Sunday, 2019-07-21

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Danct12I got a error while building the device package.01:51
Danct12* Building rpm/droid-config-santoni.spec01:51
Danct12the log is above, can anyone help me?01:51
asriel[m]faq-hadk has a section for that02:00
mccrearypiggz: It seems nothing has changed in the Qualcomm boot_control HAL since nougat, so I pulled the pre-HIDL source. It seems to work on my Pro1, can you give it a try?
Danct12got that fixed and now I got a new error when running mic02:27
Danct12Warning[07/21 02:24:10] : repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio-modules-droid needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-santoni-1-1.noarch,02:27
mccrearyWith luck that will bypass the 14-character truncation bug02:28
Danct12pulseaudio-modules-droid needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-santoni-1-1.noarch02:30
asriel[m]<Danct12 "pulseaudio-modules-droid needed "> Have you completely
Danct12asriel: that did it03:51
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asriel[m]Alright, so I just flashed SFOS and now I got this telnet shell04:50
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asriel[m]What can I do next?04:53
liuxasriel[m], UI already shows on device?04:55
asriel[m]Only stuck at the bootloader logo, and only the white led shows up at the bottom of the device05:03
asriel[m]And only telnet05:04
liuxasriel[m], how about
liuxasriel[m], and try to print log for journal, dmesg and logcat05:06
asriel[m]I don't have wifi so I cannot do network based stuffs05:10
asriel[m]but will send logs, hold on05:10
asriel[m]and now for some reason it just rebooted to fastboot05:10
liuxasriel[m], can't you get logs with telnet?05:11
asriel[m]I could, using netcat of course.05:14
liuxasriel[m], no certain reason for reboot. for instance, my device reboot because lack of patch of cgroup in kernel, then lack of defination in liblog. most of them can be found in hadk document or your logs05:14
asriel[m]and journalctl:
liuxasriel[m], seems hwservicemanager are killed many times05:21
asriel[m]<liux "asriel, seems hwservicemanager a"> yep seems like everything is depending on hwservicemanager05:26
liuxasriel[m], yes so it caused pausing or reboot. i've never met hwservicemanager issue so can't give any advise now.05:28
liuxasriel[m], you may dig it yourself and ask others if experienced. or search logs of porters channel05:29
electroelros34, hi an idea with log ?08:36
T42<elros34> still the same: while true; do dmesg -c;done and continue to boot in another window08:40
electroi don't understand all08:42
electrodmesg -c just have output08:44
electrobut if i launch cmd "continue"08:44
electroi lost telnet connection08:44
electroand no possible to relaunch dmesg08:44
electroCan you explain to me more presicly elros34 ?08:46
electrothanks a lot08:46
T42<elros34> it's NOT dmesg -c, copy WHOLE command I gave you and execute in telnet then open new terminal window, telnet to device and continue booting then pasebin whole output of dmesg08:48
electrothis cmd ?08:50
electrowhile true; do dmesg -c;done08:50
electrook, i will try08:51
T42<elros34> yes, normally you would use dmesg -w (follow) but for some reason it doesn't work in sfos at least for me08:51
liuxmal, I found the video playback is not really "frozen". After pressing play button more than 30 seconds (sometimes up to 2 minitus), it plays video as normal08:55
electro5751so elros34, i launch this cmd : while true; do dmesg -c; done09:06
electro5751and this on another terminal : echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin09:07
electro5751or the full cmd : echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin; sleep 5; cat /init.log; journalctl —no-page09:08
electro5751when i launch the cmd continue elros34, i have this output dmesg : [  268.556409] c3 EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p16): re-mounted. Opts: (null)09:10
electro5751and nothing more -> battery picture of the device09:10
T42<elros34> try to disable WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT in defconfig09:15
electro5751i must go out, i will try this later, thanks elros34 => I must recompile all package with this changes ?09:33
T42<elros34> you should already learn something, when you change kernel defconfig then make hybris-boot is enough09:36
liuxI can dial but the micphone does not work.....09:59
T42<elros34> do you have audioflingerglue installed?10:06
liuxelros34, yes, and i can hear from phone or video play10:07
liuxelros34, just not mic input10:08
asriel[m]Oh, so a further investigation, I found that hwservicemanager was segfault when LD_PRELOAD as in faq-hadk10:21
malasriel[m]: I assume hybris-15.1 base? do you have the selinux_stubs patch?10:22
asriel[m]Which patch? I never saw any patches in the faq so not sure10:22
asriel[m]or maybe I didn't read carefully enough10:23
asriel[m]and yes, hybris-15.110:23
malI think nobody added it to faq10:24
asriel[m]Probably, I tried to perform a search on the faq-hadk just to find Bluetooth patches which isn't related to this hwservicemanager error10:26
malI probably should add that directly to selinux_stubs repo anyway10:26
piggz\o/ my webservice!10:27
asriel[m]Riggght, so apply this patch and re-run hybris-hal and recreate a new rootfs then I should.. get something new? Let's see. :P10:28
malI added that to 15.1 porting notes in faq until I push the patch to selinux_stubs repo10:33
liuxdoes anyone have met no sound input issue? micphone seems not work10:35
vknechtcsd :-)10:39
vknechtconfirmed a broken mike with it once :-/10:40
liuxUnable to open log device 'main'. after rm /dev/log and relink to /dev/alog, the logcat can only print logs for new started process10:46
malthat should not be needed anymore10:48
asriel[m]mal: Oh, and by rebuilding hybris-hal.. you mean rm -rf the output folder and run it again?11:03
asriel[m]aka clean build11:04
malno need, just run make hybris-hal again, it should rebuild needed things, hopefully11:10
asriel[m]Can I just flash a new sailfishos rom on top of the old one?11:38
maljust install the zip11:40
asriel[m]mal: heeeeey, that worked!12:06
* asriel[m] sent a long message: < >12:06
asriel[m]now i'll deal with another problem that the firmware failed to load12:06
asriel[m]oh right, as a temporary workaround i symlink'd12:15
asriel[m]anyway, here comes another problem12:16
asriel[m]The UI seems to crash and it just took away the network interface with it12:16
asriel[m]now all i got was a charging led (it seems) and black screen12:17
asriel[m]now it no longer come back :(12:21
asriel[m]even though i can still turn on the screen by pressing the power button, it's just black12:21
malasriel[m]: can you telnet to the device before that happens and check output of "mount" and "systemctl status" also journalctl -a would be useful12:23
malasriel[m]: did you see UI already or did it fail before that?12:24
asriel[m]<mal "asriel: did you see UI already o"> On the first boot, yes, asking me to do normal setup stuffs, then during the timezone setup it mysteriously vanishes to nothingness12:25
asriel[m]All it left was the loading icon12:25
asriel[m]Now it no longer disables the interface, but the screen is still black12:26
malcheck logs, dmesg, journalctl and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat12:26
asriel[m]btw here is "mount":
malok, that seems reasonable12:30
asriel[m]journalctl -a:
asriel[m]and the list of services
asriel[m]the logcat is spammed with adsprpcd errors12:36
* asriel[m] sent a long message: < >12:36
malasriel[m]: hmm, could you check if you can see any fstab and uevent*.rc files anywhere under $ANDROID_ROOT/out in ouyr build env12:38
asriel[m]yes, fstab is in out/target/product/santoni/vendor/etc/fstab.qcom12:41
asriel[m]and both ueventd.rc is in out/target/product/santoni/root/ueventd.rc and out/target/product/santoni/vendor/ueventd.rc12:42
malok, then it's probably ok12:42
malsome devices have had issues that those files are not copied to out/ which then leads to all kinds of issues12:43
malasriel[m]: is that some normal qcom device?12:46
asriel[m]yes, it's a qualcomm device12:46
malasriel[m]: can you check android-config.h file in droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel rpm (n in droid-hal-repo) for anything likeQ QCOM_BSP12:47
malsorry for the amount of typos, the keyboard on my laptop is breaking apart and causing a lot of errors12:49
asriel[m]hadk/rpm/droid-hal-santoni.spec ?12:55
malasriel[m]: I mean the actual rpm file generated by build12:55
malasriel[m]: somewhere under $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE12:56
malasriel[m]: I think I might know the reason for the problem, that's why I ask for you to check the header12:57
asriel[m]/* Added by automatic QCOM_BSP detection */12:58
asriel[m]#define QCOM_BSP 112:58
asriel[m]#define QTI_BSP 112:58
malhmm, so you have those there, then my guess was wrong12:59
malasriel[m]: can you try to see if logcat shows any other messages if you try to restart lipstick.service in another terminal13:03
asriel[m]can't because of Failed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory13:06
malasriel[m]: those adsp errors in logcat look bad anyway, probably some missing or not found firmware, can you check where you have some firmare files, probably /vendor/firmware and/or /system/etc/firmware, which those13:06
malasriel[m]: systemctl-user restart lipstick.service (or was it systemctl --user)13:07
* asriel[m] sent a long message: < >13:09
asriel[m]Oh that's weird, I see the UI now13:09
maldoes it seem stable?13:10
asriel[m]I don't have the touch screen yet sadly13:10
asriel[m]and now no more network interface but the UI is still waiting for me to unlock it through the non-working touch screen13:11
asriel[m]Actually I can swipe the top bar down13:12
malasriel[m]: fix the input device in
asriel[m]Regarding the ADSP error, it tries to look adsp.mdt which is in /firmware13:13
malasriel[m]: run "ln -s /firmware /lib/firmware" on device13:15
malthen reboot13:16
malasriel[m]: oh, if you can swipe from top that probably mean the startup wizards have not been finished properly, or something else13:17
asriel[m]Anyway, I catched the lipstick error13:19
* asriel[m] sent a long message: < >13:19
asriel[m]and yes, it does show the setup wizard for good few seconds then just crash13:20
malhmm, wondering what is causing the crash13:28
malasriel[m]: just to be sure, which branch of libhybris do you use, I assume the one mentioned in faq, i.e. master branch13:29
asriel[m]It's master13:29
asriel[m]Also for the firmware error, would it be better to just add the paths to the firmware path like this?
malasriel[m]: that is also possible if needed13:43
malasriel[m]: usually i's enough to add some symlink13:43
malbut if the firmware files are in many places the patching kernel might be the easier way13:44
*** asriel[m] is now known as asriel13:47
asrielYep, they're in /vendor/firmware and /firmware/image13:48
malasriel: oh, then you should try to replace the symlink I mentioned earlier with "ln -s /firmware/image /lib/firmware"13:50
malcould you give list of files in those folders?=13:50
asrielBut then that'll also took away 3D because the Adreno firmwares are in /vendor/firmware13:51
asrielThe paths I could found contain very important firmware files for modem, fingerprint and some other stuffs are in /firmware/image13:51
malgive ls -lR output of both /vendor/firmware and /firmware/13:51
malyes, might be easier to patch kernel then13:52
maltry that13:52
asrielThere is also this /system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_cfg.dat too which probably is the configuration13:53
asriel<mal "give ls -lR output of both /vend">
malyou can try to add symlink "ln -s /system/etc/firmware /etc/firmware" some devices need that13:55
malwhat do you have in /system/etc/firmware? some config stuff only or wlan firmware?13:55
asriel<mal "what do you have in /system/etc/"> only that file I mentioned above: /system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_cfg.dat13:56
malmaybe try patching kernel with teh firmware loading path change and see how it works after that13:57
malI hate it when android now has firmware files in so many places13:59
malon some devices there are even more than two places13:59
asrielHeey, the patch got rid of the firmware errors14:33
asrielAnd the UI seems to be stable now14:33
asrielSounds also works too! \o/14:34
deathmisthey, any known reason I can't overwrite (disable) vendor time_daemon and qti services from an rc file in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/ ? they start regardless unless I edit the source /vendor/etc/init/hw/init.qcom.rc file
deathmisthere's the "disabled_services.rc" file I've made
electro5751elros34, CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT is not set15:52
electro5751i try to disable this config but i'm note sure that do anything15:53
electro5751i think that don't change my problem, i try15:53
malasriel: very good15:54
maldeathmist: time_daemon is probably in /init.rc which is loaded first15:55
maldeathmist: there was something about some things being loaded in wrong order15:56
deathmistmal: just checked, neither of them are in /init.rc15:56
maldeathmist: so it's in /vendor then?15:59
deathmistyeah, /vendor/etc/init/hw/init.qcom.rc15:59
maldeathmist: probably the issue is that the file is imported via /init.rc and that is loaded first, not sure though15:59
T42<elros34> check or all /init*rc16:00
deathmistit totally is added by /init.rc, in logs it's the second thing it adds to import list, so I should import it at the end of my disabled_services.rc file or something similar?16:02
T42<elros34> elector5751: I saw it in yor earlier defconfig changes so how it looks like now? paste: "zcat /proc/config.gz". Also check what happen when you type: echo "V" > /dev/watchdog16:03
deathmistwhat I just said earlier seems to have worked perfectly, thanks for the tips :)16:15
asrielalright so without internet this is getting bored16:21
asrieldoes anyone knows how to get wifi?16:22
asrielThis device uses WCNSS for wifi, and I already found a way to do it, however just asking if anyone here have better ways to do that16:25
malasriel: what kernel driver does it use for wifi?16:26
malthe config option16:26
asrielor CONFIG_WCNSS_*16:28
malasriel: can you give a link to the kernel source repo, I don't remember what device that16:29
mal*that is16:29
asriel<mal "asriel: can you give a link to t">
electro5751elros34 : how have full output with this cmd -> zcat /proc/config.gz16:30
electro5751elros34 : my defconfig have already CONFIG_WATCHDOG16:32
asriel<electro5751 "elros34 : how have full output w"> pipe the command16:32
asrielzcat /proc/config.gz > kernel_config16:32
asrieland you'll have the full kernel config output in the new file16:33
electro5751how to download file with telnet16:33
asrieli would say netcat is an option but sfos does not come with it16:33
asrielHowever you have SSH if I'm sure so just scp it16:34
electro5751ok, ssh port 22 ?16:34
asrielyeah the default port, and the same ip used for telnet16:34
asrielUnless you're booting to a recovery environment then this of course doesn't work I'm sure16:35
electro5751avec user ?16:35
electro5751yes, adb with recovery TWRP16:35
asrieluser is nemo16:35
electro5751ok thk16:35
electro5751ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused16:35
asrielI thought you're using hybris-boot16:36
electro5751hum, yes16:36
Danct12asriel: what about echo sta to the /sys/module/wlan/parameters/fwpath?16:39
asriel<Danct12 "asriel: what about echo sta to t"> I already knew that, just it may not be the best way?16:39
electro5751elros34 : echo "V" > /dev/watchdog -> device display battery picture16:40
Danct12bitrvmpd used it in his sailfishos port and personally it's the best way16:40
electro5751mal, CONFIG_WATCHDOG must be enable or disable ?16:47
maldepends on device16:50
electro5751i have again access to telnet16:50
electro5751with echo "V" > /dev/watchdog16:50
electro5751but what can i do again16:50
electro5751i don't know how debug step by step16:51
malasriel: no need for hci smd in hybris-15.1 ports16:51
malasriel: instead you should add CONFIG_BT_HCIVHCI=y16:52
malasriel: you seem to have pronto_wlan in defconfig16:53
malasriel: check faq related to that16:53
electro5751anyone can help me to debug the startup of a device ? i have a telnet access16:55
Danct12got sfos booted16:56
Danct12anyway, i dont have a modem16:56
Danct12here is the modem log17:03
malDanct12: what device?17:04
Danct12the same device as asriel since i work on the port too17:04
malDanct12: in case you haven't done already I suggest you add ofono-ril-binder-plugin and bluebinder to patterns like here
malthose are needed for modem and bluetooth on hybris-15.1 based ports17:07
Danct12oh so the hci smd patch isn't needed17:07
Danct12just only CONFIG_BT_HCIVHCI as you mentioned above?17:07
malDanct12: yes, in hybris-15.1 we do bluetooth via android hal17:08
malof course hci smd is possible if the chip works with that, but that depends completely which bt chip the device has17:08
malbluebinder should usually work on all (although some devices might some rfkill related patching of kernel but well see about that later)17:09
Danct12as for the wifi, that can also working on hybris-15.1 by compiling them as a module?17:09
malDanct12: faq mentions what to build as module, in case on pronto_wlan on that driver needs to be a module17:11
deathmistDanct12: for BT I also needed BT_BNEP enabled on top of BT_HCIVHCI in case that alone doesn't work :)17:11
malyes, good point17:11
malcheck that also17:11
maldeathmist: thata device has BNEP already enabled17:12
malDanct12: in your case you should make CONFIG_PRONTO_WLAN=m for wlan and then try the wlan systemd service for modprobing it17:13
malit usually should be enough17:13
deathmistmal alright, nice :p  I finally also fixed cpusets by modifying /init.rc and some vendor init files, they were both using "cpus" & "mems" instead of the "cpuset.cpus" and "cpuset.mems" paths on all the files for me on SFOS17:15
Danct12ubports seems to still use "cpus" instead of "cpuset.cpus"17:20
electrorepo error : fatal: unable to auto-detect email address17:29
electrowith this command : repo init -u git:// -b hybris-14.117:29
Danct12you need to set and in git17:30
electroi have already done this17:30
merbotelectro: Error: "!" is not a valid command.17:31
malelectro: maybe you need set those like here the "Your identity part"17:31
electroi have already done this17:31
electro$ git config --global "John Doe"17:32
electro$ git config --global johndoe@example.com17:32
Danct12maybe you need to quote the email address17:32
electroo yes maybe17:33
maldoes the $HOME/.gitconfig look ok17:33
electrohumm, no ! what is quote ?17:33
Danct12"this is quote"17:33
electrolook like good for file17:34
Danct12also please consider using an actual and for uploading your work to git17:34
deathmisthow important are the /init.zygote*.rc files and /sbin/charger symlink on /charger for Sailfish? just asking whether I should include them in dcd straggler files17:35
maldeathmist: any file that is not packaged (i.e. build complains about those) should be in straggler files17:36
malsome are not used at all though17:36
deathmistbuild doesn't complain, so I assume unneeded17:36
maldeathmist: then where do you see those?17:37
maldeathmist: you only care about that the droid-hal build complains about, straggler files are for the files that are no packaged by default and it will complain about those in build log17:37
deathmistjust wandering around the device root dir in out/ and wanted to be sure17:38
malwell droid-hal build ignores some things by default17:39
malso you only check the build log for unpackaged files17:39
electrosorry but why i have this reponse17:44
electrofatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'sailfish-dev@jopcbureau.(none)')17:44
malmaybe exit the build env and go back17:45
T42<elros34> electro: about whole log: increase buffer in your terminal to infinity17:45
T42<elros34> how fast does it reboot after writing "magic close" V to watchdog17:46
electro5751elros34 : ok thk17:46
electro5751humm, don't understand elros34 the last sentence17:47
electro5751when i writed V to watchdof -> my device reboot ?17:47
electro5751i have don't see this but yes telnet was again available17:47
T42<elros34> how many seconds it takes to lose telnet connection after you write "V"? 1s, 5s, 15s?17:50
electroelros34 -> i don't loose telnet connection after write "V" !17:51
electroi loose telnet with the cmd      "echo continue, ..."17:51
electrobut the phone displayed battery picture17:51
electrono message on dmesg17:51
electrono more message on dmesg17:51
Danct12sounds like it drops it to charging mode17:52
Danct12anyway to make runs on multiple threads?17:53
electro5751this cmd : echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin17:53
electro5751close the telnet connection between my computer and the device17:53
Danct12everything is built using one thread :(17:53
deathmistDanct12: I was wondering why it's so slow, guess a R7 3700X won't help much then :/  thankfully you almost always only have to rebuild with -d and -c17:55
Danct12yeah because everything is done on a single thread :\17:56
electrowhat is this elros34 ? "magic close" V to watchdog17:58
electro5751this cmd : echo "V" > /dev/watchdog17:59
electroi don't have ~/.config/ in my new user sailfish-dev18:06
electrohow can i configure this ?18:06
Danct12mal: right, so the pronto wlan module thing works18:39
Danct12i modprobe it by hand18:39
Danct12bluetooth still doesn't work18:39
Danct12I have HCIVHCI and BNEP enabled18:39
Danct12systemctl status of bluebinder shows this May 22 12:50:39 Sailfish systemd[1]: Failed to start Simple proxy for using android binder based bluetooth through vhci..18:42
electroelros34, i'm trying to compile all things on another computer, i will see the result18:44
deathmistDanct12 : check full journalctl, maybe grep for "blue" to see what exactly is failing18:47
* Danct12 sent a long message: < >18:48
Danct12I think this is the cause18:49
malDanct12: did you verify that vhci is enabled now in kernel18:49
Danct12sh-3.2# zcat /proc/config.gz | grep VHCI18:51
Danct12BNEP is also enabled too18:52
malok, do you see anything interesting in logcat?18:52
* Danct12 sent a long message: < >18:53
malDanct12: can you pastebin whole logcat18:54
Danct12there are a bunch of time services errors19:01
malDanct12: any luck with modem?19:01
Danct12<mal "Danct12: any luck with modem?"> nope as it seems, there is no /dev/socket/rild too19:02
Danct12but rild is running with `-c 2`19:02
malDanct12: only rild with -c 2? no normal one?19:05
Danct12radio     2714  0.0  0.5  81340 14788 ?        Sl   12:39   0:00 /vendor/bin/hw/rild -c 219:06
Danct12radio     2751  0.0  0.5  84496 14920 ?        Sl   12:39   0:00 /vendor/bin/hw/rild19:06
malok, btw, hybris-15.1 uses modem differently from others19:06
electrowhy this : error: src refspec hybris-14.1 does not match any.19:07
malwhich repo?19:08
malshow your local manifest19:08
electroit's a git remote19:08
electrogit remote add electro575
malso that command gives the error or some other?19:09
electroit's during this cmd : git push electro575 hybris-14.119:10
electroforget git checkout19:11
malDanct12: I suggest you do chapter 13.2 and 13.3 from hadk pdf to get camera and stuff working and it will also remove the sensorservice messages from logcat19:12
electroit's okey mal, sorry19:12
electroqemu: Unsupported syscall: 38419:19
Danct12that one is fine19:19
electroafter launch this cmd  :19:19
Danct12i got it too19:19
electrosdk-assistant create  $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH
malthose qemu messages are normal19:21
malDanct12: about modem, do you see anything from ofono in journalctl?19:23
Danct12i'll obtain logs tomorrow though19:24
Danct12going to get some sleep anyway19:24
electromal, Package 'ssu-kickstart-configuration' not found.19:41
electrowhen i launch : rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh19:42
malfaq, didn't you fix that already once?19:42
electroyes but i restart all config in another computer19:42
electromaybe i try the solution19:42
electroi don't have another solution in this moment19:42
electronobody can help me to debug my device19:43
malyou cannot expect everything to be solved in one day19:43
malthere is no reason to start from beginning19:44
electroi don't know19:44
electrobut have you an idea for this :
malI told you already, read faq19:45
electroin the pdf ?19:45
electroor the website19:45
malthe link in channel topic19:45
malhadk pdf is not faq19:45
malbut like I said, there is no reason to start from beginning, just copy the things you did already and continue19:46
electrocontinue to do what ? i don't know where i must start to debug19:47
malfirst by giving all logs from device and telling what you have done so far19:48
malso how does the device behave?19:48
electrohumm, ok, bootloop without a ligne debug219:51
electrowith this line, i can use telnet19:51
electrotry to continue but when i launch the command to continue, the telnet session is broken19:51
malelectro: so did you disable droid-hal-init as I asked?19:53
malelectro: do you lose telnet right after that or after a moment?19:53
electroright after19:54
electrodisable droid-hal-init, no19:54
electrohow disable this ?19:54
electrohow is created this file "Jolla-@RELEASE@-t0lte-@ARCH@.ks" ?19:55
malto disable droid-hal-init run this on device: ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service19:55
electrohum, i have tried this one moment19:57
malalso show output of "cat /proc/cmdline" from device19:57
maland output of "zcat /proc/config.gz | grep SELINUX"19:57
electro5751ln: creating symbolic link `/etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service': File exists19:57
malthen check "ls -l /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service" to see if it's correct19:58
electro5751/etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service -> /dev/null19:59
malis the also user@100000.service in the same folder19:59
malpointing to /dev/null19:59
malso based on that /proc/cmdline you once again didn't do what I asked earlier20:00
electro5751what ? i have paste the /proc/cmdline for you20:00
malelectro5751: if you did what I asked day or two ago you should have selinux=0 in that output20:01
electro5751so disable all ?20:02
electro5751but i have write selinux=0 in the cmd20:02
malelectro5751: show where did you add it20:02
electro5751i don't remember the file20:03
malprobably not the correct place then20:03
malalso what did you mean by "disable all", disable what?20:03
electro5751all CONFIG_SELINUX=n20:04
malof course not, where the hell did you get that idea?20:04
malI told you nothing about defconfig20:04
electro5751yes i know20:04
electro5751i show you in 10 s20:04
electro5751i need this too or not ?20:05
malI really cannot trust anything you have done, you might have disabled many things that might be needed or done some random changes20:05
malwell yes if elros34 told you to use it20:06
electro5751chapter 9.3.1 about bootloops20:07
electro5751under $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfig*.mk)20:08
electro5751O sorry20:08
electro5751mal, BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := console=ttySAC2,115200 selinux=020:11
electro5751in the file : ~/hadk/device/samsung/smdk4412-common/BoardCommonConfig.mk20:11
malso did you rebuild kernel after adding that?20:16
electroyes mal20:19
electroa website said too audit=020:21
electroit's necessary ?20:21
electroi will write a text file with changes20:23
malno need to add audit=020:33
malif you say you added selinux=0 and rebuilt kernel then why is it not in /proc/cmdline, either you did something wrong or didn't flash new kernel20:34
electroi have add selinux=0 maybe in the wrong file, i will see that20:45
electromust have this dependencies ?20:45
electrosudo apt-get install bsdmainutils rsync vim unzip imagemagick software-properties-common python-software-properties20:46
electroand this : sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk20:46
malI can't remember, do what hadk pdf says20:46
electrowhy i have this20:54
electrowith mic20:54
electroURLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1420:54
malelectro: you did something wrong, arch is armv7hl not armv7l20:56
malno idea where you did the mistake20:57

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