Friday, 2019-10-11

rinigusHi! mal, I am testing somewhat different approach. I took 9.0.0_r46 as a base, applied Sony's patches (, skipped patches from droid-src-sony-ganges-pie as those seem to be the same as in (will have to check whether its true or whether I miss a patch or two).07:11
rinigusReasoning is simple - I know that r46 works on device and I suspect that you will probably move over time to newer base anyway.07:11
rinigusThen I applied patches from hybris (./ --mb) and started a build.07:11
rinigusbuild failed on kernel linking with kernel/sony/msm-4.9/kernel/drivers/usb/gadget/function/f_qc_rndis.c:881: undefined reference to `ipa_data_start_rndis_ipa' and similar messages07:11
rinigusquestion: does anything trivial comes into mind with the regard of fixing those? possibly, I made a mistake by branching too far...07:11
riniguskernel config at
rinigusif nothing comes to mind, I'll dig further.07:12
rinigusgot the same build error when using aosp as soon as CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_QCRNDIS was added. will file issue upstream09:20
malrinigus: there is one custom patch in droid-src, selinux10:03
rinigusmal: thank you very much!10:26
lbtPSA: ( will be down for upgrades tomorrow (Saturday)10:39
T42<adampigg> lbt: woo, upgrades10:45
T42<adampigg> mal, out of interest, ive had no lockcreen issues with the pinetab, which is regular 720.....using the _same_ rootfs as the phone13:55
T42<Umeaboy> Not to be negative, but is there no chance to install Firefox in Sailfish without alien/dalvik? Sailfish Browser is driving me nuts.14:00
T42<Umeaboy> I would like to compile it natively, but I'm not sure if we have all the needed deps to install.14:01
T42<DylanVanAssche> @adampigg ratio is different, is that a difference?14:10
T42<adampigg> yes, thats my point :)14:11
T42<DylanVanAssche> :D14:11
mal@adampigg the issue you have makes no sense, there another device with same aspect ratio which doesn't have the problem14:15
T42<adampigg> yes, its just so odd!14:19
riniguson Sony AOSP9 based builds, is `make hybris-hal` supposed to create vendor.img? my build is failing on its generation by build/make/tools/releasetools/build_image.py15:34
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Thaodanrinigus: it does (at least last time I built the XA2 image) but the vendor folder is later used in the creation of the  droid vendor package16:10
rinigusThaodan: was it with aosp9 or 8?16:11
Thaodanaosp 8 but I don't think the process has changed.16:11
ThaodanI'm currently testing aosp 10 but I had to rebase droid src first and that took some for me to prepare my environment as some changes where made with aosp 916:12
Thaodan(in hybris builds)16:13
rinigusThaodan: thanks! then I have to check out what's really failing.16:15
rinigusbuild_image fails since its calling `avbtool add_hashtree_footer --partition_size 1056714752 --calc_max_image_size` which, in turn, calls `fec`. `fec is missing in hybris build and present in aosp at out/host/linux-x86/bin/fec17:12
rinigusSounds like one default changed recently, will test...17:23
T42<jgibbon> @adampigg recent pine blog post talked about swipe difficulties, wasn't that the problem? They seem to have gotten a new supplier.17:23
T42<adampigg> Could be, tho evdev was always seeibg events17:24
rinigusby setting generate_fec to False at I can make vendor.img and finish hybris build. looks a hack though18:39
vknechtuglyier hack, in case this fec thing is really needed, tried copying out/host/linux-x86/bin/fec to $PATH ? :-)19:06
rinigusvknecht: for some reason I don't have fec and append2simg compiled in out/host.linux-... . but when running make fec it compiles fine. so, I'll probably just run make commands for those for now.19:11
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vknecht« make » is a powerful command ; didn't someone type "make world" ? :-)19:55
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