Wednesday, 2019-08-07

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T42<austenite> no plugin08:19
T42<austenite> wrong chat08:20
electromal, i have this log08:29
electromy device bootloop at 1min2008:29
electroi have disable selinux but i have no telnet access at boot08:32
electrono usb0 or rndis008:32
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T42<mohagician> when to add new devices?08:44
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T42<Ken_Ookami_Horo> Do it yourself, please.08:45
T42<Ken_Ookami_Horo> 😅08:45
T42<mohagician> (Document)
T42<birdzhang> @mohagician read the pinned message pls08:46
T42<Ken_Ookami_Horo> is a good startpoint .08:46
T42<austenite> guys dont use reply function08:46
T42<mohagician> @birdzhang danke08:47
electro@elros34 : hi, how are you ?09:36
T42<mohagician> noice, du?09:36
electro@elros34 : can we ignore on init-script the usb0 or rndis0 before launching other script ?09:42
electro@elros34 : rndis is okey09:47
electromal, debugging is okey09:47
electro@elros34 : my journalctl
T42<elros34> debugging steps are same as on t0lte. Sorry but I can not help you, we can't communicate properly.10:03
electro@elros34 : we can't communicate properly ? why do you say it ?10:21
T42<elros34> You can't understand me so doing simple thing like adding one line to /init-debug takes several hours. Somebody more verbose and with better English will help you faster10:37
malI'm quite sure the current issue is that filesystems are not properly mounted because a common issue in 15.1 base, fstab and ueventd.rc are not present in out/10:46
liuxstrange camera issue, sometimes the first boot camera not work with error log: "E/DroidMediaCamera( 6952): Failed to connect to camera service". I've checked mini* and qcom camera process all running. it's not reproducible after reboot11:33
liuxdoes anyone has experience about it?11:33
electro@elros34 : i have add the line what you said, but i suppose i have done some changes before11:37
T42<adampigg> mal, how needed is the hybris-hal scripts which create users, groups etc12:16
T42<adampigg> does that script do much more12:16
T42<adampigg> i thought about setting that peekfilter.enabledin a timer to see if it holds12:16
mal@adampigg not really sure how important those are12:17
T42<adampigg> Mal: in my logs, i see warnings that some groups dont exist, not sure how important that is16:04
mal@adampigg depends on which groups16:24
T42<austenite> I have the accessories.ini file with correct event for headphone jack, it worked in last build, now it doesnt recognise.. what couldve gone wrong?16:44
T42<austenite> and calls didnt have sound yesterday, weird things happening in my port16:45
electro@elros34 : have you few minutes ?17:01
electroDo you know what is the main problem to launch the GUI ?17:02
electroor mal maybe17:03
electrolog of my journalctl17:04
malelectro: I already mentioned earlier one probable reason for issues17:14
electroyes, i have done this17:14
malelectro: what did you do?17:14
electrocopy all files to hybris/droid-configs/sparse/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init17:15
electroin chapter Notes on LOS15.1 Porting17:15
electroon fa17:15
electrono sorry17:15
electrofstab and ueventd.rc are not present in out/17:15
electrobut i don't know how to fix this17:16
electroi will check this files if they are not present17:17
malelectro: in HABUILD_SDK run "make modules" (the same way you would run make hybris-hal) then in the output look for fstab and ueventd17:19
malif you see something containing those tell me17:21
electromal, this path17:24
electrothat's all17:24
electroi just flash hybris-boot.img ?17:25
electroor rebuild all17:25
vknecht"make modules" !!!17:26
electroyes, but after this17:26
electrohow transfert files in my device17:26
vknechtit certainly didn't print what you pasted...17:26
vknechtcheck "make modules" output and search for lines containing either fstab or ueventd17:27
electrothat's all17:30
malelectro: now run "make fstab.qcom ueventd.qcom.rc"17:30
malthen some fstab and ueventd.rc should appear in out/17:30
electrono appear files in the out directory17:32
electro[100% 4/4] Install: /home/sailfish-dev-htc-one-m8/hadk/out/target/product/m8/system/vendor/ueventd.rc17:32
electrojust this :
electroit was already present before17:33
piggz_May 08 12:28:24 Sailfish dbus-daemon[2424]: Unknown group "system" in message bu17:33
piggz_s configuration file17:33
piggz_May 08 12:28:24 Sailfish dbus-daemon[2424]: Unknown group "system" in message bu17:33
piggz_s configuration file17:33
piggz_May 08 12:28:24 Sailfish dbus-daemon[2424]: Unknown username "radio" in message17:33
piggz_bus configuration file17:33
vknechtelectro, use "find -name uevent*" and "find -name fstab*"17:34
vknechtso, aren't the fstab and ueventd.rc here, like predicted ? :-)17:36
malout/target/product/m8/system/vendor/etc/fstab.qcom and out/target/product/m8/system/vendor/ueventd.rc17:36
malso now in platform sdk run " -d" as usual, then build new image17:37
electroyou better know the OS than me17:37
malelectro: you need to learn also17:37
electronew image of hybris-boot or all ?17:37
electroyes, but how ? to know all data17:38
malelectro: image always means zip17:38
electrowith what support17:38
electroi'm a linux user and qt beginner developer17:38
electroit already good too17:39
electroi do that and do a return17:39
malelectro: you need to learn what we are changing, in this case we didn't do any changes to kernel so no need to even think of hybris-boot.img (which is the kernel)17:39
piggz_mal: u think those groups/warning are important?17:39
malpiggz_: radio not sure, system might be17:39
electroso, changes is necessary in defconfig ?17:40
malelectro: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1117:40
electrowhere fix this17:40
malelectro: fix what?17:40
electroUnknown group "system" in message bu17:40
malelectro: that is not related to you17:41
electrookey, sorry17:41
malelectro: we are having a separate discussion with piggz_17:41
malelectro: do you now know what you need to build?17:43
electroyes, thanks you17:43
vknechtelectro, if you want to learn "The OS", try this some day:
electroyes, thanks17:58
electronew journalctl :
electrocouldn't find an OpenGL ES implementation18:05
electromaybe it's broadcomm, ... in faq18:06
electroQualcomm MSM8974PRO-AB18:07
electroi come back18:08
electromal, i must launch hw_composer to find if gpu is supported ?18:24
malelectro: you are focusing on completely wrong message18:27
electrolipstick.service: Ignoring invalid environment assignment '˓ → evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap'18:27
electroi supposed is that18:28
electroor this : Failed to initialize property area18:29
malthe mounting still fails18:30
malhmm, so those eventually worked, I just saw messages of those failing18:32
malthen the issue is that "droid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area"18:33
electroi must mask droid-hal-init and strace ?18:36
malthat won't help18:38
piggz_mal: this is the list of packages installed on mido, not installed on dontbeevil
malpiggz_: that's a lot of differences18:40
electro@elros34 : with this log
electroi must do the same as t0lte ?
malelectro: show output of "ls -l out/target/product/m8/root" from $ANDROID_ROOT18:44
electroselinux is disable18:46
electromaybe i must enable now selinux18:46
piggz_mal: it is, but nothing jumps out at being particularly low leven and related18:53
electromal, are you here ?19:04
electroor @elros34 maybe19:06
electronobody ?19:29
vknechtelectro, with all the time it took to get selinux disabled so that your device doesn't bootloop, what makes you think you'd have to enable it now ?19:41
electroit's not that i suppose, it's because rndis0 is enable for debugging19:42
electrono ?19:42
vknechtaucun rapport19:42
electroha, un français ?19:42
electrookey, so i do command of my link19:43
electrofor this file19:44
vknechtif it was straggler/detritus problem, you'd have had a problem at -d step (packaging droid-hal)19:45
vknechtso, it's either the "properties area setting" that causes trouble, or perhaps that you have to use surfaceflinger instead of hwcomposer (I guess)19:46
T42<elros34> vknecht: no, there is something broken in droid-hal so these files are not detected.19:46
electroerror: File not found: /home/sailfish-dev-htc-one-m8/hadk/installroot/property_contexts19:46
T42<elros34> copy it manually first19:47
electro@elros34 : this is this file i suppose : hadk/device/htc/msm8974-common/sepolicy/property_contexts19:51
malelectro: no19:52
malelectro: stop19:52
malelectro: show your droid-hal-m8.log file from $ANDROID_ROOT19:52
malhopefully it will show a list of the unpackaged files19:52
malelectro: remove the property_contexts from straggler files19:54
malelectro: you can't just randomly add files to that19:54
electroso, what can i do19:58
electroto fix the problem19:58
electromal, why do you say randomly ! it is needed for droid-hal-init20:01
UmeaboyHi! Just wondering..... I see that sailfish-browser is updated on github, but no official update has shown up in Sailfish. Can someone please trigger a build?20:02
UmeaboyMine crashes very often with the latest Sailfish OS build.20:03
UmeaboyIf it's possible that is.20:03
electroi let developer say to you an answer20:04
electro@elros34 : be appear, it's not good to copy manually, ... what can i do so ?20:05
malelectro: remove it like said and then run " -d" again and show the log I asked20:05
malUmeaboy: not sure what you mean20:06
electrohum, okey but i have remove straggled file so no error20:06
electrobut strace of droid-hal-init need property_contexts20:06
UmeaboyLatest build of sailfish-browser is
malelectro: do what I said20:06
electroso how send this file20:06
malelectro: do what I said20:07
UmeaboyAny chance of having that version as an official update?20:07
malUmeaboy: 1.18.11 is in 3.1.020:08
malelectro: hmm, that is odd20:09
electrowhy ?20:09
electromal, not good with copy manually
electro@elros34 : not good manually copy the file
electroi have remove my changes when i pasted a good log20:28
Umeaboymal: It sure is buggy as heck.20:30
UmeaboyI think it's related to the Agent settings and none that I've tried works.20:30
UmeaboyAt least any of the top alternatives.20:30
malUmeaboy: some examples of web pages with issues?20:33
malelectro: there is not such file in android 8 base20:34
UmeaboyWell, twitter is still not working.20:35
malUmeaboy: there is PR in the repo for that20:35
electromal, yes maybe but for debug droid-hal-init it need this file for good working process20:35
electromaybe @elros34 know more about this file20:36
malelectro: no, I know what I'm talking about20:36
electrookey but how can we resolve the issue ?20:36
UmeaboyRight. I see it. When will it be merged?20:36
malelectro: I'm trying to figure out why it doesn't complain about unpackaged files, because it should20:38
electrookey, we fix that tomorrow if you want20:39
malfix what?20:39
electrono, okey thanks20:39
electrothe problem20:39
UmeaboyI'm so happy that there's a beta-version of Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia 10 built. :)20:39
UmeaboyA friend of mine have been waiting for this for some time.20:40
electrothe droid-hal-init is not good starting on my device20:40
malI know what files are needed but I don't know why the build doesn't complain about those20:41
electroO, okey20:41
electroBut how can i add this files for my compiling ?20:42
electroi come back tomorrow, good night20:50

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