Friday, 2019-11-29

T42<岳瑞迦 %lastname%> (Photo, 587x375) 非小号Mytoken推特脸书增关注,菠菜棋牌推广霸屏强推,微信电报增粉私聊、推广,交易所上币投票,交易所平台账号代实名,如有需要请联系:➡️    @yx5678904:44
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T42<birdzhang> deathmist: i don't have qmi_qmux_if_pwr_up_init in logs08:59
T42<RK2019account> @%lastname% [<reply to media>], AD10:34
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T42<iankfelipe> hey guys I'm having this problem Repository 'adaptation0' is invalid.[adaptation0|plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation0] Valid metadata not found at specified URL and i already tried other installer versions but everytime I got the same results16:06
T42<nitin_3> ignore it16:11
T42<iankfelipe> oh ok, I'll do that. Thanks16:12
Kabouik_Hey there, any idea of a good but cheap Android phone (around 150-200€ during Black Fridays deals) that would also have a SFOS port available? My girlfriend wants a new Android phone, but I would like to keep the possibility to lure her into the SFOS world later.16:40
vknechtif there's no /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf, is /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.d/ scanned nevertheless ?18:04

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