Friday, 2019-08-09

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piggz_mal: 3.1 worked ok on mido, no issues yet06:58
piggz_@eugenio_g7 i'll update latte to 3.1, will let u know when its done07:00
piggz_mal: can i delete lipstick-qt5 from native-common in devel? its not needed in 3.1 correct?07:03
ghosalmartinmorning all07:10
T42<eugenio_g7> piggz_: cool! In a few weeks I'll be also able to contribute more to these sailfishy thingies!07:17
piggz_@eugenio_g7: note that im changing the mesa package from mesa-i915 to mesa .... so that it uses the same package as pinephone ... hoping to get the package accepted upstream too07:18
piggz_ghosalmartin: gm07:20
ghosalmartinive finally found work closer to home, so should have more hours in the day for portinggg :P07:23
malpiggz_: why are you not using native-common on latte?08:17
piggz_mal: i am where possible08:18
piggz_but, some packages need mesa and arnt building08:18
piggz_ive deleted a bunch of packages that are in native common already today08:18
piggz_mal: added the repo now btw ;)08:20
malpiggz_: why do you need custom qtbase? kms support is available in normal version08:20
piggz_mal: awseome, ill delete then.....08:21
piggz_mal: also, can i fix the project config in native-common?08:21
malpiggz_: I hadn't noticed it was broken08:22
piggz_mal: done, if that all builds ok, i can delete some more from latte08:23
piggz_should also contact the guy who has the other i586 tablet port , jest need to search the logs to find out hho08:24
malpiggz_: I did some cleanup of native-common08:28
malpiggz_: quite few packages left anymore08:28
malpiggz_: what needs that python-beaker?08:30
T42<austenite> mal where should i ask for obs for new device08:31
T42<austenite> can you add it?08:33
piggz_mal: i think those python packages are needed for building mesa08:37
piggz_mal: is kms in upstream qtbase now?08:38
malpiggz_: yes,
T42<austenite> mal, it should be nemo:devel:hw:yu:garlic , vendor =yu and device =garlic09:04
mal@austinite just curious, how well does the device work?09:05
T42<austenite> fm radio, fingerprint,RTC alarm doesnt work, other hardware works , device has no nfc09:06
mal@austinite what is your OBS username?09:07
T42<austenite> i need to make one09:07
T42<austenite> mal : pbteja100 is the username09:11
piggz_mal: @eugenio_g7: obs builds done ... installing now to 3.1, fingers crossed, a lot of changes were made, and our repos are now much smaller09:11
malpiggz_: no need to build python-mako anymore, it's in sfos also09:13
piggz_mal: oh, nice09:13
piggz_mal: wondering what xorg-macros was required for09:14
piggz_@eugenio_g7 ^^ ?09:14
T42<eugenio_g7> it was a build requirement for mesa AFAIK (or for a package mesa was depending upon)09:37
malpiggz_: hmm, not sure really09:38
malpiggz_: mesa built fine without that09:38
piggz_i thought it was mesa too .... but its built ok on native-common09:39
piggz_maybe i'll delete it and see what happens, after saving  the service file09:39
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malyep, I was thinking the same for python-beaker09:39
piggzfirst boot, she works!09:45
piggzmal: @eugenio_g7: xorg-macros gone from latte repo, no issues09:47
piggzmal: you want me to do the same with python-beaker?09:47
piggzon common09:47
malpiggz: already removed09:48
T42<eugenio_g7> piggz, nice!!09:48
piggzmal: can qt5-feedback-haptics-native-vibrator go into common?09:50
piggzcommon and latte repos look great now, esp happy with the mesa version and packaging09:50
malpiggz: just noticed that native vibrator packages are in jolla repo, could you verify that09:52
piggzmal: you mean install the jolla version and test it works?09:53
malpiggz: should be same package afaik09:53
piggzmal: package install fine .... though, it occurs to me im not sure how to test vibration, or if it ever worked10:11
malpiggz: components app10:18
malalso virtual keyboard is good for some parts of it10:19
piggzmal: yeah, no haptics...10:31
piggz@eugenio_g7 did haptics ever work?10:31
malpiggz: have you checked if the vibrator /sys path works manually?10:31
mal@austenite is that username correct? OBS doesn't allow it to be set10:33
T42<austenite> yes mal i made a new account with username pbteja10010:33
malstill doesn't work10:34
mal@austenite so you can loging here with that
mal*log in10:35
T42<eugenio_g7> piggz, do we actually have haptics?? :D10:37
T42<austenite> no mal, i made for open build service not mer project :/10:37
T42<austenite> it doesnt allow signup10:38
mal@austenite read here how to get an account
T42<austenite> mal i will request for an id let you know when i get it10:42
T42<austenite> thanks10:42
piggz@eugenio_g7, mal: i dont thik we have vibration10:42
malpiggz: ok, some tablets don't have it10:43
malor actually quite many don't10:43
piggzwe do have a /sys/class/timed_output/vibrator10:43
piggzbut echo 1000 > enable doesnt do anything10:43
malpiggz: just verified that no need need to build native vibrator packages in device projects10:45
piggzgood, i can delete it anyway10:45
malpiggz: I think you need remove the vibrator stuff in patterns and droid-hal-version spec10:46
malpiggz: not really that critical since those are available anyway10:48
malpiggz: just useless packages on device if you have those installed10:48
piggzmal: we dont have anything in droid-hal-version.spec for vibration11:04
piggzmal: infact, also not in patterns, so that explans why i had to install it amnually and it didnt upgrade!11:05
malpiggz: heh11:05
malso you had vibrator disabled already11:05
T42<eugenio_g7> :D11:09
TheKithow to set RELEASE when building on sailfishos-porters-ci?12:49
TheKitok, just setting variable RELEASE to when creating pipeline works12:52
T42<linusdan> electro: Could you share the kernel changes to t0lte via github?15:19
electro@linusdan : yes it's possible, i will do it16:22
electrohi mal, where is locate vendor file ? on computer16:29
malelectro: what are you doing now?16:33
malelectro: I told yesterday that you need to add /vendor to straggler files and run " -d" and build new image16:34
electroi'm looking for vector16:34
electroi paste16:34
malno need to look for the file, just do what I said16:34
electroit's done16:34
electroi give to you my journalctl16:35
electroit's openGL who's not find16:35
malshow what command "getprop" prints on device16:36
electrook, i launch the OS16:36
electroi'm on my recovery16:36
malelectro: what are you doing in recovery?16:37
maldid you build new image already?16:38
electrojust search vendor16:38
electroand flash it16:38
malelectro: that paste you showed does not have vendor in sfos root16:38
electroyes, i know, ... but i don't know why16:39
electroi check it again16:39
malare you really sure you correctly built things16:41
electroi re done this step16:41
electroto make sur16:41
maldo you now see /vendor in sailfish in telnet?16:42
malshow your droid-hal-m8.spec file16:42
electroi have this on my device : sh-3.2# cd /system/vendor/16:43
electrodroid-hal-m8.spec :
maldid " -d" work without any issues? did it print success at the end?16:45
electroi make it16:45
electrono issues yesterday about -d yes16:46
electroi remake it16:46
electroit's about that who said piggz, do ln -s /syste/vendor /vendor16:47
electrono issue16:47
piggzelectro: your device works better?16:50
malstraggler files does the same thing16:50
electroi can re done this16:51
electrohumm, i have done nothing for my device until here16:51
electrookey, so i try do do this on my device16:51
electroand i will see16:51
malelectro: just to be sure, you did build new image using mic?16:52
electroi always use mic16:52
electroit exist another option to build new image ?16:52
maland that still doesn't have /vendor, that is impossible, unless you are missing something, what does "rpm -ql droid-hal-m8-detritus" print on device?16:54
electrohum, no /vendor16:54
electroi rebuild my image16:55
piggzelectro: show  droid-hal-%device.spec and ls -lh out/target/product/...../rootdir17:03
malthe spec looks good, and -d would fail if vendor is not in that rootdir17:04
maland based on information for earlier days vendor is there17:04
piggzi guess that only leaves not rebuilding hal, or not installing it17:05
malpiggz: no other way that can not be in image17:06
electroit's okey for vendor17:09
electroit's okey for GUI17:09
electromy device display GUI17:10
electroand start lipstick17:11
electrothanks for debugging17:11
electrowhat can i fix for the system ?17:11
electroat startup17:11
electrothe screen is frozen17:12
electroon choice of langage17:12
malfrozen how?17:12
malis touchscreen working?17:13
electrolot of langage is display but i can't do a choice17:13
malso fix it like you did for previous device17:13
electroi have always this error in journalctl17:13
electrodroid-hal-init: property_set("ro.boottime.time_daemon", "258259409662") failed: property already set17:13
malignore those17:13
electroi don't remember if i have this error17:14
malthat is not relevant17:14
maljust fix touchscreen17:14
electrowith ? faq ? or hadk17:15
electroor i must launch this cmd ? EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace test_hwcomposer17:15
malyou have no need to use test_hwcomposer anymore17:15
piggzelectro: you can do this!17:22
electroi'm asking about it17:22
electropiggz, do you know how ?17:23
piggzwell, yes, i know where to start looking17:23
piggzim hoping you can figure it out tho!17:23
electroit's a choose what i have done at the beginning of my debugging device ?17:26
electrosurfaceflinger ?17:26
malyou are fixing touchscreen not graphics17:27
malyou are now overthinking the issue17:29
electroremove line for telent connection ?17:30
electro echo 1 > /sys/class/android_usb/f_rndis/on17:31
electroremove lines on file hadk/hybris/hybris-boot/init-script17:31
electro /sys/devices/platform/android_usb/usb_function_switch 417:31
electroand this : echo "hybris-boot: initramfs" > /dev/kmsg"17:32
electroor active a CONFIG_ in my defconfig17:33
electrothat's all17:33
electromal, EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev ?17:37
electrojolla-startupwizard.service ?17:52
malelectro: what are you doing?18:00
electronothing, i'm looking for string "EGL_PLATFORM" in files18:00
malelectro: why?18:01
electroand change hwcomposer into fbdev18:01
malthat will just break graphics18:01
electroi don't know how to fix18:01
electroyes, ...18:01
malnone of those that mentioned have anything to do with touchscreen18:01
electrookey, so i don't know18:01
piggzelectro: hadk chapter 13.1318:02
piggzor, hadk, search "touchscreen"18:02
malpiggz: does anyone really use that touchscreen device?18:03
malpiggz: that much more difficult to add compared to the usual cat of event devices18:03
piggzmal: well, yes ... i has just kinda pointing in the direction of where to look18:10
electroi suppose i must add this url on my manifest to add this package :
piggzelectro: no, you just have to determin the correct input deivce, then specify it in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf18:20
electrofb0 ?18:22
piggzelectro: no, thats the screen ....input device .... /dev/input/event?18:26
electroyes event0 but18:27
piggzjust cat each input device one by one and touch the screen18:27
piggzif it prints out, then its the correct one18:27
T42<elros34> it's enough to just remove ":/dev/input/eventX" from droid-hal-device.conf18:28
electropiggz, how i do cat ?18:35
piggzelectro: im not answering that18:36
electroalways not touchscreen18:38
electropiggz, i have a display but no touchscreen18:44
electroLIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap18:45
piggzwell, first, determin which device it is18:46
electrohow ?18:47
electroin /dev18:47
electroor in /dev/input18:47
electroi suppose no touchscreen is available18:49
electrocause i have remove ":/dev/input/eventX"18:49
electro@elros34 : can you help me to find my touchscreen device ?18:50
T42<elros34> what for? remove what I said and reboot18:51
electroi have done18:51
electroi have the display but after no touchscreen18:52
T42<elros34> what about: cat /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf18:53
electroit's event018:53
electroby default18:54
electrofor me18:54
electroSailfish mce[857]: tklock.c: tklock_dbus_notification_beg_cb(): notification begin from name=:1.27 owner=:1.27 pid=1443 uid=100000 gid=999 priv=1 cmd=/usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session -plugin evdevt18:55
electro@elros34 : Device /dev/sailfish/home doesn't exist or access denied.18:56
T42<elros34> oh c'mon, your droid-hal-device.conf is wrong. You did the same mistake for t0lte18:56
electroEGL -> fbdev ?18:57
malelectro: forget fbdev18:58
electroyes okey18:58
malthat has NOTHING to do with touchscreen18:58
malhow many times do I have to say it18:58
electroyes, i know18:58
electrobut what is my mistake18:59
malelectro: fix that droid-hal-device.conf18:59
malthe last two lines18:59
mallook again at hadk pdf where you created that file18:59
electrowhat can i do as mistake ?19:10
malelectro: come on, you don't just copy the instructions the file19:12
malyou read what instructions say and create correct file19:12
electromal, so i must compile the rpm no ? on this link
electroadd this rpm to my image19:18
electroi must add this url on my manifest no ?
electroto get and compile package19:19
piggzelectro: have you determined what the correct deivce is?19:21
piggzyou are sure? ... when you cat that device, it prints stuff?19:21
electrobut i don't know what is the correct device19:21
electroi don't know how to use cat for find touchscreen19:22
piggzelectro: in /dev/input there are files correct? named event?19:22
electrojust have event0 event1 event2 --- event519:23
piggzok, cat each of those .....19:24
piggzlook at link2 here
piggzjust type cat /dev/input/event119:24
piggzand touch the screen19:24
piggzone of those will print to the screen19:24
electroit's event3 who print in my terminal19:28
piggzright, edit file accordingly and restart19:31
T42<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 gonna try it?? ;)19:59
T42<eugenio_g7> @adampigg perhaps in an hour or two!20:09
electro@elros34 : have you an idea how to fix SIM card detection ?20:36
electroi'm reading faq20:36
piggzelectro: i presume TS is working now?20:38
electroTS ?20:39
piggzthank goodness!20:40
electrolol ^^20:40
piggzi recommend you get used to using Linux more so that you understand the commands20:40
piggzcat is a very basic command, and youd be expected to know that20:40
electrofor SIM card detect ->
electroi have to done only this ?20:41
malno need to think about that20:41
malwas that 15.1 base?20:41
electromy SIM card is not detect20:42
electroyes 15.120:42
malwell we need to logs20:42
mal*need to see logs20:42
maldoes "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio" print anything?20:47
electroyes, output is present20:48
malso that shows it has one sim card20:48
malyou probably need to add ofono-ril-binder-plugin to patterns20:49
electrohumm, yes but no call possible20:49
malI also suggest adding bluebinder to patterns20:49
electroi have already build ofono-ril-binder-plugin20:50
electroand bluebinder too20:50
malbut is it in patterns?20:50
electroi don't know where is the pattern20:50
malin hybris/droid-configs/patterns/jolla-hw-adaptation-m8.yaml20:51
electroi check20:51
malcheck the lines here for example how those are added
malof course only add relevant lines to your pattern file, do not copy whole file20:51
electrobluebinder or droid-config-m8-bluez4 ?20:52
maljust add bluebinder like in that example20:54
electroi remove droid-config-m8-bluez5 ?20:54
malI think it's not needed20:55
electroand for camera20:56
electroit's this chapter have to follow ? 13.3 Camera20:56
electro- pulseaudio-modules-droid20:56
electro+- pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue20:56
electrohumm, my wifi is not available too20:57
electrojust that and after i build new image20:57
malthat glue package needs more building than just adding it to patterns20:58
maljust follow hadk pdf20:58
maldon't try to fix too many things at the same time20:59
electroyes okey20:59
electromal, on the GUI, is it possible to grow up the size of icon ? i have already found the text size21:04
T42<adampigg> pinephone journal ... kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.1.4 with sailfish

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