Monday, 2019-09-09

T42<Matthew %lastname%> does Sailfish use a custom compositor10:27
Mister_Magistermal: does sailfish use functionfs10:34
malMister_Magister: what is that?10:35
Mister_Magistermal: its in kernel usb stuff10:36
Mister_Magisteryou know functionfs lmao you were talking about it with me10:37
malMister_Magister: functionfs is use for mtp, usually patched in kernel to fix it properly10:43
malin older android bases10:44
Mister_Magistermal: in android9 we need to setup rmnet in functionfs10:46
Mister_Magisterdata.qti service is missing /dev/rmnet_ctl10:47
T42<Matthew %lastname%> @mal [yes], is that compositor portable to Android OS14:25
T42<Matthew %lastname%> mal: is that compositor portable to Android OS14:25
malwhy would you want to do that? and no14:26
T42<Matthew %lastname%> as im trying to make my own compositor but im having issues with rendering speed14:26
r0kk3rzim not sure anyone here can help you with that14:28
T42<Matthew %lastname%> as it currently runs at 4 to 10 fps and i dont know how to get it to run at 60 fps14:29
T42<Matthew %lastname%> for example, it takes around 1 second to upload and display 20 textures14:32
T42<Matthew %lastname%> in which these textures are 50 by 50 (about 2 to 5 kb)14:33
r0kk3rzthis channel is about porting sailfishos to other devices14:34
T42<Matthew %lastname%> ok14:34
piggz_abranson: around?17:22
piggz_mal: around for some crazy video codec debugging?19:28
malpiggz_: what kind?19:31
piggz_mal: codec fails becuase of missing native wifi-direct service19:31
piggz_very frustrating, as i cant find the service19:32
malwoot, show logs19:32
piggz_mal: grr, is deleting my pastes!19:34
piggz_mal: logcat
malpiggz_: where in that is it looking for that service?19:39
piggz_mal: line 84...... i'll explain19:39
piggz_piggz@linux-f1uu ~/mer/android/droid.fxtecpro1/vendor (hybris-msm-aosp-9.0) $ grep -R "Service not available yet" *19:40
piggz_Binary file qcom/proprietary/prebuilt_HY11/target/product/msm8998/vendor/lib/ matches19:41
piggz_strings on that file, gives some hints on names, eg19:41
piggz_WFDMMService :: Start19:41
piggz_Failed to create WFDMMService19:41
piggz_Adding WFDMMService Failed!!19:41
piggz_and, thats about where I am ... looking for files that link that lib!19:42
malpiggz_: it can also be a coincidence?19:52
piggz_i guess19:52
piggz_mal: the log shows it tries twce, and omx fails afterwards both times19:53
malpiggz_: the codec error messages are "out of memory" which would suggest some initialization is missing or something19:53
piggz_mal: there is something to be said for libav20:05
malpiggz_: ?20:25
piggz_mal: sw rendering always works ;)20:25
malpiggz_: I do remember seeing similar messages before on other devices, trying to remember how the issue was fixed on those20:43
malpiggz_: can you check if you have the usual /dev/video/ symlinks?20:50
piggz_mal: pls remember :)20:56
malpiggz_: do you see any /dev/video* on the device?20:57
malpiggz_: the error suggests that those are missing20:58
piggz_mal: yes, lots20:58
malpiggz_: hmm, and anything in /dev/video/ folder?21:26
piggz_mal: yup, venus dec/enc21:27
malare the device permissions ok?21:27
piggz_mal: venus dec/enc are root/root, others are root/camera21:28
malpiggz_: and the permissions?21:29
malon one device I have those are crw-rw---- 1 system camera21:29
piggz_ /dev/video? crw-rw21:29
piggz_and dec/enc are lrwxrwxrwx21:30
piggz_mal: sorry, i meant system/camera21:31
malpiggz_: symlinks are always like that21:34
malthe others are relevant i.e. /dev/video*21:34
malnot the things in the video folder21:35
piggz_on mido, 32 and 33 aare group audio, that the only difference21:37
piggz_mal: is video playback working on official android 9 ports?21:38
malpiggz_: yes21:49
piggz_mal: continue tomorrow :/ its a new oddity21:50
malpiggz_: so did you you make sure those devices match what I gave, or group audio?21:50
piggz_mal: they match what you have21:51
malpiggz_: even user?21:51
piggz_crw-rw---- 1 system camera 81, 6 Sep  9 19:49 /dev/video621:51
mal32 and 33 are the codecs21:51
piggz_they are also group camera here21:52
malpiggz_: did you reboot with those correct group and rights?21:52
malmake an udev rule if needed21:52
piggz_mal: i havnt changed them, they have been like this all along21:52
malbut you said earlier that you had root/camera ?21:52
piggz_[22:31] <piggz_> mal: sorry, i meant system/camera21:53
maljust to be sure make an udev rule to set them 66621:53
malmissed that line21:53
piggz_right im away ... tomorrow is either this, or pine21:54
malpiggz_: my head is feeling quite funny because it's getting late21:54
piggz_sure, gnight :)21:54
malpiggz_: btw, you can see the sources for those (or example of those) in hardware/qcom21:54
maljust grep for the component_init for example to find that error "component_init: : fd=-1"21:55

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