minus the useless stuff) and breakfast worked fine20:50
malI only asked about main mnifest because I wanted to be sure you used correct branch in repo init20:51
mal@jnrwrt but that last local manifest uses lineage repos not the custom ones20:52
malso I don't really understand what repos you even want to use20:52
T4<jnrwrt> I have added others, like the Kernel for the 'trlte' that I do not find in the lineage and others, than I used with ubports20:57
T4<jnrwrt> I can't understand why I got this:20:58
T4<jnrwrt> Device trltexx not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from LineageOS Github (
T4<jnrwrt> [Edit] Device trltexx not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from LineageOS Github (
malI already mentioned once that lineage repo won't probably work21:01
malwhy can't you just use the repos from the first manifest you gave?21:01
T4<jnrwrt> I'm trying but it don't work. …  I will continue tomorrow again. … Thanks22:03
malI just said earlier that I tried those repos and those worked fine22:16

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