Thursday, 2019-11-28

KALUBEThank you! That fixed it00:01
rinigusfaenil: sounds good. I presume we will have also obs/ci generated image by then. so, on the top of your own image, would be great if you could test ci-generated as well.09:18
rinigus(for some reason quite a large chunk of irc messages doesn't make it to matrix. just a warning for matrix users)09:19
rinigusmal: this is a reminder regarding local storage allocation (sda problem for sd845/sd835) and fingerprint use by ports11:13
T42<adampigg> well, ive askedmany times about fp support for ports and not got much back!11:27
T42<adampigg> so far, we know that there a dbus interface we must implement11:48
T42<adampigg> maybe should have a wiki of what needs done there11:48
malrinigus: where was the fork with some hack to fix the issue?12:45
T42<faenil> rinigus: cool, will do13:26
T42<Lukapanio> @adampigg [well, ive askedmany times about fp support for …], Hmmm may be we can dosasemble existing packages forvxa2?13:34
rinigusmal: its , branch tama13:35
deathmistmal: should I make a PR to cleanup OnePlus 5/5T mountpoints in hybris-boot? I've tested new boot images and everything seems to work just as well as before (i.e. no mount units fail and UI & calls still work etc)17:01
deathmistbtw I still don't have a verdict on my proposed :oneplus:msm8998-common and :cheeseburger / :dumpling OBS project separation :/17:48
rinigusThaodan: CI upload worked nicely! Thanks! Now will tune the scripts a bit18:41
deathmistI'm back to the drawing board on my 16.0 cellular data issue... @birdzhang do you also have failing "spss2p.mdt" firmware loading in journal? what about "qmi_qmux_if_pwr_up_init" fail? I don't have a qmuxd binary in /system or /vendor. it's probably not even used anymore, right?20:07
Thaodan@adampigg as far as I know the latest implementation of a fpd slave is a binder plugin just like for ofono for example20:15
ThaodanI heard the implementation is quite small20:15
Thaodanrinigus: great,  I restricted the user to just scp and rsync ping me if you need something else20:16
rinigusThaodan: are you going to start some cleanup service for that folder? that's a touch difficult to do on our side with scp and rsync20:18
Thaodanyou can do rsync --delete-after20:21
Thaodanto delete leftovers20:21
Thaodanif you target a specific folder per ported device20:21
Thaodani thought of something like  vendor/device20:22
rinigusThaodan: yes, I will make a separate folder then20:22
Thaodanwould be cleaner anyway20:22
rinigusmaybe vendor-device as at OBS?20:22
Thaodani think vendor then a subfolder is better20:23
maldeathmist: I think that firmware error is not bad, if you don't have such file anywhere on the device then just ignore it20:23
rinigusok, let's do with subfolders20:23
Thaodanvendor:device is like a subfolder but for obs20:23
Thaodanobs uses : as project separator20:24
rinigusThaodan: yes, indeed20:25
Thaodanneeded to extend my ldap to filter out the ci user from my Nextcloud instance :D20:30
rinigusThaodan: and we will need to be careful not to wipe off something else by rsync ... :)20:35
T42<adampigg> Theodan: yeah, @notkit said it was about 50kb, but doesnt work with our pro1 yet21:09

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