Monday, 2019-07-22

liuxStill can not make microphone work. silenct in voicecall and sound recorder. The pulseaudio logcat pasted here: and logcat log here:
liuxsorry, it's pulseaudio journal log but not "pulseaudio logcat" The log contains the boot of pulseaudio and recoding sound in recorder04:43
electro5751mal, i don't arrived to disable selinux05:21
electro5751elros34, where can i write selinux=005:22
electro5751usually in05:22
electro5751BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE under $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfig*.mk05:22
electro5751where exactly05:22
Danct12good afternoon08:03
Danct12right, so how do i get rid of time_daemon service?08:03
Danct12it's spamming logcat with rtc errors08:03
r0kk3rzdisable it in the *.rc files08:07
T42<adampigg> and if you cant, create a new service to disable it with the override directive09:33
mal@adampigg I again forgot about that override option09:39
T42<adampigg> yep, its useful to remembr, and i think should be set in all our rc files09:41
Danct12mal: i found something interesting in journalctl09:47
Danct12Jul 22 16:42:12 Sailfish rmt_storage:INFO:rmt_storage_rw_iovec_cb: Write iovec request received for /boot/modem_fs209:47
Danct12Jul 22 16:42:12 Sailfish rmt_storage:INFO:rmt_storage_client_thread: Calling Write [offset=0, size=1572864]for /boot/modem_fs2!09:47
Danct12Jul 22 16:42:12 Sailfish rmt_storage:INFO:rmt_storage_client_thread: Done Write (bytes = 1572864) for /boot/modem_fs2!09:47
mallooks normal09:47
Danct12and modem isn't still working :(09:53
Danct12at least i got the camera working, which is nice09:53
Danct12about time_daemon.. commenting it out for me doesn't seem to do anything09:56
Danct12the thing here is that time_daemon is defined in /vendor/etc/init/hw/init.qcom.rc which isn't a part of the sailfishos rootfs im sure10:21
T42<adampigg> so, like i said, create a new time_daemon.rc stored in usr-libexec....... that contains the same time_daemon service definition.....10:23
T42<adampigg> set it to overrde, and append someting to the end of the executable name like the other services, to make it invalid10:24
malDanct12: get new logcat and journalctl10:28
Danct12@adampigg, i've added it to libexec, but it ignored it12:17
Danct12i checked dmesg, and it shows this /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/time_daemon.rc: 1: ignored duplicate definition of service 'time_daemon'12:17
T42<adampigg> What android base?12:18
T42<adampigg> I wonder if override was added in 912:19
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T42<adampigg> Override was added nov 13 2017,12:25
T42<adampigg> And isnt in 15.1 unfortunately12:26
T42<adampigg> Could cherry pick it maybe12:26
Danct12found that12:28
T42<adampigg> Thats the one12:29
Danct12right, so you patch it to hadk/system/core/init and rebuild hybris-hal?12:36
T42<elros34> isn't time_daemon usually first defined in /init*.rc so it can be disabled there?12:38
Danct12mal:  regarding to logcat and journalctl, i've uploaded them12:39
Danct12and journalctl:
malDanct12: did you add proper ofono config?712:42
T42<elros34> add oneshot to it and it should stop restarting12:50
T42<Zosenko> One question: If i dont have in my XA2 Plus recovery partition and instead of i have two partitions A / B, actualy there are in SFOS 3 some proces of restore or recovery or juste boot safe mode in the case of damage primary OS on to partition A?12:57
T42<Zosenko> Something like switch to boot and run OS from partitions B?13:00
T42<Zosenko> If not what is a advantage of partion B in XA2 Plus with SFOS?13:02
malcurrently sfos uses both a and b variants of both boot and vendor partitions, also system_b13:11
malI think system_b is for the factory reset feature13:12
T42<Zosenko> @mal [I think system_b is for the factory reset feat …], I dont think so13:12
T42<Zosenko> factory reset for android may be but for SFOS nope13:13
T42<Zosenko> @mal [currently sfos uses both a and b variants of b …], Yes, but how is function?13:14
T42<Zosenko> Dependencies A with B how and when, which case of?13:14
mal@Zosenko sfos has factory reset13:17
malit's own thingy13:17
mal@Zosenko for boot partition both a and b have same content, both are flashed only because there were issues that some devices used b and couldn't easily be made to use a13:19
malso basically a/b partition layout doesn't have any benefit for sfos13:21
T42<adampigg> Danct12: yes13:33
Danct12i'll submit the patch once it's working13:49
malDanct12: did you check the ofono config?13:53
Danct12i'll check it later, will have to upstream the override patch to hybris-15.1 first14:00
Danct12got the init to compile16:19
Danct12and now it's stuck :(16:19
Danct12no telnet16:19
Danct12i also saw most of sailfishos distributions uses unofficial lineageos rom images16:27
Danct12here's that failed init patch anyway, if anyone's willing to get it working feel free to
electrohi all16:50
electromal, can you say to me where exactly disable selinux ?16:51
electroi done this but no effect16:51
malgive link to your device repo16:55
electroit's private16:57
electroyou don't can see it16:57
malI mean the lineage repo16:57
electroo okey16:57
electrodo you know why i have this error16:57
malyou mixes adaptation repo and device repo16:57
electrobuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/samsung/t0lte/]]: "vendor/samsung/smdk4412-common/" does not exist.  Stop.16:57
electroon ym other PC16:58
malyou didn't add vendor repo to local manifest16:58
electrorepo is it on manifets16:58
malyou mean this
electromean ?16:59
electrohow can i fix it ? you didn't add vendor repo to local manifest17:00
malwell according to that local manifest you have it but then the only option is that your didn't run repo sync correctly after that, run "repo sync vendor/samsung" in $ANDROID_ROOT17:01
T42<Harsh18262> @electro have u added manifest opening and closing tags?17:02
malthat is a good question17:02
electrowith what ? repo or sync17:02
malthat manifest is missing those if that is correct17:02
malelectro: show the whole local manifest file17:03
malthat seems ok, so if you don't see anything in $ANDROID_ROOT/vendor/samsung then you didn't run repo sync completely17:05
electrook, with PlatformSDK env or HA17:05
electroi don't have all files17:06
malhow is it possible you got the error you claim to get if the files are there17:07
T42<Harsh18262> Check files in t0lte folder that is the one u need17:07 proprietary t0lte-vendor.mk17:08
electroit is that file i don't have17:10
malthe file is there17:11
malrun the command I told you to run17:11
deathmisthow would I add more than one line in dhd spec file under additional_post_scripts? this format is really weird
maldeathmist: what are you trying to do?17:12
electrobash: repo: command not found17:12
malelectro: in HABUILD_SDK17:13
electroit's in HA env we use17:13
malthen try not in there17:13
deathmistmal: I need another script for now to handle display off gestures (so need to chmod +x it) and I'd also just like to know for future reference :)17:13
maldeathmist: why would you need to chmod something like that? can't you just set the file permissions correctly17:13
deathmistiirc the permissions didn't transfer over to the rootfs from sparse files script file which is weird, I can try again tho17:14
electrohumm, error by me17:15
malelectro: those /-- should not be in the last few lines17:16
electroforget comment17:17
electrohave you an idea to disable selinux ?17:17
electroi just have to recompile hybris-boot.img, it's that ?17:18
malthis line should work
electrook, i will try, recompile only hybris-boot.img ?17:22
malit should be enough but I doubt that will fix the current issue, assuming the information you gave earlier is correct17:23
electromal , what is the issue for this error17:28
electroFatal: samsung-t0lte-armv7hl is an invalid sb2 target17:28
malwhat does "sdk-assistant list" tell17:29
malso you used wrong PORT_ARCH17:30
malcheck that PORT_ARCH is correct17:30
malthen you need to add the target again as told in hadk pdf17:31
electroi have done all guide with armv7l :/17:31
malhow is that possible, if PORT_ARCH is correct then most things should be correct if you follow instructions17:32
electrodo you know what chapter17:32
malcreating target17:32
electroPlatformSDK bash-3.2$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test17:33
electrosb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting.17:33
maldid you do that instructions said, note the naming difference between hadk pdf and the wiki page with the actual instructions17:34
electrohadk pdf17:35
electrobut before with armv7l17:35
malcould you please focus a bit more, I really have better things to that fix things because you didn't read instructions17:35
electroand i do all cmd for armv7hl17:35
malI really don't understand what you mean by that, all commands use PORT_ARCH so you don't have do manually set that elsewhere17:36
electroat the beginning17:37
electrocat <<'EOF' > $HOME/.hadk.env17:37
electroexport PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT="/srv/mer"17:37
electroexport ANDROID_ROOT="$HOME/hadk"17:37
electroexport VENDOR="samsung"17:37
electroexport DEVICE="t0lte"17:37
electro# Set arch to armv7hl even if you are porting a 64bit device17:37
electroexport PORT_ARCH="armv7hl"17:37
electromal, grrr bash: rpm/dhd/helpers/ No such file or directory17:54
malcome on, that should be obvious, you didn't use repo sync --fetch-submodules17:56
electroit's possible to do assistant-sdk remove armv7l ?17:58
malgo to rpm $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm folder and run "git submodule update --init", you might need to do that also for hybris/droid-configs and hybris/droid-hal-version-$DEVICE17:58
malelectro: how about you learn how to the built-in help in sdk-assistant, like "sdk-assistant --help"17:59
electrohow do update a repositories, because i have already done cmd push18:01
electroi don't know exactly how use git18:03
electroi have already done this cmd18:03
electroas example :
electrobut how to update a repo18:04
electroafter a push18:04
electrowhy this output : rpm/dhd/helpers/ launch this script from the /home/sailfish-dev/hadk directory18:10
electroi'm in this /home/sailfish-dev/hadk directory18:10
vknechtelectro, read carefuly... did you skip the part setting up hybris/droid-configs ?18:19
electroall is confused, i'm seeing18:20
electrovknecht : cd hybris/droid-configs18:26
electronot have droid-configs directory18:26
electrobut i'm making this part yes18:26
malpiggz: what is that supposed to tell?18:28
piggzmal: u wanted a full log!18:28
piggzits kernel and jouranl, what more do you want?18:29
malpiggz: did you try to ofono config?18:29
piggzoh, im in18:30
malpiggz: based on that log it wasn't used18:31
piggzmal: yeah, i did the config change just after that log18:32
electrowhat is the $PATTERNS_TEMPLATES_DIR18:33
piggzmal: its def a lock screen issue.....18:37
piggzif i pull up the camera, i can swip it away to get to the home!18:37
vknechtpiggz, tried building image using testing instead of latest/devel ? that's what I found to get past the language selection fail and locked at lockscreen issue18:44
piggzvknecht: on what device?18:46
vknechthad this both on idol3 and suzu18:46
vknechtone sign is "Locale '0' is not set, defaulting to C locale" like at line 250718:47
vknecht(or that the license screen is skipped)18:49
malpiggz: so which part is causing the issue, you had issues with both ofono and usb-moded18:56
piggzmal: currently .... device boots to lock screen, and cant swipe18:56
piggzif, i open the camera, I can swipe it away and access the home and use phone as normal18:56
piggzi have a video18:56
piggzits slow, but i put that down to the lima driver18:57
malpiggz: so try fixing usb and ofono first18:57
malpiggz: I assume that uses configfs based usb?18:57
piggzmal: what needs fixed in ofono?18:57
piggzim not connected via usb18:57
malpiggz: the config like I told, it should silence ofono issues18:57
piggzi did that already18:57
malso are ofono errors gone?18:58
piggzif i paste journalctl | grep ofono will you complain about not getting full logs?18:59
malpiggz: I don't need the log, you can check it18:59
piggzit looks ok, worst is19:00
piggzMay 06 16:10:42 Sailfish ofonod[2942]: Failed to parse default D-Bus policy "1; * = deny; group(sailfish-radio) | group(privileged) = allow" (missing group?)19:00
malpiggz: too new ofono probably19:02
malbut shouldn't matter, hopefully19:02
piggzmal: only failed services are
malpiggz: why does droid-late-start fail19:03
malpolicies setup doesn't seem good19:03
monichcreate sailfish-radio group19:03
piggzmal: missing android19:04
piggzMay 06 16:10:41 Sailfish systemd[2930]: droid-late-start.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /usr/bin/setprop: No such file or directory19:04
malpiggz: oh, forgot which device that was19:04
malpiggz: how does policies-setup fail?19:05
piggz[root@Sailfish ~]# /usr/libexec/policy-updater19:06
piggzThis device doesn't have camera policy file for MDM: "/usr/share/sailfish-policy/camera_devices.conf"19:06
piggzFailed to update USB mode whitelist "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown"19:06
malpiggz: so probably caused by usb-moded failure, should usb be supported on that device?19:07
piggzmal: im not sure...probably, but i guess its not compiled in yet19:07
piggzmal: do i need to build configfs?19:08
piggzmal: though ... how does any of that relate to the lock-screen swipe issue?19:09
piggzmal: see, when not in lockscreen, it operatoes 'ok'
electro5751mal, i have write selinux=019:35
electro5751BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := console=ttySAC1,115200 selinux=019:35
electro5751on this path : hadk/device/samsung/smdk4412-common/BoardCommonConfig.mk19:35
electro5751i must just do : make hybris-boot ?19:35
deathmistelectro5751: sounds about right19:36
electro5751do, flash hybris-boot.img ?19:37
electro5751and check /proc/cmdline19:37
deathmistyes, that is the only boot image you care about when working with Sailfish OS19:37
piggzmal: the meaemo devs use CONFIGFS, so that must be what i need ... what kernel options are needed?19:38
piggz# CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS is not set19:38
piggzfirst one eh19:38
electro5751but i must enter in telnet debug to check /proc/cmdline19:40
electro5751because of bootloop deathmist19:40
malpiggz: yes, not sure if you need something else also19:41
electro5751mal, deathmist :
electro5751no selinux=0 appear !19:50
malelectro5751: no idea what is wrong then, unless bootloader removes the option19:53
electro5751i have add this file init_enter_debug2 to enter in telnet session19:54
malthe real thing to debug is why it reboots, based on what you told you had disabled droid-hal-init19:58
malelectro5751: how soon after continuing boot does it reboot?19:58
electro5751bootloop 20s19:59
electro5751disable droid-hal-init and continue ?19:59
electro5751and count time after reboot for session telnet ?19:59
malit tells something20:02
electroyou just want the time to reboot of my device ?20:06
maldoes /proc/last_kmsg contain anything?20:07
electro5751mal, /proc/last_kmsg20:10
electrowhat do you think about this problem mal ? The kernel is booting or not ?20:19
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electro5751mal, an idea with this log ?20:32
malelectro5751: that still seems to mention selinux, but you said droid-hal-init is disabled, also there is a mention of modem which should even be up if droid-hal-init is disabled20:36
electro5751nono droid-hal-init20:37
electro5751can i check if it is disable20:37
malit's quite late now, I think I'll go offline20:37
electro5751thanks a lot mal20:37
electro5751have a nice night20:37
electrodeathmist, repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio-modules-droid needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-t0lte-1-1.noarch20:40
electrodo you know where can i get this ?20:40
malyou didn't run completely20:41

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