Wednesday, 2019-11-20

michaildayzПодскажите как портировать Sailfish OS на LG Magna? Ошибки идут, не знаю что делать05:34
T42<Lukapanio> Ошибки дай и тут предпочитаю английский07:47
T42<Lukapanio> Hmmm how to change modules without rootfs rebuild?07:48
T42<Lukapanio> damnnnn08:03
T42<Lukapanio> where is wlan.ko located?08:03
T42<Lukapanio> тще еруку08:10
T42<Lukapanio> not there*08:10
T42<birdzhang> require you build wlan as module08:10
T42<Lukapanio> prima is built as module08:11
T42<birdzhang> maybe need CONFIG_WLAN=m too, i'm not sure08:12
riniguswhile we discuss mete packages, lbt, would you mind atternise nemo:testing:hw:sony:tama and nemo:devel:hw:sony:tama. also, please remove internal patterns for nemo:devel:hw:sony:h8216.10:17
rinigusadampigg: when going on with meta packages, should it be a single package that is installed? not 3 or 4, as you have for pro1? if single then which one should gather all dependencies?10:19
T42<adampigg> Probably the configuration one10:56
T42<adampigg> What else did i install?10:57
rinigusadampigg: it was similar to patterns - some 3-4 packages11:00
rinigusas for a package, not sure its config one. I wonder if it will lead to circular dependency with droid-hal-version package11:01
T42<adampigg> Rinigus, the error is in our jolla-configuration-t5 package, it doesnt include the correct packages11:07
T42<adampigg> So, you should just have that one meta package in the kickstart11:08
rinigusadampigg: so, when we write sed postprocessing of kickstart, we assume its going to install jolla-configuration-@DEVICENAME ?11:09
T42<adampigg> Yes11:12
T42<adampigg> Id say so11:12
T42<adampigg> mal: made bluez5 spec changes as requested11:14
T42<adampigg> <cough> pedantic11:14
rinigusadampigg: ok, I'll look into it tonigh11:14
mal@adampigg :DD11:24
T42<adampigg> am i missing something? if i have a sfos device /what does buying an X license give me?12:49
T42<adampigg> say, for my jolla-c12:50
T42<eugenio_g7> Nothing, but you can then install the licensed bits on the device you bought your license for12:52
Mister_Magister@adampigg you are good enough to steal aliendalvik but other peole aren't12:52
Mister_Magisterit gives you nothing but it gives ad to other people12:52
T42<adampigg> ah, so, you can buy an unsupported ad license? those arnt checked in the blog tho...only seems to be exchange support12:53
Mister_Magister@adampigg if you buy sfosx you get whole package of blobs, exchange, ad, typing stuff12:54
Mister_Magisterif you don't then you don't get those paid extras12:55
T42<eugenio_g7> Device -> supported device12:55
T42<eugenio_g7> (by Jolla, that is)12:56
T42<adampigg> dont i get all that stuff witha jolla-c anyway?13:41
T42<adampigg> jolla-c is a supported device, with ad ... what does buying a license give me?13:43
Mister_Magisterthey sell sfosx for jolla c? what kind of sense is that13:46
T42<eugenio_g7> Sfosx -> marketing name for sailfish os on other devices supported by jolla, so xperia x, xa2, 10 and Gemini pda13:48
T42<eugenio_g7> If you have a jC you don't need it13:49
T42<adampigg> but, they specifically mention the aquafish in the blog13:53
T42<adampigg> aka, the c13:53
T42<eugenio_g7> That is if you want to switch to a device supported by Sailfish X and your account is connected to a j1, jC or jTab you can buy one with a discount13:56
T42<adampigg> ah, ok13:57
malrinigus: ping, what were the active wakeup sources in your xz2 suspend issue?14:30
rinigusmal: the problem was that xz2 was suspending in <1ms after sleep. as for wakeup sources, let me try to find those logs15:42
rinigusmal: it was healthd and powersource related. as they were responding usually after new suspend was initiated15:45
rinigusbtw: I am still not satisfied with amount of suspend, but will deal with it after all hardware is working properly15:45
malrinigus: was there anything related eventpoll?15:46
mal*related to15:46
rinigusmal: do you guys have some scripts to monitor wakelocks and wakeup sources? I have some old ones from mako days, but have to refresh them15:46
rinigusmal: which wakelocks are those? is it in mce?15:47
rinigusmal: grepping dmesg from those days, nothing with event or poll15:50
malrinigus: ok15:50
malrinigus: have no ready scripts for monitoring those15:54
rinigusmal: last time I was using for debugging. while it didn't exactly pinpointed the source, it was informative15:57
T42<adampigg> deathmist: does your gps work? are you porting an msm8998?16:03
deathmist@adampigg ye, just needed these for gps and sensors respectively, has worked on both 15.1 & 16.0 so far :)16:04
T42<adampigg> ah, something to check on our pro116:05
Thaodanrinigus:  there's perftop and similar tool's from the kernel16:06
Thaodanmaybe this can help16:06
ThaodanLook at my perftop pkg on obs16:06
rinigusThaodan: will do. just will have to remember... maybe you will have to remind me when I come back here with suspend issues :)16:07
Thaodanmaybe but I do that gladly :)16:09
Thaodanbtw I found a way to debug kernel panics: pstore16:10
Thaodanenable pstore_ram and friends then you get dmesg and co in pstore on the next boot up16:11
rinigusThaodan: yes, that's used commonly by sony devs. not sure why its disabled in default sfos configs16:12
Thaodanno idea either but androids SELinux rules stop you from accessing it.16:13
rinigusadampigg & Mister_Magister : from last night tests with oom killer - when I used android lowmemkiller, device froze when I was using oom stress inducer. so, in this respect, reboot as experienced by linux killer, was better. but I am back on android version right now16:14
deathmistmal: I assume keystore shouldn't fail and needs to be running on hybris-16.0? it dies and restarts constantly for me and I took a look at logcat and see: "keystore: SELinux: Could not acquire target context"17:07
deathmist it (and keymaster-3-0) are not disabled for ganges on pie so that's why I'm asking. is it because SELinux is enabled on that device or what?17:14
malprobably something wrong with selinux things17:16
maldeathmist: do you have the context files from our/.../root?17:16
malin /17:16
deathmistmal: I get absolutely 0 results with "find out/target/product/$DEVICE/root/ -iname *context*"17:19
malwhat is in that folder?17:20
deathmisthere are also my current straggler files
malok, seems reasonable17:33
rinigusdeathmist: for me keymaster issue was resolved by correct setting of os_version and os_patch_level in mkbootimg_cmd. not sure its the same one though17:43
Mister_Magisterrinigus: it probably is it xd17:49
rinigusMister_Magister: I don't remember whether deathmist fixed it for his build when we were discussing it18:03
deathmistdefinitely not, I don't even have a droid-hal-img-boot repo yet and currently that all looks quite foreign to me ^^18:05
Mister_Magisterdeathmist: i will give you fix in our repos18:05
Mister_Magisterone second18:05
Mister_Magisterdeathmist: here18:07
Mister_Magisteryou gotta add --os_version 9 --os_patch_level 2019-07-0118:08
Mister_Magisterwherever your SPL version is18:08
deathmistgotcha, I'll see if that gets the service up and helps me with anything (namely cellular data on hybris-16.0 :p )
rinigusdeathmist: your patch level should match the one from aosp or whatever base do you use.18:22
riniguspiggz: this brings meta package support to ks
rinigusI'll test it a bit and then submit for PR18:31
Mister_Magisterdeathmist: your patch level is on vendor partition in build prop18:32
Mister_Magistersystem doesn't mater at all18:32
deathmistalright, looks good to me now let's see if it actually does anything for me ^^18:37
deathmistnope, still same "keystore_main.cpp:144] Check failed: configure_selinux() != -1 Failed to configure SELinux." flashed hybris-boot.img from out after switching to my fork locally and "mka hybris-hal"18:48
deathmistyes, the message I sent just now is different than what I sent before, but it's just the abort message as reported in logcat and the previous one is there too above it word for word18:49
deathmistdon't think getting it to work would help me with cellular data tho as that's pretty much the only thing that doesn't work on my 16.0 port currently, I had keystore & keymaster disabled on 15.1 and everything worked fine18:55
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riniguslbt: looks like I am making progress with meta package approach. so, there is hope that the patterns will be not needed for tama.19:29
vknechtyummy, selinux headaches coming to sfos :-)19:53
vknechtdoes ls -Z work now ?19:54
piggzrinigus: ace, good stuff...i should fix pro1 packaging now!20:16
mcencoradid anyone tried to compile newer kernel version for Jolla 1? Seems that snapdragon 400 is supported since 4.920:31
Mister_Magistermcencora: porting mainline is totally different story…20:32
mcencorahow so?20:37
piggzdeathmist: your gps symlink .... was it nescessary to be in /usr/libexec ? i already have one in /system20:43
deathmistpiggz: pretty sure I needed the "impl-qti" one specifically, only had that in /vendor so made the symlink and it started magically working iirc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯20:50
piggzdeathmist: i have...20:50
piggzsh-3.2# file /system/lib/hw/gps.msm8998.so20:50
piggz/system/lib/hw/ symbolic link to /vendor/lib/hw/android.hardware.gnss@1.0-impl-qti.so20:50
deathmisthuh, that probably is enough then. I assume you have a /usr/share/csd/settings.d/hw-settings.ini configured with "GPS=1" in it? not sure if others are needed too. I also have a "ln -s /vendor/etc/gps.conf /etc/" and that's about it really20:54
piggzdeathmist: yes, i have them also ... gps seems to start up bt dont get any satelites21:04
deathmistmake sure you enabled location services and put it on "device-only mode", then wait a bit (maybe 2 mins max) and see if there are any. I'm pretty close to a window so I can see quite a few in messwerk and position shows up correctly after it gets a fix21:06
piggzdeathmist: yeah, ive hd it outside for 30 minutes .... will try again once i have a production device, maybe a hw problem21:07
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T42<infixremix> How does this bot work lol21:55
T42<infixremix> @infixremix [How does this bot work lol], Ah nw21:55
edp17Is anybody working on sailfish os port for galaxy s7? thx.22:10
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