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T42<deepinlnx> The documentation says the lineage 16.0 and 15.1 version are supported .. but the porting guide is old .. so I was wondering if there is a newer porting guide for lineage 15.1 or 16??07:18
Thaodanno idea but maybe read the guides for aosp 8 and 9 and adopt07:45
ThaodanI know mal rebased hybris patches on top of lineage 1607:46
rinigusdeepinlnx: as Thaodan , using aosp these days. I guess 15.1 can be used as in the guides. for 16 you have to use an extra step to apply patches. search irc logs for description (can't tell specific string to search for though)08:09
Thaodanrinigus: it's the same as in the build guide for the Xperia 10 builds08:11
Thaodansledges has created a guide for them in the SailfishOS wiki08:12
T42<adampigg> @deepinlnx
T42<adampigg> sorry,
Thaodanyou have to apply the patches inside droid-hal/hybris-patches08:17
Thaodanby running setup-sources.sh08:17
T42<deepinlnx> Okk08:17
deathmistmal: @r0kk3rz: I still don't have a second opinion on my OBS project re-structuring to accomodate the OnePlus 5T as well to the OP5 project via renames/subprojects; see everything (5T excluded) is currently at11:39
lbtoops - wrong window... well at least I wasn't root :D :D11:43
* lbt watches internet start to shut down ...11:44
maldeathmist: I really don't have much of an opinion about that, can the devices be build using the same droid-hal? I mean is the android side pretty much the same from API point of view?11:48
deathmistmal: both  devices have a seperate android_device project, but also share a device_msm8998-common one, not enitrely sure11:50
maldeathmist: the xa2 and xperia 10 device all build their adaptation middleware using same droid-hal but each device still has a separate droid-hal that is installed on device11:51
maldeathmist: if you add a second repo then you need to configure the ssu in configs to add the repo to device for updates11:52
deathmistmal: sure, I can deal with that (as long as there is some documentation ^^). another way I just came up with is have :cheeseburger (5) be the main repo, then point a subproject on :dumpling (5T) to there so droidmedia etc are shared while droid-* packages can be separate?11:56
deathmistthat way presumably only 5T would require the config changes to accomodate subproject in droid-configs11:57
T42<faenil> lbt: lol12:12
lbtPSA: / is back12:15
vknechtrinigus, hello... how critical is it to change "Provides:   kernel = %{version}" to %kernelversion or %localver, in ?17:44
vknechtiiuc changing to localver requires making releases of droid-hal-img-boot repo, following kernel version number ?17:46
rinigusvknecht : I have to loosely match it with dtbo, hence the change. If you don't have dtbo image, I'd keep it as it was17:55
vknechtok thanks17:56
deathmistmal: can I get an OBS project for nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:dumpling (might as well create testing one too) and get maintainer statuses?20:34
maldeathmist: and
deathmistthank you! I'll look into how to get them working together without having to build everything twice for no reason ^^20:42
deathmist(that is working together with cheeseburger projects)20:42
malwell then we should a third project probably, otherwise it would be ugly to have repos of two devices on one one of the ports20:43
deathmist:oneplus:msm8998-common was one of my proposed solutions from before, maybe that's the best way to do it then?20:44
malbut is that really worth the trouble?20:45
deathmistif it works I don't mind it. uploading separate droid-hal packages occasionally isn't much effort imo (btw is there a way you do them in bulk? I had to upload them one by one before)20:50
maldeathmist: you might want to learn "osc"21:13
deathmistfor sure, last time I tried to "copypac" from devel to testing I got some authentication issue I think, I'll report back tomorrow when I try stuff again21:15
maldeathmist: specifically "osc co", "osc ar" and "osc ci", did you use address or for the API?21:15
deathmistok, I don't remember but I assume is the proper one to use for community ports and is for Jolla employees or something?21:17
maldeathmist: osc copypac is also good for copying things from for example devel to testing, for droid-hal rpm uploading those other commands I mentioned are very useful21:25
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