Thursday, 2019-11-21

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T42<RK2019account> @贾玉捷 %lastname% [<reply to media>], AD03:57
riniguspiggz: pr opened at
rinigusand xz2 is listed at mer wiki06:41
T42<dontatmepls> @elros34 heres the thing you asked for, sorry for late response, got busy15:49
deathmistdamn we really should have a default ".gitignore" file in droid-configs repos with content like those files/dirs should NOT be in your repos @dontatmepls :)15:57
T42<elros34> if that file is from device then looks good, check if you have also symlink in /etc/systemd/system/ Do you have have /system_root/system/ directory? I see no reason why mounting doesn't work. Wait for a while and check systemctl status system.mount16:00
T42<elros34> ah based on your previous logs and last commityou didn't uploaded all changes you have in droid-config...16:04
T42<elros34> git add sparse and then make new commit and push your changes16:05
maldeathmist: well doing git add * is just bad idea, always16:10
riniguslbt: please remove patterns configuration for nemo:devel:hw:sony:h8216. I would like to delete that project, as we moved all to :tama. patterns are not needed for tama, all seems to work without. will let you know if there is an issue with it.16:42
rinigusmal: how do we delete the project? I presume that you or some other admin should do it. nemo:devel:hw:sony:h8216 is not needed anymore16:43
malrinigus: I'll delete it16:56
rinigusmal: thanks! and its subproject as well16:56
deathmistkimmoli: when is "/apps/onyxgestures/enabled-gestures" created on the device? I'm attempting to make the daemon work on my device and debugging straight from SFOS SDK (Qt Creator), but the dconf path isn't created on my device :/17:58
T42<nitin_3>    no Volte?18:50
Mister_Magistergib volte sar18:50
T42<nitin_3> I guess thats why my calls are getting barred in sfos service provider uses only Volte to connect doesn't even have 3g/2g networks, So I can't go down and select 3g/2g and make the call normal way :(19:05
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vknechton the good news side, a new release of godot game engine for sfos (still no time to test )-:
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T42<Akatsu %lastname%> How is possible that without paranoid android my ril fails?21:53

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