Monday, 2019-07-29

vknechthello... would it be ok to add another sparse copying level by adding "copy_files_from %{dcd_path}/%{rpm_device}/sparse" after this line ?07:03
vknechtthat way, it might be possible to support devices with different eg. device-info files in same repo07:03
vknechtor is it possible to handle that already, maybe from the spec files ?07:04
r0kk3rzyou can already08:22
r0kk3rzcheck some of the sony repos for examples08:23
deathmistoh hey r0kk3rz, just wondering whether packages from openrepos are allowed on community port images e.g. Pure Maps, Storeman, keyboard layouts with presage input predictor etc08:35
r0kk3rzgenerally you shouldnt do things like that08:41
kimmoliavoid bloating, but anything that is built on obs should be ok. ofc depends also where you publish your image08:41
r0kk3rzbut theres no official rule against it08:42
deathmistalright, just wanted to make sure :) I'm mainly thinking about the presage input predictor stuff since there's a bunch of wasted space without anything on the keyboard predictor row by default08:44
r0kk3rzyeah thats ok08:45
r0kk3rzits a shame the proper one is proprietary08:46
deathmistyeah :/  I'm attempting to make Anbox work now and I'm not expecting that much even if I manage it. could you pay Jolla for a strictly personal license to the oreo based aliendalvik? I'd love to have it for personal use08:54
Danct12_i would also love to pay up for aliendalvik.08:56
r0kk3rzthats mostly what 'sailfish x' is09:00
r0kk3rzbut no, i dont think thats an option yet09:01
Mister_Magisterdeathmist: that is not possible09:03
deathmistrip, they really should consider that in the future, I'm sure a lot of people using community ported devices would love to pay for that ^^09:05
Mister_Magisterdeathmist: that is not possible.09:05
Mister_Magisterit's not about considering09:05
Mister_Magisterit's not possible.09:05
Mister_Magisterthey don't own it and they don't license it09:06
Mister_Magisteryou can go write to myriadgroup to sell it to you09:06
deathmistokay, thanks for pointing me to the right direction! have you attempted to make anbox work on sfos Mister_Magister?09:27
r0kk3rzi got it to *work* once09:30
deathmistxD yeeaaah it really doesn't seem to be in a good state, I get this far after installing everything using the vince steps
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: i got sfdroid to *work* once09:44
Mister_Magistersome people are thinkning about ressurecting sfdroid09:44
Mister_Magisteri'm not saying it's solution but it ain't bad idea either09:44
r0kk3rzsame thing really09:50
Mister_Magisterad is same thing aswell09:52
Mister_Magisterjust starting android crap :P09:52
vknechtr0kk3rz, I'm using nile style repo structure already and while the delete_file_%{rpm_device].list allows selecting distinct files depending on devices afaiu there's no mechanism for the case where a file has to have a fixed name09:53
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malvknecht: are the devices you try to support really so different that they have different partition layout? or is it just the CPUCHECK_STRING that needs to be different? how different?10:32
vknechtwell, I'm a bit surprised too, that's for f5321 which apparently doesn't use same partition numbers as f512110:33
malvknecht: a hint
malin your case either some symlink or rename would work, also probably in %post10:34
malsymlink might be cleaner way10:35
rinigusr0kk3rz, re presage: I would argue that presage-based predictor is the proper one. and it is available via OBS as well11:11
vknechttried that but then get complain about second %post, would have to use %{additional_post_scripts} it seems11:28
malvknecht: other option is to override the default from submodule in your sparse and adapt it to somehow use correct info11:30
* vknecht re-hmms :-)11:31
vknechtmaking it check ID or MER_HA_DEVICE in /etc/hw-release to use eg. device-info.f5121 ? Hopefuly device-info is not used anywhere else ?11:37
vknechtI suppose it's risky to just source hw-release since it defines ID, so something like that ?12:06
vknechtmer_device=$(grep MER_HA_DEVICE /etc/hw-release | awk -F"=" '{ print $2 }')12:06
vknechthmm, maybe can skip grep, using only awk...12:07
vknechtawk -F"=" '/MER_HA_DEVICE/ { print $2 }' /etc/hw-release12:11
T42<adampigg> Mal, has latest been updated yet?14:10
mal@adampigg no target yet on OBS14:16
T42<adampigg> k14:17
piggzmal: i resported to patternising t5 myself, fairly straightforward, we should just get ppl to do that themselves16:05
electro5751hi all16:15
electro5751@elros34 : good afternoon, how are you ?16:17
electro5751mal, Do you know an issue to fix GUI problem ?16:23
T42<adampigg> vendor/qcom/opensource/recovery-ext/oem-recovery/gpt-utils.cpp16:39
T42<adampigg> line 109916:39
T42<adampigg> change to
T42<adampigg> @NotKit ^^16:40
electro5751You say it for ? NotKit ?16:42
piggzyes, wrongly pasted into this channel, tho, still related to porting thankfully!16:43
T42<NotKit> @adampigg thanks16:48
electro5751vknecht, how are you ?17:18
electro5751somebody can help me to debug the last things before a startup GUI ?17:38
T42<elros34> electro575: you could at least confirm that mali quirks are enabled. I think this command should confirm it: EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer HYBRIS_TRACE=1 HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug test_hwcomposer17:48
electro5751@elros34 :
electro5751no trace of mali18:00
electro5751and quirks18:00
electro5751etc/systemd/system/user@100000.service -> /dev/null18:01
electro5751etc/systemd/system/usb-moded.service -> /dev/null18:02
T42<elros34> if I am right it crash somewhere here
electro5751do you know how to fix it ?18:21
T42<elros34> that is beyond my knowledge18:22
electro5751okey, so i will post it on jolla maybe18:23
electro5751or xda developers18:24
malelectro5751: what android base was that device using?18:37
electro5751cm 14.118:38
T42<elros34> just to be sure, have you pressed power button during surfaceflinger execution? You know screen could be just turn off :P18:47
electro5751humm, no18:47
malI still think mali quirks might not be properly enabled18:49
electro5751no display with surfaceflinger18:50
electro5751how can i check mali quirks18:50
mal@elros34 how did you determine the crash would be in that location?18:51
T42<elros34> mal: but based on latest log _hybris_hook_prctl nor _hybris_hook_pthread_setname_np is even called:
T42<elros34> it is not*18:52
mal@elros34 true18:53
malwondering what could then be the reason for that crash18:53
T42<elros34> mal: I am not sure this is the place where it crash but based on strace at least (createFimc(&dev->fimc)  is executed18:54
malthen it would be the first phtread_create as there is only one of those in that debug output18:56
malah, those have different #ifdef18:56
T42<elros34> assuming this is the right module18:58
malgood question18:59
T42<elros34> electro5751: you could make hwcomposer.* to confirm this is the reight source code:
T42<elros34> so make modules | grep hwcomposer and this hould print correct module to build19:00
krnlyngelectro5751, what are the permissions of this file?19:05
electro5751i see19:05
electro5751on the device or on my computer ?19:05
krnlyngon the device19:05
electro5751no file19:06
krnlyngelectro5751, i meant /sys/devices/platform/samsung-pd.2/s3cfb.0/vsync_time19:09
krnlynghm ok19:10
electro5751it's right ?19:10
krnlynglooks ok19:11
electro5751i'm nearly display GUI and not , lol :/19:11
electro5751@elros34 : what do you think about my paste ?19:12
electro5751nobody respons on #android and #android-root channel19:14
krnlyngelectro5751, what does gdb show?19:15
krnlynggdb backtrace19:15
electro5751gdb is a directory19:16
electro5751if someone have an idea before i paste this to xda developers19:18
krnlyngelectro5751, gdb is a debugger19:19
krnlyngelectro5751, you can install it with zypper or pkcon19:19
electro5751on ? my device19:20
electro5751O, okey19:20
electro5751zypper install gdb ?19:21
electro5751it's a little bit long19:21
electro5751i have no sim card on this device19:22
electro5751maybe it's this no ? the cause19:22
krnlyngelectro5751, you can connect via reverse tethering19:22
krnlyngelectro5751, 9.3.3  Get connected in hadk19:23
electro5751humm, i disable usb-moded.service19:23
electro5751i see that19:23
T42brute4s99 was added by: brute4s9919:25
T42<brute4s99> Hi team! I need help with setting up OnePlus 3T with SFOS19:26
T42<brute4s99> I want to know if I could use OnePlus 3T as my daily driver with SFOS?19:27
T42<brute4s99> AFAIK the calls system works, atleast19:27
electro5751see here :
electro5751krnlyng :
T42<brute4s99> thanks electro5751! I'll try it out and share my experience on the forum and inform the team of any bugs I spot19:28
electro5751see you later19:29
krnlyngelectro5751, ok?19:29
electro5751seems not19:29
electro5751krnlyng : 'gdb' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.19:31
krnlyngelectro5751, i think you don't have a connection yet19:31
krnlyngtry ping19:32
electro5751i reconnect19:32
electro5751one minute19:32
malprobably would be easier to install it to the image19:33
electro5752krnlyng :
electro5752i don't arrived to do reverse telnet, mal do you know how it's possible ?19:38
malprobably easier if you rebuild a new image with gdb already installed19:39
electro5752rebuild all ?19:40
electro5752just -c so ?19:40
electro5752how do you arrived to have internet on your device19:41
malyou only add a line to the .ks before you build a new image to get gdb installed19:41
electro5752sudo lsusb -v | grep iSerial ?19:41
electro5752yes ?19:42
malI'm not going to spend huge amounts of time trying to make you fix usb networking so find the line %packages in the only file with ending .ks in your $ANDROID_ROOT, then add a new line under it with only text gdb19:44
malthen build a new zip and install it, DO NOT do anything in chapter 8.3 anymore19:45
T42<brute4s99> what's the irc channel name?19:53
T42<brute4s99> thanks. be right there.19:53
brute4s99electro5752: o/19:54
brute4s99electro5752: the XDA page for OnePlus 3T states Bluetooth isn't working, along with a bunch of other stuff. Is the link you gave me earlier latest, or the forum page?19:55
electro5752try to find the date maybe19:56
electro5752but the better thing is to test this, but not beginning this hack pdf to think it will be done quickly19:57
electro5752it depend on devices, i have made 1 week to fix bugs19:57
electro5752before try to have my GUI19:57
krnlyngelectro5752, can you see which hwcomposer version your device has?19:57
electro5752do it only if you have time to follow the hack pdf19:58
electro5752i don't know, i'm building my new .img19:58
brute4s99no worries. I have 4 hours ahead of me. Should be enough.19:58
electro5752okey, try it so19:58
electro5752how can i find the hwcomposer version i have ?19:59
brute4s99A friend earlier tested SFOS on Nexus 5X, worked nicely, but proximity sensor had issues. maybe H/W problem19:59
electro5752yes, okey good :)19:59
krnlyngelectro5752, can you try running lipstick ? (from user nemo not root!)20:01
electro5752it's possible20:01
krnlyngelectro5752, like this: su nemo; EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer lipstick -platform hwcomposer20:02
electro5752i okey20:02
electro5752krnlyng : i remove mask from etc/systemd/system/user@100000.service ?20:03
electro5752before launch this command20:03
electro5752krnlyng : NOTICE: There is no systemd user session running20:05
electro5752krnlyng :
krnlyngelectro5752, just a quick question, which android version?20:10
electro5752cm 14.120:10
electro5752krnlyng, be appear, one thing is doing20:13
electro5752humm, no20:13
electro5752but the device react at your command20:14
electro5752what can i do now20:14
electro5752remove mask from etc/systemd/system/user@100000.service ?20:14
electro5752mal, maybe have you an idea with my log ?20:15
electro5752so, i flash the zip file ?20:16
krnlyngwhat happens if you run EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev lipstick -platform hwcomposer20:17
electro5752with what user ?20:17
krnlyngtry unmasking user@100000.service and put EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev into droid-hal-device.conf20:18
krnlyngthen reboot20:18
brute4s99electro5752: I'm a bit confused with the OP3T instructions, what does chapter 7 mean?20:18
electro5752krnlyng : i have already this -> EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer20:20
deathmistelectro5752: what's why you need to change it20:20
krnlyngelectro5752, remove it20:20
krnlyng(on device of course)20:21
electro5752brute4s99 : humm, i don't know what say to you20:21
electro5752hybris/droid-configs, hybris-droid-hal-version-$DEVICE20:21
brute4s99lol ok, nvm I'll see if the current combination of files work or not20:21
electro5752deathmist -> because my surfaceflinger not work20:22
electro5752the GUI not work20:22
electro5752libEGL  : loaded /system/lib/egl/libGLESv2_mali.so20:23
electro5752mali is okey20:23
electro5752it work ! krnlyng20:24
electro5752GUI is okey20:24
electro5752i suppose with unmask user@100000020:24
electro5752thanks all for your help20:28
krnlyngelectro5752, EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev probably did the trick20:31
electro5752yes ! it was hwcomposer20:32
electro5752but, it's a really issue ?20:32
krnlyngelectro5752, for your device it seems so yes20:32
krnlyngelectro5752, it's device specific20:32
electro5752and it's possible to change this before build the image ?20:33
electro5752okey, thanks20:33
krnlyngin hybris/droid-configs20:33
brute4s99I'm having a prob with flashing sfos21:14
brute4s99it says "failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata at /data: Device or resource busy"21:15
brute4s99it also says "Failed to extract filesystem"21:16
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malbrute4s99: can you show what you added to fixup-mountpoint for your device?22:06
malthere are some things that can cause installation issues, either you have incorrect changes in fixup-mountpoint or twrp recovery is misbehaving and preventing complete installation22:08
brute4s99sorry for the late msg, mal. I installed a previous version of TWRP and it worked!22:21
brute4s99I'm enjoying SFOS now :D22:21
malok, good22:26
malthat was the most likely issue, good that it worked22:27
brute4s99I hope the SFOS lives even after `version --dup` on OP3T22:32
brute4s99it didn't survive the upgrading on Nexus 5X22:32
malbrute4s99: which version do you have on it now?22:32
brute4s99the latest one, according to OTA. Let me check what I flashed22:33
malupdating depends on whether the packages have been correctly built on OBS, and sometimes also some small changes to repos22:33
brute4s99mal: SFOS ver.
malok, then updating to latest probably won't work without some changes22:35
malunless you are lucky22:35
brute4s99the device survived the command. still the same version of SFOS though22:36
brute4s99is there a v3 out there as well?22:36
brute4s99huh, well the camera's not working here, so that's a bummer22:36
malversion --dup itself doesn't really update, you need to specify the version, but not sure if the image have proper adaptation repos22:37
malwhat is the codename of that device?22:38
malis it just oneplus3?22:39
malyou probably should show output of "ssu lr" from the device22:40
brute4s99just a sec22:42
malbrute4s99: xda forums seem to have a22:42
malbrute4s99: xda forums seem to have a way to update to newer version22:42
T42<vince1171> Note for future porters22:43
T42<vince1171> if you have a KBUILD_MODNAME while enable configfs rndis22:43
T42<vince1171> Note for future porters22:46
T42<vince1171> if you have a KBUILD_MODNAME while enable configfs rndis,22:46
T42<vince1171> disable CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_F_GSI and CONFIG_USB_F_GSI, it will fix the compilation22:46
T42<elros34> wouldn't  be better to just enable gsi.rndis in init-script, it should be a matter of adding 2 lines22:48
T42<vince1171> it could be a solution22:54
T42<vince1171> I just post it if someone in the future face this problem22:54
T42<vince1171> to be honnest, I'm not a Sailfish porter but an Halium one (Ubuntu Touch, etc...)22:54
T42<vince1171> as we run Android in a container, this is the only solution to have telnet/ssh22:54
T42<brute4s99> @vince1171 "2 - v2.2.0.29 - OBS upgrade" what is OBS exactly?22:56
T42<vince1171> and as I saw someone face this issue in this channel (MDTech-us_MAN and Mister_Magister), I thought it could be usefull22:56
T42<elros34> sure, I remember there wer at least 2 porters with KBUILD_MODNAME issue22:56
T42<vince1171> @brute4s99 I don't know what you're talking about22:58
T42<brute4s99> @mal [ …], I went to this link to check the upgrade procedure22:58
T42<brute4s99> do I just need to type in "ssu re" then the same for "" and then "latest" ?22:59
T42<vince1171> no Idea, as I said earlier, I'm not a Sailfish porter23:00
T42<brute4s99> ah, so sorry. I should've tagged mal instead23:00
brute4s99mal: could you verify this for me please?23:01
brute4s99for upgrading, do I just need to type in "ssu re" then the same for "" and then "latest" ?23:01
brute4s99also, what are OBS upgrades?23:01
mccrearypiggz: There is an unfinished TWRP for t5 at
mccrearyThis must be written to one of the boot partitions with 'fastboot flash boot twrp-3.3.1-20190720-t5.img'23:08
brute4s99thanks mccreary! that's one problem solved :D23:09
mccrearyNote that you can switch to the other slot while in twrp, but the bootctl binary in the ramdisk can't23:09
mccrearyTell me about any bugs you find, and I'll fix them23:10
mccrearyFWIW, that image contains a static bzip2 executable, so it ought to be able to extract a std. SFOS installer ZIP23:11
brute4s99ok, I got some knowledge from
T42<brute4s99> ok, first upgrade jump no prob. trying now...23:31
malbrute4s99: ssu re some_version and then version --dup, then same again with next version23:37
malah, you figured it out already23:39

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