Wednesday, 2019-07-17

T42<austenite> libc: Access denied finding property "ro.hardware.gralloc" hybris-15.1 , is this related to selinux? i havent applied selinux_stubs patch05:53
T42<Harsh18262> I wanted to know will there be any problem if the platform sdk is moved from root to somewhere else07:44
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T42<Harsh18262> and is it neccesary to rebuild packages after rebuilding hal and boot?08:59
Mister_Magistermal: are you able to patternise repo?10:25
Mister_Magisteror only lbt10:25
malMister_Magister: I don't have such powers10:26
Mister_Magisterlbt: then could you please patternise
Mister_Magisterjusa: ping, once i gave you ssh to my phone to fix microphone in call and work stopped at forwarding loudspeaker mic. Do you have enough time to continue work on that?10:28
deathmistwhy could my back camera flashlight blink rapidly a bunch of times before it fully toggles off? this happens when using UI quick setting toggle and messaging via dbus (none of the sysfs paths related to torch and camera flash seem to do anything)12:54
T42<Harsh18262> is this warning normal? Warning[07/17 12:57:31] : Can't get version info of /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static, please make sure it's higher than 0.13.013:01
T42<austenite> yes13:01
T42<Harsh18262> after building image with mic part and getting a zip the flash process should be just flashing the zip or flashing lineage then formatting data and then installing the zip(the second method taken from rn3 sailfish os page on xda)?13:41
deathmistHarsh18262: first format data to make sure you're unencrypted (reboot to TWRP probably also needed), then flash LOS & SFOS zips in that order, this is your first zip right?13:53
T42<Harsh18262> @deathmist sort of yes i made some way before they didnt boot this is sort of a new batch with a bit more knowledge than befor this time hoping to make it boot this time14:07
T42<Harsh18262> btw are all things downloaded for building lineage also when we repo sync for hybris ?14:19
deathmistHarsh18262: not all, just the parts you need to build hybris-hal14:24
T42<Harsh18262> ok so do i have to build my own lineage to flash or use a prebuilt one?14:25
deathmistmy build dir for SFOS is around 50 GB when it's easily over 100 GB for full LOS 15.114:25
T42<austenite> prebuilt14:25
T42<Harsh18262> does it matter if the prebuilt on is enforcing selinux?14:26
T42<Harsh18262> as the one built in hybris-hal is permissive?14:27
deathmistHarsh18262: you'll flash over the LOS boot image, it doesn't matter14:27
T42<Harsh18262> ok14:27
liuxmet with sensor issue: "E/linker  ( 7416): linker.c:1155| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/hw/' not found"14:32 does exist in /system/lib/hw14:33
deathmistliux: search for "sensors*.so" in the usual places (/vendor, /system/ & /odm), it's gotta be somewhere :p14:34
liuxdeathmist, yes, it's /system/lib/hw/ but I can't find where "" was set14:36
deathmistliux: I made a symlink in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/hw/ like so you could also symlink the proper file to that if it still doesn't work14:38
liuxdeathmist, thanks. i'll try to do that. but still confused why "" was needed.perhaps it's defined in vendor blobs?14:42
deathmistcould be one of the files it's looking for before/after it doesn't find another one. for me just adding that => /vendor/lib/hw/ has worked flawlessly so far :p14:44
liuxdeathmist, I have but can not find .so like yours in  /vendor/lib/hw/14:51
liuxit's strange because sensors and bluetooth all work fine on cm-11.0 base sfos but all failed on cm-12.1 based14:52
malliux: is the cm-11.0 build how old?14:53
deathmistliux: do those actually work on the base cm-12.1 ROM? maybe try ln -s /system/lib/hw/ /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/hw/ (and reboot)14:58
liuxmal, deathmist, yes all subsystems work fine on the base cm-12.1 ROM14:59
liuxI've also got another strange error: E/QC-time-services( 7392): Daemon:ats_rtc_init: Unable to open RTC device15:00
liuxseems qmuxd is not started so i cannot use bluetooth15:01
liuxdeathmist, not work for softlink15:14
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T42<toronb> PlatformSDK sjll@sjll-desktop:~/android/aosp$ rpm/dhd/helpers/ --configs15:29
T42<toronb> * Building rpm/droid-config-f8131.spec15:29
T42<toronb> warning: Macro expanded in comment on line 157: %{name} contains ssu.ini file which is needed to build kickstarts15:29
T42<toronb> Package 'ssu-kickstart-configuration' not found.15:29
T42<toronb> NOTICE: No tags describe the HEAD, will not fix package version.15:29
T42<toronb> warning: Macro expanded in comment on line 157: %{name} contains ssu.ini file which is needed to build kickstarts15:29
T42<toronb> error: Failed build dependencies:15:29
T42<toronb>     ssu-kickstart-configuration is needed by droid-config-f8131-1-1.armv7hl15:29
T42<toronb> Building target platforms: armv7hl-meego-linux15:29
T42<toronb> Building for target armv7hl-meego-linux15:29
T42<toronb> * Check /home/sjll/android/aosp/hybris/droid-configs.log for full log.15:29
T42<toronb> Hey, I meet this problem. Could you do me a favor?15:29
deathmisttoronb: please use pastebin or a similar service when pasting more than 3 lines15:29
vknecht@toronb, hello, check line 692+ from faq
T42<toronb> @deathmist [toronb: please use pastebin or a similar servi …], Hey, Is there any guide for  pastebin ? I can't search it.15:32
T42<toronb> @vknecht [@toronb, hello, check line 692+ from faq https …], Thansk a  lot!15:34
T42<toronb> @vknecht [@toronb, hello, check line 692+ from faq https …], Use this branch instead of master could solve this problem.15:45
vknecht@toronb, it should... (please avoid using telegram reply, looks bad in irc)15:47
T42<toronb> <toronb> vknecht: Thanks for your advice!15:49
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liuxno IMEI got in settings. seems some qcom daemons not started properly so ril and bluetooth all failed16:26
electro575hi all16:32
electro575i have an error -> error: Exited sync due to fetch errors16:33
electro575repo sync --fetch-submodules16:33
electro575error: in `sync --fetch-submodules`: revision stable/lineageos-14.1 in LineageOS/android_device_samsung_t0lte not found16:34
malelectro575: the branch for that repo is "cm-14.1" not "stable/lineageos-14.1"16:34
electro575ok thanks mal16:35
malfix it in your local manifest16:35
malalso check the other branches used in that file16:35
electro575ok but how to delete all files download ?16:35
malwhat? you don't delete anything16:36
electro575<project path="device/samsung/t0lte" name="LineageOS/android_device_samsung_t0lte" revision="stable/lineageos-14.1" />16:36
malyou just fix the used revisions the local manifest xml and run repo sync again16:36
electro575<project path="kernel/samsung/t0lte" name="LineageOS/android_device_samsung_t0lte" revision="stable/lineageos-14.1" />16:36
malso fix the revision in the xml like I just said16:36
electro575yes, but i have already download files16:37
electro575i go fix that16:37
electro575repo="cm-14.1" ou repo="stable/cm-14.1" ?16:40
electro575mal, do you know ?16:42
malelectro575: how many times do I have to say fix REVISION, so you replace revision="stable/lineageos-14.1" in that entry with revision="cm-14.1"16:46
malyou fix that any other wrong one the local manifest xml, then run repo sync again16:46
electro575it's done16:49
electro575mal, do you know the repo of vendor ? i already have this two links16:59
electro575<project name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_samsung" path="vendor/samsung" revision="cm-14.1" />16:59
electro575i have again : Skipped fetching project LineageOS/android_prebuilts_gcc_linux-x86_aarch64_aarch64-linux-android-4.917:00
malthe vendor repo looks ok17:10
malnot sure what you mean with last comment17:10
electro575the last command mean that some LineageOS files are again in my computer17:17
electro575i want to delete their17:17
electro575but it's okey, how it's possible to execute nano in HABUILD_SDK environment ?17:17
electro575i have just the vi command17:17
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electro575the name of my device is 1b6b, as id for couple id/vendor17:33
electro575normally is t0lte, but i was write this17:34
T42<Harsh18262> Where di you find that your device name is 1b6b17:56
T42<Harsh18262> @electro57517:56
electro575yes sorry17:56
electro575humm, with lsusb17:56
electro575i have rename my device with t0lte and vendor samsung17:57
T42<Harsh18262> That might be something else mostly device names are readable or rarely meaningful17:57
T42<Harsh18262> The name of the file doesn't really matter that much but in future while building I would recommend to use t0lte as device name17:58
electro575yes :)17:59
electro575but now, i have this error17:59
electro575with : repo sync17:59
electro575fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/t0lte in /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml17:59
malelectro575: you should only have one of each repo in manifest, show your local manifest xml18:00
electro575i have copy my old manifest.xml18:00
malalso you don't add anything to .repo/manifest.xml, all you do is in local manifest xml18:00
electro575and now i have remove this file18:00
malelectro575: no, first tell what file you are talking about18:01
malyou should not remove anything from .repo18:01
electro575i can cp the old file18:01
electro575fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/t0lte in /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml18:03
electro575i have done cp of this file18:04
T42<Harsh18262> did you edit manifest.xml?18:04
electro575rm and cp -> no repo sync possible18:04
electro575no edit manifest.xml18:04
malthat local manifest is wrong18:05
mallook at the name parameters, kernel is not pointing to correct place18:05
electro575i try to have a good manifest but i don't know how do that18:06
malelectro575: in your device repo you have the lineage.dependencies file which list repos you need
malso you add all of those correctly to local manifest18:07
electro575thanks you18:07
malI'm pretty sure you have either several files in .repo/local_manifests folder or you have edited manifest.xml18:08
electro575repositorie is name in manifest.xml ?18:08
electro575several files18:08
electro575two files18:08
electro5751b6b.xml and t0lte.xml18:09
malremove the first one of those18:09
malthere is not such device as 1b6b, that is probably just the device usb id in hex format18:10
electro575yes it is18:10
electro575mal, i don't know write the correct manifest.xml for the url link18:11
electro575i'm so sorry but it's the first time that i compile this18:11
malelectro575: comparing those to the existing entry in local manifest would easily tell that from each of those entries the repository part is the name="" (obviously add LineageOS/ to the beginning like you have in the existing entry) and the target_path is path="" in the manifest entry18:13
malit really should not be that difficult, the formats of the string quite easily tell what those are18:13
electro575thanks you a lot18:16
electro575haha , :/18:23
electro575fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/smdk4412-common in /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml18:23
electro575i have delete the file18:24
electro575i just have one file in my .repo18:24
T42<Harsh18262> send manifest.xml18:25
electro575it's wrong manifest i suppose18:28
electro575i copy this manifest ?18:29
T42<Harsh18262> no you were not supposed to edit manifest.xml18:31
T42<Harsh18262> the last manifest you sent was to be copied in your local manifest18:31
electro575yes but i have the same error18:34
electro575fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/t0lte in /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml18:34
electro575Do you have an idea ?18:36
T42<Harsh18262> copy everything from here to manifest.xml18:36
T42<Harsh18262> @electro575 never edit manifest.xml18:37
electro575but you want i edit this file now18:38
T42<Harsh18262> because you have edited it before18:38
T42<Harsh18262> now after pasting everything from there will restore it to its orginal state18:38
T42<Harsh18262> and the error is occuring because you have same repo device_samsung_t0lte in both your local manifest and manifest.xml18:39
electro575o okey18:40
electro575now i can send : repo sync ?18:40
T42<Harsh18262> yes18:41
electro575fatal: include snippets/lineage.xml doesn't exist or isn't a file18:41
electro575i am in the HABUILD_SDK environment18:41
T42<Harsh18262> is anything downloaded till now?18:42
electro575?? i don't understand18:42
electro575maybe, with lineageOS18:42
T42<Harsh18262> what is the total size of the folder in which you r building18:43
electro575i send you18:43
electro57520G on the ~/hadk18:43
T42<Harsh18262> try repo sync again and send me manifest.xml18:46
electro575what i should do to resolve the problem18:46
electro575repo sync18:46
electro575fatal: include snippets/lineage.xml doesn't exist or isn't a file18:46
T42<Harsh18262> send me manifest.xml again18:47
mccrearypiggz, Mister_Magister: tdm reports his Pro1 won't reboot reliably. Have either of you had any trouble with yours?18:48
T42<adampigg> In what way?18:48
electro575same as your link18:49
T42<adampigg> I have issues with bootloader/fastboot and my laptop18:49
T42<adampigg> I can only flash boot from my wifes!18:49
electro575it is the line : <include name="snippets/lineage.xml" />18:49
electro575line 76618:50
mccrearypiggz, tdm reports his handset will fail to reboot properly, and he hasn't been able to find the cause18:50
T42<adampigg> Not had any boot specific issues afaict18:51
T42<austenite> looks like the /system is not mounted, cant create symlink (too many levels of symbolic links)18:51
mccrearyOK, thanks for the info. He might just have a flaky handset18:51
T42<austenite> how does the system get mounted?18:51
electro575fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/t0lte in /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml18:51
electro575humm, i'm fed up18:51
T42<Harsh18262> did you replace the old manifest.xml?18:52
electro575i have only the latest18:53
T42<Harsh18262> open and check that file i think it got replaced18:53
T42<adampigg> The error is obvious18:54
electro575i have replace my old manifest.xml by the new Harsh18262 paste18:54
T42<Harsh18262> you building for 15.1 or 14.1?18:55
T42<Harsh18262> then wait dont use that manifest i gave you18:55
T42<Harsh18262> you copied everything to which file?18:56
electro575Harsh18262 : repo sync -> fatal: include snippets/lineage.xml doesn't exist or isn't a file18:57
electro575my last log18:57
T42<Harsh18262> i am asking in which file did you paste the things from that link?18:58
electro575can you paste me your last manifest.xml ?18:58
T42<Harsh18262> i am building for 15.1 the manifest for 15.1 and 14.1 are different18:59
electro575so i will delete all my .repo18:59
electro575and reinstall it18:59
T42<Harsh18262> yes but you will have to redownload 20gbs19:00
electro575no problem19:00
electro575but what is the correct t0lte.xml19:00
T42<Harsh18262> the one you sent the link for with the muppets one19:01
T42<Harsh18262> yes19:01
T42<austenite> no @Harsh18262
electro575this is the default manifest.xml ?19:04
T42<austenite> yes19:04
T42<Harsh18262> thanks @austenite19:04
T42<Harsh18262> should there be a system folder when we telnet into a device and use ls19:06
electro575i have roomservice.xml19:07
electro575this is it19:07
vknecht@electro: read section 5.5 of hadk pdf...19:08
T42<austenite> @Harsh18262 i dont see it with hybris-15.119:09
vknechtthere's something with /system being mounted as / in 15.1, but it may depend on device19:10
T42<austenite> woah thanks a lot, ive missed the last 3 lines19:11
T42<Harsh18262> because right now my device reboots just after the vendor(asus) logo and only after flashing a custom kernel i am able to get the device to stop at asus logo and get into telnet19:13
vknechtthe droid-system / droid-system-vendor ones ? beware, it only applies to official/carefuly cragted builds19:14
T42<austenite> @Harsh18262 not custom kernel, hybris-recovery must be flashed as boot19:14
T42<Harsh18262> i know i format data then flash los and then sof but after that the device just keeps rebooting after asus logo19:16
T42<austenite> vknecht there is no sign of system partition on 15.1 port, i will try this, what should i rebuild?19:16
T42<austenite> @Harsh18262 flash hybris-recovery as boot image, it will stop bootloop and let you telnet19:17
vknechtif no /system in los, I guess you'd have to add /system in makefstab_skip_entries19:17
vknecht(probably same about vendor)19:17
T42<austenite> vendor on my device is a symlink as we dont have a real vendor partition, would it be okay to define as /vendor?19:18
vknecht« makefstab » is a bit misleading, in fact in create system .mount units19:18
vknechtwhen changing that, you have to -d19:19
vknecht(and check droid-hal-$DEVICE.log, looking for what units are created)19:19
electro575i'm building : make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal19:20
vknechtI'm not sure since I have a /system/vendor so it's yet another story19:21
vknecht@electro575: it's a progress, then :-)19:22
electro575yes but one error : ImageMagick is not installed in your system.19:23
electro575be appear it already installed19:24
T42<Harsh18262> run sudo apt-get install imagemagick19:24
electro575imagemagick is already installed but i am in HABUILD_SDK environment19:25
T42<Harsh18262> run this in habuild19:25
electro575sudo: unable to resolve host user19:26
electro575it's ok19:26
T42<Harsh18262> try without sudo19:27
electro575but why it's different with another user19:27
T42<Harsh18262> sudo is superuser do19:27
electro575W: GPG error: trusty InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A1715D88E1DF1F2419:27
T42<austenite> did it install?  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install imagemagick19:28
electro575it's okey19:28
electro575strange for me, i'm on debian but ubuntu repo, ...19:29
electro575it's the repo cmd19:29
T42<Harsh18262> @austenite i install hybris-recovery in boot partition but device still bootlooping and no telnet19:29
T42<austenite> its ubuntu chroot environment (habuild)19:30
T42<austenite> @Harsh18262 your kernel repo, have you fixed all errors reported by mer-kernel check19:32
T42<Harsh18262> yes but only errors19:32
T42<Harsh18262> no warnings19:33
T42<austenite> @Harsh18262 backup your current defconfig and make another one fixing all warnings too , :-) this worked for me19:33
T42<Harsh18262> how to correct warnings errors had only one option ?19:34
T42<austenite> input recommended value19:35
T42<Harsh18262> ok19:35
T42<Harsh18262> @austenite after fixing did your device boot or did you get access to telnet?19:36
T42<austenite> yes telnet 2323 where things are better19:36
T42<Harsh18262> ok19:37
electro575it recommand armv7l or armv7hl architecture ?19:40
electro575i have note armv7l for samsung galaxy note II19:41
electro575i have some warning during compilation19:43
electro575i have an error : ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.19:46
electro575what is the required dependencies to compile all data ?19:49
electro575Harsh18262, an idea ? austenite19:50
T42<austenite> copy output to pastebin19:51
electro575resume :
T42<austenite> electro575 you have made errors while editing mountpoints,19:55
electro575why it's not good ?19:58
electro575be appear it's ok19:58
T42<austenite> try deleting the spacce in line 1720:00
T42<austenite> also block/bootdevice/by-name/USERDATA must be linked to a partition, you didnt mention it, see other devices20:03
electro575hummm, lot of error and warning20:21
electro575have you already do this step ?20:23
electro5755.4.1 Kernel config20:24
T42<austenite> this is one of the first step, you should fix all errors atleast20:25
electro575O, hum lot of error20:26
T42<austenite> yes, its hard :020:27
electro575but why ?20:27
electro575do you compile with armv7l or armv7hl ?20:27
T42<austenite> armv7hl20:28
T42<austenite> there is no alternative i think20:28
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electro575do you think is good ?20:45
T42<austenite> fine20:50
electro575same errors21:00
T42<Harsh18262> did you do make hybris-boot21:01

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