Tuesday, 2019-10-01

T42<adampigg> bisect 6 also bad05:51
T42<adampigg> 5 to go05:52
masha11Hello. When I try to call or send SMS, I get the message "no network coverage."The inclusion of mobile data gives a message: "SIM card is not used". Any ideas how to fix this?06:55
T42<Umeaboy> Does enabling and disabling Airplane mode fix it?15:54
benclark06how do i package droidmedia?16:41
benclark06ok when i'm trying to build it i'm getting Fatal: 'motorola-falcon-armv7hl' is not a known build target for some reason16:46
benclark06that's literally the only thing on the log, so i have no idea what's happening17:29
T42<elros34> check what name you set to your target: sdk-assistant17:32
T42<elros34> sdk-assistant list17:33
benclark06oh i forgot to set a target18:10
benclark06okay so i've built gstreamer but now when i built the filesystem, i get Warning[10/01 18:21:54] : repo problem: nothing provides gstreamer1.0-droid needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon-1-1.noarch, which is weird because i /just/ built it18:24
malpiggz: some comments to manual mode PR18:28
malbenclark06: are you sure you didn't mess up something like use wrong target or have incorrect ANDROID_ROOT set when building it?18:29
benclark06mal: certain18:30
piggzmal: oh, thx...18:34
malpiggz: another one18:38
piggzmal: if all goes to plan, new p-o-v and find mesa problem tonight!18:39
malpiggz: I'm checking the other PRs also, some issues in one of those already, some style nitpicking :D18:39
piggzmal: that second message....18:40
piggzthe reason i did that was so that, if the settings/mode got out of sync, the selector would show the correct option ... what do you think?18:40
malpiggz: not sure if I understand, you mean the last comment or the "!_manualModeSelected" ?18:42
piggzmal: the last comment, the one that started "is this needed...."18:42
malpiggz: how did it get out of sync?18:43
piggzwell, it shouldnt, and i dont know it can .. i was just being extra careful18:43
malpiggz: could it have been the other bug I mentioned?18:43
malwhich caused it to go out of sync18:43
T42<jgibbon> Barely on topic: I may be able to fix / rebase small things on the button PR on lunch break tomorrow. Let me know if necessary ;)18:45
malpiggz: if you are doing it like that you also need to fix focusIcon() function, it uses settings.mode.focus18:47
malpiggz: the difference between that and you new code caused the menu list and icon go out of sync if you pressed manual mode twice18:48
mal@jgibbon one style issue at least in your code, I'm still checking it more18:48
deathmistI'm confused about building an image using the OBS stuff, so I got a kickstarts file generated https://pastebin.com/63X0Mn6G and installed that rpm on my dev env (also updated contents of hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-cheeseburger-@ARCH@.ks accordingly), now what?18:51
deathmistand by dev env I meant "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in ..."18:53
vknechtdeathmist, building image from OBS needs just extracting the KS file from  droid-config-$DEVICE-ssu-kickstarts-*.rpm and using it with mic18:55
vknechtnot sure what you'd install in "dev env" ?18:55
maldeathmist: what do you mean? I don't understand why you edited hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-cheeseburger-@ARCH@.ks that is not needed, you can just keep using same .ks always, I just keep a ready .ks in ANDROID_ROOT and almost never regenerate it18:56
T42<jgibbon> mal: thanks, really appreciating you looking over it. kept most of the qml style where it made sense but was for example unsure about the bit mask white space. Not at all fluent with c++ style.18:57
mallike vknecht said you just extract a ready one from that rpm, but once it's extracted it's rarely necessary the local copy of the .ks18:57
benclark06mal: figured out my issue, i just copy and pasted it wrong19:00
mal@jgibbon some inconsistencies, sometimes you have === sometimes ==19:00
T42<jgibbon> I left copied ==, true. Code I do always has === to be easier on runtime optimization. I'll gladly replace them :)19:03
malif you are editing then at least replace those in your modified code19:04
T42<jgibbon> Fair point.19:04
malneed to check how much of each type is used19:05
benclark06alright new problem: when trying to build gst-droid, i get this https://paste.gnome.org/pb9jlisvs19:05
benclark06full log: https://paste.gnome.org/pqfwtwwxs19:05
mal@jgibbon looks like mostly === in the code, sometimes ==19:06
piggzmal: ill revery that last change and see if it actually causes an issue19:08
T42<jgibbon> mal: Either way, with same-type comparisons, == always does make a lot less sense than ===19:10
mal@jgibbon if you want you can add a new commit which changes all of those to === in case both are same type19:11
T42<jgibbon> mal: will do. Other changes are still supposed to be in a single commit, right? So I'll do that last.19:14
T42<jgibbon> Preferably when the manual branch is ready, I hate rebasing on force pushes ;)19:15
mal@jgibbon probably good idea to wait until manual mode is in19:17
malor ready19:17
malit seems you did that on top of it19:17
T42<jgibbon> Yeah, asked Adam about it since manual mode (focus is only for that) obviously only worked there.19:19
piggzmal: if youre happy, iwill commit anual mode19:20
benclark06also when i try to run it again i get fatal: destination path 'gst-droid' already exists and is not an empty which is weird19:22
malbenclark06: you only run build_packages.sh -b hybris/mw/gst-droid19:26
malpiggz: I started to think, should we check in the beginning of setFocusMode if the focus mode is the same, and not do anything in that case? i.e. if (focus === settings.mode.focus) return;19:27
benclark06mal: alright, thanks19:27
piggzmal: ah, yes, that an easier way to do it19:28
malpiggz: although it doesn't really matter much if we redo the things19:28
piggzthe way it is now, it will trigger a camera stop/start even if the mode is the same19:28
benclark06mal: still get the same error https://paste.gnome.org/pg8mehhsj19:29
piggzwhat do u think? im happy either way, commit now and fix later, or fix now19:29
malpiggz: your call, simple thing to fix if you want19:30
piggzmal: if the mode is the same, should it still reset the focus point?19:31
malpiggz: only thing I think is that will that cause anything when setting up mode the first time, I mean if it thinks mode is the same19:31
malpiggz: good question19:32
piggzit could be a way to reset the circle19:32
malyes, still needs testing of the initial setup19:33
piggzok, i'll reset my config19:33
malpiggz: I mean when starting the camera19:33
T42<elros34> @benclark06: I guess it's because you removed your target ( for unknown reason) so droid-hal and libhybris is not installed.19:33
malbut indeed also when not having any settings19:34
malpiggz: starting up camera wouldn't work, we call setFocusMode(settings.mode.focus) in applySettings which means it would never set the initial mode19:37
benclark06@elros34, ah right, so i need to rebuild all the packages, right?19:38
malpiggz: unless we add some extra magic but probably would make things a bit complicated19:38
T42<elros34> @benclark06: droid-hal and libhybris should be enough I think19:40
benclark06ok, neat19:40
malpiggz: you can merge that if you want19:41
piggzmal: asis? ok19:42
malpiggz: btw, when did we stop using [tag] in the commits?19:42
piggzwhen i got lazy :D .... fixing19:43
malpiggz: well there are many of those already in commit history19:43
malpiggz: so this happens when I'm not nitpicking :D19:43
piggzmal: but your time is precious and rare ;)19:44
benclark06alright now i get this when trying to build gst-droid https://paste.gnome.org/p73cgvhj120:06
maldoes that folder exist?20:07
malcheck what "echo $ANDROID_ROOT" prints20:07
benclark06it prints /home/benclark/hadk20:08
benclark06oh now it's just randomly working now20:09
benclark06that's cool20:09
piggz@jgibbon you can rebase on master now20:20
T42<jgibbon> piggz: awesome, will do in my lunch break tomorrow.20:21
benclark06hi, so when i try to start up the port, i get lipstick.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV20:46
benclark06full logs: https://paste.gnome.org/pkq3n40zz20:49
malthat link doesn't work20:53
benclark06mal: ^20:59
malwhich android base?21:03
deathmistvknecht: mal: thank you for clarifying! sometimes I just have no idea what I'm doing :D I've built a zip now and will test stuff tomorrow21:34

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