Saturday, 2019-07-20

liuxI'm on the wrong direction. the video playback freezes just like video recorder, so it should be nothing to do with camera patches04:15
* Danct12 sent a long message: < >06:27
Danct12can anyone help me with this include error?06:27
Danct12i've added it to but that seems to be nothing happening06:27
Danct12PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \ libhwc2_compat_layer06:27
T42<Harsh18262> clone libhybris to some suitable place, either external/ or hybris/mw/ git clone --recurse-submodules -b android8-initial06:35
T42<Harsh18262> @Danct1206:35
electro5751hi all06:50
electro5751i bootloop in the startup07:09
electro5751i'm trying minimal config07:09
electro5751why i always have this error : CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is invalid08:00
electro5751mal, i have this error ERROR: CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is invalid08:11
electro5751but i don't know how it's possible to valid this08:12
electro5751i had already write to my def_conf CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y08:12
T42<elros34> I am pretty sure you already asked it yesterday... Look at "depends on" in
T42<elros34> electro5751: add this line "repo —name=glibc-kernel-3.0 —baseurl=" to your *.ks file otherwise kernel will crash when it reach init-debug. Make sure it is included in image (glibc.armv7hl 2.25+git5+3.0.0-1.8.1.jolla package in Jolla-$DEVICE-armv7hl.packages08:17
T42 file)08:17
electro5751how can i search this glibc.armv7hl in this file Jolla-$DEVICE-armv7hl.packages08:18
electro5751unzip and search ?08:18
T42<elros34> it's just regular text file you dont have to unzip it08:19
electro5751this must be enable : CONFIG_VT=y08:19
electro5751no disable -> with make -> error CONFIG_VT=n08:20
T42<elros34> not at this point, better disable it08:20
electro5751not possible08:20
T42<elros34> use (depaste already expired) and show your yesterday defconfig changes08:21
electro5751elros34, how do diff with git ?08:24
electro5751i'm not an expert with this08:24
T42<elros34> you forgot some commands before build but anyway I asked about changes so go to kernel dir and type "git diff"08:28
electro5751git diff with ? sdk or HABUILD_SDK08:29
electro5751no output with git diff08:30
T42<elros34> it doesn't matter, you can use even host system08:31
electro5751even host system ?08:31
electro5751i can paste you my defconf08:32
electro5751i have add this : CONFIG_VT=n08:34
electro5751as you said yesterday elros3408:35
T42<elros34> so any changes when you flash kernel?08:36
rudi36Anyone working on a port for Xperia 10 ?08:39
electro5751Warning: you may need to install module-init-tools08:39
electro5751again this error : CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is invalid08:40
electro5751no rudi36, no sony mobile for me08:40
T42<elros34> add only this configs: I think I didn't miss anything important but compare it with out/*/.config08:42
T42<Harsh18262> @elros what does " " mean in defconfig08:43
T42<elros34> empty path?08:43
T42<Harsh18262> CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH=""08:43
T42<Harsh18262> In this08:43
electro5751this configs for defconfig ?08:44
T42<elros34> yes, only this changes. Then make hybris-boot and flash it via odin. type dmesg -w, reset terminal, power on device and connect it to pc08:46
T42<elros34> @Harsh18262 default value is CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH="/sbin/hotplug"08:47
electro5751ok, i try to rebuild all and see08:47
electro5751without your changes08:47
T42<elros34> not all I said hybris-boot08:47
T42<Harsh18262> So what does making the path empty do?08:47
T42<elros34> I don't know it's explained in mer-kernel-checker:
T42<Harsh18262> Ok08:49
T42<austenite> anbox started ! how can i simulate android 'back' ?08:49
electro5751flash with twrp it's the same no ?08:50
T42<elros34> I am not sure, better use normal fastboot/odin way08:52
electro5751what is fastboot cmd ?08:53
electro5751when i can use fastboot, in what mode ?08:53
T42<elros34> most devices use fastboot but samsung use odin08:54
Danct12Harsh18262, am I doing this right?08:54
* Danct12 sent a long message: < >08:54
Danct12aka another libhybris folder in external/libhybris08:54
T42<Harsh18262> No got to external and git clone there no inside the libhybris folder08:55
electro5751i'm on linux08:55
electro5751i don't if odin is avaliable on debian08:55
Danct12yes, i did git clone and fetch submodules inside hadk/external08:56
T42<elros34> Danct12: looks good08:56
T42<elros34> Danct12: but instruction is obsolete use master branch like in faq-hadk (channel topic)08:59
Danct12i didn't know that faq-hadk etherpad was on the topic09:02
Danct12thank you09:03
electro5751i don't remember how to flash with odin, ..09:07
electro5751elros34, don't arrived to flash boot.img09:14
electro5751with odin, failed not pass09:14
T42<elros34> NOT boot.img hybris-boot09:15
T42<elros34> this is the correct kernel image out/target/product/$DEVICE/hybris-boot09:16
electro5751but what option Odin select for this09:16
electro5751Bootloader or AP ?09:16
electro5751to flash this09:16
T42<elros34> I don't use it so can't help you but for sure you shoudn't touch bootloader09:17
T42<elros34> also format data in twrp until you build sfos image with repo I gave you09:17
electro5751with repo ?09:18
electro5751yes this09:21
electro5751repo —name=glibc-kernel-3.0 —baseurl=
Danct12btw i also want to move my hadk folder09:23
Danct12it's easy as "mv hadk destination"09:23
Danct12am i right?09:23
electro5751mv yes but09:25
electro5751try with other folder before to be sure09:25
electro5751elros34 : Where i must tape this cmd ? add this line "repo —name=glibc-kernel-3.0 —baseurl="09:26
T42<elros34> add to your Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks file09:27
electro5751this file is not writable09:30
T42<Harsh18262> Try using sudo09:31
T42<austenite> @birdzhang how did you bring keyboard in anbox?09:31
electro5751it's good09:32
electro5751what i must do after this ?09:32
T42<elros34> wrong, path is $ANDROID_ROOT/Jolla-@RELEASE@-t0lte-@ARCH@.ks, then you need to run mic again09:37
electro5751so i recompile the zip09:38
electro5751and flash lineageOS and sailfish OS ?09:38
T42<austenite> you can remove previously flashed sailfish files by rm -rf /data/.stowaways    in adb shell09:40
electro5751you're talking to me ? austenite09:41
T42<austenite> yes09:42
T42<elros34> no you don't have to remove sailfish or flash lineage, just flash sfos image and then also hybris-boot manually (via heimdall or twrp but it might be the reason for your trouble)09:42
electro5751sfos image ?09:43
electro5751what is it09:43
T42<elros34> cmon, what did you flash earlier (zip file with sfos rootfs)09:45
electro5751i'm lost09:45
electro5751what is exactly sfos ?09:46
T42<Harsh18262> @elros is it necessary to make a new rootfs zip after doing changes in defconfig ?09:46
T42<Harsh18262> Sfos= sailfish os09:46
T42<Harsh18262> Rootfs zip is the zip u flash after lineage os09:47
T42<elros34> @Harsh18262 no, you can just make and flash hybris-boot but he also needs patched glibc so new rootfs is necessary09:48
T42<Harsh18262> Ok09:50
electro5751i must enable in defconfig09:50
electro5751elros34, when you say it might be the reason for your trouble09:55
electro5751it's because i don't arrived to flash the hybris-boot.img with odin ?09:56
electro5751but this part is flash with Sfos no ?09:56
T42<birdzhang> @ @austenite not found the way09:58
T42<elros34> I mean (If I get it right) your yesterday dmesg logs suggest that you didn't flash hybris-boot at all. You never show flash log from twrp so I can only guess09:59
electro5751ok, it's possible to show log with TWRP ?09:59
electro5751when ? or where in TWRP10:00
T42<elros34> after flashing sfos zip there should be something in /tmp/recovery.log or somewhere10:01
electro5751ok, thanks10:01
electro5751but sfos contain hybris-boot no ?10:01
T42<elros34> yes10:02
electro5751so i recompile all10:03
electro5751and see the log after flashing10:03
electro5751with fastboot, it's not possible to flash hybris-boot ?10:04
liuxit printed "E/OMX-VDEC-1080P( 5456): startServiceThroughActivityManager() couldn't find activity service!" when i playback video or recode video. that might be the reason why video freezes10:28
r0kk3rzliux: you built droidmedia?10:30
liuxr0kk3rz, yes, i built droidmedia with latest master and same version as my cm-11.0 based sfos. both not work for the issue10:32
r0kk3rzinteresting, you might want to talk to abranson10:35
liuxr0kk3rz, yes, seems he is not here these days. what do you think i can check myself before talk to him?10:38
T42<austenite> @birdzhang keyboard and anbox is usable, is it possible to replace the anbox  system image with one of custom rom system?10:39
r0kk3rzliux: enable some more android services maybe10:45
liuxr0kk3rz, per droidmedia commit log, it should be Android 9 devices require an activity manager service, and i can find "FakeActivityManager::instantiate();" in droidmedia. but my synced repos should be cm-12.1. no reason need it, except some repos updated to same commit as android910:49
r0kk3rzah, its possible it could have broken older adaptations10:50
r0kk3rztry downgrading droidmedia10:50
liuxr0kk3rz, i've tried. it's same10:51
r0kk3rzhow far back did you go?10:51
liuxtag 0.20190704.0 for droidmedia, which works fine for my cm-11.0 based sfos10:52
electro5751elros34, failed to extract filesystem10:53
liuxr0kk3rz, do you know which repo invokes "activity manager service"? it should be updated for android 9 but should downgrade for old version10:54
T42<elros34> electro5751: no wonder kernel does not work ..10:56
electro5751where are the log10:56
electro5751in twrp10:56
T42<elros34> search, I gave you the possible path, it shouldn't be hard to find10:57
electro5751i can give you the log10:57
electro5751tar: out of memory10:59
electro5751tar: short write10:59
electro5751run_program: child exited with status 110:59
electro5751script aborted: Failed to extract filesystem!10:59
electro5751Failed to extract filesystem!10:59
electro5751the end of the log file10:59
electro5751out of memory ?11:00
T42<elros34> you need to downgrade twrp because of bug in tar: try 3.0.2 version11:00
electro5751another way maybe to flash sailfishOS ?11:01
T42<elros34> you could use sfos busybox tar but I never tried it so can't give you detailed instruction. Flashing older twrp should be easy11:02
electro5751where is locate sfos busybox ?11:03
electro5751fastboot to flash old twrp11:04
T42<elros34> busybox is somwhere in out/. Fastboot is for non samsung devices, use heimdall or odin11:05
electro5751what busybox do ?11:10
electro5751it's better11:14
electro5751i'm not sure that line is really done : Flashing hybris-boot.img ...11:16
electro5751normally is ext4 no ?11:17
electro5751I:Actual block device: '', current file system: 'vfat'11:17
electro5751bootloop again :/11:20
electro5751how can i check the start of the device ?11:28
T42<elros34> what dmesg show when it bootloops? does your minimal defconfig is really used (check out/*/.config)11:32
electro5751minimal config yes11:35
electro5751dmesg with ? my computer11:36
electro5751nothing with dmesg11:37
electro5751maybe log at startup ?11:37
T42<elros34> really nothing when it reboots? then hold recovery button11:38
electro5751nothing more11:39
electro5751can i check the log ?11:41
electro5751of the startup11:41
T42<elros34> thats the point I told you to hold recovery button but you like to ignore11:42
electro5751at is the location of the log11:43
T42<elros34> same as yesterday but did it actually reboot to recovery or you turn off device and and boot to recovery itself11:44
T42<elros34> ?11:44
electro5751i don't know really if the device turn off11:45
electro5751bootloop so don't turn off11:45
electro5751the battery was again in the device11:46
electro5751/proc/last_kmsg :
electro5751elros34, block in starting kernel ?11:48
electro5751i copy all log11:49
T42<elros34> So kernel probably still crash early or this log is garbage. Show your out/*/.config11:50
electro5751ok but after no .config11:51
electro5751what file do you want ?11:52
electro5751out/*/.config: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type11:53
electro5751elros34 ?11:55
electro5751mal, an idea ?11:57
electro5751i'm copying full log12:10
electro5751i send you after12:10
electro5751elros34 : here full log12:18
electro5751EXT2-fs (mmcblk0p16): error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (44)12:19
electro5751[MMC] there are pending interrupts 0x0001000012:20
electro5751my last def config12:26
T42<elros34> show your generated defconfig, search it in out/ with name .config. ALso go to trwp and check if /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log exists12:29
T42<elros34> so you didn't paste whole log earlier because in latest sailfish boots12:30
electro5751whole log ?12:31
electro5751no, but earlier i didn't have the time to paste all file12:31
T42<elros34> so maybe you learn now to ALWAYS paste whole logs to not waste your and our time12:32
electro5751yes, i know, ...12:33
electro5751for this : hadk/out/target/product/t0lte/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config12:34
T42<Harsh18262> @elros34 is it possible that the .config file has more lines than defconfig12:35
electro5751i see twrp log12:36
T42<elros34> @Harsh18262 .config is generated when you build kernel so it may have different options set or unset than your defconfig so you always have to use mer-kernel-checker against .config12:38
T42<elros34> touch /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_enter_debug2 in twrp so it will stop rebooting and get host dmesg12:39
electro5751can i reboot so ?12:42
electro5751i suppose i can connect with telnet12:43
malliux: we only added activity manager to android 9 base in droidmedia, no older versions ever needed it before12:44
electro5751Mer Debug telnet on port 2323 on rndis0 - also running udhcpd12:45
electro5751IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enp0s29u1u2: link is not ready12:45
T42<elros34> so can you: telnet 2323 ?12:47
electro5751i can't12:47
electro5751but the phone not restart12:48
electro5751IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enp0s29u1u2: link is not ready12:48
T42<elros34> on some device it might have issues: try with different usb port or cable if it doesn't help then this guide always helps me:
malcheck if the interface exists and if it got an ip, if no ip then set one manually for example12:51
electro5751telnet is okey12:53
electro5751i'm connecting12:54
T42<elros34> ok so make sure you can always telnet to device and start enabling more options to defconfig12:55
electro5751can always telnet ? with what hardware configuration ?12:56
electro5751defconfig on my device by telnet or with my computer ?12:56
electro5751i must go to take a shower12:57
electro575115 min12:57
liuxmal, i see. then the activity manager service could not be the cause of video frozen. perhaps it's codec error? have no idea how to debug it13:08
asriel[m]Good evening!13:11
asriel[m]Danct12: Have you figured out how to compile it yet?13:11
asriel[m]The hybris-hal thing that is failing13:11
Danct12yep, alot of fixes can be found here
Danct12which is on the channel topic and didnt even notice that13:12
malliux: in android 9 that broke camera at least, maybe codecs also13:13
malliux: which android base are you using?13:13
liuxmal, it's cm-12.1, android 5.1.113:14
malquite odd why that would require it13:14
malliux: did you find anything related to that in your android base?13:15
liuxmal, yes, but that repo's last update was in 2015 for cm-12.1. it's "hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8960/mm-video/vidc/vdec/src/omx_vdec.cpp:255:        ALOGE("startServiceThroughActivityManager() couldn't find activity service!\n");"13:17
liuxmal, so it might be an warning which not casued the video frozen?13:18
asriel[m]Hey guys, I have an error about bootanimation requires imagemagick13:20
malso install it?13:29
electro5751elros34, if i active some module, how we can debug the init ?13:29
electro5751you are developers of sailfishOS ?13:30
malliux: the change is very old, so the issue is probably something else13:32
malliux: did you check the media*.xml symlinks in /etc and other things like that13:32
liuxmal, the logcat log was pasted here:
T42<elros34> you mean CONFIG_ ? Just make sure you can still telnet. When you enable most of them and you still would have telnet access then you can remove init_enter_debug2 so it will start booting sfos. Then you can use journalctl —no-page to grab usefull log13:34
liuxmal, is there any correct sample for media*.xml symlinks? I have no idea how to check there13:34
malliux: link all you have in /system/etc to /etc13:34
T42<Harsh18262> @electro5751 can u send your defconfig from which u r able to telnet i want it for reference13:36
electro5751okey if you want13:37
electro5751why ? you don't arrived to do telnet ?13:37
T42<Harsh18262> nope13:38
T42<Harsh18262> plus are u able to telnet through port 23 or 232313:38
electro5751minimal def config13:39
T42<Harsh18262> thx13:39
T42<Harsh18262> this is defconfig or .config13:40
electro5751mal, what i must activate in my defconfig to debug my init with telnet ?13:41
liuxmal, all linked except one by default. After linked that one then rebooted, video issue is still there...13:43
malliux: does dmesg show anything interesting?13:46
electro5751what can i enable interesting module13:47
malliux: what was not linked?13:47
malliux: why are you updating android base?13:48
liuxmal, it's "/system/etc/media_codecs_xiaomi_extra.xml" not linked by default13:50
liuxliux, nothing special in dmesg13:50
malliux: you should show full logcat13:51
malliux: do you see those /dev/msm_vidc* devices in filesystem?13:52
liuxmal, because the offcial cm-11.0 has unmerged partitions. partitions are merged in later official ROM so i want to adapt those devices with official partitions13:52
malare permissions correctly for those13:52
malliux: you can always try to add the fake activity manager to your base also13:54
liuxmal, yes. /dev/msm_vidc* are there with correct permission. perhaps i missed some xml for codec in device tree repo? it's not huge update from cm-11.0 to cm-12.1, and all strange issues i met until now were come from device tree, like sensors and BT issues i mentioned here days before13:57
malliux: you ported android yourself or what?13:58
liuxmal, i'll try to add the fake activity manager as you said and compare device tree i used for cm-11.0 and cm-12.113:58
liuxmal, you mean porting android cm rom? I built cm-12.1 rom because there were no official one14:00
T42<DSstill01> In test_nfc.c in libhybris i noticed the use of "nfc_pn544_device_t" which makes me think that only pn544 nfc chips (/dev/pn544) are i right?14:02
maltest_nfc is not very useful anyway14:02
mal@DSstill01 what are you trying to do?14:03
T42<DSstill01> To find out why nfc hal isn't loaded14:03
T42<DSstill01> In logcat i don't see anything about nfc, which should be impossible if nfc worked14:04
T42<DSstill01> And ndef-read says "no nfc adapters found"14:05
mal@DSstill0 which android base?14:10
T42<DSstill01> 14.1 but my nfc chip is "s3fwrn5"14:10
malin sfos there is only support for nfc for android 8 or above14:11
T42<DSstill01> Ah lol didnt know that14:12
malunless you implement your own backend for the hal you need14:12
T42<DSstill01> That's out of my knowledge :P14:12
malthat is the plugin for android 8 or above14:13
malin theory there could be a way to use on older bases if your device happens to be supported some how in qt nfc14:14
T42<DSstill01> Ah ok,i heard of it14:14
malqt nfc has some backends so you just need to check if any of those has support for your chip14:15
T42<DSstill01> I installed it, how to try those backends?14:16
malyou need to check sources probably to see what those even support14:19
T42<DSstill01> If i install it, reboot and nfc doesn't work, rip?14:23
malno, most likely those need some other packages to be usable14:23
T42<DSstill01> There are not other packages. I installed all the packages that come up after running zypper search nfc14:25
T42<DSstill01> And searching for example for 'nxp' gives no results (in zypper)14:26
electro5751elros34 so i flash the new SailfishOS, but after restart, i must add "init_enter_debug2" ?14:31
electro5751before restart14:32
T42<Harsh18262> Is sfos available for Android 9 as base?14:50
electro5751elros34 : i have tried this but bootloop after this -> remove init_enter_debug2 with telnet14:52
electro5751and so it will start booting sfos -> i have reboot and have again bootloop14:53
T42<elros34> have you added missing defconfig changes?14:54
electro5751no, no14:55
electro5751i have reboot after remove the file14:56
electro5751it's not that what i must do14:56
electro5751remove file14:56
electro5751and after journal14:56
electro5751no ?14:56
electro5751the remove let the OS/kernel start14:56
electro5751this is right ?14:56
T42<elros34> your goal is to enable defconfig changes mentioned by mer-kernel-checker. How many times I have to repeat it?14:58
electro5751i have enable defconfig changes14:59
electro5751i have already 7 warning14:59
electro57517 fix14:59
electro5751after remove the file init_enter_debug2 ->15:00
electro5751sh-3.2# journalctl15:00
electro5751No journal files were found.15:00
electro5751-- No entries --15:00
electro5751elros34, if i have some warning, it's not a problem no ?15:03
electro5751but journalctl , ...15:03
T42<elros34> in one terminal window: "journalctl -f" and "echo continue > /init-ctl/stdin" in second. You should get systemd log15:04
T42<elros34> depends on warning15:04
electro5751no log after that15:04
electro5751ok, i go fix warning15:05
T42<elros34> enable "persistent journalctl" from faq-hadk.  You can also mask user service in telnet: ln -s /dev/null /etc/system/system/user@100000.service then "echo continue ..."15:09
electro5751c'est peut être pas nécessaire non ?17:00
electro5751SE_LINUX is necessary ?17:00
electro5751elros34, have you a defaut file for defconfig ?17:12
electro5751mal, have you a defaut file for defconfig ?17:15
electro5751one persone have the default defconfig file ?17:18
T42<austenite> electro5751, every device has a different defconfig file17:19
electro5751yes but where can i download the defaut defconfig17:19
electro5751t0lte samsung17:20
T42<austenite> you have lineage one in your device tree17:20
electro5751lineage one ?17:20
T42<austenite> lineageos_t0lte_defconfig17:23
electro5751yes, i have find17:26
T42<austenite> did you modify it after mer-kernel-check17:26
electro5751i don't arrived to fix warnings18:37
electro5751and now i have errors when i compile18:37
asriel[m]Hey everyone, I want to ask about Chapter 6 in HADK18:40
asriel[m]Warning: To ensure consistency with HADK build scripts, name your tooling SailfishOS-3.0.0 (or whichever release you are building for) instead of wiki’s suggested SailfishOS-latest, and your target as $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH (instead of SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl). Ignore the i486 target.18:41
asriel[m]so instead of the wiki telling you to sdk assist create SailfishOS-latest, you name it as SailfishOS- (the current version as reported by /.etc/os-release)?18:42
T42<southern_dust> @mal [ …], Hei, any fix of the problem: systemd-udevd[1258]: Process '/bin/chmod 0660 /sys//devices/virtual/input/input4/event4/pollrate_ms' failed with exit code 1.18:42
electro5751i dont find chapter 618:42
T42<southern_dust> I still met that issue. Using
asriel[m]the chapter 6 i was referring to was from
electro5751i have tape this18:45
electro5751sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-3.0.018:45
electro5751sdk-assistant create  $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH18:46
mal@southern_dust revert in rpm/dhd submodule18:50
mal@southern_dust although, have checked if the path even exists, that "/sys//devices/virtual/input/input4/event4/pollrate_ms"18:50
mal*have you checked18:51
malI think the issue is that the path might not even exist and the error is not a real error18:51
T42<southern_dust> i'm checking.18:52
T42<elros34> @southern_dust: I use this to suppress udev:
T42<southern_dust> @elros34 well. should I use it as a custom script?18:56
T42<elros34> what? you just patch rpm/dhd and then rebuild droid-hal18:58
T42<southern_dust> ok. I just considering not to change scripts directly.19:00
electro5751elros34 : i try to use your command19:30
electro5751ln -s /dev/null /etc/system/system/user@100000.service19:30
electro5751ln: impossible de créer le lien symbolique '/etc/system/system/user@100000.service': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type19:31
electro5751sh-3.2# journalctl -f19:31
electro5751No journal files were found.19:31
electro5751echo continue > /init-ctl/stdin19:31
electro5751no log !19:31
electro5751i'm block19:32
electro5751mal, an idea ?19:32
electro5751i'm loggin on telnet19:32
electro5751all the day i compiled and try to debug, but , ...19:33
malwhat exactly are you trying to do19:33
maland what have you done so far19:33
electro5751my phone had bootloop after flash sailfishOS19:33
electro5751so, elros34 has said to me : touch /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_enter_debug219:34
electro5751it's good, my phone don't bootloop19:34
electro5751i can now have telnet access to my phone19:34
electro5751<elros34> enable "persistent journalctl" from faq-hadk19:34
electro5751You can also mask user service in telnet:19:35
electro5751ln -s /dev/null /etc/system/system/user@100000.service19:35
maldid you continue boot after that? have you disabled any systemd services?19:35
malyou should mask droid-hal-init.service19:35
electro5751the phone stay at the startup image Samsung Galaxy Note II19:35
electro5751i have reset my defconfig, avec make all -> .zip19:36
electro5751and just fix error19:36
malreset defconfig? what does that mean?19:36
electro5751i want debug the startup19:36
electro5751just remove my defconfig and copy all default config19:37
electro5751what i must do to debug my phone19:38
electro5751with telnet19:38
electro5751i can paste to you /proc/last_kmsg19:38
electro5751what i'm supposed to do after telnet ?19:44
malelectro5751: what changes do you have left in defconfig, it obviously needs some changes for sfos to be able to boot19:44
electro5751okey but what is the list of changes19:44
malthat is what kernel checker tells19:45
electro5751added this19:45
electro5751ok but i don't arrived to fix all warning19:45
electro5751error it's ok19:45
malI said to you several times that not all warnings cannot be fixed, ever19:46
malsome will always remain as some require certain kernel version19:46
electro5751so, it's good19:46
electro5751i have wipe data, flash LineageOS and SailFishOS with TWRP19:47
electro5751after ?19:47
maldebug via telnet19:47
electro5751ok but what can i debug19:48
electro5751what log can i see19:48
electro5751i don't know this linux system : mer19:48
maldmesg, journalctl, depending on how far the boot has gone19:48
electro5751ok, journalctl not available19:49
mallike I said already journalctl won't be there if you added init_enter_debug2, unless you manually continue the boot as instructed in telnet19:49
electro5751echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin19:50
electro5751echo "ls -l /" >/init-ctl/stdin19:51
electro5751i don't know exactly where can i begin19:52
malwhat is that latter? that makes no sense at all19:53
electro5751continue the boot19:54
electro5751yes, but no boot OS19:54
electro5751just block on battery picture19:54
electro5751because the device is linked with the computer19:54
electro5751nothing more19:54
electro5751i'm lost to debug a phone19:55
electro5751mal, Starting kernel at 0x40008000... but nothing more19:57
malbased on your kernel commandline in that log you didn't do what we said, there should be selinux=0 in kernel commandline19:59
electro5751humm, it already write19:59
malI really cannot know what you have done and you haven't so helping is quite impossible20:01
malyou talked about reseting defconfig which I don't understand, also you don't seem to have done some thing we asked20:02
T42<elros34> electro5751: echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin; sleep 5; cat /init.log; journalctl —no-page. I don't believe there is no journal if you said it reboots without init_enter_debug220:02
malalso that device seems to have a very old kernel, I remember someone saying that 3.0 won't work anymore20:03
electro5751i try selinux=0, sorry20:03
T42<elros34> mal: I figured out glibc changes for kernel 3.020:05
mal@elros34 at what point of boot does it fail without those?20:06
electro5751the same20:09
malhow soon did it reboot?20:09
maldisable droid-hal-init.service and user@100000.service the way you did before20:10
T42<elros34> mal: he already has needed changes otherwise it fail in init-debug because  busybox-static needs kernel 3.220:13
electro5751what ?20:14
electro5751it's usefull i try another build ?20:15
electro5751or i must do changes20:15
T42<elros34> electro5751: no, just grab journal log. Did you run commands I gave you 10 minuts ago?20:16
electro5751no, but just compile and try with selinux=020:17
electro5751i have save your commands20:17
electro5751elros34 : cmd had to be launched from telnet or adb ?20:18
T42<elros34> there is no adb in sailfish20:21
electro5751this is telnet20:21
electro5751bootloop again20:43
electro575120s and bootloop20:43
electro5751elros34, for journalctl, i must do this changes ?20:46
electro5751vi /etc/systemd/journald.conf20:46
electro5751Storage=volatile --> Storage=automatic20:46
T42<elros34> of course it bootloop why can't you just post the output of commands I gave you ..20:48
electro5751no output20:48
electro5751the device return to battery picture20:49
electro5751and nothing20:49
electro5751no boot20:49
T42<elros34> not possible there is always at least init.log20:49
electro5751yes, but now don't have anything20:50
electro5751on my terminal20:50
electro5751when i launche this cmd : echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin20:50
electro5751i have nothing more than battery picture20:50
electro5751no output20:50
electro5751i can paste to you, /init.log20:51
electro5751and /proc/last_dkms20:51
electro5751what log is necessary to debug at this step ?20:51
T42<elros34> so explain what happen. Did  you loose telent as soon as you exe echo continue ?20:51
electro5751i loose telnet20:52
electro5751no return20:52
electro5751the phone stay block in battery picture20:52
electro5751until i press vol + up for go to recovery20:52
T42<elros34> ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service and try again to continue20:56
electro5751i launch all cmd ?20:57
electro5751echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin; sleep 5; cat /init.log; journalctl —no-page20:57
electro5751or just : echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin20:57
T42<elros34> just continue booting20:57
electro5751i keep telnet session20:59
electro5751but phone block to battery picture20:59
electro5751i'm lost telnet session sorry20:59
T42<elros34> so maybe charge it? you can grab last_kmsg OR if there is nothing usefull there: while true; do dmesg -c; done in one terminal and continue in another21:03
electro5751charge it ? no charge with this status21:03
T42<elros34> you can always use trwp21:04
electro5751but just for reboot system21:05
electro5751for last_dkms21:08
T42<elros34> looks like log from android so not useful, try second command21:12
electro5751i have no time to launch dmesg in the same time -> echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin21:12
electro5751the phone block telnet connection21:14
electro5751you talk about dmesg ?21:14
electro5751elros34 :
electro5751the init.log21:18
electro5751it's time to go sleep -> 23h30 , i keep open a session on this channel21:22
electro5751i read your answer tomorrow21:22
electro5751thank you elros3421:23
electro5751maybe another person can help for this bootproblem21:24

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