Thursday, 2019-07-18

T42<toronb> - Timeout exceeded when accessing ''.01:42
T42<toronb> Although I tried VPN, It still failed.01:43
T42<toronb> I can download this file with browser.01:43
liuxstill blocked by bt and sensors issue. the qmuxd is not started and QC-time-services in errors loop04:27
liuxE/QC-time-services( 5077): Daemon:ats_rtc_init: Unable to open RTC device04:27
r0kk3rzliux: thats probably not related to bt or sensors04:28
liuxr0kk3rz, do you know how to find root cause?04:29
r0kk3rzwhich one would you like to focus on?04:32
r0kk3rzsensors is usually not that hard to fix04:34
liuxsensors work fine on my cm-11.0 based sfos. but not work on my porting cm-12.1 based04:36
r0kk3rzwhat does test_sensors say04:37
liuxr0kk3rz, i'll paste later, now it's in recovery04:38
r0kk3rzok, but generally the process is check test_sensors, check sensors.qcom is running, check logcat04:41
liuxGot 0 sensors04:42
liuxsaid by test_sensors04:42
liuxsensorfwd is running04:42
liuxperhaps all sensors and bt issue is due to some qcom service not started in android side04:43
T42<birdzhang> use strace -f -o sensors.log test_sensors , at the end of sensors.log, will tell you what .so lost04:44
r0kk3rzsensorfwd is not sensors.qcom04:48
liuxr0kk3rz, birdzhang, thanks. i have to offline now. i'll check sensors just as you said04:48
r0kk3rzthe sensor stack has a few layers in it, and sensorfwd is higher than test_sensors, so get them to show up there04:49
T42<austenite> test_hwcomposer:  libc: Access denied finding property "ro.hardware.gralloc"05:30
T42<austenite> is this related to selinux?05:31
spiiroinliux: that "Unable to open RTC device" is most likely: only one process can have rtc device open. in sfos that is dsme (which uses it to provide wake up from suspend timers for sfos) -> android blobs that attempt to do something with rtc will fail to gain access06:04
T42<elros34> liux: search for time_daemon in init*rc and disable it07:14
T42<elros34> Martensite: strace it. Could be related to missing ueventd*rc somewhere in out/ dir if you use 15.1 base07:27
piggzlbt: ping for pattternisinf fxtec:t5 pls07:36
T42<adampigg> Probably needs Provides: line for config package07:38
r0kk3rz@adampigg hows the fx going?07:51
T42<adampigg> R0kk3rz, fine, practically a.daily driver07:51
T42<adampigg> Gps needs work07:51
T42<adampigg> Bt is flaky07:51
r0kk3rzsounds standard07:52
T42<adampigg> Needs a keyboard map written07:52
r0kk3rzwhat bt has it got?07:52
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: don't listen to him07:53
Mister_Magisternot even wifi works07:53
T42<adampigg> Wifi works for me!08:18
T42<adampigg> R0kk3rz, wifi comes up and.can scan/pair, but ihavnt even tried looking for any init scripts to set up the speed etc08:19
T42<adampigg> S/wifi/bt08:20
r0kk3rzyou'd want bluedroid wouldnt you?08:20
r0kk3rzwith bluebinder thing08:22
T42<adampigg> I am08:23
r0kk3rzoh ok08:23
T42<adampigg> Binder everything!08:24
T42<adampigg> Mal, ping for this weeks job list ;) !09:23
Mister_Magisterlbt: u gotta update obs! it got nice new look and ours is like 5yo?09:37
liuxspeactra, elros34, thank you i've already remove rtc error just like you said11:18
liuxthe launch of sensors.qcom and qmuxd depend on .sh in root dir like "". my out dir contians these .sh files but the packed sfos zip does not. That's why sensors and bt not work on my device11:24
liuxwhat's the proper way to handle these .sh files and make them packged into sfos zip?11:25
malliux: in which folder are those in out/ ?11:27
malliux: did you add anything to straggler_files in droid-hal spec?11:27
liuxmal, it's hadk/out/target/product/aries/root11:28
liuxmal, not yet11:28
liuxmal,  I never added straggler_files on my cm-11.0 based sfos so I did not add it for cm-12.1. is it necessary for this problem?11:29
malliux: I meant that when you built droid-hal rpms you didn't get any complains about únpackaged files, check the droid-hal build log11:29
liuxliux, ok, i'll check the log and try to add straggler_files. i've never checked build log because the build was not teminated by errors11:31
malthere should be complaint at the end of the build of those are needed11:32
malthe build log should be in ANDROID_ROOT11:34
liuxit shows "Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /home/liux/hadk/installroot"12:55
liuxbut i do not have installroot in my hadk12:55
malliux: installroot is probably removed after the build is done, how about you just give the whole build log13:03
liuxmal, sorry i've just added straggler_files then start building packages. the previos log was overrited. I'll check if straggler_files work for my issue.13:05
liuxjust added straggler_files as you did in
Mister_Magisterlbt: then could you please patternise
malliux: can't you just show what you have done, I really want to guess if you are doing things correctly13:44
liuxmal, just patched with this:
liuxmal, the build took so long time.... finally  i got the result now, it works for sensors and bluetooth issues.13:52
malliux: so it complained about those in the build log?13:58
malliux: I assume you also added the detritus package to patterns?13:59
liuxmal, not exactly. i can't see each file name in build log13:59
liuxmal, not added to detritus package to patterns yet14:00
malliux: what exactly have you done, I'm very confused, you said it works but what?14:00
malthere is no way those files end up in image unless you have detritus package in patterns14:01
liuxmal, just this patch :
malI'm really getting frustrated when you never showed what I asked, I asked for droid-hal build log and you never gave it14:01
malthat seems to be a common issue here, people don't give information that is being asked14:02
liuxmal, the droid-hal log pasted here:
malalso you say you only did that change and never told if you verified that detritus package is in patterns or not14:03
liuxmal, it's the log after i patched in droid-hal-aries.14:04
malthe detritus package does nothing unless it's in patterns14:04
malpatterns are in config repo14:04
malcheck chapter 5.2.2 in hadk pdf14:05
liuxmal, yes, just checked patterns, detritus package is not added in. no idea why it works, but i'm sure the missing .sh now exist in rootdir14:05
malliux: check on device if it's installed or not14:08
malalso rpm -qf /somefile will tell what package provides a file14:09
liux[root@Sailfish nemo]# rpm -qf /init.qcom.sh14:10
liuxthe detritus package provides these files indeed14:11
malwhere are your packages on github?14:30
malI mean the adaptation repos14:31
T42<austenite> property_set14:37
liuxmal, I've not pushed to github yet. intent to push them after fixing most issues14:38
electro575hi all, i have done this cmd : make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal17:47
electro575but i have the following error17:47
electro575can you help me ? vknecht, mal maybe17:49
electro575it's not error but, it's when i tape the command : hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config^C17:49
electro575i need some dependencies before do "make" command ?17:50
vknechtelectro575, what does hadk tells to do about those ?17:50
electro575Once the kernel has built you can check the kernel config17:51
electro5755.4.1 Kernel config17:52
vknechtthat's it ; so what does it say about error cases ?17:53
electro575i don't know exactly17:54
electro575i'm reading about17:54
vknechtplease read before asking ;-)17:55
electro575Apply listed modifications to the defconfig file that CM is using. Which one? It’s different for every device, most17:56
electro575likely first17:56
vknechtdifferent for every device, but there's only one relevant for your device17:56
electro575what does the value TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG17:57
malusually it's the defconfig file that contains your device codename, but not always17:57
electro575$ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfig*.mk not contain this TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG17:57
vknechtelectro575, try "grep -r  TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG device/$VENDOR" and one of the entry (if more than one) should match a file's name in your kernel source tree (in arch/arm[64]/configs)18:04
electro575device/samsung/t0lte/ := lineageos_t0ltecdma_defconfig18:05
electro575device/samsung/t0lte/ := lineageos_t0lte_defconfig18:05
vknechtso, found the file you need to edit to fix errors ?18:11
electro575yes, i added a line in the file18:13
electro575TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG := lineageos_t0lte_defconfig18:13
electro575but same invalid18:13
electro575Check CM kernel’s commit history of the arch/arm/configs folder, look for defconfig ?18:14
electro575i must do this ?18:14
vknechtdon't edit the BoardConfig just because hadk tells about that file ; we just found the setting is in another nearby file18:15
vknechtso undo your change in mk file, and just go edit lineageos_t0lte_defconfig which is somewhere in the kernel/ subdirectories18:16
* vknecht swipes the sweat18:17
electro575device/samsung/t0lte/ ?18:18
electro575or a file in kernel/ subdirectories18:18
vknechtif you edited any file under device/, undo what you did18:18
vknechtthen run18:18
vknechtfind kernel -name lineageos_t0lte_defconfig18:19
vknechtand you'll have the path to your defconfig file18:19
electro575no value TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG18:25
electro575in this file18:26
electro575vi kernel/samsung/smdk4412/arch/arm/configs/lineageos_t0lte_defconfig18:26
electro575E486: Pattern not found: motif TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG18:30
vknechtyou're paste the TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG thing now ; you have to fix the values mer-kernel-check script told you were in error18:30
vknecht*you're past18:30
electro575mer-kernel-check script told you were in error ?18:31
electro575okey sorry18:31
* vknecht is fine :-P18:31
electro575TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG must be added in what file ?18:32
vknechtread carefuly,140,42618:32
vknechtor, in fact, rerun the that script, because it seems you interrupted it18:33
electro575i paste my last cmd18:35
electro575so, i must fix error but how ? with Comment says:18:36
vknechtfind out -name .config18:36
electro575the first18:36
electro575Comment says: optional, enables kernel namespaces for systemd-nspawn containers18:36
electro575out -name .config18:36
electro575what i must do to fix error ?18:37
vknechtnot sure why there ^C and "Can't open ./out/target/product/t0lte/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config^C: No such file or directory"18:37
electro575humm, yes what18:38
electro575i relaunch18:38
electro575it's my fault18:38
vknechtyou read what the script says : for example: "ERROR: CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is invalid" ... "Allowed values : y" so you edit your t0lte defconfig so the line reads "CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y"18:40
vknechtsimple ?18:40
electro575yes sorry18:40
vknechtif the line doesn't exist, you add it18:40
electro575but i prefer to ask it18:40
electro575why this warning ?18:42
electro575perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").18:42
electro575i need dependencies to compile another files ?18:42
vknechtno it's something else, annoying but not an error18:43
vknechtsudo locale-gen en_US.UTF-818:44
vknechtsudo dpkg-reconfigure locales18:44
vknechtshould get rid of it18:44
electro575and this, how can i resolve ? unable to resolve host jopcportable18:46
electro575i have a warning as : CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP18:47
electro575systemd (optional):
vknechtfix the warnings the same way as errors : edit the line so the setting = recommended value18:49
electro575yes, it's that but18:49
electro575the link18:49
vknechtbut you can skip them for now and concentrate on errors18:49
electro575<vknecht> but you can skip them for now and concentrate on errors18:49
vknechtthe link, well, you can read it and learn ;-)18:50
electro575the link what i must do with this comment : Required by hybris-boot init-script18:59
vknechtthe comment explains why the fix is needed, focus on the "how" to fix it, eg. CONFIG_BLAH=<allowed value>19:03
T42<DSstill01> What is config_blah?19:10
electro575ok, it's good19:11
electro575hummm, vknecht, after make hybris-boot19:14
electro575i have again error, i must fix all error and warning again ?19:14
vknechtrun the kernel check again, to verify the errors you fixed are gone19:20
vknechtand show the result19:20
electro575after the first step and verify, no error and warning19:22
electro575and after make hybris-boot, fix error again19:22
electro575i must fix error in the same file ?19:23
vknechtshow full output of "make hybris-boot"19:23
vknechtwhere do you see an error in that ? especially when it says "make completed successfully" ?19:27
electro575what do you think about ?19:27
electro575no no but after19:27
electro575rechecking with the script19:28
electro575again warning and error19:29
electro575re-run make hybris-boot and re-verify.19:29
electro575Lather, rinse, repeat19:30
electro575:) Run also make hybris-recovery in the end when no more errors19:30
electro575it's normal ?19:30
vknechtif the config noted as error are already set to the recommended value and you keep getting them, maybe you can proceed (eg. setting doesn't exist in kernel or something)19:32
vknechtshow your defconfig19:32
vknechtand maybe someone else will take the relay, gotta eat and relax :)19:33
electro575don't really understand19:35
electro575my defconfig ?19:35
electro575vknecht, you may need to install module-init-tools19:40
electro575with apt-get install ?19:40
electro575Where can i download sailfish SDK ?19:52
T42<Harsh18262> sailfish sdk is for building apps for sailfish os i guess why do u need that?19:54
electro575i need that because i follow the guide19:55
T42<Harsh18262> That is not sailfish sdk19:55
T42<Harsh18262> Platform sdk is installed now u have to install scratch2 box19:56
electro575yes but how ?19:56
electro575it's not explain19:57
T42<Harsh18262> The link is given on p1719:58
electro575this ?19:58
electro575is SDK19:58
T42<Harsh18262> Yes19:58
electro575??? what19:58
T42<Harsh18262> Open that page you will find everything19:58
T42<Harsh18262> On how to install it and everything19:59
electro575to install the SDK ?19:59
T42<Harsh18262> Keep in mind the box given on p1720:00
T42<Harsh18262> The sdk is installed20:00
electro575ok so, when i launch this cmd20:00
electro575sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test20:00
T42<Harsh18262> Platform_SDK is the sdk u are trying to installed which is installed u enter platform sdk by ssfosdk20:01
electro575sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.20:01
T42<Harsh18262> No first u have to install scratch2 box20:01
T42<Harsh18262> read this "Installing SDK Target and Tooling Tarballs" part of the webpage20:02
electro575how download and install one file with this repo20:04
T42<Harsh18262> Click on the file20:04
electro575i must download with this20:05
electro575grep: /etc/zypp/repos.d/mer-core.repo: No such file or directory20:05
electro575grep: /etc/zypp/repos.d/mer-tools.repo: No such file or directory20:05
electro575Core repos point at version:20:05
electro575Tools repos point at version:20:05
T42<Harsh18262> What?20:05
T42<Harsh18262> I would u to use the direct link one just given below if u have gud internet20:06
electro575sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl Sailfish_OS-
electro575Unpacking target ...20:09
electro575No suitable tooling found for this target20:09
electro575ok, this is it20:10
electro575sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl
T42<Harsh18262> Your are running it where?20:10
electro575PlatformSDK bash-3.2$20:10
T42<Harsh18262> First run the tooling one then run this20:11
T42<Harsh18262> And replace the part after create and before the link by referring to hadk20:12
T42<Harsh18262> P17 box20:12
electro575run the tooling ?20:13
T42<Harsh18262> Sorry install the tooling first20:13
electro575how ? sorry20:13
T42<Harsh18262> sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-3.0.0
T42<Harsh18262> run this20:15
electro575no, not i486 !20:16
electro575armv7hl no ?20:16
T42<Harsh18262> it is device arch independent20:16
electro575it's ok20:17
electro575sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test20:18
electro575sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.20:18
T42<Harsh18262> now run the line you sent first20:18
T42<Harsh18262> which20:20
electro575sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.20:20
T42<Harsh18262> which line u ran20:21
electro575ran ?20:21
T42<Harsh18262> after runnig which command did you get this error20:21
electro575sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test20:22
electro575sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.20:22
electro575$PORT_ARCH = armv7hl20:22
electro575not i48620:22
T42<Harsh18262> u have not installed target yet20:22
T42<Harsh18262> send output of sdk-assistant linst20:23
T42<Harsh18262> *list20:23
T42<Harsh18262> sdk-assistant create  $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH
T42<Harsh18262> run this command this will install tooling20:24
T42<Harsh18262> srry target20:24
electro575good test20:25
T42<Harsh18262> yes now "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test" this will work20:26
electro575it's good20:26
electro575i stop, i try the next step tomorrow20:29
electro575bye, thanks20:29
Nokiusanyone of you folks found a way to bypass Samsung mdm?21:05
Nokiushave a Device wich is locked an yeah just ewaste :(21:05

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