Tuesday, 2019-07-30

T42<brute4s99> yessss. upgrading to now03:27
brute4s99mal: how would you rate the reliability of TWRP backups of sfos?03:35
rudi36Hi guys, any idea how to fix this07:30
rudi36PlatformSDK rudi_timmer911@buildserver:~/hadk$ rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh --droid-h07:30
rudi36Error building the cache:07:30
rudi36[adaptation0|plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation0] Valid metadata not found at specified URL07:30
rudi36Some of the repositories have not been refreshed because of an error.07:30
rudi36* Building rpm/droid-hal-kirin.spec07:30
rudi36Fatal: sony-i4213-armv7hl is an invalid sb2 target07:30
rudi36* Check /home/rudi_timmer911/hadk/droid-hal-i4213.log for full log.07:30
rudi36!! building of package failed07:30
merbotrudi36: Error: "!" is not a valid command.07:30
vknechtrudi36, probably by following the Warning text in chapter 6 of HADK07:31
rudi36@vknecht i have check that but can not found anything what can be wrong07:32
vknecht"sdk-assistant list" will show tooling & target names07:32
rudi36Ok i check07:33
rudi36i have this07:34
vknechtvoila, you copy-paster from wiki, without following warning from pdf to use $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH for target name07:34
Mister_Magisterrudi36: btw use http://susepaste.org instead of pasting long logs here07:35
Mister_Magistermore than 5 lines > http://susepaste.org07:35
vknechttrue, it's a pain, commands to create targets would better be directly in pdf07:35
rudi36Ok sorry07:35
Mister_Magistergut guy vknecht07:36
vknechtMister_Magister, gut ?07:38
rudi36Ok and how can i fix this as i dont understand it cleare never done this ;)07:38
vknechtrudi36, not sure if there's a clean way to rename them, probably better to recreate them07:39
Mister_Magistervknecht: meme version of good07:39
rudi36Ok so first remove it and make it again07:39
vknechtok :-)07:39
Mister_Magisterwith device-vendor-armv7hl iirc07:39
Mister_Magisteroh vendor-device whatev07:40
Mister_Magisterso sony-fwhatever-armv7hl07:40
Mister_Magisteri'm confusing him vknecht right?07:40
vknecht$VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH is much simpler :-)07:41
rudi36so sdk-assistant remove $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH07:42
rudi36FAIL: sony-i4213-armv7hl: No such tooling or target07:42
Mister_Magistersdk-assistant remove Sailfishos-armv7hl07:43
vknechtah, well, with the actual name, sorry07:43
Mister_Magistersdk-assistant remove ─SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl07:43
Mister_Magisterto be exact07:43
vknechtnot sure about the tooling, guess it should recreated with advised name too07:44
rudi36FAIL: ─SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl: No such tooling or target07:44
Mister_Magisterye remove that -07:44
vknechtuse the name you had with sdk-assistant list07:44
Mister_Magisterplz  don't copy paste without thinkng07:45
Mister_Magistersdk-assistant remove SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl <- here07:45
rudi36ok that worked i was able to remove also the tooling now list is empty07:47
rudi36thanks can you now paste what the mean by name the tooling ?07:50
Mister_Magistername of the tooling doesn't really matter07:52
* vknecht uses SailfishOS- for tooling name07:53
* Mister_Magister uses sailfishOs-latest07:54
rudi36ok now it's building thanks!07:56
rudi36again some errors07:57
vknechtcheck the log file, it should have more details ($ANDROID_ROOT/droid-hal-$DEVICE.log)07:59
rudi36I thinkg there something wrong on the repo...08:03
vknechtyou built the HAL already ? do you follow https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Sailfish_X_Xperia_Android_9_Build_and_Flash ?08:04
rudi36i have follow this08:05
vknechtstrange because line 27, kernel checker doesn't find the .config file in out/08:06
rudi36yesterday i build the hybris-boot.img and hybris-recovery.img08:07
vknecht"find out -name .config" returns something ?08:07
rudi36no it seems there is no out directory i would try buld again the hal mebay this was becoss my toolname was wrong or something08:09
vknechtmaybe you ran "make clean" ?08:09
rudi36no not that i know08:11
rudi36only thing is i try build it on cloud server as my PC is to slow08:14
rudi36ok HAL build and now i have a out directory08:36
rudi36still errors : http://susepaste.org/2632074308:40
vknechtsame answer, logs... :-)08:42
rudi36Ok would pate log08:43
vknechtstill no .config file it seems08:47
rudi36#### build completed successfully (04:28 (mm:ss)) ####08:48
rudi36into my hadk i can found the config but not into the sdk08:49
vknechtdo they have same value for $ANDROID_ROOT ?08:49
rudi36yes i check to make shure08:50
rudi36i get the path to hadk08:51
vknechtand you use both of them on the same machine ("cloud" server) ?08:53
rudi36Yes indeed08:53
rudi36when i do a find i get out/target/product/mermaid/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config08:54
vknechtfunny, so is it mermaid or kirin ? there's a discrepancy somewhere08:56
rudi36i have into my hadk.env export HABUILD_DEVICE=kirin08:57
rudi36Like it say on the wiki08:57
vknechtmake sure $DEVICE and $HABUILD_DEVICE in hadk.env are coherent wrt. the device you want to build for: https://sx.ix5.org/info/sony-devices/#sdm660-devices-ganges-board-201909:01
vknechtand if you have to make change, be sure to exit and re-enter habuild and sdk environment09:03
rudi36ok so make the changes into hakd.env en relogin into the skd again and build the habuild correct?09:03
vknechtand make clean probably, to be sure to not have leftovers from before09:04
rudi36oke and how do a make clean ?09:05
vknecht"make clean" in habuild09:05
rudi36ok thanks!09:05
vknechtalso, if you have to change the codename, you'd have to recreate target with correct name09:05
rudi36would it not be better i remove the complete cloud and make a new one ?09:12
malbrute4s99: I have never used twrp backups09:54
Mister_Magisterbrute4s99: always worked fine10:04
T42<adampigg> mal, could you summarise the fixes/features you were going to make to piggz-o-vision ... if you are still too busy, i could do the minimal stuff to get a version suitable for the store11:36
T42<adampigg> tho, if you could find some time, thatd be gr8!11:36
rudi36now i have a other error : https://pastebin.com/u6D9rjpe12:04
Mister_Magisterrudi36: do you even have that folder?12:21
rudi36Yes i have it but file is not there12:22
rudi36there are 4 files and one of this jolla-hw-adaptation-mermaid.yaml12:22
Mister_Magisteryou got wrong thing maybe?12:27
Mister_Magistergive    link to repo12:27
rudi36git clone --recursive https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-config-sony-$FAMILY-$ANDROID_FLAVOUR hybris/droid-configs -b master12:30
Mister_Magisterthen give with replaced variables12:30
Mister_Magisteri dunno whats your family ot flavour12:30
vknechtI guess there's a typo in the howto, the sed on hw-adaptation yaml should be using HABUILD_DEVICE and not DEVICE12:31
rudi36Ok any idea what i need to change vknecht ?12:32
vknechtin the if/fi block just before "rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh --configs", use jolla-hw-adaptation-$HABUILD_DEVICE.yaml instead of jolla-hw-adaptation-$DEVICE.yaml12:34
T42<adampigg> mal, abranson has fixed the front camera mirror issue, so that shouldnt be neded anymore12:36
mal@adampigg yes12:39
rudi36@vknecht still one to go https://pastebin.com/PYnLhEat12:41
vknechtreplace both occurences, so in the grep line too (they reference the same file)12:44
rudi36i hope lasted one ;) https://pastebin.com/RgHkgkXd12:50
rudi36seems there is a problem when build libhybris - https://pastebin.com/uZPZc87a13:19
Mister_Magisterresync it13:19
Mister_Magisterjust remove libhybris folder13:20
rudi36so remove mw/libhybris13:21
rudi36now there seems a problem also with the ofono version https://pastebin.com/tziFAg6g13:40
malcd hybris/mw/ofono-ril-binder-plugin/ and then git reset --hard 1.0.4 and then rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh -b hybris/mw/ofono-ril-binder-plugin13:49
mallater skip ofono-ril-binder-plugin in build_packages.sh13:50
T42<adampigg> lbt: 3.1 coming to obs?13:55
rudi36when i try now to build the android 9 system image i get this /bin/bash: m4: command not found14:37
rudi36Ok i found the fix ;)14:39
rudi36@mail it seems otacerts.zip is missing when build android systemimage log: https://pastebin.com/KNEUwWDw14:55
malrudi36: if you try to highlight me use the correct nick15:09
malrudi36: it's zip that missing, install it15:09
T42diego_topow was added by: diego_topow15:32
rudi36@mal, sorry my mistake thanks!16:26
malrudi36: also no need to add that @ for IRC users16:35
rudi36Ok good to know ;)16:36
malrudi36: only if you talk to someone who is using that T42 telegram tunnel you use @ in front of the nick inside <> after the initial <T42> in those messages16:45
malhopefully that is understandable way to describe how to use it16:46
rudi36thx i understand16:46
piggz_mal: bisecting mesa has started :/18:37
malpiggz_: ok, hopefully won't take long18:38
deathmisthey, would it be possible to port Sailfish OS to the Nintendo Switch now that it has LineageOS 15.1 sources (https://gitlab.com/switchroot/android) available? :D  it's a bit crazy but for some reason I really want to try it18:44
deathmisthttps://forum.xda-developers.com/nintendo-switch/nintendo-switch-news-guides-discussion--development/rom-switchroot-lineageos-15-1-t3951389 :p18:55
T42<NotKit> deathmist, you could try pure MESA port like PinePhone/latte instead18:56
T42<NotKit> that would make much more sense than doing it through LOS18:56
deathmist@NotKit I don't think I have enough experience to even try that, how much harder would it be compared to regular porting?18:57
T42<NotKit> the problem is that there is no guide to do that... but you would probably run into less issues than with trying to get hybris to work18:59
deathmistyeaaah I have relatively little experience even with the regular porting procedure so I don't know about that.  the images they supply even come with LineageOS pre-installed so it would just be the matter of adding SFOS rootfs there or flashing it thru TWRP when testing19:02
deathmistofc hybris-boot image as well :)19:03
electro575hi all19:24
piggz_is there a command to reboot the lbt bot?19:25
piggz_seems to be under a DoS attack19:25
electro575reboot -f ?19:25
electro575what is lbt ?19:25
electro575why the user@100000.service is again masked after rm -rf19:39
electro575i see just this : /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd/user.slice/user-100000.slice/user@100000.service19:39
Nebrassy[m]Wait so there's Pie compatibility now?19:40
electro575no, cm-14.119:40
electro575my main problem is : Failed to mount Droid mount for /config.19:40
electro575i don't arrived to finish the tutorial19:41
electro575of sailfishOS19:41
electro575at the startup of my device19:41
electro575or this again : pwrkeymonitor: Timer triggered, initiating shutdown19:42
electro575my touche screen not respond for left and right to continue the help user SailFishOS of the device19:43
malelectro575: did you successfully go through the two startup wizards?19:49
electro575two ?19:50
electro575i arrived to do 5 step around19:50
malthere should first be language selection, license etc and then other part with many things19:50
electro575but when i am with the picture, i must go home with left or right19:51
electro575and i'm blocked19:51
electro575it's good for this step19:51
electro575i can't go home19:52
electro575so i back and after i can just do up to down19:52
rudi36anyone have some fix for this https://pastebin.com/0pLp9Gy119:53
electro575and display icone as wifi , 3G, bluetooth, ...19:53
electro575no, sorry rudi3619:55
malelectro575: answer the question about wizards, swipes from left and right are probably broken because both wizards didn't run successfully19:55
electro575how can i reset this ?19:58
malelectro575: logs logs logs as usual, this time journalctl19:58
electro575mal, Stopped User Manager for UID 100000.19:59
electro575i have remove the mask for user@10000019:59
electro575mal, https://dpaste.de/grkO20:02
electro575all chmod failed cause of : /sys//devices/20:02
malignore those chmod issues20:03
electro575what is ofono ? [ofono] ERROR! GDBus.Error:org.ofono.Error.Failed: Operation failed20:04
malelectro575: ignore20:04
malfocus on the startupwizard issue20:04
electro575what log can i see for that ?20:05
electro575journalctl or another ?20:05
malelectro575: it's clear in the log you just gave20:05
electro575okey, sorry20:06
maljolla-startupwizard.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV20:06
electro575Specified Desktop file does not exist20:06
electro575error: Can't send signal 11 to application [11766]: No such process20:08
malso the next step is to find out why it crashes20:10
electro575it's good20:10
electro575i can go20:10
electro575it's the usb charging who bug the phone maybe20:10
T42* brute4s99 likes sfos20:14
T42<brute4s99> Byw20:19
electro5751sorry, what is the url for see app jolla store ?20:19
electro5751https://openrepos.net/tags/jolla ?20:19
deathmistit comes preinstalled on your device if you haven't done something weird, first you need to get everything working ofc, no use for a store if the device doesn't even work properly20:23
deathmistuse packages from openrepos for now if you need testing applications or even others20:23
electro5751but i just want to see what can i install as android and lineageOS20:23
electro5751okey, thanks20:24
electro5751what is application for gps ?20:25
electro5751do you have openstreetmap ?20:26
electro5751or other20:26
deathmistPure Maps is the most prominent one, just search for it in openrepos, for strictly GPS "GPSInfo" is a good way for testing20:30
electro5751okey, thank you20:33
T42<brute4s99> some way I could start using Google apps on my phone? OP3T20:35
electro5751i don't know20:39
deathmistbrute4s99: in sailfish? no way if you don't get Anbox / similar project working or boot to android20:40
T42<brute4s99> ok20:43
deathmistthe default mail app handler gmail and there are community apps like youtube players etc but I wouldn't expect everything to have any sort of port in SFOS20:44
deathmistthe default browser works surprisingly well for YT as well as it does background play by default and the site is simple to use :)20:45
T42<brute4s99> yeah I like the browser21:03

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