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lbtPSA: ( is down for upgrades07:22
rinigusmorning! as I have `make -j$(nproc --all) systemimage vendorimage` failing (missing libMpeg4SwEncoder), I have question regarding these targets07:53
rinigusis the -syspart build expected to be just a "shadow" clean AOSP9 build? if it is, can I use sony instructions directly with the same android base as used for generation of tagged manifest?07:53
rinigus^ sony aosp9 based port07:53
vknechtcan't really say, but there's also the possibility to skip droid-{src,system,vendor} and only generate boot and userdata images (aka. community build way), but then you need to flash aosp beforehand (and disable userdata encryption)08:25
vknechtbut it's probably better to get it working the way it's intended :-)08:27
vknechtiirc droid-system is a stripped down version of aosp, and it's fitted with vendor with lvm in a single partition so the vendor one can be used for factory reset files08:31
rinigusvknecht: but I guess I can just use plain AOSP9 instructions for those images. which means that prebuilt kernel is in the repo tree. but since we boot into hybris anyway, it shouldn't matter08:33
rinigus(I'll try with plain aosp9 and get the systemimage with vendorimage from that)08:44
rinigusnext issue: I am getting error while rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal . File not found: ... installroot/verity_key08:45
rinigus... make verity_key to the rescue. I do wonder why its not built with hybris-hal09:01
vknechtcheck you have needed fstab and ueventd.rc files in out/, you might have to run additional make commands for those09:02
vknechtwon't prevent building, but cause problems for booting ;-)09:03
vknechteg. for suzu, had to "make fstab.suzu", and check I had those two files :09:06
vknechtand had to manually copy vendor/ueventd.rc from device repo so that I had :09:07
rinigusvknecht: thank you! ueventd.rc is there (vendor & root). there is no fstab in root, but is in vendor/etc; system/vendor is absent. btw, looks like your fstab in root is for loire09:19
vknechtyes, no separate vendor partition for X / suzu, which is from Loire device family09:20
vknechtyou could check with "make modules" if there's a device-specific fstab target ; but maybe it's already ok with your device09:23
rinigusvknecht: hard to say - I guess I'll see when I get to the flashing and booting stage :)09:28
vknechtI'd expect a fstab.tama and fstab.akari somewhere in out/, in your case09:30
vknechtindeed :-)09:31
vknechtthe droid-hal build log should give indications about what's found (but not necessarily about what's not found)09:32
rinigusHave to check for .tama, forgot about that...09:38
rinigusvknecht: interesting, I don't have any fstab.tama for aosp build either10:44
riniguslooks like xperia 10 is mounting vendor_b as opt ( that seems to be missing in
rinigusthere is also magical with ld.config28.txt . no idea how device specific is that...11:15
vknechtrinigus, there's simply no separate partition for /opt (nor on nile it seems) ; I guess a/b devices have more partitions to spare11:32
rinigusvknecht: ok, I see. that does make sense11:33
rinigusduring libhybris build, I've got "Could not remove mesa-llvmpipe to install libhybris, assuming new mesa>=v19 and attempting alternative libhybris installation". this is something new as before we had to replace mesa by hybris11:59
rinigusshould I get it still replaced somehow or its automatic now?11:59
riniguswhen looking on whats installed with sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper se llvmpipe seems like only mesa-llvmpipe-libgbm and mesa-llvmpipe-libglapi are there12:02
vknechtgitlab is back, but not yet ready for cloning ?12:12
vknecht(with https, at least)12:13
ThaodanIs it save to use an older version of bionic on android?12:35
ThaodanI want to use bionic from android 9 on 10 because the tls handling was changed and I cant rebase the current patches.12:36
vknechtah, cloning worked now :-)12:39
g_kI got this error when im building hybris/mw/qt5-qpa-surfaceflinger-plugin14:26
g_khow to fix it ?14:26
vknechtjust skip it, generally it's not needed14:27
g_kok ill try14:27
g_ki builded the img using mic after that I flashed it and now its stuck on logo :(16:25
g_konly telnet is working16:29
g_khere is my init.log
g_khelp :C16:32
T42<NotKit> @Thaodan [Is it save to use an older version of bionic o …], likely won't work at all16:38
Thaodanthat's not good. do you have an idea how to rebase the patches for hybris on newer bionic?16:40
vknechtg_k, is init.log complete ? also show "dmesg" and "journalctl -alb --no-pager"17:07
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g_k journalctl -alb --no-pager17:19
g_k dmesg17:20
g_k dmesg**17:28
vknechthmm, you don't seem to set selinux=0 on kernel commandline ? also, which android base is it ?17:34
g_klineage 15.117:39
g_ki didn't set this17:40
g_kso i need to set it ?17:40
vknechtall devices need it, afaik17:41
vknechtwonder if you're missing some fstab and/or ueventd.rc, afaik with 15.1+ there's some manual copying to do17:43
vknechtshowing the droid-hal rpm build log would be good too17:43
vknechtand your fixup-mountpoint mod too17:44
vknechtthe '-' in mmcblk-1p.. looks strange17:59
vknechtshouldn't all the '-1' be '0' ?18:01
g_k here is the correct one18:03
vknechtif you just fixed it, you should rebuild droid-hal, make new image and reflash18:09
g_kno i did it before i just sent you the wrong file18:11
vknechtok ; well I can't pinpoint what's wrong exactly, hopefuly someone else will have some ideas18:12
g_kok ty18:14
vknechtyou can also read/search irc logs about 15.1 issues18:14
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xreactx[m]__ I cannot figure out this error "libxz_intermediates/export_includes'"22:28
xreactx[m]__can anyone point me in the right direction?22:28

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