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T42Yaseen %lastname% was added by: Yaseen %lastname%05:27
piggzmccreary: working on bootctl ... fixed gpt-utils a different way ... now fails in bootctlhal....08:08
albertus1any idea what I can do about this while doing rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw= ? it errs out with /usr/include/EGL/eglplatform.h:124:22: fatal error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory (In file included from /usr/include/EGL/egl.h:39:0, from gstdroidmediabuffer.c:25)08:10
electrowhat can i add to fix the sound with call08:26
electroi have a problem with mic : repo problem: nothing provides audioflingerglue needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-m8-1-1.noarch,09:00
electromarking pattern jolla-configuration-m8 1-1 to be installed09:00
electromal, hi have you an idea with this ?09:00
electro@elros34 : have you an idea for repo problem ?10:26
T42<elros34> did you build audioflingerglue?10:30
electroi think yes10:30
electrowith build_packages.sh10:30
electroin faq -> Create droid-hal-$DEVICE package manually and upload RPMs for droid-hal-device and droidmedia (and audioflingerglue if device needs it)10:30
electroi am in hybris 15.110:30
T42<elros34> thing? then check droid-local-repo/ directory10:31
T42<elros34> think*10:31
electrohum, no audioflingerglue10:32
electroit is necessary to add an url for download it ?10:32
electroin manifest10:33
electroupload RPMs for droid-hal-device and droidmedia10:34
electroand audioflingerglue if device needs it10:34
electro@elros34 : i must add this url to my manifest to add an rpm ?10:39
T42<elros34> HADK pdf, ctrl+f(audioflingerglue)10:42
electroyes, sorry10:43
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T42<Eu %lastname%> Hi, can i meet port to redmi note 6?10:59
malelectro: read the hadk pdf, it clearly says how to build audioflingerglue in chapter 13.3, also chapter 13.2 is useful to do at some point11:10
albertus1I guess I should trace back with my problem to the first hard error, which was during `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw` (in the "ignore chapter 7" phase). it finally said "!! cannot remove mesa to get libhybris", here's the full log from $ANDROID_ROOT/external/libhybris.log (note that $ANDROID_ROOT = /parentroot/mnt/windows/linux_build/hadk) --
albertus1is that conflicting mesa thing coming from my host system? should I try to build this on a terminal without starting X11?11:22
malalbertus1: no, host has nothing to with that11:24
malmesa and libhybris sometimes cause problems11:24
maltry to install libhybris manually sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in libhybris11:25
malit should give options what can be done to resolve conflicts11:26
albertus1it finished with "There are some running programs that might use files deleted by recent upgrade. You may wish to check and restart some of them. Run 'zypper ps -s' to list these programs."11:28
malwhat did that command install and remove?11:28
malit should list what it did11:29
albertus1The following 3 packages are going to be upgraded:   libhybris libhybris-devel libhybris-libhardware11:29
albertus1then 3 lines "retrieving", 1 line "checking for conflicts", 3 lines "installing"11:30
albertus1all marked "done"11:30
albertus1this is the exact output, in case that matters:
albertus1the `zypper ps -s` lists all sorts of processes on the host system11:33
malcheck using sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper se llvmpipe which packages are installed, also search the same way for libhybris, then install the equivalent libhybris packages of those mesa-llvmpipe packages that are installed11:34
albertus1installed means i or i+ in the leftmost column?11:37
T42<eugenio_g7> @adampigg, piggz:
T42<linusdan> Good morning :)11:39
T42<linusdan> How to resolve this? I searched at the group history and couldn't find the solution11:39
T42<linusdan> ninja: error: 'libhwc2_compat_layer', needed by 'hybris-hal', missing and no known rule to make it11:39
T42<linusdan> Forget it, I found it11:44
T42<linusdan> I was seeing on the web11:44
T42<linusdan> Sorry: D11:44
T42<Eu %lastname%> They don't answer11:52
malalbertus1: yes11:53
mal@linusdan I assume you are porting using hybris-15.1 base, if so read the the 15.1 porting notes in faq
albertus1btw, what sort of transport is that on T42?11:56
malI have no knowledge of the internals of that telegram tunnel11:57
albertus1ah, Telegram is what I wanted to know in the first place :)11:57
T42<linusdan> Thanks mal :)12:00
albertus1so I'm starting to install the libhybris equivalents manually, and this is what it looks like: -- am I safe to do this, answering yes here? I am on the Platform SDK chroot prompt12:02
malalbertus1: I think you can say12:05
albertus1let's see. after all, the thing to be removed is called something with "jolla", so I don't think this would impact my host system12:06
malor try to do "zypper in libhybris-libEGL -mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL"12:06
malalbertus1: none of the commands you run using sb2 touch your host12:06
malthat is a chroot12:07
albertus1as far as I can see, there are no libhybris equivalents for mesa-llvmpipe-libgbm and mesa-llvmpipe-libglapi12:09
albertus1concerning the chroot: well, first, it has my home directory, second, it has /parentroot, third, it can at least see host processes (via `zypper ps -s')12:10
malyes, those are not in libhybris12:11
albertus1so I continue to have them installed from mesa-llvmpipe?12:11
malyes, those are not a problem12:12
malwe don't even use those normally12:12
albertus1okay. now I repeat the previously failed `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw` and see if it works now, right?12:12
maland true, there are ways to hurt host system from chroot but not using zypper12:13
malof course using rm to wrong folder can remove things from host side but that would be user error12:13
albertus1is the message "DBus unavailable, falling back to libssu" of any concern? particularly as there are problems with "[adaptation0|plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation0]" (which also contains "ssu")?12:14
T42<birdzhang> ignore this12:16
malboth are normal12:16
albertus1it still errs out with "!! cannot remove mesa to get libhybris"12:17
T42<elros34> maybe you have too old dhd submodule:
albertus1well, I just started the entire process for the first time the day before yesterday, so then something within the guide(s) must have gotten me a stale submodule... let's see, your point looks very plausible12:21
malalbertus1: does it really stop with that error?12:23
malshow the whole build output12:24
albertus1 (this is the old one, but I'd guess it's the same error, so same problem)12:25
albertus1@elros34: i don't know if this is what I have, but I found this repo with an old submodule: (and I'm building for sony pioneer, i.e. xperia xa2 / h3113, which is in the "nile family" as i understand)12:27
malalbertus1: I see no error in that12:28
albertus1that's right, it's only the output from sb2, but the very line in that elros34 pointed to seems to "die", so the return code from sb2 must be some sort of error12:29
malalbertus1: maybe I'm missing some information, how does --mw fail?12:31
albertus1I run it again, and for the first time it not only asks if it should build libhybris, but also Build libglibutil?12:31
albertus1mal: this was on the console:
albertus1so, it seems the script die'd, as it was told to, but now that I just run it again, it seems to skip this point and instead build all the other things12:34
malso maybe the manual installation of libhybris worked12:37
albertus1yes, or maybe it worked in the first place, but simpley die'd due to that old submodule, and the workaround is just running at again (and the second time it just sees that libhybris was already built and thus can skip that point)12:41
albertus1oh, again an error: !! building of package failed12:43
albertus1Failed build dependencies: ofono-devel >= 1.21+git42 is needed by ofono-ril-binder-plugin-1.0.8-1.armv7hl ; pkgconfig(libgrilio) >= 1.0.35 is needed by ofono-ril-binder-plugin-1.0.8-1.armv7hl12:43
malalbertus1: I suggest you use that log search engine to look for build erros, like in this case I just searched for the package name12:46
albertus1I actually already downloaded the entire log via and I can grep. will do this again from now on :) I didn't know about that search engine there, though12:48
albertus1my previous point of error happened not to be in there, so I was in the mode of skipping12:49
mala lot of those build errors are either in channel logs or faq12:50
albertus1hm, can't seem to find this one, but it's confusing, since I thought I already resolved those conflicts manually as you told me:
albertus1I didn't type in that "no", it must have come automatically. I would have typed "yes", had I been prompted13:06
malfix it manually13:08
albertus1some process must have reverted this...13:09
malmesa and libhybris have always been a bit of problem13:09
albertus1upon rerunning `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw`, can I skip those that had already been built successfully the previous time?13:10
T42<Eu %lastname%> Can I port it to redmi note 6? It's same hd of vince13:25
albertus1yet another build error...
maldo you have the android source repos (like lineage os) for redmi note 614:06
malyou need at least kernel and device repos for sailfish porting14:07
malalbertus1: skip surfaceflinger plugin build14:07
malit's not used14:07
albertus1does that mean that some functionality of QPA will not be usable?14:14
malalbertus1: no, there was two of those plugins, surfaceflinger and hwcomposer, normally we use hwcomposer but if that doesn't work then surfaceflinger can be used, hwcomposer is always the preferred plugin14:16
albertus1I see, so hopefully that worked for every developer of software targeting sfos :)14:17
malonly in rare cases do we use surfaceflinger plugin14:17
maland it hasn't been needed anymore for hybris-15.1 base14:18
maland it seems it's broken anyway now14:18
malmaybe I should fix it14:18
albertus1yay, it seems I'm through that particular step now successfully. so I'll do the next steps inside ubu-chroot again, hopefully this time without all those ABI difference warnings14:20
malI think some ABI difference messages are normal in android side build, as long as the build is successful those can be ignored14:21
albertus1should I do `make clean` or something before? as I had done the `make` yesterday already, when only libhybris and not all the others had been packaged14:22
albertus1and ninja always says no work to do14:27
malusually make clean is not needed for android side build14:29
albertus1okay, so I just take it that those ABI differences (which seemed a lot!) are okay14:31
albertus1since ninja didn't do anything14:31
albertus1(upon `make -j4 libdroidmedia_32 minimediaservice minisfservice libminisf_32 libaudioflingerglue_32 miniafservice`)14:31
malif make hybris-hal was successful (and also that other make you just gave) then all should be fine14:32
malalso you shouldn't use that hardcoded version for droidmedia14:32
malhadk pdf uses autodetection for that14:32
albertus1I'm following which told me to ignore chapter 7 on hadk pdf; but I don't see a hardcoded version there either14:33
albertus1I was doing the `make -j$(nproc --all) $(external/droidmedia/ $PORT_ARCH $(gettargetarch)) $(external/audioflingerglue/ $PORT_ARCH $(gettargetarch))` from there, I just prepended it with `echo` to see what it would actually be doing14:34
malyes, I meant that command14:34
malwhich then internally runs something like make -j4 libdroidmedia_32 minimediaservice minisfservice libminisf_32 libaudioflingerglue_32 miniafservice14:35
albertus1so, on to the next steps in PlatformSDK again. and let's see if I get past the gstreamer thing this time, or if I have to update the conflicts from mesa-llvm once more14:36
T42<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 looks reasonable14:38
T42<Eu %lastname%> Nobody answer?15:30
malI asked for more information already15:32
malI have no idea how to highlight you because name seen in IRC has spaces15:32
maldoes the device have lineage os kernel and device repos available, even unofficial ones are enough15:38
T42<Eu %lastname%> @mal [does the device have lineage os kernel and dev …], Do u ask to me?15:59
albertus1throughout chapter 8 of hadk pdf, should @RELEASE@ be replaced by anything?16:07
albertus1maybe $RELEASE ?16:07
kimmolifix your %username%16:07
albertus1though I don't have $RELEASE either16:08
kimmoli@"Eu %lastname%" doesn't work?16:10
malit should have been obvious who I was asking that16:21
T42<AnonGhost_3301> Can anyone teach me or guide me on nexus 5x bullhead port to sailfish16:27
malthere is already a port for bullhead16:50
albertus1should I replace @RELEASE@ in chapter 8 by the corresponding numbers from the SDK tooling?16:54
malalbertus1: you just set RELEASE= for example, no need to manually replace anything16:58
malthe instructions are quite clear16:59
T42<AnonGhost_3301> @mal [there is already a port for bullhead], Could you please provide details17:14
T42<AnonGhost_3301> Like how to !17:14
malnot sure where the prebuilt image for bullhead is, I only found some rather old images17:17
T42<austenite> mal, regarding obs account i have posted in #mer and emailed lbt17:18
T42<austenite> oh it was lbt or sledges, i will message sledges too17:21
T42<austenite> #mer is really empty17:24
mal@austenite you need to highlight the person you want to notice your message, like "nick: some message"17:31
malghosalmartin: there is one person asking about bullhead port @AnonGhost_330117:32
pbt100ok mal, i do that from now17:34
electromal, my wlan not work, have you an idea ? i have seen this chapter in faq "Build Wlan Driver as Module"17:35
T42<austenite> thank you17:35
malelectro: did you read faq about "Build Wlan Driver as Module"?17:36
malelectro: that chapter is what you need to do17:36
electroyes, but i'm asking if it's that what i need17:36
electrookey, thanks17:36
ghosalmartinmal: thanks ill see what they need17:38
malghosalmartin: did you manage to get 15.1 base working?17:39
ghosalmartinmal: nahh :(17:40
ghosalmartinwell gets to some sort of UI17:40
malghosalmartin: hmm, very strange why it fails like that17:44
ghosalmartinmal: very17:50
ghosalmartinat the moment thought am a bit preoccupied with something more hardware esque17:50
malghosalmartin: usually qcom devices should be quite easy to get working17:54
malghosalmartin: when you were building the device did you have any other device sources in the same source tree?17:59
malghosalmartin: are the repos in your github up to date? I assume you added the QCOM_BSP manually? did that help anything?18:01
T42<Eu %lastname%> @AnonGhost_3301 [Can anyone teach me or guide me on nexus 5x bu …], It's impossible using the guide of site18:03
malwhy would you say that?18:07
maland could you answer my question whether redmi note 6 has lineage kernel and device repos available (even unofficial ones are ok), this is the third time I ask this, I won't ask again18:09
T42<AnonGhost_3301> @mal [not sure where the prebuilt image for bullhead …], So I need a updated one any solution please18:14
ghosalmartinmal: yeah used to work fine on hybris-14.118:23
ghosalmartinand yeah i did actually i think i had the marlin sources too18:23
malghosalmartin: did that QCOM_BSP help at all with your problems? wondering if it should be used or not18:26
electromal, i can call a guys but i have no sound, and i don't can send an sms, it's about connman ?18:26
mal@AnonGhost_3301 ask ghosalmartin for information about new images18:27
malelectro: audioflingerglue is needed for call audio, and the other things related to that as mentioned in hadk pdf18:27
electromal, i can listen the sound of video18:28
malelectro: just do chapters 13.2 and 13.3 of hadk pdf18:28
T42<AnonGhost_3301> @mal [@AnonGhost_3301 ask ghosalmartin for informati …], Can I get this user details please18:33
T42<Eu %lastname%> @mal [and could you answer my question whether redmi …], If you know use telegram please use my link name18:34
T42<Eu %lastname%> And I know have lineage os for redmi note 6 , I asked about sailfish os18:35
malporting sailfish os requires lineage os sources18:38
mal@"Eu %lastname%" I have no idea how to highlight such a telegram "nick" in IRC18:40
malthere is something wrong in your user setting in telegram side because it shows like that in IRC18:40
mal@AnonGhost_3301 like I said ghosalmartin on this IRC channel, if you use that nick it will highlight him and he can notice your messages, no more details18:41
T42<Eu %lastname%> @mal [porting sailfish os requires lineage os source …], Yes but it's impossible with that guide18:42
malno it's not, why would you say that?18:46
T42<Eu %lastname%> I had read the pdf18:54
malso what do you think makes porting impossible?18:54
electromal, have you an idea for this ? modprobe: FATAL: Module wlan not found.19:10
maltry modprobe pronto_wlan19:12
electromodprobe: FATAL: Module pronto_wlan not found.19:13
electrowhere can i find if pronto_wlan is added ?19:13
malelectro: tell what you did, are you sure you correctly modified kernel defconfig andf rebuild kernel, and then " -d" and finally built new image?19:15
electroexactly what you said19:16
malwhat did you change in kernel defconfig?19:17
maldid you check what wlan module your kernel uses?19:18
malby searching for wlan in that defconfig file19:18
electroyes, sure, it's config_pronto19:19
electroWhat, why it's19:19
electroCONFIG_PRONTO_WLAN=y rathen than Qualcomm Atheros is Prima WLAN module !!19:20
malelectro: so after that you did make hybris-boot before runnning " -d"?19:21
malor make hybris-hal19:22
electroi was sure to do all command19:22
electrobut my history does out me hybris-hal19:22
maldo you see anything related to wlan anywhere under /lib/modules on device?19:23
electroi have done this too, i was log with platform SDK19:23
maldo what?19:23
electromake hybris-hal19:23
malthat is done in HABUILD_SDK19:23
electrobut, just, see the paste about my defconfig19:24
electroand see the chapter about Qualcomm WLAN19:24
malthe defconfig is ok, I just cannot be sure you have done all other build parts correctly19:24
electroi check19:24
malelectro: do you see anything related to wlan anywhere under /lib/modules on device?19:24
electroa file : 3.4.113-g9d4689d208f-dirty19:25
electroin /lib/modules19:25
malI said anywhere under that19:25
malwhich includes all subfolder19:25
maluse find as usual19:25
malfind /lib/modules -name *wlan*19:25
electrono output19:26
electro0 find19:26
malso then yhou did something wrong during build19:26
electrocan you said to me the correct command to do ?19:27
malin ANDROID_ROOT use "find out/ -name *wlan*.so19:27
malin ANDROID_ROOT use "find out/ -name *wlan*.ko19:27
albertus1in bash and similar, you should single-quote arguments to -name if you use globs19:27
malit has worked fine without that also19:28
albertus1hm, I've had problems with that19:28
malwell sometimes it fails but rarely19:28
electrothat's all19:29
malelectro: so the module is there, then why is it not in your device, run -d again19:29
electroand do mic command ?19:29
albertus1I think it fails when there's a matching file right in your working directory19:30
malelectro: of course after build_packages.sh19:30
malelectro: of course after -d19:30
malno need to run whole, only with -d19:31
electrohave you a solution to pass the tutorial please ?19:31
piggzmccreary: around?19:33
malelectro: touch corners of display in clockwise order starting from top left corner before you do anything in tutorial19:37
malelectro: that was also mentioned in faq, quite near the beginning of it19:38
malin "skip tutorial" part19:38
electrookey, thanks19:39
malfaq has a lot of different things19:41
electroyes, i have seen19:41
electromal, no wlan on /lib/modules19:50
electrono wlan19:50
malelectro: so this returns nothing: find /lib/modules -name wlan.ko19:51
malon device of course19:51
electroyes it's that19:51
electroO, no19:53
electroyes, none file19:54
electroif it's can help you19:55
electroi'm surprising, my image have less size than before my modification for wifi19:55
electroDuring i have launched this : make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal  ---->   LD [M]  drivers/staging/prima/wlan.ko20:01
electromal, why this ?20:01
electroINSTALL drivers/staging/prima/wlan.ko20:01
electromy defconfig in the chapter "Qualcomm Atheros Prima WLAN module"20:05
electroIs Prima not Pronto20:05
malelectro: not relevant, the difference between pronto and prima is a bit confusing20:10
electroi will check the link of defconfig for 14.120:10
electrowhat elros give to me20:10
malelectro: just forget about prima vs pronto20:13
malpronto_wlan is what you have in defconfig20:14
electroyes i know20:14
electrobut why it is not in my device20:14
electroi don't know20:14
malit was in out/target/product/m8/system/vendor/lib/modules/wlan.ko so if you did everything correctly then it should be in image if you did " -d" (make sure there were no errors from that) and then mic build20:16
malhmm, wait20:16
malthere is a "bug"20:17
electrosay to me20:18
malelectro: open file $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/dhd/ and find line "cp -a out/target/product/%{device}/vendor/lib/modules/. $MOD_DIR/. || true" then add a new line after that with "cp -a out/target/product/%{device}/system/vendor/lib/modules/. $MOD_DIR/. || true"20:19
malI'll add the fix to the submodule source repo tomorrow20:20
electrono problem20:20
malelectro: of course do not add the " in the line I gave20:23
T42<Eu %lastname%> All this u are saying make impossible for me20:25
malelectro: then run " -d" again and then mic build20:25
electroyes, thanks20:26
malI don't understand what exactly makes it impossible20:26
T42<Eu %lastname%> All That codes in pdf!!! It's more easy port miui, emui, another rom20:38
malwell it has a lot of parts describing what is done, also some debugging help and so on, the actual number of commands used is not that big20:40
electromal, for the bluetooth, must i do this chapter of FAQ ?20:47
malelectro: did wlan work now?20:47
electroI must use blue v.420:47
electroyes thanks20:47
malelectro: not sure about bluetooth yet, depends on what services you have running, check output of "ps aux | grep blue" on device20:48
electroi have tried bluebinder20:49
electrobut not good20:49
electroi must build older ofono20:50
electroso i think i should use bluez v420:50
malI think you probably need to use bluez420:51
electrothe change is to these file only ? jolla-hw-adaptation-m8.yaml20:52
malthere is prpbably now a line with bluez520:52
piggzmccreary: this is what i came up with
electroyes but i remove this for bluebinder20:53
electroand now i don't have the name20:53
electrobluez4 i belive20:53
malelectro: droid-config-m8-bluez420:54
malthe same way you have other droid-config packages there20:54
malbut that might still not be only thing you need20:54
malcheck faq20:55
electroBluetooth for Qualcomm devices20:55
malit has instruction for using bluetooth on qcom devices, assuming your device has qcom bluetooth chip, I assume it does20:55
albertus1woah, the sudo mic .... part just made my host system flicker screens21:04
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T42<Maya_khan> (Photo, 590x1280)

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