Sunday, 2019-09-29

benclarkhi, build_packages is failing for me, here's the logs:
piggzbenclark: looks to me like your sdk install has busybox symlinks installed for find, and it isnt compatible with regular find.  install find and remove the busybox sylinks package10:07
benclarkzypper's giving me "No provider of 'find' found."10:08
benclarkdo i need to add a repo?10:08
T42<elros34> You didn't update submodules. Instruction how to do this is in faq10:24
T42<adampigg> ive reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly gotta stop copy/pasting from web into text .spec files .... hours lost becuase i pasted in ^M within a file name, which isnt visible in kate!!11:23
mal@adampigg oops11:30
piggzmal:i really should have learned, done it a few times now over the months!11:31
malpiggz: can't that editor show all special characters?11:31
T42<adampigg> Mal, ill check, i would assume so12:03
deathmistok I'm a bit confused, I'm setting up OBS stuff, got a conflict for provider (which I know I can resolve using projcfg later), but I have both libhybris-libGLESv2 & mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2 packages installed on my phone? base is lineage-15.112:04
deathmistis adding "Prefer: mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2" the right next move?12:06
maldeathmist: which OBS project?12:07
deathmistwhoop, I was viewing a package12:07
maldeathmist: you forgot to add project config12:07
malcompare those12:08
deathmistok thanks! I'm just kinda doing my own thing as I don't exactly have a guide since faq-hadk seems to be dead now :/12:09
malwell there is the backup of that12:13
maldeathmist: you seem to be missing gst-droid from that project12:23
deathmistmal: yeah, I still need a few other ones, everything I got there right now finally built tho which is a good start12:24
maland geoclue-providers-hybris or geoclue-providers-hybris-binder depending on which android base12:25
deathmistmal: do I need ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator on OBS when my device uses ngfd-plugin-native-vibrator? also how would I build the -binder version of geoclue-providers-hybris as I have that installed currently?12:47
vknechtdeathmist, you sort of select the spec to build with the "package" name, eg.
deathmistvknecht: got it, thanks :D13:00
maldeathmist: no, native vibrator packages are available from jolla repos13:01
maldeathmist: name package geoclue-providers-hybris-binder, it determines which spec to use from package name on OBS13:02
malah, missed that vknecht answered that already13:02
maldeathmist: so you can remove the native vibrator packages from OBS13:06
malvknecht: same for you, no need to have native vibrator packages in that project13:07
maldeathmist: could you check from your device if you really use the hybris backend of sensorfw, many new devices use binder backend13:26
deathmistmal: should I switch to it? oreo bases still seem to use hybris backend (at least by default)
maldeathmist: if the hybris backend works then you scan use it13:33
mal*can use it13:33
maldeathmist: I think most android 8 devices can still work with the old backend13:34
deathmistyeah mine works fine, I'll add a note to rename the package when I'm working on the hybris-16.0 rebase13:35
vknechtmal, thanks... in which version was it added ? if it was before 3.0.3 I guess I can simply remove this package rather than disable it13:37
malvknecht: I need to check when it was added13:39
deathmistok let's say I finished setting up the OBS projects, what do I need to do next for OTAs? I've configured some initial stuff in dcd
vknechtdeathmist, build an image from OBS and install it, then make some change on OBS (eg. rebuild droid-hal), then check it gets applied when OTA'ing14:43
benclarkhas anyone got a link to the new faq?15:16
benclarknvm, i got it15:18
deathmistbenclark: could you link it? I've actually been looking for it :p15:24
benclarkdeathmist: i had a mirror of it on disroot, not sure how up to date it is tho
malvknecht: it seems native vibrator packages have been in jolla repos for a long time, I think could even be already in 2.2.015:25
vknechtthanks !15:28
vknechtso can remove both ngfd-plugin-native-vibrator and qt5-feedback-haptics-native-vibrator, right ?15:31
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benclark06hey, when i run build packages i get this when trying to build droid-hal-version
benclark06i just built all that stuff so i'm a bit confused15:55
malvknecht: yes16:05
benclark06here's the full output btw
malbenclark06: do you have this in your spec
malbenclark06: my guess is that you have "%define have_vibrator_droid 1" which should be changed16:07
benclark06i've got %define have_vibrator 116:08
malso change it to what I have16:08
mal"%define have_vibrator_native 1"16:08
benclark06mic is giving URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1416:25
benclark06oh right i need an obs account dont i16:25
malno, you skipped some parts of hadk pdf16:25
malspecically chapter 8.316:26
benclark06i did that16:29
benclark06and it's still failing16:29
malcheck the .ks file, it lists the repos it uses16:31
benclark06it's using these ones:
benclark06i've tried a few different releases to no avail17:29
malbenclark06: the previous link doesn't work, the problem is the repos, not release version17:40
malyou can see that in hadk pdf the sed command replaces the that adaptation repo with a local one17:41
benclark06which chapter?17:43
benclark06it's still not working17:54
malshow the .ks file17:57
T42<jamesisaweeb> will do in a sec18:03
malwondering how you managed to get that content there, it's missing common repo which then leads to the sed command to fail18:17
benclark06it could be from the stuff i stole from piggz18:18
malbenclark06: are you sure you update submodules correctly?18:18
malcheck the config submodule again18:26
malmaybe you are missing this line?
malbenclark06: ^18:27
benclark06i'll check18:27
maldid you check patterns that those are correct?18:28
malbenclark06: do you have the config repo on github?18:28
benclark06yes i fixed them and ??? these are my repos
malbut I doubt those adaptation repo are the same you have locally18:33
malbenclark06: at least the spec in that config repo is missing the line I linked18:33
benclark06yeah i added that in18:33
malthen -c and again 8.318:34
benclark06it's working!18:37
benclark06mal: thanks!18:37
benclark06wait nevermind18:37
benclark06repo problem: pattern:jolla-configuration-falcon-1-1.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon, but this requirement cannot be provided, not installable providers: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon-1-1.noarch[adaptation-community-falcon-]18:37
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vknecht|Lubrizolbenclark06, tried the "obscure error" troubleshooting in 8.5 section (page 25) from HADK pdf ?20:29
benclark06ah, i didn't see that, i'll give it a go20:30
benclark06alright, so that error's fixed. but now i get Warning[09/29 20:32:02] : repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon-1-1.noarch requires droid-config-falcon-bluez5, but this requirement cannot be provided, not installable providers: droid-config-falcon-bluez5-1-1.armv7hl[adaptation-community-falcon-]20:33
benclark06and i'm not sure what i need to change in my patterns20:34
vknecht|Lubrizolthis looks familiar... hmmm20:40
vknecht|Lubrizolwhat's the link to your droid config repo20:41
malbenclark06: it's trying to install bluez5 but at least the patterns on github that device uses bluez420:45
malbenclark06: are you sure you don't have something wrong in patterns, show the pattern files20:46
benclark06my droid-configs have this: Provides: bluez-configs20:46
benclark06Conflicts: bluez-configs-sailfish20:46
benclark06Obsoletes: bluez-configs-sailfish20:46
vknecht|Lubrizolbenclark06, please show your config git repo ; also, not sure you use that yet, but mentions bluez520:50
piggzmal: can i talk u into reviewing some pr's? :)20:51
vknecht|Lubrizolpiggz o/ had a look at ? ;-)20:55
malbenclark06: are you really sure you didn't edit those patterns locally?20:55
benclark0699.9% sure20:55
malpiggz: we'll see tomorrow20:55
benclark06oh that's weird20:56
benclark06it's changed it i think20:56
piggzvknecht|Lubrizol: yes, ive tried it and it works well ... just want mal to scan over for white speace and indentation issues :D20:57
vknecht|Lubrizolthanks ! I'm not so afraid of white space, although I think I missed one between two braces :-/21:00
vknecht|Lubrizolah, maybe not21:03
vknecht|Lubrizol[vince@dozer harbour-advanced-camera]$ git grep '}}'21:03
vknecht|Lubrizolqml/pages/SettingsOverlay.qml:        Behavior on opacity { FadeAnimation {}}21:03
vknecht|Lubrizolqml/pages/VideoPlayer.qml:            Behavior on opacity { FadeAnimation {}}21:03
benclark06mal: so i've fixed that but now i get nothing provides ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon-1-1.noarch21:03
malbenclark06: so you didn't update pattern, I told you to do that21:04
malbenclark06: check the vibrator packages there and change to native in patterns21:04
* vknecht|Lubrizol was probably saved by copy/paste21:04
malI have a "bad" habit of noticing all small formatting issues in code quite easily21:05
vknecht|Lubrizolit's not so bad :-) at least I'm happy to hear it's working for others ; I made all the video player some 5 months ago, and just recently found a solution to a blocking problem recently21:08
vknecht|Lubrizol(problem was to restart camera when coming back from gallery to camera UI page)21:09
vknecht|Lubrizolnow I'm waiting for this to get merged, so I can take another shot at « share » feature21:10
vknecht|LubrizolI'm eager to hear any advice/reference code for this, if you have one21:11
malI'll try to get the review done for those open PRs tomorrow, can't promise it though21:11
deathmistsledges: can I get a "nemo:testing:hw:oneplus:cheeseburger" project & access to it? my current packages are in but apparently this should be used for testing OTAs and such22:11
deathmistmal: (y)  thanks! I'll see about basically cloning my current working packages there tomorrow, good night22:26

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