Saturday, 2019-08-10

enigma9o7Does droid4 sailfish support cdma calls?  If it does, it makes me wonder if anything can be stolen from that to make it work on photon q.01:48
enigma9o7I only ask cuz I read a random forum post from 2017 saying sailfishos works perfect on droid402:53
enigma9o7which i believe was the previous generation moto cdma device but had some similarities03:17
enigma9o7but perhaps I'm mistaken , my web search results have not even shown droid4 got sfos305:15
enigma9o7and maybe didnt even support cdma at all05:15
enigma9o7So never mind I guess.05:15
enigma9o7Hi Murray, it is a great pleasure to see you joining the Sailfish-OS porters Internet Relay Channel.05:52
enigma9o7As always, we consider porting ircii to sailfish os the most important priority.05:52
enigma9o7Or else, you are not welcome.05:53
enigma9o7You can just go hang out on discord instead with the gamers.05:53
enigma9o7WWIV Bulletin Board System v5.00 (Development) [xenos] exiting at error level 005:54
enigma9o7I dont recall typing that.07:15
T42<austenite> is there no one in #mer channel07:37
T42<NotKit> enigma9o7, no CDMA on Droid 4, I newer got to debug that due to not living in US and CDMA being used mostly only there07:42
electrohi mal, my device reboot after 60 sec, i can begin the tutorial08:04
T42<eugenio_g7> @adampigg updated my latte tonight... It seems everything went smoothly... Good work  🎉08:39
T42<adampigg> tearing?08:40
T42<eugenio_g7> Only when the browser (webpirate in my case) is open, i guess becauase the cover is always updated?08:42
T42<eugenio_g7> Otherwise seems good08:42
T42<adampigg> yeah, there is still the odd tear, but it seems better08:44
electromal, are you available ?10:58
electro@elros34 : hi, how are you ?11:02
mmsdc_mii have been trying to build sailfish os for whyred.when building packages i encountered an error while building qt5-qpa-surfaceflinger-plugin package13:34
mmsdc_micould anyone help me?13:35
mmsdc_miPastebin link for the error message:
T42<austenite> you have to skip building the package13:38
T42<austenite> @mmsdc_ml wait you are building 3.0.0? then wait for someone else to answer13:43
malsurfaceflinger plugin should be skipped13:45
electromal, have you an idea for this two packages added yesterday ? me ydevice reboot15:01
mallogs usual15:01
electromy device reboot and after i can't do telnet session15:04
malremove the bluebinder package, you probably didn't add the needed config to kernel, it shouldn't make the device reboot but not sure15:06
malother option is to fix kernel15:07
electroin defconfig file ?15:08
electroor .yaml15:08
maldefconfig, check faq, I just added instructions, look for bluebinder in there15:12
electromal, how do you know if an app of storeman ask special authorization ?15:17
electrowhen you are in sailfishos15:17
electrostorage, camera, ...15:17
malI don't understand what you mean15:20
electrohow do you know if an app request storage access, ... to protect your personal data15:20
electroi have just saw licence type on app openrepo15:21
malsfos doesn't have such limitations currently15:23
electrothis can be controlled as lineageOS ?15:24
electroreally or it's just a fake to convince user than they can limit access app ?15:25
malI don't understand15:25
electroIt's possible to limit access of certain access ? for an app15:26
electroto limit access sorry15:26
electroOn LineageOS, you can select if an app have access to your storage by example15:27
electrois it really possible ?*15:27
malthis is not android15:27
electroyes okey for sfos, but LineageOS can really restrain access app ?15:27
malnot sure if that bluebinder works for you, it doesn't seem to find bluetooth service, maybe it's not enabled15:28
electroi'm compiling15:29
electronew image15:29
electrookey, i don't know15:30
malI mean the device could still use old method for bluetooth in which case that won't work15:30
electromal, it's not the bluetooth15:38
electromy device restart15:38
electromaybe i have not disable bluetooth :[953]: Waiting for bluetooth service15:41
electroi have done this command :
electrohow can i remove bluebind ?16:01
malof course by removing it from patterns16:02
electrohum, but read my log, it's again present16:02
electroi don't know why, because i have comment this line of bluebind16:02
electroin my jolla-hw-adaptation-m8.yaml16:03
kimmoliyaml comments need special care16:03
maldid you rebuild config packages and new image16:03
kimmolijust adding # does not work16:04
electroO, okey16:04
electroi delete so16:04
malkimmoli: it doesn't? there are manu commented out parts by default, it was spec that didn't like #16:05
kimmoliah ok, spec it was...16:07
kimmolisorry. ignore me16:07
piggzmccreary: ping16:17
electronow it's okey16:41
electronot reboot but SIM not detect16:41
electrojust this part for me ?16:42
electroFor devices with /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/ paths16:42
electroin faq16:42
electromal, what i must doing for SIM card detect ?16:49
electroadd this path to $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/16:50
malwhat is that supposed to mean?16:52
malelectro: I told you already earlier, forget /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/16:52
malyou DO NOT need to touch udev rules16:52
electromy SIM card is not detect16:55
electromal , ofonod[992]: [grilio-socket] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory16:55
malyou need to configure ofono to use the new way, not the old way17:04
electrohumm, okey17:04
malyou need this and these 3 lines
electroi go to eat17:06
electroi come back17:07
electromal, when you said and these 3 lines, it's to add these 3 lines into file "ril_subscription.conf" ??18:57
electroi don't have file18:58
electro@elros34 : have you an idea ?19:03
T42<elros34> so add it to droid-config-$DEVICE.spec19:05
electrookey, thanks19:05
albertus1can somebody help me? I'm following this and I'm stuck at the part "ignore chapter 7, but do this instead"21:06
albertus1this command fails: `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal`21:07
albertus1it says unable to open rpm/droid-hal-pioneer.spec: No such file or directory21:07
albertus1it seems that file does exist, though, and its content is another riddle: it has a line `%define lunch_device aosp_h4113-user` although i'm building for h3113 not h411321:08
malwhat do you have in that rpm folder?21:11
albertus1dhd  droid-hal-discovery.spec  droid-hal-pioneer.spec  droid-hal-voyager.spec21:11
mallunch_device is not relevant for community builds21:12
malare you sure ANDROID_ROOT is set correctly?21:13
albertus1well, it's bind-mounted from outside the chroot to a different partition, for I did not have enough space21:13
albertus1but it's there and set correctly21:14
albertus1there's another error message, that also appeared on `zypper ref`: [adaptation0|plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation0] Valid metadata not found at specified URL21:18
malthat is normal21:18
Mister_Magisterthere was sfos hadk inside docker. is it still being updated? any link?21:28
albertus1there is an interesting comment in $ANDROID_HOME/rpm/dhd/helpers/ right after the failing `mb2` call, which says: "# RPMS directory gets emptied when mb2 starts, so let's put packages # to the side in case of multiple .spec file builds" and would then do `mkdir RPMS.saved &>/dev/null` and `mv RPMS/*.rpm RPMS.saved/`21:39
albertus1I don't really understand that, because it's coming AFTER the mb2 call, but it actually sounds like it could have something to do with "no such file or directory"21:40
albertus1could my problem in any way be connected to $ANDROID_HOME being bind-mounted to an NTFS file system?21:42
malit might be the bind mount, but I have also used bind mounted ANDROID_ROOT for some builds21:45
malnot sure how well it likes ntfs21:46
albertus1I'm trying to bog down where mb2 is failing. it must be somewhere down the road, because it doesn't seem as if it was calling its try_to_make_spec() function21:55
malhow did you do the bind mounting?21:58
malI added sudo mount --bind to end of hadk.env21:59
maland i bind mounts /parentroot/some_path to /home/.../something which I have as ANDROID_ROOT22:00
mccrearypiggs: I'm here, what's up?22:08
mccrearyI guess that should have been 'piggz' ^^22:09
albertus1seems the error I posted came only from some preparation. the actual call to `sb2` happens, and the real error might be this: failed to create directory %{_sourcedir}: /mnt/windows/linux_build/hadk/rpm: Read-only file system22:12
albertus1I did the bind-mount manually from outside, sitting in the directory /srv/mer/sdks/sfossdk/mnt/windows/linux_build, doing `mount /mnt/windows/linux_build/hadk hadk -o bind`22:12
albertus1then leaving and re-entering Platform SDK in the main session22:13
albertus1($ANDROID_HOME is /mnt/windows/linux_build/hadk )22:13
albertus1however, it's definitely not mounted read-only, as per the output of `mount` inside the Platform SDK chroot (and outside, too)22:14
albertus1I even tried to write a test file from within the Platform SDK chroot, successfully22:15
malmaybe it's because of ntfs, not sure22:17
maltry doing similar bind mount of for example usb stick with ext4 or something and see if that works22:17
albertus1one last try to do similar to yours, via /parentroot22:18
albertus1now there's no errors up to now...22:18
albertus1I directly defined $ANDROID_HOME to be /parentroot/mnt/windows/linux_build/hadk22:19
albertus1and now it seems to be doing something22:19
malit has to be via parentroot because the normal root is not visible in sdk22:19
maland it can be only accessed via parentroot22:20
albertus1that's why I created a mountpoint with that same name, relatively under the chroot directory, from outside22:20
albertus1for the chapter 5 thingy, ubu-chroot and repo sync and building the android parts, it worked22:21
malI remember I had problems figuring out the correct way when I did that22:21
albertus1hm, well, maybe I should have created the dir structure for that mountpoint from within the Platform SDK chroot22:22
albertus1drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4,0K 10. Aug 22:43 linux_build22:22
albertus1or chmod'ed the entire hierarchy to 77722:23
albertus1anyway, that command now succeeded, thanks for conversing and telling me your approach via /parentroot, which eventually got me going22:24
malI have so many source trees that those are spread to two disks so I use bind mount to make things easier22:28
malI also have setup for some hadk.env magic so I can load correct setting using "sdk device_codename"22:29
albertus1I don't see that I would need such things anytime soon, I'm only looking to get my one device up and running, which happens to be an xperia xa2. only after buying on ebay I discovered that it's one of the few officially supported devices of sfos, and so I thought I'd give this a try22:36
albertus1should this message in red font alert me? "!! cannot remove mesa to get libhybris"22:49
albertus1it also said "'mesa-llvmpipe' not found in package names. Trying capabilities." and "No provider of 'mesa-llvmpipe' found." before22:51
albertus1uhm, the build afterwards says things like "VNDK Abi broken: Please check compatiblity report at : out/soong/.intermediates/external/expat/libexpat/android_arm_armv7-a-neon_cortex-a53_shared_core/" and "VNDK Abi broken: Please check compatiblity report at : out/soong/.intermediates/external/boringssl/libcrypto/android_arm_armv7-a-neon_cortex-a53_shared_core/"22:57
albertus1more following, all about differences in ABI22:58
albertus1argh, building gst-droid failed hard: "/usr/include/EGL/eglplatform.h:124:22: fatal error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory"23:18
albertus1isn't sfos on wayland anyway? but this is an aborting error there23:21
albertus1going to bed now, but would appreciate comments or suggestions on the above errors...23:36

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