Thursday, 2019-08-08

electromal, hi, have you a solution for this file "hadk/installroot/property_contexts"06:37
electro@elros34 :
electroand loose telnet connection07:14
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electroola ! ^^08:36
malelectro: how many times do I have to say, that file does not exists in android 8 base, you can see in the output you showed yesterday that there are other similar files in out/target/product/m8/root/09:36
T42<adampigg> mal: you got pinged from meeting re obs.  pl think it just needs enabledfor common?10:42
mal@adampigg afaik some part is still missing so the target is not working10:45
T42<adampigg> mal: could you ask?10:46
electromal, okey but droid-hal-init does not work11:08
electrowhy ?11:09
malelectro: did you read what said earlier today?11:11
electroi have done cp property_contexts ~/hadk/installroot11:12
electroinstallroot is created by ? build_packages11:12
electroi read11:12
electroi build the new image11:13
malelectro: THERE IS NO property_contexts IN ANDROID 8, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:18
electroi know11:18
electrobut now i must rebuild installroot file11:18
electroor get original installroot file11:19
malelectro: so what don't you understand is this: 12:36 < mal> electro: how many times do I have to say, that file does not exists in android 8 base, you can see in the output you showed yesterday that there are other similar files in out/target/product/m8/root/11:19
electroyes, i know11:19
electroit's good now11:19
malso you don't understand?11:19
electroi understand11:20
malno you don't11:20
electro? stop say this11:20
malthen tell me what you need to do now?11:20
electroyesterday, i have done11:20
electrojust rpm/dhd/helpers/ and mic11:21
malthat will not help with the issue you have11:21
electrowe have done some command to fix this problem11:21
maluntil you make sure the correct files are in straggler files11:21
malyou probably don't know what issue I'm talking about11:22
electrosay it to me11:22
malyou have several files which end with _contexts in out/target/product/m8/root/, all of those need to be in sailfish root, meaning those need to be in straggler files11:23
malI said that several times already11:24
electroi read11:25
electrowe have made this already : make modules11:27
electromake fstab.qcom ueventd.qcom.rc11:27
electromal, so i must add all this files11:29
malelectro: forget fstab.qcom ueventd.qcom.rc, you already fixed that issue, we are talking about a different problem now11:31
malelectro: COME ON, FORGET ABOUT property_contexts, I SAID THAT MANY TIMES11:32
malelectro: I said to look for files ending with _contexts in out/target/product/m8/root/, meaning use "find out/target/product/m8/root/ -name *_contexts" to list those11:34
malelectro: so what else did I say?, about 10 minutes ago11:35
electroadd this file into strangler file11:35
electroadd this files into straggler files11:36
malyes, and what in that did you not understand?11:36
electroand add "- droid-hal-m8-detritus" to my file /hadk/hybris/droid-configs/patterns/jolla-hw-adaptation-m8.yaml11:40
electroif it's good11:40
electroit's good compiling so11:41
electromal, qt5-qpa-surfaceflinger-plugin can be build or not now ?11:52
electroand this : ofono-ril-binder-plugin11:52
electroi have errors when i compile thelm11:52
malelectro: you have been told before what to do with those11:55
electroignore it11:55
electronot compiled you said11:55
malignore qt5-qpa-surfaceflinger-plugin11:55
malbuild older version of ofono-ril-binder-plugin11:55
electrohum, yes but build older version, i don't know how to do this11:56
malelectro: there was no need to even run whole, only " -d" would have been enough11:56
malelectro: then search logs, I told you how to do that when built the first time11:56
malbut like I said, there is no need to run whole, only " -d"11:58
electroi build my new image11:58
electromal, you said -> -b hybris/mw/ofono-ril-binder-plugin12:04
electrobut -> !! building of package failed12:04
vknechtelectro, search logs again, there's a git reset command to run12:07
electroyes but12:08
electroi must run this command after git reset ?12:08
malyes, after a very specific git reset command12:08
malas log clearly say: 16:49 < mal> cd hybris/mw/ofono-ril-binder-plugin/ and then git reset --hard 1.0.4 and then rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/mw/ofono-ril-binder-plugin12:09
electroit's okey12:11
malyou really need to learn how to search logs12:12
electrothat's all12:13
T42<adampigg> i even make it trivial to search logs! ;)12:13
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electromal, my device loose telnet with droid-hal-init
electroand reboot into HW HTC menu to go recovery or fastboot12:35
T42<adampigg> selinux ... use the search look12:56
T42<adampigg> and /the faq!12:56
electroi have disable selinux12:57
electro@adampigg : i have disable selinux13:01
T42<adampigg> can also be ofono, /etc ... there is lots of docs on rebooting issues with early ports13:02
electro@adampigg yes13:02
malelectro: I think one problem could be that you don't have /vendor in sailfish root, if you look here you can see that /vendor should be there, in straggler files13:06
malalso add /d, /sdcard, /cache and /bugreports to straggler files13:08
electromal, this is good
electrofor droid-hal-init13:29
electroDevice /dev/sailfish/home doesn't exist or access denied.13:29
electroofono, good too13:30
electrobut my phone restart after 30 sec13:31
malwhat does /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/bin/logcat print?13:32
malelectro: the issue is that some android side processes fail13:32
mallike Service 'hwservicemanager' (pid 997) killed by signal 613:33
electroi must restart so13:34
electroor log logcat13:35
malelectro: oh, your device is 32-bit?13:42
malyou need to replace /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64/ with /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ in all .rc files in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/13:43
electrono, my device is 64 bit13:47
electroi suppose : htc one m813:48
malelectro: no it's not, it has msm8974 platform which is 32-bit13:48
electrowhere can i see that mal ?13:48
malso just replace those like I just said, you can first test on device13:49
electroto search with vi is / word13:52
malbut for next build you can change those in hybris/droid-configs/sparse/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init and also in $ANDROID_ROOT/frameworks/native/ cmds/servicemanager/servicemanager.rc13:52
malafter which you need to rebuild android side using "make hybris-hal" and of course " -d" after that13:52
malthere should be only a couple of those .rc files which need fixing13:56
electromal :
malelectro: and what happens after that?14:01
maldoes device reboot?14:02
electrotelnet is broken14:03
electronearly after 4s booting14:03
electrothe device, just a second14:03
electroi'm looking14:03
electrothe phone stay block14:04
electroat the HTC begin page14:04
malbut does it reboot?14:04
malcan you telnet again?14:05
electrohum, no14:05
electrono telnet14:05
electrobut i see again the interface enp0s19f2u514:05
electrothe phone reboot14:06
electroin fastboot mode14:06
electromal, what can i do ?14:36
electrodo changes on files ?14:36
electroon computer14:36
electroto see logs14:37
electromal, last journalctl15:12
electrowith 32bit modification and new image15:12
electrosh-3.2# journalctl --no-tail -f15:12
electro-- Logs begin at Fri 2019-07-26 20:09:39 UTC. --15:12
electroJul 26 20:09:39 Sailfish systemd-journal[677]: Runtime journal (/run/log/journal/) is currently using 4.0M.15:12
electro                                               Maximum allowed usage is set to 8.0M.15:12
electro                                               Leaving at least 136.8M free (of currently available 908.1M of space).15:12
electro                                               Enforced usage limit is thus 8.0M.15:12
electroJul 26 20:09:39 Sailfish kernel: Booting Linux on physical CPU 015:12
electromal ,
electrowith 32 bit modif15:13
malelectro: are you sure, same error15:16
malcheck hwservicemanager.rc file again15:16
electro4 files .rc are modify15:16
malyou modified those on device?15:17
electrohummm, strange15:18
electroi have again lib6415:18
maldid you build a new image?15:18
electroyes, it's strange15:18
malthen you probably didn't run " -c" that is always needed if you do anything to hybris/droid-configs repo15:19
malyou should have learned that by now15:19
electrothat's right15:19
electromal :
electrono lib64, lib now on .rc files15:39
electroi come back15:43
electromal, re15:44
malelectro: you gave information what I should be looking for, nothing if device reboot or anything15:45
mal*gave no information15:45
electrohe has reboot on fastboot15:46
electroafter 30-40 sec15:46
T42<adampigg> mal, we need a reboot flowchart.......15:47
T42<adampigg> :)15:47
mal@adampigg is now working, not yet latest though, I asked for that just now15:55
T42<adampigg> Mal, neat...ill be doing some module updating for miso then!15:56
mal@adampigg now also latest15:56
malwill take some time for all to build15:56
T42<adampigg> Anything to be aware of, or can master be used for.all now?15:56
malI updated all middleware to latest, I'll have to check submodules next15:57
T42<adampigg> Mal, eg, in 3.1, a specific commit was needed for config15:57
T42<adampigg> And maybe one other?15:57
mal@adampigg previous version needed custom submodule, not sure now15:58
mal@adampigg commits in config submodule look quite safe, needs testing though16:00
mal@adampigg xa2 used 1bdf5b0 as submodule revision for 3.1.0 but after that there are only some small changes16:01
electrohave you an idea mal ? to continue16:03
malwell something is making it reboot, modem is one possible reason, you need to show what logcat prints now16:04
electrohow can i print ? if the telnet connection is broken quickly16:04
electroi can test16:05
maltry to be fast16:05
malcopy the command and then right after getting telnet connected run it16:06
electroyes i know :) , i will try it16:06
electromal , sh: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/bin/logcat: No such file or directory16:08
malit's /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat16:10
electrologcat read failure16:11
electroand broken16:11
electroi flash it and try to launch journalctl and logcat16:12
maldo you see anything in /proc/last_kmsg if that exists?16:15
electroi flash and say it to you16:15
electromal :
electrobroke telnet and reboot fastboot in 30 sec16:19
electrojournalctl :
electrolast_kmsg :
malelectro: you are sure hwservicemanager.rc is now correct?16:26
electroi can check it again16:26
electroit's correct16:27
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electromaybe elros can help ?16:31
electromal, have you another idea ?16:42
malthose logs still show that hwservicemanager fails16:48
electrocan i use strace for hwservicemanager ?16:48
electroit's maybe because 32 bit16:49
electrofor another files, ...16:49
malcheck in your $ANDROID_ROOT what external/selinux_stubs/stubs.c contains16:50
T42<austenite> i have a problem with audio suddenly not routed to headphones, where can i check16:52
electromal ,
malok, seems ok16:55
electroit's not surface ?16:55
electrowho is not build16:55
electroit's about that yes : hwservicemanager fails16:56
electro@elros34 : maybe can you help ?16:56
electro@elros34 : i have a 32 bit cpu with my htc one m8 and hwservicemanager fails although we have replace lib64 with lib16:57
electromal, maybe the .so is compiled as 64 bit FILE no ?17:05
electrowe just remove 64 but it is necessary te recompile file no ?17:05
malif file is in lib folder then it should be 32-bit17:14
electroa solution maybe ? i will read faq is necessary17:21
electrois it possible to know where the hwservicemanager fail ?17:21
electrocan i disable audit ?17:24
electrofailed: property already set17:25
malthat is not the problem17:27
electrodo you think it's possible to resolve ?17:59
piggz_mal: when did the gst-photography changes hit sailfish?  3.0.2 on my testing fails becuase of it ... maybe it was 3.0.318:03
electromal : if it's more readable simple for you ->
electromy device reboot quickly after loose telnet connection18:32
T42<austenite> is there a way to get jolla store without obs, or should i apply for obs? Fm radio and rtc alarms dont work yet on this phone18:34
T42<austenite> if i enable rtc alarms it gives bootloop :918:35
electro@elros34 : are you available ?18:35
T42<NotKit> @austenite you can do it without OBS, but it would be good to have OBS at this point18:37
T42<NotKit> no problem that something doesn't work18:37
electrologcat :
malpiggz_: latest config submodule seems to work fine18:56
piggz_mal: ok, i'll be pdating everything shortly after i get testing: done and copied over/disabled!18:57
electromal, have you an idea ?18:59
electroor no18:59
malelectro: the issue is hwservicemanager failing, not sure yet why it fails if selinux_stubs is correct now19:01
electrookey, who can help for this issue19:02
electrowhat can i do to resolve this ?19:03
piggz_mal: is this not a problem?,179819:05
piggz_it doesnt print out that its a duplicate19:05
piggz_like servicemanager later on19:05
piggz_electro: show the contents of both /system/etc/init/hwservicemanager.rc and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/hwservicemanager.rc19:09
electroon computer ?19:09
piggz_preferably on device ... i got  30 seconds!19:10
piggz_or, use adb19:10
electroyes adb19:10
electrojust have this file on device19:12
electro /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/hwservicemanager.rc19:12
electropiggz_ :
piggz_electro: u also have one on system partition19:13
electroi search19:13
piggz_electro: what on earth is that file!!!!19:14
malelectro: did you copy the html of the file and the actual content19:14
piggz_id say so19:14
malelectro: I told you how to copy those and claimed you understood19:14
malelectro: those are just wrong19:15
malno wonder everythin fails19:15
piggz_is there any appropriate ascii art for situations like this? :)19:15
electrothe html of the file ? what file19:15
malelectro: how did you even think those files are correct19:15
piggz_electro: the file contents are html ... not the definitions of an android servive19:16
piggz_electro: compare those to the ones in /system....19:16
piggz_and you will see19:16
malelectro: you didn't then understand what I said, instructions tell to copy the files here to sparse in droid-configs
malelectro: when you open one file it opens like this
malyou cannot save that19:17
electroyes, sorry, ...19:17
malyou need to click the "Raw" button in the page19:17
malwhich then gives this
electroso sorry19:17
maland that you can save19:18
malso now do that again for all files in that first like19:18
electroso sorry, i return the output after i change and build image19:18
malthen " -c" and new image19:18
malelectro: before you build make sure the content of all files look correct in hybris/droid-configs/sparse/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/19:19
electroyes okey, i want to install pure-maps but dependence is needed19:20
electrothis package is on openrepo ?19:20
malelectro: I have so many times that if you don't know how to do something you ask, now we have again wasted hours fixing a stupid mistake19:20
mal*I have said so many times19:20
electroyes, sorry19:21
malelectro: what?19:21
malelectro: why are you installing something?19:21
electroi use storeman to install pure-maps app19:21
electroon my t0lte device19:21
electrohave already sailfish-os, i have tested my gps link with dpsinfo app19:21
malyou probably need to run "pkcon refresh" (as root either via telnet or devel-su if you use ssh)19:23
electroyes thanks19:23
electromal :
electromy phone reboot after 30 sec20:18
malelectro: are you 100% sure you correctly fixed the .rc files?20:19
malService 'servicemanager' (pid 1013) killed by signal 620:19
malthis time servicemanager, check that file also20:19
electrohumm, i check yes20:19
electroservicemanager.rc has lib64, i don't know why, i have do this changes on my computer20:23
electroit's okey now20:23
electroon my device20:23
electromal :
electrotelnet is already okey20:25
electromal, need to launch HWCOMPOSER maybe ?20:32
electromal, EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace test_hwcomposer   -------->
malelectro: servicemanager.rc is in $ANDROID_ROOT/frameworks/native/cmds/servicemanager/servicemanager.rc20:41
electroyes, i was delete lib64 on lib20:42
malelectro: do you find any gralloc files in /system or /vendor, use find as usual20:42
electrobut seems to be i have lib64 on this file20:42
malelectro: I told you hours ago to fix that file20:43
malnot that20:43
electroyes, it was20:43
maldid you run make hybris-hal as I said?20:43
malare you sure you did it correctly?20:44
electronot 100%20:44
electrofiles on /system yes20:45
electro /system/vendor yes20:45
electrowhat is gralloc ?20:45
malwhich files did you find?20:46
malelectro: come on20:47
malI said to use command find to search files files containing gralloc20:47
malso you haven't learned anything yet20:47
electroi don't know how to search pattern_text into files20:48
malfind /system -name gralloc*20:48
maldo you understand that20:48
electro /system/vendor/lib/hw/gralloc.default.so20:48
malhopefully you will also remember it20:48
electro /system/vendor/lib/hw/gralloc.msm8974.so20:48
maldo you have file /vendor on device?20:48
electro /data/vendor20:50
electro /system/vendor20:50
malI said /vendor20:50
malso once again you didn't do what I said20:51
electrono i don't know20:51
electro /vendor20:51
electrohow do you search it20:51
malif you would have done what I said there would be a file /vendor20:51
mal /vendor means that there should a file in sailfish os root called vendor20:52
malI asked you to add /vendor to straggler files20:52
electrono folder /vendor at /20:52
electrono folder vendor at /20:52
malhours ago20:53
electroi check20:53
malelectro: how can I ever trust that you have something if I find out hours later that you never did what I specifically said you should do20:53
electroi have this20:54
electrosorry, ...20:54
electrothis sorry20:54
malelectro: 16:06 < mal> electro: I think one problem could be that you don't have /vendor in sailfish root, if you look here you can see that /vendor should be there, in straggler files20:55
malI said that 8 hours ago, it clearly says to add /vendor to straggler files20:55
electroyes okey, but i don't know the OS as you20:56
electroand but this20:56
electroand this sentence:   you don't have /vendor in sailfish root20:56
electrofor me it's not a reflex20:56
malelectro: this has nothing to do OS, I clearly said what to add and you never did20:56
electroto add file on20:56
electrounderstand me maybe ?20:56
electroi always say sorry, but, ..20:57
malelectro: it also said "you can see that /vendor should be there, in straggler files"20:57
malso that should have with simple logic meant that add /vendor to straggler files20:57
electromy english is not fluent20:58
electroso, long sentences is effort for me20:58
malI really have trouble making simple sentences, I feel stupid if dumb down the text too much20:58
malI also said a lot of times that if you do not understand ask again20:59
electrookey, no problem20:59
electroi compile the new image20:59
maldid you already run " -d"? did you also build hybris-hal again? you can check the servicemanager.rc in out/21:00
malit has to have lib not lib6421:00
electrookey, i can launch it again yes21:01
electroi have done -c and -d21:01
electrohow use several core on CPU ?21:04
piggz_or more21:08
electroi have done a factory reset of my phone , ...21:08
electrohe don't want to go on recovery TWRP21:08
electroi suppose all parts have been erase , ...21:09
piggz_its generally unnescessary to do a full wipe ... sialfish is just in a subdir of /data21:10
electroyes , i know, it's an error21:10
electroi have done backup before21:11
T42<adampigg> (Photo, 1080x1920)
electroof all part, but waste of time21:11
piggz_mal: ^^21:12
malpiggz_: what does ssu lr say?21:13
electrono, it's okey21:14
T42<adampigg> (Photo, 1080x1920)
electrogood twrp21:14
piggz_mal: this21:14
T42<adampigg> (Photo, 1920x1080)
piggz_mal: this also isnt right ^^21:18
malpiggz_: maybe not do ssu ur?21:19
piggz_i thought that was what u had to do to update the repos after setting version?21:19
malI have never done that21:20
piggz_do u use the version --dup method?21:20
malpiggz_: yes21:23
malssu re and then just version --dup21:23
piggz_ok .. i prefer zypper as it shows what its doing...but ill try this21:24
malthat should work also21:24
piggz_its the ssu ur, that is supposed to update the version no in the zypper repos21:24
piggz_but, didnt seem to this time21:25
piggz_electro: repeat test_hwcomposer21:32
piggz_error is clear, it cant find your opengl, so probably a mount still missing21:32
electroi don't have vendor in my /21:32
electroi must go sleep, i will see tomorrow21:34
piggz_electro, just create it on the device, ln -s /system/vendor /vendor21:35
piggz_and see what ahppens21:35
vknechtfor what it's worth, can't remember where but I saw a comment somewhere saying that systemd could not like such symlink ; based on I just moded dhd/helpers/makefstab like this:
vknecht(the mount unit had to have the same name as the mountpoint, wouldn't work when it's named systemvendorlegacy, but ok when named just "vendor.mount")23:47
vknechtsadly, only adding this vendor.mount from sparse didn't work either23:48
vknechtbut if symlink works, that's great :-)23:50
vknecht(sorry for the extra line in my patch ;-)23:57

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