Monday, 2019-08-12

mccrearypiggz: I'm not sure why you walk through the string returned by realpath()04:12
mccrearyIt is null-terminated, so you can trim the last char using strlen()04:13
mccrearyIf you want to be safe, you can check if it is a digit first04:13
mccrearyi.e. "buf[strlen(buf)-1]='\0';04:15
mccrearyI guess you should wrap that in a while loop, and break out when the last char is not a digit?04:20
T42<adampigg> Mccreary: yeah, thats the idea,.im being safe incase iit is a 2 char partition05:53
ghosalmartinmal: sorry didnt reply last night but QCOM_BSP did not help at all07:43
ghosalmartinas for the Anon ghost, they can use the hybris-14.1. almost everything works on there but BT07:43
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ might be relevant for devices that use hwc2 android hal07:57
electrohi all08:01
electromal, are you present ?08:31
electroi have done devel-su -> Auth failed08:33
electrowhy ?08:33
electroWho have an idea about this log ?
electroI'm trying to do this command : mk-cam-conf 0 /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcamsrc-0.conf08:36
electroi don't find this file on my device, @elros34 an idea about that ?08:36
malelectro: you don't use devel-su in telnet, in case you are using telnet08:38
electrookey, yes08:38
electrobut ssh is low speed connection08:39
electromal, do you know why i have this log ?08:40
electrono file is created so08:40
electroi try to finish this chapter 13.3 Camera08:42
malprobably not errors08:43
maldo not use mk-cam-conf it's obsolete08:43
electrobut i have no "gstdroidcamsrc-0.conf" file to08:43
electroO , okey08:43
electroShould i do this command ? rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=droid-camres08:44
T42<adampigg> Mal,.i wasnt even aware mk-cam-conf was obsolete...what is used now? (not the awesome auto world of vision ;)08:48
electroit is obsolete ? droid-camres -w08:52
ghosalmartinspiiroin, i can look at it, doesn't mean ill understand anything :P08:54
malelectro: you are missing file name09:09
mal@adampigg mk-cam-conf hasn't been needed for quite a while now09:10
electromal, missing filename ?09:10
electroi have this log who come regulary
malread the instructions for droid-camres, if you use -w it has to be followed by a filename where you write the output09:15
electrookey sorry09:15
electromal -> it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in " "09:20
electromaybe fix sms will be better, an call too, i have no sound09:21
T42<adampigg> mal, ah, so droid-camres does a similar job, but creates cnfig files for the camera settings plugin09:27
electrosms and mms okey, call too, stay sound for call09:36
mal@adampigg those were for different parts09:54
electromal, have you an idea no sound during call ?09:54
mal@adampigg mk-cam-conf was for gstreamer which now loads the values dynamically from hal, droid-camres is for camera app09:55
electroIssues with ngfd or ngfd-plugin-droid- or pulseaudio ?09:55
electroor this ? Phone calls fail but SMS and mobile data work -> HADK v2.0.009:55
malelectro: I told you already before that audioflingerglue and related changes are used to fix call audio10:33
electrothis no ? Issues with ngfd or ngfd-plugin-droid- or pulseaudio10:33
electroor hadk.pdf10:33
electroi have done all command on this chapter "13.2 GStreamer v1.0"10:34
electroand in this chapter "13.3 Camera"10:34
electroi'm here : droid-camres -w10:35
malelectro: like I said before chapter 13.3 of hadk pdf10:35
electromal , droid-camres -w jolla-camera-hw.txt -----> This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb"10:36
electroin "".10:36
electromal, do you know how can i obtain xcb ?11:27
electroshould i connect ssh and login devel-su to launch this command ?11:27
electrodroid-camres -w jolla-camera-hw.txt11:27
malelectro: did it create that file and did it look ok11:41
malelectro: we don't use xcb11:41
malelectro: also do not run that droid-camres as root (meaning not using devel-su)11:42
malor via telnet11:42
electrono he doesn't create the file11:46
electroi try to launch the command as nemo so ?11:47
electrookey done with nemo user12:14
electromal, for RILD, in file "hadk/hybris/droid-configs/rpm/droid-config-m8.spec"15:01
electroI should have "Provides: ofono-configs" but too "Obsoletes: ofono-configs-mer" ?15:02
malpreferrably both15:02
ghosalmartinmal: evening, was wondering if you had any ideas on how I could debug this weird UI issue19:55
malghosalmartin: just to be sure, UI is started but all app starting fails?20:03
ghosalmartinmal: kinda, sometimes apps start, sometimes they need the UI to reboot and some will work but some will fail20:03
malwhat did logs say? logcat, dmesg and journal?20:04
ghosalmartinjust the display service died and that lipstick has corruption20:04
ghosalmartinand things like maliit server seg faulting20:04
ghosalmartinso right now phone opens fine20:04
ghosalmartinmessages caused a restart20:04
maland it's using hwc2?20:05
malyou used master branch of libhybris?20:06
ghosalmartinthis project
malghosalmartin: you also used master branch libhybris for the android side build as that also needs it20:07
ghosalmartinmal: lemme check to make sure the two are in sync but i think they are20:07
ghosalmartinhmm they don't seem to be, time to resync and pull20:08
malas long as it's not using some old branch it should be fine20:08
ghosalmartinits not it just doesnt have krnlyng latest android 9 work20:09
malghosalmartin: how old was the branch?20:09
ghosalmartinapril 24th20:10
ghosalmartinthe thing is ive seen this issue time ago before all the hwc2 stuff. it was happening even with using surfaceflinger as plugin20:10
malok, after april 24th there is mainly android 9 changes20:11
ghosalmartinmal: do you think its because I also have the marlin device/kernel in tree?20:11
malghosalmartin: probably no20:12
malghosalmartin: I do wonder whether you should have QCOM_BSP or not20:12
ghosalmartinmal: ive tried with both and no luck20:13
electromal, it's so strange, sometimes i have network and sometimes not, my sim is not detect20:40
electroi don't know what can i do20:40
Mister_Magister*INHALES* delay hack20:41
electroi already have update my ril_subscription.conf20:43
ghosalmartinmal: any idea why the building of the droid-hal packages skips out the selinux config files?20:53
electro@elros34 : maybe you know a solution ?20:54
electroofonod[1115]: Requested file structure differs from SIM: 6fb720:55
ghosalmartinah straggler files20:57
T42<elros34> electro: this is "normal", I also have this info in logs. Try enabling airplane mode and the restarting21:00
electro@elros34 : what is the good ril_subscription.conf ?21:00
electrono solution with airplane mode on and off21:02
electroi have a qualcomm cpu21:02
T42<elros34> ah you use binder ofono plugin, I have no experience about it21:03
electrohumm, no, old ofono but what is the version21:03
electroi don't know21:03
electroi have done git reset, ...21:04
electrochapter in faq : Ofono problems:21:04
electroSIMcard detect but no network21:06
electro@elros34 : i have this SPAM , do you have a solution ?
T42<elros34> you need to find where in /init*.rc its defined and disable it21:09
electrohumm, okey21:09
electrobut i don't know if it's a SPAM21:09
T42<elros34> time_daemon is not used in sfos so can be disabled21:11
*** ahjolinna_ is now known as ahjolinna21:11
electroi don't know what i must do21:21
electrorecompile old ofono21:21
ghosalmartinmal: hmm so after a complete rebuild and refresh it seems the crash is now only occuring on app close21:46
malghosalmartin: hmm, very strange21:54
ghosalmartinmal: indeed, but camera worked out of the box which was nice :P21:54
malelectro: I thought you already had sms working?21:55
malghosalmartin: annoying thing that local droid-hal build doesn't complain about unpackaged files anymore, not sure why21:55
ghosalmartinmal: yeah it used to which was handy, any idea where the maliit-server source is?21:56
ghosalmartinah framework not server21:56
malghosalmartin: I doubt the issue is actually in maliit21:58
ghosalmartinmal: oh sure I assume its some api call it makes, I just thought it might have a small haystack for the needle am searching for21:58
ghosalmartinI remember this kind of error used to have a way to trace it back
malghosalmartin: how does app close cause a crash, does the app crash or whole graphics stack?21:59
ghosalmartinmal: whole graphics stack21:59
ghosalmartinmal: also in this zip i updated to sfos 3.121:59
ghosalmartinso did something change between 3.0 and 3.1 that was possibly being called before but now isn't?22:00
malghosalmartin: there shouldn't be any dramatic changes22:00
ghosalmartinmal: weird enough as well even with maliit-server crashing keyboard seems unaffected22:03
ghosalmartinmal: ah just decided to crash from unlock22:04
malghosalmartin: lipstick[3900]: double free or corruption (!prev)22:05
ghosalmartinyeah that occurs too22:06
malghosalmartin: logcat shows nothing?22:06
ghosalmartini had to open an close a few apps till it crashed this time22:07
malno errors visible in that22:09
ghosalmartini know right, ill check tombstones22:10
ghosalmartinmal: this device used to need the adreno quirks at one point22:14
ghosalmartindo you think it needs it again? since the browser now doesn't seem to load anything but a white page22:14
malghosalmartin: usually adreno quirks are needed22:35
ghosalmartinmal: ahh ive enabled them, just building now22:36
malghosalmartin: we should figure out a better way for that issue22:37
ghosalmartinmal: *sigh* no luck with the adreno quirks22:39
ghosalmartinam going to bed anyways, goodnight22:39

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