Saturday, 2019-09-28

deathmistok so I'm attempting to get started with OBS stuff, I see a "_pattern" package on top of other projects, I read this before but wasn't this what I needed patternizing for? the faq-hadk site seems to be dead :/11:42
maldeathmist: _pattern is automatically generated if patterns are enabled in that OBS project, that has to be specifically requested12:18
rinigusHi! how is generated? would it be the same for all devices on sony aosp platform if ported against pie?12:57
rinigusright now we seem to have platform in the branch name12:58
vknechtrinigus, don't know exactly how tagged manifest is generated (guess derived from ), but to get it working on another sony probably just would have to remove « <project name="droid-src-sony-ganges-pie" path="rpm" remote="hybris" [...] » from the local manifest and provide your own16:17
rinigusvknecht: haven't seen that on the bottom of the manifest. I wonder whether it can be done in a same way as we have for CM-based builds - without such device specific detail16:36
rinigusvknecht: have you tried aosp9 for xperia x? I recall you were considering it...16:36
vknechtnot yet16:37
riniguslooks like that line (project droid-src-sony-ganges) is the only hybris specific line as well.16:39
rinigushmm... looks like contains quite a few patches. and not sure all of them are xperia 10 specific, like . any idea on how those were selected?16:49
vknechtrinigus, from it seems16:59
vknechtit's a utility one has to run before building sony's aosp16:59
vknechtI linked to the master branch one, but maybe better check one of the 9 branch17:02
rinigusvknecht: thank you very much! couldn't find it by search17:02
rinigusvknecht: yes, they are already on aosp 1017:03
vknechtyou're welcome, should check how it's done with aosp8 ports, maybe I miss those17:05
rinigusvknecht: in this respect - maybe its good time to switch to aosp9 :) . that were development is now17:07
vknechtI guess I'll stick to what Jolla will use for Nile/XA2, also it seems there's something to come for Loire so not sure yet, also have some backlog with other port :-/17:12
T42<adampigg> mal: deathmist: you can also go patternless if you want to not rely on somone patternising the build on obs19:29
piggzflypig: thx for the kind twitter words20:52

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