Friday, 2019-07-19

r0kk3rzliux: push your stuff to github, its a lot easier for us to help you if we can see exactly what you're doing01:44
r0kk3rzits also useful to have a public record of what fixes you've done01:45
T42<austenite> udev_contexts03:00
asriel[m]ah, forgot to register a freenode account, by the way.04:03
asriel[m]can anyone tell me about 4.1 from the HADK? I only followed 4.204:03
* asriel[m] sent a long message: < >04:14
liuxr0kk3rz, ok, i'll do that later04:18
asriel[m]Weird, adaptation0 repo URL is password-protected. Not sure why that is.04:21
liuxRegarding camera issue, i want to apply the patch:, but how to build in hadk and install it to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib?04:24
Nokiusasriel[m]: then your repo is wrong06:51
Nokiusliux: did you check the logs channel logs?06:52
Nokiussledges: Hope your summer is bad ass ;) could we get targets for dont be evel aka pinephone please? Thanks in advance <306:53
asriel[m]Nokius: Huh, that's weird, it's a fresh installation of HADK, The guide I used to install the SDK was from the wiki:
deathmistmorning :)  SFOS 3.1 brings support for fingerprint authentication to the Xperia XA2 how possible would this be to implement for other community ported devices w/ FP sensors?06:59
T42<elros34> asriel[m]: ignore adaptation0 error06:59
r0kk3rzdeathmist: not sure if all the parts are open for that08:23
deathmistr.i.p, I hope they open it up at some point then, well see tho :)  when should we expect build targets to drop for 3.1?08:26
r0kk3rzweek or so08:26
deathmistawesome! can't wait for the update already08:43
T42<Harsh18262> Guys I have made hybirs hal boot and recovery and all errors and most of the warnings fixed but then to the device is not booting it just keep bootlooping08:52
T42<Harsh18262> I have already added audit=n in defconfig08:52
T42<Harsh18262> And is there any difference androidboot.selinux=permissive and selinux=008:53
vknechtif you miss selinux=0 and the bootparam CONFIG setting, that's probably it. don't mod audit unless you really have to08:55
T42<Harsh18262> Ok and I am using androidboot.selinux=permissive can that make a difference from using selinux=008:56
T42<Harsh18262> In cmdline08:56
vknechtsfos doesn't care about permissive/enforce once you've set selinux=008:57
T42<Harsh18262> @vknecht [sfos doesn't care about permissive/enforce onc …], Ok08:57
T42<elros34> @Harsh18262 I thought you already understand that config_vt cause bootloop for your kernel so why did you enable it again?09:04
T42<Harsh18262> The device kept bootlooping even after disabling config_vt09:05
r0kk3rzi think config_vt is needed anyway09:05
T42<Harsh18262> So from now should a keep it enabled or disabled I am going to try to turn audit back on and enable bootparam in defconfig and add selinux=0 in cmdline instead of androidboot.selinux=009:07
* asriel[m] sent a long message: < >09:09
asriel[m]Do I have to uh, set a keyserver and recv it?09:09
T42<elros34> @Harsh18262 so how did you fix bootloop earlier?09:09
r0kk3rzwhat device?09:11
T42<Harsh18262> To the same stage I am right09:11
T42<Harsh18262> Right now my device keep bootlooping and can only get to telnet when I flash a custom kernel after flashing hybris-boot that to on port 2309:12
vknechtasriel[m], try with --no-repo-verify09:14
T42<elros34> so stick to working kernel, telnet to it and grab /init.log09:16
T42<Harsh18262> Ok09:24
foobar2018I would like to help porting sailfish to other devices09:26
foobar2018but I dont know how to do it. What should I start learning? Please I need your expertise.09:26
r0kk3rzyou want to help, or you would like help?09:26
r0kk3rzdo you have a device to port to?09:27
foobar2018r0kk3rz: I would like to help09:27
foobar2018I have some here but I don't know if they're useful.09:27
foobar2018To learn at least.09:28
r0kk3rzpick one09:28
foobar2018r0kk3rz: what's next09:28
r0kk3rzwell.. what is it?09:29
foobar2018Here I have an Lenovo A1000L tablet and a Nook Simple Touch09:29
asriel[m]According to HADK, as long if it uses CM 10.1 -> Lineage 15.1 then it's good to do the port on. :P09:30
r0kk3rzthe lenovo is probably a better target to start with09:31
r0kk3rzthen you need to follow the HADK09:32
T42<MarcoDS_bit> Hi, trying (again) to port sailfish, hybris-15.1. compiled and installed succesfully but it just freeze while booting:
foobar2018r0kk3rz: Ok, Ill go with this lenovo tablet09:34
T42<MarcoDS_bit> Thought about audit but last time it at least booted without ui with the same audit config09:34
T42<elros34> @MarcoDS_bit you did not disable selinux, also you are missing autofs in defconfig09:37
foobar2018asriel[m]: what happens if it's not supported by that?09:38
r0kk3rzthen it becomes harder, what is it supported by? is there a thirdparty rom for it?09:38
asriel[m]Then make sure check for third party roms, there are unofficial LineageOS for devices like that as far I know of09:40
asriel[m]I don't know if kernel version is a requirement, but Halium needs at least kernel >= 3.1309:40
foobar2018r0kk3rz: How do I figure out that?09:41
r0kk3rzwell, you find a rom for it09:41
foobar2018r0kk3rz: I found one09:43
r0kk3rzwhat is it?09:44
T42<MarcoDS_bit> @elros34 actually selinux is set to 0 in BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE09:44
foobar2018r0kk3rz: it seems it comes from a russian lenovo forum, it's called "09:46
T42<elros34> @MarcoDS_bit not really, look at command line in your logs09:47
T42<MarcoDS_bit> Just was it ouch, thank you @elros3409:50
*** foobar2019 is now known as foobar20191909:53
foobar201919hi again, i got disconnecte09:53
foobar201919r0kk3rz: I found a custom rom, but i dunno if it's enough09:54
r0kk3rzdoes it work? is all the source available?09:54
foobar201919r0kk3rz: It's called "AllegroRom" but I cant find any sources09:56
r0kk3rzthen its no good09:57
foobar201919I see10:00
foobar201919So I should first learn how to port CM/LineageOS to this device?10:01
foobar201919thank you10:09
T42<adampigg> Anyone done an inline update to 3.1 without rebuilding?11:40
deathmistadampigg: I tried via cmdline w/ ssu release & version --dup, ended up with a broken mess and no telnet (which I expected :p)11:44
T42<adampigg> Oh dear, i wont try it on my 5hr train journey then !11:46
T42<adampigg> I hear there is ui changes, whats it like?11:46
deathmist should showcase some of it :)  I already like it a lot11:47
T42<Harsh18262> a new update on device now after turning of vt and enabling bootparam the device get stuck on asus logo and turns telnet just for 2-5 secs11:54
T42<Harsh18262> i also wanted to know that what to do to all warnings related to systemd should i enable it or not11:55
deathmist@Harsh18262 I enabled practially everything (you can research options to make educated decisions)12:01
T42<Harsh18262> @deathmist did enabling everything worked?12:01
deathmistI never booted without everything already set :p  read the descriptions, I remember one of them saying it's required for libhybris even tho it's optional12:03
deathmistthen mka hybris-boot, flash new image and check12:03
T42<Harsh18262> i enabled that12:03
T42<Harsh18262> ok will try after enabling everything12:04
deathmistwhich telnet also, port 23 or 2323? if 23 then try to cat /init.log quick so you could see what's possibly wrong12:06
liuxNokius, yes. but I just want to know what is proper way to built out and and install them to device12:08
electro575hi all12:31
electro575can you help me with this different name ?12:48
electro575@DEVICE : hammerhead12:48
electro575@VENDOR : lge12:48
electro575@DEVICE_PRETTY : Nexus 512:48
electro575@VENDOR_PRETTY : LG12:49
electro575me i have12:49
electro575@DEVICE : t0lte12:49
electro575@VENDOR : samsung12:49
electro575@DEVICE_PRETTY : ?12:49
electro575@VENDOR_PRETTY : ?12:49
T42<austenite> pretty is how you want it to look in device info in settings12:50
deathmistelectro575: indicates vendor: Samsung device: Galaxy Note 2 (LTE)12:50
electro575why @VENDOR_PRETTY ?12:50
deathmistthose are the pretty entries for vendor & device you should use that I just listed12:51
electro575ok thk12:52
electro575git push jo master13:10
electro575fatal: 'jo' does not appear to be a git repository13:10
deathmistis "jo" your github user? you have to create an empty repo for the droid hal stuff you push to manually13:11
deathmist you'll have to do that 3 times too: repo for "droid-hal-t0lte", "droid-config-t0lte" & "droid-hal-version-t0lte"13:13
T42<austenite> do i need to port ff memless haptiics for vibration feedback with onscreen keyboard ?13:20
T42<austenite> native vibrator feedback is very low13:20
deathmistaustenite: it's low for on-screen keyboard key presses? it shouldn't be strong at all, just enough to know it activated. I think you can tweak it, I don't have the knowledge myself tho13:21
electro575no, it's not my account13:26
deathmistelectro575: then you are doing it wrong, it should be "git push [YourGitHubUsername] master", you'll have to re-add the remote again too with the proper username13:27
T42<austenite> deathmist on-screen keyboard is absent ;p, only long press and periodic theme effects are working13:30
electro575it's a lot of command to arrived at the end with a sailfishOS :)13:45
T42<Harsh18262> @deathmist i enable everything but now telnet is also not available13:48
deathmistHarsh18262: well obviously don't literally enable everything, some of them need to be unset for stuff to work (had to figure out a few random options myself to get telnet working at all), you can probably undo the changes. you still didn't check init log when you could telnet in to see what was wrong?13:50
superprowerHi! It may be a bit off-topic, but I'm currently working with sensorfw and trying to verify that my device config is correct. Is there any command line utility that could talk to sensorfwd and query it about, for example, luminosity sensor?13:52
T42<Harsh18262> @deathmist \last time when the device was going to telnet for 2-5 secs at that the telnet server was not able to establish and before that to start telnet i had to install a custom kernel which would edit a boot img so will that log be genuine or useful?13:53
deathmistsuperprower: check systemctl status sensorfwd, it should list errors and more in journalctl, if all looks good and you have Jolla Store available, check them with AIDA64. display auto-brightness setting should also be available when ALS (ambient light sensor) works for example13:55
deathmistHarsh18262: so you never got telnet on hybris-boot kernel?13:56
T42<Harsh18262> nope13:56
superprowerdeathmist: display and such is currently WIP, that's why I'm looking into command-line utilities or at least something with open source code so that I could replicate it in similar application14:00
deathmistsuperprower: in that case I'd worry about sensors a bit later ;)  test_sensors should list some stuff. also are you booted using hybris-boot image? I made the mistake of booting w/ hybris-recovery and after switching I got UI :p14:05
electro575can you helpl me with github ?14:05
electro575i have enter my correct name14:06
deathmistelectro575: you still haven't made the 3 empty repositories on GitHub on that account like I told you to do before14:06
electro575i must create a new repositorie in my account github to git push14:06
electro575no, ok i do14:07
electro575i have created 3 empty repositories14:10
electro575but don't arrive to push14:10
superprowerdeathmist: It's complicated, so please don't bother with the details. What package contains test_sensors?14:10
electro575it's ok for me14:12
deathmistsuperprower: I'd say "pattern:sailfish-porter-tools" under jolla-configuration-*.yaml under your dcd patterns, but I honestly have no clue, mal?14:12
T42<elros34> electro575: libhybris-tests14:13
T42<elros34> sorry I mean superpower14:15
malsuperprower: related to sensors, did you add the configuration file as described in faq?14:19
malsuperprower: which device and android base?14:22
superprowermal: don't bother, it's outside of regular adaptation process.14:25
malwhat do you mean?14:28
T42<adampigg> Mal, any way to ping lbt other than here? (for patternizing)14:31
electro575i have do mistake14:31
electro575forget replace myname with git command14:32
electro575now : fatal: repository '' not found14:32
malsuperprower: you do know that different android bases need different changes so knowing which android version is used as base is quite important if you expect someone to help you14:34
electro575it's okey14:35
superprowermal: I'm not doing regular adaptation process for an android-based device, that's why I said that it could be an off-topic.14:39
malsuperprower: I don't understand what that mean in this context, test_sensors is useful only on normal android base ports14:41
malthere are only two options for porting, android based and native linux porting14:42
superprowermal: yes, I understand that (now).14:42
electro575can i help me for this sentence ?14:55
electro575Once all these 3 repositories get upstreamed under create PR into an appropriate14:55
electro575branch of the file .repo/local_manifests/hammerhead.xml to the repository.14:55
malmost people haven't moved their repos to mer-hybris14:56
electro5751error when i launch this cmd : rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh15:12
electro5751warning need to be fix ?15:14
electro5751mal ? deathmist ? An idea15:14
electro5751error must be fix as15:15
electro5751vi ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config15:15
T42<Harsh18262> check the log15:16
malelectro5751: you DO NOT edit out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config15:17
malthat is the file generated by build, not the one used in build15:18
malelectro5751: also show full log that is mentioned at the end of that paste you gave15:18
deathmistelectro5751: YOU need to use mer_config_checker and set the values as it says, you seem to have done nothing so far (check your defconfig e.g. lineage_t0lte_defconfig)15:20
electro5751hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/t0lte/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config15:21
malelectro5751: edit the lineage_t0lte_defconfig based on the errors you see in the log you just gave15:21
electro5751ok thk15:22
malthe errors are the critical ones, also set CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y and keep CONFIG_AUDIT=y15:22
liuxI'm blocked by camera freezes when pressing to recod video, on cm-12.1. I've patched frameworks/av just as i've done on cm-11.0, but it seems more errors on cm-12.1. The logcat log was pasted here:
electro5751i launch find cmd for lineage_t0lte_defconfig15:23
electro5751nothing file have this name15:23
malthat is in kernel repo15:23
malsomewhere under $ANDROID_ROOT/kernel/15:24
deathmistI checked logs, it seems to be at kernel/samsung/smdk4412/arch/arm/configs/lineageos_t0lte_defconfig15:24
malthat one15:24
liuxabranson, please help when you have time15:25
malare you sure you reverted the things correctly?15:27
deathmistelectro5751: you'll most likely have to do this to device/samsung/t0lte/ (build a new hybris-boot image afterwards)15:34
electro5751sorry, no same lines as my file15:40
electro5751no line, BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE15:40
electro5751i'm here : 7.2.1 Building the droid-hal-device packages15:43
electro5751in the guidline15:43
electro5751guide sorry15:43
malelectro5751: did you rebuild kernel after the defconfig changes?15:46
electro5751humm, no i suppose15:46
electro5751humm, yes sorry15:46
electro5751but i have same error15:46
electro5751that i pasted15:47
malof course the kernel defconfig changes are only used if you run make hybris-hal or make hybris-boot in HABUILD_SDK15:48
electro5751o Okey15:48
electro5751so, go15:48
electro5751make hybris-hal ? i have never do that15:51
electro5751but make hybris-recovery15:51
electro5751and make hybris-boot15:52
malelectro5751: yes you did in chapter 5.415:52
T42<austenite> mal, is ff memless haptics is required for controlling vibrator intensity? keyboard haptic feedback is not working15:54
mal@austenite no, keyboard haptics work fine without memless, sometimes keyboard feedback needs some configuration to make it observable15:59
mallike this
malmost devices don't support controlling the intensity, only duration like is done in that config16:00
T42<austenite> thanks mal16:08
electro5751i don't have this file16:12
electro5751with this16:13
electro5751HABUILD_SDK [t0lte] sailfish-dev@jopcportable:~/hadk/kernel/samsung/smdk441216:13
malelectro5751: come on, use your brain, your file is lineageos_t0lte_defconfig16:14
malanything with hammerhead in hadk pdf is an example16:15
electro5751o No, i have done this cmd so no file16:15
malwhat command?16:15
electro5751make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal16:15
electro5751i have erase all file ?16:15
malyou just run the commands in chapter 5.416:16
malassuming you have fixed the defconfig alreafdy16:16
electro5751i have launched make hybris-boot && make hybris-recovery16:17
malelectro5751: why?16:18
malare you sure you at some point ran make hybris-hal?16:18
electro5751of course the kernel defconfig changes are only used if you run make hybris-hal or make hybris-boot in HABUILD_SDK16:19
electro5751beucause of that16:19
electro5751i have done this cmd16:19
electro5751source build/envsetup.sh16:19
electro5751export USE_CCACHE=116:19
electro5751breakfast $DEVICE16:19
electro5751make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal16:19
electro5751cd $ANDROID_ROOT16:19
electro5751hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config \16:19
electro5751make hybris-boot16:19
electro5751make hybris-recovery16:19
electro5751that's all16:19
electro5751and i do that chapter16:20
electro5751Contribute your mods back16:20
electro5751because i don't have tape this16:20
maldo not paste so many lines16:20
malmake hybris-hal includes both make hybris-boot and make hybris-recovery16:21
maldid you edit the defconfig file to fix the errors?16:21
electro5751so, just do this cmd16:22
electro5751make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal16:22
electro5751but error appear again16:23
malare you sure you fixed correct defconfig16:24
malshow what you did, go to kernel/samsung/smdk4412 and show output of "git diff"16:24
piggzmal: whats this, not seen it before?
malpiggz: that is some ancient fix from 4 years ago16:26
malelectro5751: what is that supposed to be?16:28
electro5751once i launched make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal then i check with this cmd ?16:28
electro5751hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config \ ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:28
malgo to kernel/samsung/smdk4412 and show output of "git diff"16:28
malelectro5751: so what error are you talking about16:31
electro5751and after verifying ->
electro5751during make hybrid-hal -> error with defconfig i suppose, no ?
malelectro5751: was the make hybris-hal or hybris-boot build successful, you only show a small part of the log16:33
electro5751yes, but after modifying the file ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:33
electro5751before do make hybrid-boot16:33
electro5751and make hybrid-recovery16:34
malelectro5751: what? you edited out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config ??????16:34
electro5751what command is necessary : make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal , make hybrid-boot or make hybrid-recovery16:34
electro5751yes, ...16:34
mal18:17 < mal> electro5751: you DO NOT edit out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:34
electro5751but erase after make16:35
electro5751but now16:35
electro5751after make hybris-hal16:35
electro5751i do this command16:35
malyou are still not showing complete build log16:35
electro5751hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config \ ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:35
electro5751complete build log16:35
malSHOW THE DAMN FULL BUILD LOG or I will not help you anymore16:35
electro5751for make hybris-hal ?16:36
electro5751i give it to you16:36
electro5751sorry, ...16:36
malI have told so many times on this channel to not try to guess where to relevant part of the log is but instead always give full logs16:36
electro5751full log for you, thanks16:39
malnow show output of hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config \ ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:41
malremove that \ from the command just in case16:41
malso hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:41
malelectro5751: wait, where in the defconfig did you add your changes? those should be added to the end of the file16:42
electro5751where, i don't know exactly16:43
electro5751i'm looking16:43
malthe diff you gave suggests you added the changes to quite near the beginning of the defconfig file16:44
electro5751humm, after the first16:44
malmove the changes you did to the end of the file and then run make hybris-hal again16:45
electro5751yes, after CONFIG_IRQ_WORK16:45
malelectro5751: the file is processed in order, so if you add something to the beginning it might be overridden later in the file16:45
electro5751it's done16:47
electro5751make working16:47
electro5751i must install : module-init-tools16:48
electro5751how ?16:48
malwhat are you talking about16:49
electro5751  DEPMOD  3.0.101-lineage-gb7ffe7f2aea-dirty16:49
electro5751Warning: you may need to install module-init-tools16:49
electro5751i pasted you the full log after16:49
malI think that is fine16:49
electro5751the make hybris-all is more longer16:51
electro5751i'm waiting for finish16:51
electro5751it's necessary after make hybris-hal to do make hybris-boot and make hybris-recovery ?16:55
malI said already earlier that hybris-hal includes hybris-boot and hybris-recovery16:56
electro5751it's my full log16:56
electro5751with terminal, but not the FULL16:57
electro5751more object have compiled16:57
electro5751it's more good i suppose16:57
T42<elros34> does this device use 3.0.101 kernel?16:57
malof course more things were build since now the kernel config changes were different16:57
electro5751i can continue now ?16:58
malcheck the hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config16:59
malif no errors then probably ok16:59
electro5751some error appear16:59
malone error16:59
electro5751modify defconfig ?16:59
electro5751i remake17:01
maljust to be sure, both should be on their own lines17:03
mallooks reasonable17:03
electro5751just warning so17:03
electro5751can i continue ?17:03
electro5751i re-edit my guide file .odt17:04
malyes, some warnings are always left17:04
electro5751do you think it's important ?17:05
mallike I just said, some warning are always seen, not all kernel support all configs17:07
electro5751thanks for your help17:07
electro5751mal, i must create17:19
electro5751<project path="kernel/lge/hammerhead"17:19
electro5751revision="stable/cm-11.0-XNG3C" />17:19
electro5751but mine17:19
electro5751it's possible ?17:20
electro5751but actually, i have this manifest17:20
malelectro5751: what are you talking about, you already did local manifest17:22
T42<austenite> hammerhead is an example17:22
malforget about the part about pushing those to github for now17:22
electro5751wtf, my computer crash17:23
electro5751i'm talking about : Contribute your mods back17:24
electro5751it's ok17:26
electro5751rpm/dhd/helpers/ -> GOOD17:26
electro5751errors :/
electro5751error dependencies at the end17:27
electro5751mal, Package 'ssu-kickstart-configuration' not found.17:28
T42<austenite> electro5751 its in hadk pdf17:29
T42<austenite> section 8.317:29
electro5751why it's after section 7 ?17:30
electro5751what is really necessary in 8.217:31
electro5751jolla-xt9 (predictive text input) : ye17:31
electro5751sailfish-eas (Microsoft Exchange support) : no for me i suppose !17:31
electro5751aliendalvik (AndroidTM Apps Support) : if you use android app17:31
electro5751sailfish-maps : yes17:31
T42<austenite> skip 8.2 is what you cannot build along with sailfish image17:32
T42<austenite> its rules17:32
malelectro5751: read in faq17:33
mal@austenite different issue17:33
malthis is an issue in droid-config repo, a known thing17:33
electro5751i'm going to finish compilation17:35
electro5751what i must do again ^^17:36
maljust do what faq tells, line 692->17:36
electro5751all build is ok17:41
electro5751last line : Error <creator>[07/19 17:52:00] : URLGrabber error:
deathmistelectro5751: you didn't set RELEASE. please do e.g. "RELEASE="17:53
electro5751yes sorry17:54
electro5751sailfishOS version depend on the sailfish SDK ?17:56
deathmistwhen using latest SDK you can always build latest public release from
electro5751or v3.0.0.817:58
deathmistI said "latest public release", so neither. latest public release is v3.0.3.1017:58
deathmistignore early access17:59
electro5751i suppose18:00
deathmistjust don't set it18:00
electro5751o sorry18:00
electro5751why this -> C_CREATEREPOLIB: Warning: Record with type "patterns" already exists in repomd.xml18:00
electro5751have again this error18:01
electro5751Error <creator>[07/19 17:52:00] : URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1418:01
deathmistignore all warnings, if you get a ZIP at the end you are good to go18:01
electro5751o no18:01
electro5751it's good18:01
deathmistyou still didn't set release?18:01
electro5751it's good18:01
electro5751Error <repo>[07/19 18:01:35] : found 1 resolver problem, abort!18:01
electro5751Warning[07/19 18:01:34] : repo problem: nothing provides libhybris-tests needed by pattern:sailfish-porter-tools-1-1.noarch,18:01
electro5751Warning[07/19 18:01:14] : Can't get version info of /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static, please make sure it's higher than 0.13.018:02
maldid all build in work without errors18:07
electro5751it's working18:08
electro5751sorry but18:10
electro5751Build libhybris? [Y/n/all]18:10
electro5751always all ? after seeing paste18:12
malwell all means it will build all18:14
malyou need to build all at least once18:16
T42<austenite> mal, on 15.1 port , system and vendor are not mounted
malmaybe you have the usual issue that fstab and ueventd*.rc is not copied to out/.../root/18:18
T42<austenite> and there is no property_contexts file after hybris_hal so i copied the plat_property_contexts as property_contexts and propert_set errors are gone , but there is no /system18:19
malcheck that I just told18:19
T42<austenite> ok18:19
electro5751DONE! Now proceed on creating the rootfs18:28
electro5751mal, Error <creator>[07/19 18:30:47] : Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration t0lte18:31
electro5751after this cmd : sudo mic create18:32
deathmistelectro5751: run "hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device/helpers/" again?18:34
maldid you run all the commands told in there18:34
electro5751forget one cmd18:35
electro5751always : Warning[07/19 18:35:31] : Can't get version info of /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static, please make sure it's higher than 0.13.018:35
malignore that18:36
electro5751ok, after the zip il created18:36
electro5751can i use my twrp recovery ?18:36
electro5751to flash the zip18:36
electro5751for you, what is the main advantage of choose sailfishOS rather than AOSP and LineageOS ?18:40
deathmist@birdzhang or someone else knowledgeable on the topic: is there info about Anbox on 4.4 kernel? lxc-checkconfig returns I've only done minor kernel tweaks, so adding these patches should be next? (the contents are quite a bit different on some of the files)18:44
electro5751it's ok -> sailfishos-t0lte-release-
electro5751it's possible to flash .zip with twrp recovery ?18:45
deathmistelectro5751: congrats! now you need a cm-14.1 zip to flash BEFORE flashing that one (preferably official) while making sure /system and /cache are formatted as ext4 in TWRP18:45
electro5751ok thk18:45
electro5751how to be sure ?18:46
deathmistif you haven't made full backups, do so now. Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Click partition to check > Repair or Change File System should show it (formatting doesn't hurts either :p)18:48
electro5751i suppose it's in ext4 because i have resurrexion remix18:50
electro5751and before lineageOS18:50
electro5751just flash cm-14.1 so18:50
deathmistprob should factory reset wipe from TWRP too before beginning for the first time18:51
electro5751just have CM1318:51
deathmistyour base was on cm-14.1 right?
electro5751humm, now resurrexion remix but18:54
electro5751never CM18:54
deathmistCM = LineageOS18:54
electro5751this link is dead18:54
electro5751ok, so i flash lineageOS ?18:54
deathmistoh I didn't even check, oops18:54
deathmist there, found a mirrored one ;)18:57
electro5751it's good too ?18:57
electro5751ok i download this18:58
electro5751after deathmist, i wipe system, install lineageOS18:59
electro5751and after wipe system and install zip sailfish OS ?18:59
electro5751what are step ?18:59
deathmistfactory reset wipe from TWRP should be enough, then LineageOS => SFOS zip18:59
electro5751install LineageOS and install SailFishOS ?19:01 proceed to wipe system before install it ?19:01
deathmist? sailfish doesn't touch your system partition, lineageos will and you'll flash that first19:02
electro5751so need lineageOS ^^, it's strange for an independant OS ^^19:03
deathmistit uses LineageOS as a base to get the hardware, display, LEDs, buttons etc working fully under Sailfish OS software, no need to reinvent the wheel ;)19:04
electro5751but, with sailfishOS, no google and no microsoft19:05
electro5751it's possible ?19:05
deathmistwhat's possible? install Sailfish without LineageOS zip? I've thought about this too but one would have to go into great lengths (and imho waste time) to make that even partially working19:07
electro5751sorry but i don't understand all19:07
electro5751i must reboot and start LineageOS before install zip SailFishOS ?19:08
deathmistnope, just flash lineage zip then sailfish19:09
electro5751sailfish is installing19:13
electro5751i just want to know if package google or microsoft are in sailfishOS19:13
electro5751and if it's possible to add android app in the phone19:14
electro5751installation of sailfishOS error : updater processus error 719:17
deathmistelectro5751: about android apps, basically no. alien-dalvik (the Android app layer) is a commercial piece of software that Jolla doesn't allow community ports to have. maybe you could get a license for around $25, but I have no clue. even then it would probably be strictly for personal use. Anbox is a thing but it's not in a pretty state right now19:18
deathmistat all.19:18
electro5751thanks for you answer19:18
deathmistthat's kinda expected, what happened there is the extraction binary "tar" is broken on your TWRP, using an older TWRP version could fix this, but I just use the one SFOS generates w/ busybox19:18
T42<Harsh18262> try using format data that fixes error 7 for me19:19
electro5751format DATA19:19
T42<Harsh18262> after selecting wipe in twrp there are two options advanced option and format data19:20
electro5751for me, failed to mount /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/USERDATA at /data19:20
deathmistthat's ok, it's already mounted before you entered the setup (kind of a pointless check, I made a custom solution that JUST checks if everything is in the right format i.e. ext4)19:20
deathmistif you format data please reboot back to TWRP recovery, then flash lineageos and sailfish again (after copying them over to the phone again)19:22
T42<Harsh18262> use adb sideload or a ext sd card that would reduce the hasle of copying a new test version on device19:23
electro5751failed to mount19:29
T42<Harsh18262> did u reboot?19:29
electro5751device or resource busy19:29
T42<Harsh18262> this warning while installing zip19:30
T42<Harsh18262> meaning is the zip continuing to install or stopped?19:30
T42<Harsh18262> thats not a error as deathmist said it gives that error because the partition is already mounted19:31
electro5751already mounted yes but i don't know why /data is mounted19:33
electro5751i have disable MTP service19:33
electro5751but same notice19:33
T42<Harsh18262> it gets mounted at the start of twrp19:33
electro5751ok, so19:33
electro5751Hum, place my .zip in sd card19:34
electro5751it's for that i suppose19:34
T42<Harsh18262> i didnt understand19:34
electro5751maybe because i launch the zip under my internal storage19:34
T42<Harsh18262> no that does not matter19:34
electro5751maybe it's because i have install LineageOS ?19:35
electro5751i must restart recovery ?19:35
T42<Harsh18262> if u want that warning to go then go to mount section of twrp unmount data and internal then flash the warning will not appear19:35
T42<Harsh18262> for what?19:36
electro5751error installation19:36
electro5751so what i must do ?19:36
T42<Harsh18262> the installation stopped19:36
T42<Harsh18262> ?19:36
electro5751error 719:37
T42<Harsh18262> last line before stoping19:37
electro5751i try to use SD card19:38
electro5751to install SailFishOS19:38
T42<Harsh18262> ok try19:39
electro5751it's ok19:41
electro5751just mount sdcard19:41
electro5751before launch the .zip19:42
deathmistthat won't help you, most likely tar is eating up all your available ram and then gets killed by OOM => results in error 7, which you could also verify in recovery log located in /cache19:42
deathmistsorry, log path is /tmp/recovery.log19:44
deathmistif tar is getting killed due to using all ram, you have 3 choices: downgrade TWRP, use tar from sailfish busybox or create a swapfile19:46
deathmistTWRP downgrade may or may not work (didn't for me)19:46
electro5751my phone restart19:48
electro5751the installation is okey but19:48
electro5751always restart at startup19:48
deathmisthow long until a restart?19:48
electro5751just display samsung Galaxy note II19:48
electro5751and restart until 6s19:48
T42<Harsh18262> same for me19:49
electro5751all 6s19:49
T42<Harsh18262> 6s means 6 seconds ?19:49
T42<Harsh18262> ok19:49
electro575115 seconds19:50
deathmistthat is to be expected, try to use "telnet 23" from host quickly when the phone is booting and also do "cat /init.log" if possible to get details about init process19:50
electro5751local adress is 23 ?19:51
deathmistthat is your phone when it's plugged in via USB, it will always have the IP for development and debugging purposes19:52
deathmistor it should anyways, another way to tell if it's doing anything is running "dmesg -w" on the host, plug the phone in and start booting to SFOS, "Mer boat loader" should show up there etc19:53
T42<Harsh18262> @deathmist  at what stage is your device booting in sfos or telnet only?19:53
electro5751telnet not work19:54
deathmistif you don't spam the telnet command when trying to connect (e.g. CTRL + C if it doesn't connect instantly, UP arrow then ENTER) it'll just hang, see host dmesg like I told you above19:55
deathmistHarsh18262: in very early init you get telnet 23, that is before it even boots Sailfish. if you can't get that it's likely a SELinux, device fstab, ueventd*.rc etc problem19:56
electro5751i don't arrived to do anything19:56
electro5751just display Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N710519:58
electro5751and reboot at each 15 seconds19:59
electro5751not telnet possible19:59
electro5751can i flash SailfishOS with adb ?20:00
electro5751what version of twrp is better ?20:00
deathmistif flashing succeeded that is not the issue, your issue would currently be hybris-boot20:00
deathmistcould you show your fixup-mountpoints?20:01
electro5751i have TWRP version 3.1.1-020:04
deathmistthat should be ok, how about your kernel/samsung/smdk4412/arch/arm/configs/lineageos_t0lte_defconfig ?20:06
electro5751you want all file ?20:07
electro5751it's difficult to give it to you20:07
electro5751i have fix warning but how to really know what they do ! :/20:14
electro5751add the end of the def_config20:16
deathmistjust to make sure, give contents of device/samsung/t0lte/BoardCommonConfig.mk20:18
deathmistoh actually run "grep -rnw device/ -e BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE"20:19
deathmistseems you didn't modify that yet20:19
electro5751device/samsung/smdk4412-common/ := console=ttySAC2,11520020:20
electro5751i can use odin to flash my samsung device20:22
deathmistthe file you linked doesn't have BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE even though it's clearly found above?20:22
electro5751O, no,20:23
deathmistfind the proper file first of all, then append " audit=0 selinux=0" at the end of BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE line in the PROPER BoardCommonConfig.mk20:23
electro5751device/samsung/t0tle/ not have BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE20:25
T42<Harsh18262> @deathmist audit=0 is also neccesary i dont have that in my bc.mk20:25
deathmist the line 100% is there, you pasted the wrong file20:25
deathmistyou are looking at the wrong file... are you even looking what find returned? it clearly says "device/samsung/smdk4412-common/"20:25
electro5751i don't know what modify20:26
electro5751but, what i must to do20:26
deathmistappend " audit=0 selinux=0" at the end of BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE line like so
electro5751for this file ?20:27
electro5751but i don't have the same text on the line20:29
deathmistyes you do stop looking at the wrong file20:31
electro5751what is the wrong file for you20:32
electro5751# Kernel20:32
electro5751BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := console=ttySAC2,11520020:32
electro5751BOARD_KERNEL_BASE := 0x4000000020:32
electro5751BOARD_KERNEL_PAGESIZE := 204820:32
electro5751KERNEL_TOOLCHAIN := $(ANDROID_BUILD_TOP)/prebuilts/gcc/$(HOST_OS)-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.8/bin20:32
electro5751TARGET_KERNEL_CROSS_COMPILE_PREFIX := arm-eabi-20:32
deathmistthere it is, "BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE", it's in device/samsung/smdk4412-common/ like I've already said20:33
electro5751yes ok20:33
electro5751so after, i must recompile all ?20:33
electro5751make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal20:34
electro5751hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config \20:34
deathmistrun "mka hybris-boot", then give that .config file20:34
electro5751run with SDK environment  ?20:35
deathmistnope, HABUILD like always before when working with Android parts such as HAL or kernel20:35
electro5751what i must do after running this cmd ?20:37
deathmistgive me your ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config20:37
deathmistdon't think you ran all the needed commands: ". build/ && breakfast $DEVICE && export USE_CCACHE=1"20:40
deathmistalso "cd $ANDROID_ROOT"20:40
electro5751./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config :
electro5751i run make hybris-boot20:43
electro5751log of20:44
electro5751make hybris-boot20:44
deathmistalright good, now go to TWRP and flash hybris-boot.img to your boot partition, reobot and see if this changes anything (it should)20:45
electro5751a lot of warning at the beginning20:45
electro5751warning: override: reassigning to symbol BTRFS_FS20:45
electro5751ok thk20:45
electro5751it's write image for boot20:50
electro5751i suppose20:50
electro5751it's not that deathmist20:50
deathmistwhat do you mean? grab the fresh hybris-boot.img from out/ and write it to the boot partition using TWRP (need to tap Install Image)20:51
electro5751yes, it's done20:51
electro5751my phone reboot20:51
deathmiststill same 15s?20:51
electro5751mal, an idea ?20:54
T42<elros34> do you have something in host dmesg?20:54
electro5751i don't know if i have more message20:55
electro5751be appear no20:55
electro5751nothing more20:56
electro5751try flashing with odin ?20:56
T42<elros34> sure I see no reason to use twrp to flash kernel but that shoudn't be issue20:58
electro5751flash only the zip with odin ?20:59
deathmistelectro5751: there are the rest of your options for kernel defconfig probably won't make a difference, but won't hurt to try20:59
deathmistwhat zip? you are working with hybris-boot image, did you format something or wipe data?20:59
electro5751ok, after append this text21:01
T42<elros34> try to hold recovery button when it reboots so it reboot straight to twrp21:01
electro5751what i do21:01
T42<elros34> there is no point for adding more config changes, there is a chance one of them cause issue21:02
T42<elros34> I asked earlier, do you use kernel 3.0 ?21:03
electro5751make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal21:03
deathmistyes he does, 3.0.10121:03
T42<elros34> so you need patched glibc after you fix kernel issue21:04
electro5751just to check21:04
electro5751what i must to do ? now21:05
electro5751recompile ?21:05
electro5751make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal21:05
deathmistelros34: ah, I didn't know, I have a 4.4 device myself21:05
T42<elros34> have you tried what I said about rebooting to twrp?21:05
electro5751rebooting yes21:05
electro5751it's ok21:05
electro5751to twrp21:05
T42<elros34> so you should have now /proc/last_kmsg21:06
electro5751with adb ?21:06
T42<elros34> yes21:06
electro5751no devices :/21:07
electro5751i reboot my device21:08
electro5751i go21:10
electro5751elros34 :
electro5751how get a file ?21:13
electro5751adb push or adb pull21:13
electro5751it's a binary21:16
electro5751i'm sorry i have no more21:16
electro5751elros34 ? are you here ?21:17
electro5751vknecht ?21:18
electro5751i must go to sleep21:20
electro5751nobody ?21:20
T42<Harsh18262> ADB pull to get a file21:24
T42<Harsh18262> ADB pull {path of file to be pull} {path where to save the pulled file}21:25
T42<elros34> electro5751: for me looks like it crash very early thus only "Starting kernel at*" in log, you can try with minimal defconfig changes. On 3.0 kernel I had issues with: CONFIG_VT/_DEVTMPFS/_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR so you can try to disable them first21:40
T42<elros34> or you just grab log wrong way21:53

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