Wednesday, 2019-10-02

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T42<adampigg> vknecht: just your PR to merge ;)07:08
rinigusI went through Xperia 10 build guide and there were few small issues with it. Posting them here as a feedback07:30
rinigusLooks like 'lunch aosp_$DEVICE-user' is missing before running simg2img command. Otherwise this command is not in the path07:30
rinigusQuite a few patches didn't apply as a part of droid-system-device/helpers/ as files were missing. These include system/bin/netcfg system/bin/ system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks system/etc/ and few others.07:30
rinigusmic fails with nothing provides pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl. Compiling pm/dhd/helpers/ --mw= and same for fixed it. not sure whether latter is needed.07:30
rinigushaven't tested the resulting build - was mainly doing to figure out what has to be changed for xz2 platform. still have to review the pulled repos, though.07:30
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vknechtpiggz, hello ! I'm on it :-)15:04
benclark06mal: cm-12.115:28
vknechtpiggz, done ;
vknechtexcept the MediaPlayer onPositionChanged() which I kept, otherwise slider doesn't update after seeking (bug in component ?)16:31
benclark06is tklock.c: tklock_datapipe_uiexception_type_cb(): uiexception_type = notif -> none why i'm not getting a gui or is that normal?16:55
benclark06uhh here's the logs if you need them
benclark06or is my issue Dependency failed for The lipstick security prompt UI.?17:50
benclark06i can't really tell17:50
vknechtrather that lipstick (still) gets killed, I guess17:52
benclark06so the hack's running17:52
benclark06where was the script located?17:53
benclark06i want to try deleting it17:54
benclark06nevermind it doesn't fix it18:00
piggzvknecht: did you do anything about the moving play button?18:16
vknechtpiggz, yes, it's centered now18:16
piggzbenclark06: does test_egl etc work?18:17
malvknecht: ref slider position18:18
benclark06piggz: i'll check, one moment18:19
vknechtmal, thanks, trying that...18:20
benclark06piggz: no
malvknecht: that is special case since we show in that app the time as string also18:20
malvknecht: but you can at least see that using position should work18:21
piggzmal: i wonder how many hours now i have been bisecting and trying mesa versions to find the bug!18:36
T42<DylanVanAssche> piggz: Taking a short break might help!18:38
malpiggz: :(18:38
piggz@DylanVanAssche no, i think im getting close18:38
T42<DylanVanAssche> piggz: I hope you find the bug quickly!18:39
piggzit must be 8 or so .... every build / test task 20-25 minutes18:39
T42<DylanVanAssche> piggz: I hope to burn the rootfs to the PineTab tomorrow.18:40
piggz@DylanVanAssche does the same root, with a different boot.cmd work?18:41
T42<DylanVanAssche> piggz: DTS should be changed, for the rest we need the right kernel defconfig (there's one for the PineTab and PinePhone together)18:41
T42<adampigg> yeah, we should use that18:42
T42<adampigg> thats what i mean about the boot.cmd ... we can have a single kernel, and the boot.cml will specify the dts/dtb18:43
T42<DylanVanAssche> Yeah a different boot.cmd is needed to make a difference between DTS/DTB files. Wondering how U-boot tackles multiboot :P18:44
vknecht*should* ;-)18:47
* vknecht tries something...18:48
vknechtnope (tried pausing before seeking)18:55
vknechtmust say I'm out of ideas, and it's been quite a pain to get it working19:02
vknechtmaybe it behaves differently due to structure (mediaplayer and videooutput in same page, versus mediaplayer defined in ApplicationWindow in harbour-nayttamo)19:05
vknechtnow I'm just a hobbyist, maybe I made a stupid mistake19:13
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vknechtbenclark06, is that your current spec : don't you miss QCOM_BSP define and the like ? also, your dhd submodule looks old...19:23
benclark06vknecht: i'm pretty sure i updated it, and yes, that's my current spec19:24
benclark06i'll try updating it again, though19:25
vknechtwell, if it's qcom based you should have a %define section like this (unless I'm mistaken) :
T42<elros34> QCOM_BSP in droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec is needed only if it's not automatically detected. So before adding it check if it's really missing in android-config.h in droid-hal devel package.19:29
malvknecht: I'll do some testing19:30
malvknecht: I just verified that in the other app I linked slider updates without issues after seeking, I'll try to make cam app do the same19:37
benclark06vknecht: alright, i've added that, and now should i do build packages?19:54
malvknecht: it seems I'm not sure why slider works in the other app, I couldn't reproduce that in cam app21:29

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