Tuesday, 2019-09-10

Qiangong2[m]Can you build sailfish 3.1 with cm-11? Or is that too old? I've found that cm-13.0 doesn't work for my device when building01:56
T42<elros34> Qiangong2[m]: cm11 is fine, you can use it. There is small issue with libhybris but only when you are building in build.merproject.org so you don't have to worry about it now07:12
sledges@adampigg, 21st is the only day for me to come to London (brought some jolla gear from .fi); enjoy the apollo!07:34
piggz_sledges: hmmm, you;ll need my address for free jolla gear then!!08:11
piggz_sledges: i have to dress christmassy cos its the xmas special :D08:12
piggz_mal: that error comes from failed to open /dev/video3208:12
r0kk3rzsledges: i think im busy that weekend :(08:31
piggz_r0kk3rz: he'll need your address for the freebies too then!09:00
r0kk3rzany new ones? or just the same old ones ive already got :P09:00
piggz_r0kk3rz: i reckon an x10 minimum09:03
piggz_mal: oo, found something09:03
piggz_ mal: https://bpaste.net/show/VJDd09:13
piggz_sh-3.2# cat /sys/module/firmware_class/parameters/path09:14
piggz_sh-3.2# ls /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/ven*09:14
piggz_/vendor/firmware_mnt/image/venus.b00  /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/venus.b02  /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/venus.b0409:14
piggz_/vendor/firmware_mnt/image/venus.b01  /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/venus.b03  /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/venus.mdt09:14
malpiggz_: so I was correct when I said some initialization is missing, in this case firmware loading09:40
piggz_mal: aye09:41
piggz_trying to figure out why!09:41
malwhy doesn't the firmware loading script work for you?09:42
piggz_this line09:42
piggz_drivers/soc/qcom/peripheral-loader.c:           pil_err(desc, "Failed to locate %s(rc:%d)\n", fw_name, ret);09:42
piggz_mal: what is "the firmware loading script" ?09:42
malin config repo, needs the fw loader support in kernel to be enabled09:42
malafaik it's mentioned in kernel checker09:42
malmaybe add the path to the script?09:52
piggz_mal: how is the script called?09:53
malcheck 8mmit history, it's quite new thing09:54
piggz_mal: aaaaaand......big buck bunny is playing :)09:57
piggz_mal: what is preferred, modify script or add symlink?10:09
piggz_i nearly had it ... i added a sylink for /firmware, but linked it to /vendor/firmware_mnt_image/ instead of /vendor/firmware_mnt !!!!10:09
piggz_symlink it is10:19
malpiggz_: depends on how common that path is on devices10:21
piggz_mal: the script looks in "/system/etc/firmware/ /odm/firmware/ /vendor/firmware/ /firmware/image/"10:22
piggz_i needed /vendor/firmware_mnt/image10:22
piggz_i also have a /vendor/firmware btw10:23
malpiggz_: of course symlink is the simpler one for you but wondering if it's common to have those files in that folder10:27
piggz_i was just giving u the info needed to make that decision ;)10:28
piggz_mal: GPS next ...... interesting is the messwerk shows a button for position, but not for gnss satelites like mido10:33
malpiggz_: actually interesting why it didn't find those files when you had /sys/module/firmware_class/parameters/path correctly set10:37
malpiggz_: just to be, do you have latest submodule?10:41
mal*to be sure10:41
T42<adampigg> Ill check.....10:41
malcheck that you have the loader fix in there10:42
mallooks like you have it10:42
piggz_mal: yes, aug 110:45
T42<adampigg> mal: logcat prints11:02
T42<adampigg> 09-10 11:59:32.597  3604  6930 I LocSvc_ApiV02: <--- globalEventCb line 124 QMI_LOC_EVENT_POSITION_REPORT_IND_V0211:02
malthat seems ok11:05
T42<adampigg> Mal: but no position in pure or messwerk11:36
mal@adampigg no satellite info either?11:37
T42<adampigg> mal: no, i dont think so11:38
malanything from geoclue in logs?11:42
piggz_mal: zip in journal11:48
piggz_mal: i dont think it find the provider11:50
malpiggz_: nothing really? not even that it's starting it?11:50
piggz_yes, i got a log after rebootint....11:51
piggz_Sep 10 12:50:13 Sailfish org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Master[5219]: Found providers:11:51
piggz_Sep 10 12:50:13 Sailfish org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Master[5219]: geoclue-hybris.provider11:51
piggz_Sep 10 12:50:13 Sailfish org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Master[5219]: geoclue-mlsdb.provider11:51
piggz_no binder provider11:51
malit's that hybris one11:51
malI was lazy and didn't rename it :D11:51
malyou can check the package list to see binder package is really installed11:51
piggz_it is...11:52
piggz_prints this on startup then https://bpaste.net/show/lAGQ11:52
malthat seems correct11:54
malyou have tried outdoors?11:54
piggz_yes, ive just been repairing a lawn mower, and left it outside for 3 minuts looking11:54
Mister_Magisterpiggz_: gj o711:58
Mister_Magisterwould help but i'm outta time11:58
krnlynghi saidinesh512:41
piggz_mal: that QMI_LOC_EVENT_POSITION_REPORT_IND_V02 indicates it is reporting position?12:42
malpiggz_: not sure but it might12:49
piggz_mal: https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/vendor-qcom-opensource-location/blob/master/loc_api/loc_api_v02/LocApiV02.cpp#L245712:50
malpiggz_: do you see any other ones similar to that?12:50
malpiggz_: wondering if there is some way to check if the device uses gnss 1.0 or 1.1 interface?13:10
malalthough I would assume it should work with both13:11
piggz_mal: no, i saw on startup that 1.1 fails so it falls back to 1.013:11
malpiggz_: where did you see that?13:11
malso that means it should have only 1.0 support?13:12
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.611  3623  3623 E LocSvc_HIDL_vendor.qti.gnss@1.0-service: Could not get passthrough implementation for android.hardware.gnss@1.1::IGnss/default.13:12
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.611  3623  3623 W LocSvc_HIDL_vendor.qti.gnss@1.0-service: Failed to register IGnss 1.1 service: 1, try IGnss 1.013:12
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.614  3641  3641 D vendor.qti.hardware.soter@1.0-service: soter: svc service starting.13:12
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.614  3641  3641 I ServiceManagement: Removing namespace from process name vendor.qti.hardware.soter@1.0-service to soter@1.0-service.13:12
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.615  3556  3556 D sound_trigger_hw: load_audio_hal: ahal is using proprietary API version 0x010113:13
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.615  3556  3556 I sound_trigger_platform: platform_stdev_init: Enter13:13
piggz_09-10 13:46:00.625  3641  3641 E vendor.qti.hardware.soter@1.0-service: Registered SOTER HAL service success13:13
piggz_then just laster13:13
piggz_09-10 13:46:01.182  3623  3623 I LocSvc_HIDL_vendor.qti.gnss@1.0-service: Registration complete for vendor.qti.gnss@1.0::ILocHidlGnss/gnss_vendor.13:13
malso 1.0 should be fine13:16
piggz_yes, i think so13:16
malmaybe try running geoclue hybris in debug mode, not sure if it needs to be build with some debug flag or will runtime work13:17
piggz_mal: suggestion..... in bluebinder, there is a Pre script, bluebinderwait.sh ..... that script checks for the address being set by another script at the start ..... you could check for a device supplied script, and run that, instead of everyone having tp create a script+service to run before bluebinder14:11
piggz_i might PR that14:11
malpiggz_: what?14:12
malkrnlyng: ^14:13
T42<DylanVanAssche> mal: Did you had already some time to check the OBS logs for the `gst-plugins-good` build? https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log/nemo:devel:hw:pine:dontbeevil/gst-plugins-good/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/armv8el14:59
mal@DylanVanAssche I can't access any logs, I need to ask again for someone else to fix the build logs15:01
T42<DylanVanAssche> mal: Oh I didn't know that... No hurry :D15:02
piggz_mal: krnlyng: you understand? :)15:12
riniguskimmoli: ping regarding testing of the release15:45
vknechtrinigus, just curious, does usb connection sharing work for you ?15:47
rinigusvknecht: never tried and even not sure how15:47
vknechtwhen plugging usb, there's an "internet sharing" option (if usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config is present in pattern)15:51
malafaik that usb connection sharing has always been a bit problematic which is why it's not enabled by default16:07
vknechtI've been using it from the start, and it only started failing with so I suppose it's due to some usb-moded change between 0.86+mer33 and 0.86+mer3616:19
vknechthere's a log with usb-moded in debug mode, with connection sharing option selected at 13:59:00 https://pastebin.com/EB0i9SNF16:20
vknecht^ spiiroin, any idea ? :-)16:21
maldid you check the commit history for anything that could cause that?16:23
vknechtyes, but nothing obvious ; maybe mode=ask handling16:24
vknechthere's my config https://github.com/vknecht/droid-config-idol3/blob/master/sparse/etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini16:25
rinigusvknecht: hard to say. when plugging onto onyx with internet sharing on under usb, I do get notification on sharing on phone. nothing on linux pc though.16:26
rinigusnever tested it before => cannot say if it started failing now16:26
vknechtrinigus, should add an interface on pc, much like developer mode16:26
vknechtok :-)16:26
vknechtfor me, when it fails, since the process is restarted again and again, the notification also pops up again, this waking up the screen regularly16:28
rinigusit doesn't wakeup regularly over here - but I don't see any interface on pc either. not sure it works and I don't think I'll ever use it :)16:42
vknechtthank you for taking the time to try it :-)16:47
rinigusvknecht: you are welcome!16:50
spiiroinvknecht: 1st observation: looks like usb-moded chokes while trying to parse some dbus message -> aborted from within libdbus & gets restarted18:44
spiiroinvknecht: one thing that could cause problems is connman side firewall rules (relatively new thing)18:47
spiirointhen there is that unsolved "gadget" vs "ethernet" interface confusion, ref https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/usb-moded/merge_requests/4318:48
spiirointhe latter should not cause breakage i.e. if things worked, it should still work - but some devices do not work without config file changes18:49
spiiroinbtw, if I understand correctly the dbus fault happens at connman_wifi_power_control() which looks like dragons be here territory18:55

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