Sunday, 2019-06-16

T4<jnrwrt> @mal [I just said earlier that I tried those repos a …], Yes, the repos work fine but I dont know why I get: … Device trltexx not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from LineageOS Github ( … And at the end of the line: …  Don't have a product spec for: 'lineage_trltexx' …  Do you have the right repo09:12
T4 manifest? … And I try to find out, why I got this09:12
mal@jnrwrt I didn't get that error, so wondering what you are doing wrong, did you run repo sync after changing the manifest, you might need to run it wirh --force-sync option09:32
piggzmal, @eugenio_g7 new mesa doesnt have mesa-libwayland-egl09:32
malpiggz: I know, it comes now from wayland-egl package09:32
piggzmal: ah, ok, thats fine then09:33
piggzmal: @eugenio_g7 my latte is working on the new packages, with some fudging to work around our systemcheck list etc09:37
T4<eugenio_g7> Cool stuff09:39
T4<eugenio_g7> Does the browser work now? :D09:39
piggz@eugenio_g7 nope :D09:45
T4<eugenio_g7> lol, quite a bummer09:49
malpiggz: did browser ever work yet?09:54
malThaodan: is that latest change you make to dhd a good idea. that would make all package always build if I understood the change correctly, at least when someone would run without any parameters12:33
liux"error: Failed to initiate connect on the socket for type silica-media." when I launched camera on sfos How can I fix it on my local build?15:03
piggzmal: whats easiest way to add native-common as part of an update to dcd?15:06
malpiggz: add a file a bit like this to device sparse in folder /usr/share/ssu/features.d/adaptation-community-native-common.ini15:16
piggzmal: i considered that, though, it would take 2 updates to get everything working?15:17
piggzwhich, might be the only way15:17
malpiggz: might be only way, unless you tell users to first add the repo manually15:18
piggzwell,i think its just me an @eugenio_g7 anyway!15:18
malthen two updates is probably easier, that way you won't have any extra repos15:19
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 PR for ya15:47
T4<eugenio_g7> awesome, lgtm already.. I'll try on my latte later in the evening!15:51
liuxphone call and mobile data and mms work fine. sms does not work at all15:58
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 you may have to mess around to get all the correct packages, and it may install qtbase from our repo until we remove it16:12
T4<elros34> liux: try enable airplane mode and reboot16:16
liuxelros34 Thank you but it seems not work for the sms issue16:26
liuxelros34 BTW, do you have any comment on camera issue? "error: Failed to initiate connect on the socket for type silica-media."16:27
malliux: you need to provide more logs than just one message, that doesn't help at all, both journalctl and logcat16:28
mal@adampigg it's actually a bit complicated to update the repos in your case, you cannot directly remove the packages from the adaptation repo because at the beginning the native-common repo is not yet available16:30
piggzmal: yes i know, care must be taken!16:30
T4<elros34> liux: I thought is well know sms issue but if that doesn't help then you need to debug it16:36
liuxelros34 ok, I'll try to get more log for the issue, thank16:41
malliux: which android base?16:41
liuxmal cm11.016:41
malliux: try adding this line to your /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf
malnote the section where it goes [Settings]16:43
maldependending on what your device reports that value could also be 6 or 916:44
liuxthank you mal, I'll try it16:44
liuxConsidering camera issue, I got error log from logcat: E/QualcommCamera(  661): Qint android::get_camera_info(int, camera_info*): E     E/linker  ( 3006): linker.c:1155| ERROR: Library '/vendor/lib/egl/' not found16:47
liuxseems like something not found in vendor16:48
malmost likely not a real error16:55
malI think I already said that you need to provide complete logs, we cannot help otherwise16:55
liuxok I'll try to debug and collect complete log for camera issue16:58
Thaodanwhere does the Jolla camera app source the flash light config from?18:06
vknechtetc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt  flashValues key if I'm not mistaken18:10
vknechtThaodan, there's *one* line about it page 41 of hadk...18:28
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Thaodanis the front cam or the or the back cam  the first?19:54
vknechtI'd guess primary is back cam so first20:02
Thaodanthe issue is that the res on the front camera is wrong20:22
Thaodanand flash is disabled20:24
Thaodanmk-droid-conf shows the proper values20:24
malyour jolla-camera-hw.txt20:27
malthe mk-cam-conf is not needed anymore20:28
malThaodan: what exactly are you even trying to do?20:29
Thaodanfix nile-discovery front camera20:29
Thaodanthe resolution is wrong and flash is disabled20:29
malso what does droid-camres show?20:29
Thaodanthe same as in the standard config20:30
malThaodan: when did it break?20:30
malhow can resolution be wrong if hal gives the one being used20:30
malwhich sfos version are you using?20:31
Thaodan3.0.3.10 and it was never different but the front flash for discovery is enabled since some time20:32
malThaodan: does the flashlight shortcut do anything?20:36
malif you enable it in menu settings20:37
Thaodani can't20:38
maldoes the flash get enabled if you manually write 1 to the correct /sys path20:38
malhmm, is the flash for the secondary camera?20:39
Thaodannope its disabled.20:40
Thaodangst debug output20:40
malThaodan: I'm still a bit confused what flash you are talking aboutt20:41
malwhich camera20:41
Thaodanflash of the front camera20:41
mali.e. selfie camera?20:42
malI didn't know those have flashes20:42
Thaodanonly the ultra20:42
malThaodan: did you change the flashValues for secondary camera in jolla-camera-hw.txt?20:42
Thaodannope I asked here because I wasn't shure which cam is which20:44
malobviously primary is main camera i.e. back camera20:44
Thaodanyes but 1 or 220:45
mal1 or 2 what?20:45
Thaodanbecause mk-cam-conf uses 0 or 120:45
malI really don't understand what you are talking about20:45
malprimary is back and secondary is front, you don't need to know anything else20:46
ThaodanI was confused if the primary cam is cam 1 or 020:46
mal0 of course20:46
mallower values is usually primary20:46
malbut why do you need that, just change the value in jolla-camera-hw.txt and see what happens20:47
malyou are overthinking this whole thing20:47
Thaodana bit but it didn't worked20:53
malso you copied the flashValues from the primary camera and then what?20:55
Thaodanyes and than restarted20:55
maltry also "touch /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d" and then "dconf update"20:55
malthat should tell tell me what?20:57
Thaodanthought it could help20:59
maldoes mk-cam-conf for camera 1 list flash20:59
Thaodanah works know.21:00
Thaodandconf update did the trick21:00
Thaodanno idea still why droid-cameres showed no flash21:03
malThaodan: droid-camres doesn't autodetect flash values afaik21:04
malcheck the template, it only has resolutions autodetected21:04
Thaodandidn't done that bur thanks.21:05
Thaodanso only the res is wrong.21:05
malalso droid-camres is mainly used for initial setup of the configs, fine tuning might be always needed21:05
malThaodan: are you saying the value in nile repos is wrong?21:05
Thaodanyes for the selfie cam on the ultra21:06
malhmm, pretty sure all of those devices have been tested internally, need to ask tomorrow21:06
Thaodanwhere should I open bugs?21:06
Thaodangstreamer says the selfie cam has the same res as the primary but no idea if this is right21:10
malThaodan: just to make things clear, what does droid-camres return for secondary camera? the resolution currently in configs or something else?21:11
Thaodanthe resolution that is currently in the configs21:12
maland you say it's wrong? then what is the correct value?21:12
ThaodanI was just wondering why the output of GST_DEBUG=6 mk-cam-conf 0 /dev/null 2>&1 | grep params_parse | sed -e 's/.*param\s/˓→/' | sort -u was different21:13
malit is?21:14
malthose are obtained the same way21:14
malcan you please tell what you say is the correct resolution21:15
Thaodanyes thats why i linked it here:
malThaodan: why does the link say cam 0?21:16
malam I missing something?21:16
malsecondary camera is cam 1 not cam 021:16
Thaodanbecause theres cam 0 and 121:16
ThaodanI outputed both21:16
malI'm very confused now21:16
Thaodan˓→picture-size-values = 5984x3392,5504x3104,5312x2988,4208x3120,4000x3000,3840x2160,3264x2448,3200x2400,2976x2976,2592x1944,2688x1512,2048x1536,1920x1080,2560x800,1600x1200,1440x1080,1280x960,1280x768,1280x720,1200x1200,1280x480,1280x400,1024x768,800x600,864x480,800x480,720x480,640x480,640x360,480x640,480x360,480x320,352x288,320x240,240x320,176x144,160x12021:17
malgiving both in the same paste is not very simple, I just assumed it was cam 021:17
Thaodanno its on cam 0 and cam 1 thatsd why I marked them21:17
malI didn't go through the whole thing since you never explained what I was even supposed to look in that21:17
Thaodansorry thats something I missed.21:18
maldoes that device really have the same camera for front and back?21:18
Thaodanno front is dual cam, back is single21:19
malbut the resolutions are the same21:19
malusually secondary cam has lower resolution21:19
malI still don't understand how droid-camres could give wrong values, show the whole output of that (without any parameters)21:20
malit asks the values from hal21:20
T4<adampigg> skip camres and use piggz-o-vision :D21:26
T4<DSstill01> Use waat?21:28
Thaodanmal: that output is
Thaodan@adampigg: only if piggz could fly :D21:30
Thaodanshould I open bugs on mer bugtracker still?21:30
malThaodan: no need, I will report the issue internally21:44
Thaodanoh ok21:45
Thaodanthan take my PR without bug:
Thaodanlast time I had to create a bug on mer bugs21:46
malwell I didn't know you were making a PR21:46
malalso that is wrong21:46
malthe delete file lists for the discovery are wrong, those should be removing jolla-camera-hw-txt not jolla-camera.txt21:47
Thaodanoh yes sry21:47
malalso naming is a bit confusing, you should include the -hw in the discovery files also21:48
malwich your actual file has but the delete file lists don't21:48
malso all delete file lists are wrong :)21:49
malalso you forgot video torch for secondary camera, I assume it also supports that?21:49
mali.e. that 32 for video flashValues21:50
mal@DSstill01 piggz-o-vision which is "officially" known as Advanced Camera21:51
Thaodanmal: thanks for the advice I was a bit hasty21:52
malThaodan: otherwise better now, still missing video torch, you should test that first21:53
Thaodanmal: done by editing it on the device21:55
Thaodantorch works but is very bright21:58
malThaodan: I was the one who originally made the camera configs for nile devices but since I only had xa2 I couldn't check other devices21:58
malThaodan: it usually is21:58
T4<DSstill01> Piggz-o-vision was better21:58
ThaodanI wasn't suppported until some time ago so even if you had one you coudldn't enable it21:59
malThaodan: the resolutions I could have checked21:59
Thaodanbut anyway its done now. Could be merged when I created a bug for the PR21:59
malbut considering that droid-camres didn't give the highest values that wouldn't have helped much either21:59
mal@DSstill01 you can blame me, I opposed the name piggz-o-vision so we ended up with advanced camera22:00
T4<DSstill01> I didnt finish the sentence: piggz-o-vision would have been better if you wanted to kill an app with its own name22:02
Thaodangood night is already to late for me22:02
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz, @adampigg great work on mesa, seems to work fine on my latte! I also left a bunch of comments on the PR :)23:59
T4<eugenio_g7> good night!23:59

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