Friday, 2019-09-27

Mister_MagisterKeij0: wha r u doin here12:18
NeoChapayready geoclue provider for native gps services
NeoChapayif you have gps nmea device you can use without hhybris13:30
malNeoChapay: is the gpsd support in geoclue too old?13:38
NeoChapaymal: yeap13:52
NeoChapayand jolla don't whant merge my mr13:53
malNeoChapay: not all things happen so fast13:55
NeoChapaymal: 2 month !!!13:59
NeoChapayi open mr 10 jul13:59
NeoChapayand gpsd3 provider have rich functionality :)14:00
malNeoChapay: well last changes were just a week ago14:10
T42<adampigg> neochapay: relax, my mesa mr has been open waaaaay longer :P14:13
NeoChapay@adampigg i have over yaer mr hehe14:20
malNeoChapay: which one?14:24
benclark06piggz: i've tried to remove the duplicate entries like you said yesterday, however now i get build/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/falcon/]]: "vendor/motorola/msm8226-common/" does not exist.  Stop.16:01
T42<elros34> you are missing vendor repository:
benclark06@elros34 what path do i use for the vendor repo?16:21
T42<elros34> it's quite obvious if you look at your local manifest or any other:
benclark06oh, right lol16:24
benclark06kernel built 🎉16:58
benclark06i need to use bootparam instead of audit, right?16:59
deathmistbenclark06: I have both set to y, but I bootparam is the important one17:00
benclark06ah ok17:00
benclark06is falcon_defconfig the right one?17:03
deathmistprobably, you can confirm with grep TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG -rnw device/17:09
benclark06yep, it is17:09
T42Hose %lastname% was added by: Hose %lastname%18:04
T42<Hose %lastname%> Hi there.18:04
benclark06hey, i'm trying to do 7.1 in hadk and i'm getting error: src refspec master does not match any.error: failed to push some refs to '' when trying to push19:05
malbenclark06: have you check that you have something committed in the local git?19:13
malwhat does "git branch" show19:14
benclark06* (no branch)19:14
benclark06nvm fixed ti19:15
benclark06nvm fixed it19:15
maldo "git branch master", then "git checkout master" and the push19:15
benclark06yeah, i did that, thanks :)19:15
benclark06if i'm adapting from an existing port, can i just skip 7.1?19:16
malalthough you should update submodules in those existing repos19:17
malotherwise you might have some issues19:17
benclark06with repo sync?19:17
malno, just search web how to update a submodule, basically git fetch origin in the submodule folder and then git pull origin master19:18
malalso you might need to udpate patterns in config repo19:19
malthe existing ones are probably very old and missing things19:19
malthe templates are in config submodule, or you could just reinit those using rpm/dhd/helpers/add_new_device.sh19:20
benclark06when i do build_packages i get RPM build errors:    Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.EKnlSD (%install)19:21
malthe real error is somewhere earlier19:25
benclark06mal: i just get error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.EKnlSD (%install)19:35
deathmistwell, it does say the build fails for your rpm/droid-hal-falcon.spec, maybe show the droid-hal-falcon.log since that probably has the culprit in it19:39
piggzbenclark06: do u have a obs account20:16
benclark06nope, not yet20:16
piggzwell, when you do, i can just give you access to the exisiting falcon project20:16
benclark06oh great20:16

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